KK10ART's depiction of Kristin Kreuk

MK10ART: Kristin Kreuk + Nicki Clyne celebrate escaping jail [so far] with selfies

MK10ART’s latest NXIVM work is a sketch featuring Kristin Kreuk and Nicki Clyne.

In case you missed some of these, here are more of MK10ART’s wonderful works.


Keith Raniere

MK10ART’s painting of Allison ‘Pimp’ Mack, leader of DOS, the women’s empowerment group led by sex-slaver Keith Raniere.

MK10ART’s sketch of the bully known as Legatus



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  • Re: Anon. 10:53 am. How you described India makes my whole point. They took an innocent 19y.o. with dreams of creati ng her own food related business and fucked up her mind. If you read her mothers book you will see how their interactions over those 5 yrs show India didnt know what the hell she was really doing. When her mother would question her she was just spitting out the bullshit they brainwashed her with. Thats what those pigs did to so many innocent people.

  • How could anyone know who Kreuk recruited into NXIVM? Not being able to name a recruit doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. At best it’s entirely unknown what her involvement is, when or if she is out.

    At the very least it’s been implied or stated outright she had some taboo sexual proclivities that she like most wouldn’t want to be known. Again, all but impossible to prove or disprove. Financial crimes may be known by the authorities and could be part of the next shoe to drop.

    Until then or later fans and critics can have at it. Even if her story ends as it is the speculation will still follow her. Like others NXIVM does it’s damage to people, even if those people had good intent.

    It’s really sad what people were searching for was the opposite of what they find. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cult or MLM.
    Listen to your instincts and the people that care about you.

  • India Oxenberg is a classic example of what the leaders of this disgusting cult did to innocent people. If it wasn’t for her mother these leaders would have claimed another soul. Now that she is out I’m sure she is helping the prosecution.

    • Has anyone heard if she has changed her mind about DOS or NXIVM? She went home, has a boyfriend but that doesn’t necessarily mean she has “left”. Again I don’t mean to be harsh or insensitive. With cults nothing can be taken for granted

      • There has never been any info showing that Kruek was involved in DOS, Mitch.
        I’m not defending her in particular, I just don’t like the spread of false information. (Which tends to happen here quite a bit)
        If Kruek has committed any crimes, you can be sure the FBI already is aware of it, and that the comments here have no effect on what the FBI does.

        • “If Kruek has committed any crimes, you can be sure the FBI already is aware of it, and that the comments here have no effect on what the FBI does.”

          There is no way Kreuk did not know crimes of at least a financial nature took place. Whether there is a record or not, she must of known, same with Allison Mack. Mack did not go from course taker to sex slaver over the space of a year or two. Both Kreuk and Mack were in deep. Sarah Edmondson and Mark Vicente were profiting from crimes. Will they go to jail? There are a ton of people in NXIVM who must of at least known about bad stuff and others who directly participated. As a absolute minimum, Kreuk’s true role and what she knows about and when should be public knowledge as Kreuk wants herself to be public knowledge. There are many questions she has been allowed so far not to answer.

  • This person doesn’t seem to know much about NXIVM. Would make more sense to use someone like India Oxenberg since India was a member of DOS, was actually named as a co-conspirator, ran one of their businesses, worked at Rainbow Gardens and has has yet to speak out against the group.

    • No, I think MK made a very good call using Kruek. India was not a Coach and may not have recruited near as many as KK did. India also did not have associations with websites that lured in young girls . MK10ART seems to know more about it than most.

      • India was 26 , 10 years behind the rest.
        One of the fairly famous with a touch of royalty that actually backfired on Nxivm.
        I doubt she would have reached the lows the others did, as she had family that put her first, above the useless reputations others felt were more important than family members. India just needed to see the cult from a distance and compare to the unconditional love of family.

      • India Oxenberg was most definitely a coach and a whole lot more. By the end of 2012, India was already a yellow sashed coach. She recruited heavily and even recruited women who became DOS slaves. She ran a NXIVM “business” called The Delegates, gave her trust fund to NXIVM and its useless University, and worst of all was grooming children and recruiting foreigners for Keith and his sick Rainbow schools. Frank did a great job of linking India to NXIVM’s criminal enterprise, including sex trafficking, in his post below. Maybe if you weren’t so obsessed with one former member who left over 5 years ago, you’d know more about one who left only six months ago and is actually considered a co-conspirator.


    • NXIVM is more than two years of DOS. Kreuk was a devoted cult member for years. She fronted a bunch of recruitment drives, knew about all the allegations as she was named in at least three of them, lied about when she left as she never formally did (moving to Toronto for filming is not leaving the cult) and never spoke out against the cult, rather she did PR damage control for herself, forced out of her by the press, where she lied, downplayed her role and held back information, on purpose. Did it not occur to Kreuk that people in the cult and people she coached post 2013 would know she lied about leaving? You were still there, Kristin.

      • – Did it not occur to Kreuk that people in the cult and people she coached post 2013 would know she lied about leaving? You were still there, Kristin.

        Name ONE person. Otherwise you’re a liar.

        • It just kills you doesn’t it “sultan”!?

          Nobody owes you anything and you don’t get to call people liers because you don’t want something to be true. You are a nobody who wants to have sexual intercourse with this cult member. Stop responding to people’s comments.

          • [deleted] when you make a claim, the burden of proof is on you. It isn’t on me or anyone else. So, yes you do owe people evidence, otherwise no one is under any obligation to believe you. If you are called out multiple times to provide such evidence and fail to do so, then you have none [deleted]
            This is how rational argumentation works in reality [deleted]. Repeating a claim like a broken record without substantiating it doesn’t make it true. It doesn’t matter how many times you do it – twice, two hundred, or to infinity and beyond times. It still will never ever make it true. This is called an argument by repetition and is part of the methodology of propaganda.

            Also, my sexual desires, sexual history, cultural background, religion, skin color, that I was a fan, my wants, etc., are all red herrings and have nothing to do with your claim. Put up or shut up.

          • So my comments were edited out, yet you allowed the following in another comment directed at me:

            “People can post their comments here and whatever information they have and you have no right to try to belittle them becuase you are a coward bully who is desperate to have sex with Kristin Kreuk. Kristin Kreuk could fart in your halal corn flakes and you would take it as a compliment.”

            What kind of selective bullshit editing occurs on this site?

            Fuck NXIVM. And fuck you all.

          • Also the fact that he knows teen girls on the girls by design site has nothing to do with you. and the fact that he has been following Kristen for over a decade has nothing to do with you. and because he thinks KK is one of the most attractive women he’s ever seen has nothing to do with you. I think we all know where this guy is coming from. Give him a break! Tee Hee

          • I don’t need you to disingenuously defend me.

            Frank obviously likes to do selective editing. I can’t say someone’s education level is “retard”, or that someone lives in fantasy land if they continuously engage in logical fallacies, or that they are a liar if they keep repeating a claim but don’t substantiate it, yet it’s perfectly OK for people to maim my alias, call me a bully and liar, and crap on my skin color and way of life here and say bull crap like Kristin can fart in my “halal” cornflakes or whatever.

            NXIVM is a foul disease and anyone who gets involved with it in some manner of wreaking misery on others – even indirectly like myself via this website – gets infected by the scum it brings out in people. Excuse me while I sanitize myself from it and everything dealing with it and not give a flying crap anymore.


  • Knowing about crimes in the cult and continuing to support the cult means Kreuk was happy to support a criminal organisation. Fact.

      • Are you literally pretending to be Kristin Kreuk?

        Whoever you are, Kristin Kreuk was named, along with other top NXIVM people including Allison Mack, in a lawsuit as likely future defendants for supporting and/or profiting from criminal activity. That was February 2012. Both Kreuk and Mack were revealed to of been on Necker Island around spring 2010 where the whistleblower claims money laundering plans were made. Both Kreuk and Mack were named in the Albany Times Union expose as recruiters for NXIVM, that also exposed Raniere as a pedophile who raped little girls. Then DOS was formed in 2015. Allison Mack did not go from naive woman thinking she was in a self help group to being a full blown sex slaver who brands women overnight. She had to know of at least financial crimes before that. Seeing as Kreuk and Mack were both yellow sashes with two stripes as early as 2011, if Mack knew this stuff, so did Kreuk.

        Frank sir, where is this IP address from?

        • It is Bullshit and I wrote it….but when will you fess up and admit what you write and write and write is also Bullshit?

          Please read your screed before you post another one.
          What is true and verifiable is only circumstantial, and not evidence. Regardless, it is amazing to me that you have such CERTAINTY in your own weak argument. You even profess to somehow KNOW what KK knew and when, even tho you have NO WAY to know this. Everything you claim is true MAY actually be true…but your “facts” don’t make it so.

          As I, and other reasonable non-haters, have often said here that KK directly recruited some friends and coworkers, plus indirectly recruited thru Acapella and GBD. I don’t know (and neither do you) if she was evil, or just naive and/or brainwashed as to the true purpose of NXIVM. Didn’t the cult demand you not read suppressive articles, but it you did, to not believe it? Regardless, she should explain herself…but it would be stupid of her to come forth now when every headline would include three words–Kreuk and Sex Cult. If she’s not brave maybe she can post here as Anonymous.

          Lastly, even if the best response you can muster is to repeat your screed yet again and call me a fan, fine, but I won’t call you a hater.

          • Only teenage girls and homosexuals use the word “hater”. Just because someone shares information that hurts your penis’s feelings does not make one a “hater”. I know things about other members of the cult. Sharing that information is not “hate” either.

          • Anon 842 As a homesexual and former teen girl I should be offended that you think that an insult. But from someone who thinks a penis joke is wit I will just consider the source.

      • Assuming I’m responding to a troll, I’ll just address the fact you are supporting KK. BS, she knew a lot maybe not all but she definately knew enough to write a book. Otherwise she’s got the lowest IQ ever. Next is for troll or KK
        Your still acting for one reason. Shame on you for using sex to keep your career going. There are no secrets left in today’s society, and you demean women who are actively fighting back against the old system.

        • —Shame on you, KK for using sex to keep your career going. There are no secrets left in today’s society—

          Don’t keep it a secret, heather anne, tell us more, more, more!

        • – Shame on you for using sex to keep your career going. There are no secrets left in today’s society, and you demean women who are actively fighting back against the old system.

          You don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • I guess MK10 doesnt know when cell phones were invented 😄
      Or maybe those suffering the effects of Monarch mind control prefer the use of Polaroids, and they simply use the power of their minds to transfer the image onto the internet?




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