Prison Report: Raniere’s Level Of Joy Continues To Drop – Future Looks Even Bleaker

Keith Raniere

The Vanguard is still not having a very good time at what has now been his home-away-from-home for more than eight months – the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in Brooklyn, NY. And things don’t look all that joyful for him as we head towards 2019.

According to the most recent report from MDC sources, Raniere is literally hurting from head to toe.

To begin with, he still has not received a pair of replacement glasses with his correct prescription. As a result, he’s still stumbling around his unit at MDC – and still complaining about constant headaches.

Vanguard’s glasses don’t seem to be the right prescription. It’s curious, however, that he even wears glasses because he always claimed his patent-pending technology could cure his eyesight – only he didn’t have the time to do so when he was running NXIVM. He now has plenty of time and supporters would likely expect that he should be appearing any day now without his spectacles.

And, if that wasn’t bad enough, now he’s got a major tummy-ache too. Actually, he’s being treated for an ulcer – which may/may not indicate he really has an ulcer because every inmate who complains about stomach problems gets pretty much the same treatment at MDC.

Last but not least, The Vanguard is having real problems with his feet. Seems like the standard-issued prison slipper-shoes simply don’t fit his almost square feet. As a result, he’s constantly complaining about his sore feet – and has pretty much given up what used to be his almost constant pacing.

On top of his physical problems, Raniere is now starting to experience some real problems with his fellow inmates. The latest example of that was a “shit-bomb” that another inmate tossed at him a few days ago (A “shit-bomb” is just what it sounds like – and in this case, it was wrapped up in a newspaper).

And, despite the recent spate of cold weather, the mites are back! Yep – even after all the fumigating and all the cleaning – those nasty little, butt-biting creatures have reappeared in his unit (Looks like his entire unit will be relocated by the end of December).

About all that Raniere has to be joyful for at this point of his MDC stay is that he now has a cell all to himself – and he gets to meet with his legal team three times per week for about two hours per session.

No wonder he had his attorneys submit that ridiculous request for bail.

Viva Executive Success!

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  • Nothing in the external world can make you happy.

    Vanguard should practice what he has charged other a great deal of money to learn from the Master.

    The MDC should be a cake walk for anyone with his Mr. Smarty Pants brain.

    Hate to think I’m the kind of person who finds his situation historically funny.

    KARMA is a bitch, and than you become someone else’s.

    • Are prison visitor records public info?
      It would be interesting to learn which (if any) Expians are visiting him.
      My guess is the high rankers are afraid to surface and regular members are too pissed,

      • Yes, there are records – and they indicate that except for his lawyers, Raniere has had no visitors since he arrived at MDC. None. Nil. Nada. Zilch. Not even his father has come to visit him. And other prisoners in his unit have taken note of the fact that his name has never been called on Visitor’s Day. Just one more thing that sets him apart from everyone else.

        • Some leader. Not a single follower of his has decided to visit him in jail for all of eight months. “By their fruits you shall know them”.

    • Such is the life of a cult leader. As soon as people learned the truth about him, he was on his own from the perspective of most of his follwers. For the small remnant left I’m sure there’s an insane “insider” explanation for it. However. they don’t want to visit him and have their bubble burst, so not visiting is the only way to keep the scam going, and there are reports NXIVM/DOS are still operating in the background. Plus, they are all broke, and it’s expensive to travel, eat, etc., just like it is for most MLM scam participants.

  • Seems odd he didn’t have his own spare pair of glasses!
    Pea, where are you? Vangaurd seems to have lost his power over the other inmates. It’s impossible to feel bad for a man who harmed so many women even if they wanted it, as you say they did.
    Pay attention Nxivm members, maybe Keith set this up so he would not be distracted by the outside world. He has all the free time he needs to cure his disintegrations. What does it mean to you if he accomplishes nothing during this time? Or are you going to ignore what he’s told you all these years and continue to blame yourselves for his issues?

    • Raniere probably has lots of spare pairs of glasses. But federal prison doesn’t work that way. You get to keep whatever glasses you’re wearing when you report to prison. But if those get broken, lost or stolen, the only replacements you can get are from the eye doctor who comes by every couple of weeks. And getting a second replacement pair in prison guaranties nothing, They may be worse than the first ones you got there.

  • There’s a great interest in how Keith Raniere is doing in prison.
    This contribution would also have been written if he was doing
    well .In this case we also want to know. It is not about gloating.
    He is not the only one in prison.

    • These “insider reports” on what’s going on with Raniere at MDC are not being slanted to make fun of him – or bask in his discomfort. They are just compilations of reports from various people who are able to observe him on a regular basis. If something “good” happens, that will be included in a report. But thus far, there just hasn’t been very much of that kind of stuff to report on. But fear not, it’s almost time for “Christmas Bag Day” at MDC and every other federal prison.

  • It’s easy to make fun of KAR because he is helpless right now but I don’t envy anyone in an American prison. It’s horrible and increases most prisoners anger and resentment toward society. I’ve had a family member incarcerated so I know much of what Raniere is going through and how little the system cares about him. Really, this abusive system needs to change and that has nothing to do with whether I like or dislike any of the prisoners in particular. All people deserve dignity even if they have made serious mistakes and hurt others.

    • — All people deserve dignity even if they have made serious mistakes and hurt others.

      No they don’t. Serial rapists, murderers, and child molesters deserve nothing unless they sincerely repent, turn their lives around, and not only vow not to do, but never actually do the things they did again. They betrayed their intrinsic human dignity to do the things they did and they have a long way to go before they can reclaim it.

      Sometimes people get afflicted with tribulation as a test. Sometimes people are blessed with good things as a reward. But sometimes people get afflicted with the former as a punishment, while the latter is a test also. What I know of Raniere’s life makes me believe he’s deserving of his current fate as a punishment and he is right where he belongs.

      • I agree that people need to repent and change their behavior. Denying people proper fitting glasses and improper medical care is not the way to get them to change.

    • Every person that knowingly commits a crime understands that going to prison is a choice they are making. It’s getting caught and prosecuted they try to avoid. I also had a family member in prison, he put himself there. He forever damaged his children’s lives and ruined his wife’s reputation. I care for him but he got what he deserved.

      We all know what prisons are, it’s not some big surprise that there’s discomfort. They have it a whole lot easier than their victims.

      The death penalty is a joke. My only concession is the difference between violent and non-violent crimes. Drug dealing is a violent offense, I’ve also lost a nephew to a heroine overdose. Most Americans have lost a family member or friend to drugs. And what does America do, they blame big Pharma. Most od’ s are illegal drugs. We are targeted by other Countries intentionally, China, Mexico and Canada primarily.

      The mite issue is safer than the shit in the newspaper. Prisoners do this type of thing to guards, men trying to support families working for a living. Most guards live as though they are in witness protection without the protection. Their families are threatened, so if you want to feel empathy for those in prison, let it be for the guards who choose to do this dangerous job. Not the prisoners who created this environment!

      I’m sorry if you feel I’m attacking you. That’s not my intention. You have every right to your opinion, and I don’t know what your relative may have endured. I also believe there are innocent people incarcerated.

      These are JMO based on my experiences and beliefs.

    • Agree that general prison conditions are deplorable, Double, and would add there should be more far more focus on real reform, reintegration and job oppotunities.

      I bet that would happen overnight if there were true equality in justice and multiple child molesters who are super rich and politically connected like Jeffrey Epstein received the same sentence at the same facility as anyone guilty of the same crime.

      • The system has to change in that respect. Income should have no bearing on sentence and treatment. One thing I recall when my relative was in jail was when he got out other prisoners had money sent to him so somehow they could bypass regulations on how much they had access to . I wish I’d paid more attention because some inmates were stolen from this way. Sorry I can’t remember the details just that it was very common. I’ll try and get the info because Rainere could be doing something like this. And sorry but fuck his glasses, my eyesight gets worse faster than I can afford to replace my glasses and I don’t have a prison system to replace them.

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