Shadow State: Allison Mack went down on Nicki Clyne – but will Nicki go down also?

By Shadow State 1958


In going through Nicki Clyne’s Instagram pictures, I noted that around February 14, 2018, Mrs. Nicki Clyne-Mack visited Puerto Vallarta.

Here is a picture posted by Nicki of an Iguana.

Puerto Vallarta is famous for being the site where the movie “Night of the Iguana” was filmed. =en&taken-by=nickiclyne

In the lower corner is the date stamp of February 14.

Was Nicki in Puerto Vallarta doing some reconnaissance?

Were Allison Mack-Clyne’s “Bad Ass Warrior Women” already doing dry runs in Puerto Vallarta to kidnap and kill NXIVM defectors?

There was a clear conspiracy by the NXIVM elite to lure defectors down to Mexico where they could be kidnapped and killed.

The Vanguard was not arrested in Puerto Vallarta until March 26, 2018.

Was there any endeavor dreamed up by Raniere and Clare Bronfman that Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne ever said no to?

“Get these women branded and turned into lifetime sex slaves. Then collect blackmail information on them.”


“Yes Sir, Master Vanguard!” Slaves Allison and Nicki.

This opera ain’t over until the prosecutors sing.

Painting by MK10ART


Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock

Nicki Clyne:
The Feds are coming for you.

They want to nail you for torturing and enslaving women and God only knows what other crimes! The Feds have the videotapes of the torture rituals.

You wrote for “The Knife.”

Well, the Burning Hot Knife of Justice is coming for you.

Can your Vanguard save you?

No, Vanguard can’t even save himself.

Will your Drama Queen wife, Allison Mack, save you?

No, Allison’s histrionics won’t even save herself.

Will your good friend, Clare Bronfman, save you?

No, all of Clare’s money and all of Clare’s Lawyers won’t save Clare.

Nicki, the only thing that can save you is cooperating with the Federal prosecutors.

Nicki, make the right choice before it’s too late.

If not, Nicki Clyne is going down!  And not just on Allison and Vanguard.

Superseding Indictments are coming soon. And then watch this site heat up like a hot branding iron in Dr. Danielle Roberts’ sweaty hands.

Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne, both members of DOS. They might be married.
Married – Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne, both members of DOS and married too.  Will Nicki share the same fate as Allison? For better or worse ….?

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  • No a-hole! Thomas Sekera/shadowperv has basically taken the site over with ad nausem comments and bullshit articles repeating the obsession about a criminal actress who he masturbates to daily. He just had a restraining order filed on him for stalking this person.

  • I was looking on YouTube and noticed there’s a channel called Keith Raniere Conversations.
    I looked at some of them and aside from the obvious strangeness of it all, I’m even more surprised that the videos are devoid of any comments, good or bad.

    The channel is official is it not?

    • Hey buddy apparently it is shadow’s madam. He is the one constantly bringing his madam up. According to him she founded NXIVM and was the whole operation.

  • Who writes this shit. I admittedly have no clue about any of this nonsense .But fuck man these storirs are dropped in gayness. Like is this guy a spurned liver or something? Stalker ?

  • No stupid, NXIVM is done. The ones going down are the obsessed stalkers of the airhead celebrities The celebrities are facing justice.The loser scum that are twice the age of these airheads are the ones going down. Look at what happened to Sekera.

  • Frank you must realisw how creepy you sound now. C’mon dude! You are clearly obssessed with Allison. Yeah I like keeping up to date to see what new revelations brought upon her are but this story is fictional. Do Americans have the right to accuse anyone of possible murder? In the UK we call this Slande! Regarsless if what she has done this is a strong challenge on your part.

    I’d be surprised once all this is over you might end up being sued by someone. What other stories do you write? Or are you in love with Allison? We all say it you sound like a common stalker. I am not defending Allison or anyone but you clearly have a mental healtg condition. I have one myself. So before this ruins your life and you end up in prison for stalking women take a step back and think “What am I doing?”, write about Marvel. It seems the in topic these days.

    Good Luck whoever this site is run by! Police Sirens are coming lol

  • Yes Shadowperv is a sick puppy. Simply ridiculous for a 60 yr old man to be so fucking obsessed with women he has never met and half his age. They are airheads to boot yet this perv can’t get enough of it. What a disgusting creature

  • Wow.
    Does this article ever stink of obsession.

    Whoever wrote this, heed my words: you’re a very sick human being and in need of serious help.
    It’s one thing joking about it, but the persistent nature of your vitriol is just not behavior of a normal human being.

    You need a new hobby.

    • Why would we “heed your words” oh thee all powerful?! This site pulls tons of people. I’m just some random and LOVE reading about the downfall of these assholes. Don’t go ruining it for everyone!

      • It doesn’t pull tons of people goof. Yes let’s enjoy the downfall of these assholes, but also the sick obsession of the losers who worship and stalk these celebrity airheads. The old goats who follow them devoutly are in some cases worse off than the actual airheads.

  • I didn’t actually read the article but I’ve got a better title for it: Nikki went down on Allison and Shadowstate i.e Thomas would chop his nuts off to have seen it.

  • If Mack and Clyne are in a women’s prison, no chance you will be able to stalk them or do any more creeping on their social media sites Thomas. It is amazing that an old fuck like you would be so interested in young airheads instagram. You are one creepy freak.

  • Is this satire?
    Now they’re murdering defectors?
    But no one has died.
    So they were GONNA?

    Okay so then by your logic,the last time you went to market is was actually recon for your plan to murder Allison Mack?

  • In going through Nicki Clyne’s Instagram pictures, I noted that around February 14, 2018, Mrs. Nicki Clyne-Mack visited Puerto Vallarta.

    I will be stalking Nikki Clyne next. Keep an eye on the news

  • Wow.
    I’m not sure what Frank’s objective is in allowing all these false accusations against certain people, and all the obviously fake comments ( there can’t really be that many people who are dumb enough to believe Shadow is Sekera!)

    Frank, obviously you KNOW this is all fake BULLSHIT, so what are you hoping to accomplish here?

    I warned you back in April or May that the trolls had started posting on Frank Report, which was apparent to me because I had been following FR since October 2017, and I saw the change in the comment section in April. I was also familiar with this group of gaslighting trolls, a group who had become “homeless” back in February….. Perhaps you liked the huge increase in visits and comments they generate for you?

    • WTF are you talking about Flowers? Did you comment somewhere else about NXIVM and you now believe these same people are commenting here? It makes complete sense there are more people reading this blog once mainstream media started reporting on NXVIM.

      I also like to think people are just joking with Shadow. It’s become a running thing here in FR and Shadow seems to take it in stride.

      • No, WTF, .
        I did not comment elsewhere about NXIVM. These trolls are NOT NXIVM members (as far as I am aware) but they were trolling on another forum previously. That forum was closed to comments in February because I tried to expose the truth, at which point the moderator of the forum deleted over 1500 comments to destroy evidence.

        Media has been reporting on the branding story since Fall 2017, which was how I found FR on my search for info on cults. The story was widely reported in MS media since Oct. 2017, but at that time, there were few comments posted here.

        While people may be “joking” about Sekera, it’s a very juvenile joke that has quickly grown old.

        • Sorry crazed bitch, we are not joking. Shadowperv is not taking it well. Either he is Sekera or if not, extremely upset that Sekera was living his dream.

        • Destroy evidence of what? And you now believe these same people are commenting on this blog just because you comment here?

          • Good question. The thing is criminals don’t write up a report of their criminal activities and hand it to you. They try to hide their crimes (of course)…since I’m not a hacker I can’t get the evidence to see what they have been doing online, but no doubt they have been unable to cover up/hide all their online activities, and computer experts would be able to get the info.
            Obviously these people are abnormal, and are hiding something, because why would a lawyer, a doctor, and other professionals harass me? (And yes, I do have their real identities) These people actually created dozens of fake SM accounts just to intimidate me, phoned me with threats, threatened legal action, and participated in group bullying. Are these the actions of normal adults?

            And why wouldn’t they follow me here? They told me months ago that they knew about this forum…which is why I doubt the trolls here are NXIVM members.

          • My story sounds too fantastical to be true, but the story of a short, nerdy cross-eyed creep who somehow managed to sleep with every woman he met, ripped off millions of dollars from heiresses, had over 100 sex slaves branded with his initials, recruited Hollywood actresses, and had his critics arrested on false charges, sounds believable?
            Since we know the latter story is true, how hard is it believe a story about a group of criminals who will harass people in an attempt to control them.

          • Bong smoker,
            What’s a kucoo clock?
            Maybe that’s the way way you THINK it’s spelled because you’re a RUSSIAN, but it’s actually cuckoo clock.

            I hear Woody Woodpecker’s laugh when you post, Bong.

          • the funny thing is that Flowers defends the shadow against the silly comments made to him, but says nothing about Shadow’s insistence to create his own narrative of the facts, as the whole story refines the plan to attract deserters to Mexico and have them arrested and killed was confessed by Kristin Keeffe and it is for her and only for her that the story is known and in that story the only deserters who are named are: Toni Natalie, Susan Dones and Barbara Bouchey, and the manager to carry out this plan was emiliano salinas, apparently shadow is as narcicista as Raniere and forget that you can not go from A to C without going through B. seriously as there are people who try so hard to find reasons to deny what Obviously, what Shadow wants is his chance to row to Allison because he broke his illusions.

    • Yes interesting that the address posted here shortly after the Sekera stalking story broke. December 7th should be interesting

  • The comment below sums up the hypocritical nature of Shadow/Sekera

    Erica D
    November 24, 2018 at 11:39 am
    “While Mack’s outrageous behavior attracts the attention of nut jobs, to post her address is giving those nut jobs a road map to cause trouble.
    Mack merits the harshest public criticism and scorn but leave the actual prosecution to the US DOJ.”

    You are living proof of your first sentence. The second sentence you wrote, you might actually shut the hell up for once and take your own advice.

    • I wouldn’t dismiss the thought. If anyone is it would be her. It would explain her photos that alerted the feds to where Ranierre was and her being the one that filmed the arrest video. She was also noted as having doubts and was reportedly close to India Oxenburg, who was successfully save from the cult. I wouldn’t say she is without a doubt, but her old blog posts show a completely different human being than one that would do what NXIVM is on the hook for. At the very least she used to be a person worth redeeming. Let’s hope she still is and is informing.

    • Yes Leon, it is possible. Many here believe she is really Heidi’s and Keith’s illegitimate daughter (notice the uncanny resemblance to both) and she is on a mission from God to bring her birth parents to justice. She is extremely pissed that her parents named her Pea Onyu , and then sent her away to be raised in Libtard-filled Vancouver by a group of feminazi liberal lesbians.
      She means business, Leon, so get the fuck out of her way.

      This is what many here believe. I know for sure that many believe this because I’ve discussed this topic with my friends here, Nutso and Pretty woman, and we all know the truth.

      • Everything I was told about Flowers appears to be correct. Well done, gentlemen. She’s taken quite the dislike to me and has resorted to trolling on a perfectly legitimate comment. Thank you for continuing to prove you need help.

      • There are few legitimate comments here, Leon. I’m surprised you haven’t noticed that.
        Perhaps issue a trolling complaint to the Dept. of False Commentry and see if you recieve a timely response.

  • I’m not a liar Scott. Shadow State is always trying to find out my identity and if he can be anonymous I should be also. This latest post is the worst ever. Men are supposed to be protectors. Shadow is making me very afraid. I know he is not a physicial stalker but he keeps coming at me and my friends relentlessly with his writing and trying to out me. Vanguard is away. He’s suffering. This last post was so brutal I may be having a breakdown. Scott I have no problem with you.

    • Of course Pea has no problem with Scott. He is no danger to Nxivm. As a matter of fact he helps their cause by scaring away any ex-nexivm’s from talking or revealing things on this blog by his condescending attitude and his belittlement of them. He also berates them for being anonymous, which is important to many of them as it still obvious that the bronfman legal machine is still working (ask Frank). Nxivm lawyers should be paying Johnson for his help.

    • Ah, poor wittle bad ass warrior bitch. To wimpy to take it. We can only hope after your indictment the judge orders you off the internet so you can stop polluting it with your stupid shit.

    • Pea, you do have the right to be anonymous, but people are emotional and rightly angry about the crimes your friends are accused of. Consent has been broken which elevates it from “weird but you do you” to “horrific”. Some people are going to focus that anger on an obvious supporter like you.

      It’s a shame because if you are ever going to look inward deep enough to even possibly reconsider your choices then you need support and help asking the right questions. Not personal attacks.

    • Pea:
      Do you understand that he FBI intends to destroy NXIVM and its top leadership?
      That is not a threat.
      That is Reality.
      I have nothing to do with it.
      I am like the weatherman reporting the coming hurricane.

    • Thomas Sekera aka Shadowperv is beyond help. Now that he has a restraining order against him from the Macks,next he will be stalking and peeping in on Clyne. Then another restraining order than he moves on to the next celebrity, probably Erica Durance. Hopefully one of the braindead libtards he stalks will eventually be a hypocrite and carry. They then can put shadowperv out of his deranged misery and make the Frank Report a better place. Win Win

  • Some questions for Nicki Clyne:

    1.) Were you one of the women who held down Sara Edmondson while she was being branded in Allison Mack’s townhouse?
    What other women did you help Allison and Danielle Roberts brand?

    2.) Allison disciplined her disobedient slaves with harsh techniques.
    Did you help Allison punish her slaves?
    What techniques were used to keep the slaves in line?

    Sensory deprivation?
    Sleep deprivation?
    Calorie restriction?
    Forced feeding of drugs?

    Did you personally see or participate in the paddling of slaves?

    3.) Did you ever, either alone or with others, use force, fraud, threats, coercion,blackmail or verbal intimidation to compel women to have sex with Keith Raniere or Allison Mack?

    4.) At any time did you inform law enforcement authorities about the physical and sexual abuse of women by Keith Raniere and Allison Mack?
    If not, why did you fail to inform authorities?

    5.) Are you in this country legally or did you overstay your visa?
    Is your marriage to Allison Mack a bogus act to evade US Immigration law?
    Was your job at the Knife Media an arranged bogus job with Clare Bronfman to evade US Immigration law?

    6.) Your boss at the Knife Media was Rose Laura Junco, a Mexican national.
    Did Junco import teen age Mexican girls to perform cheap labor?
    Were these teen age girls also expected to sexually serve Keith Raniere?

    7.) Tell us what you know about Emilliano Salinas, son of Mexico’s ex-President?
    Was NXIVM laundering money for Salinas and other corrupt Mexican politicians and businessmen?
    Were NXIVM and Salinas planning to lure cult critics to Mexico to be kidnapped and disappeared in Mexio’s corrupt legal system?

    8.) What was the purpose of Dr. Brandon Porter’s showing violent snuff films to women?
    Was it to desensitize women to violence and create a para military force of bad ass warrior bitches to serve Allison Mack and Kith Raniere?

      • Those are questions Ms. Clyne will have to answer.

        As for you why would you publicize Mack’s address except to turn her into the martyr she so desperately wants to be?

        “AND for his next stupid Narcissist trick SCOTT JOHNSON publishes Allison Mack’s home address along with detailed description of the neighborhood in the comment section on FR following a report of restraining orders being taken out by Ally against a stalker, peeping Tom!”

        • I don’t think Scott posted that address. He would have done it under his own name. He is right when he says it’s public information so people shouldn’t get all bent out of shape about it. Remember, back in the old days, everyone had a landline and their names, addresses and telephone numbers were all printed in a book and distributed to everyone. The same is true today that people who still have landlines can be found. The directory has just moved from the printed page to electronic.

          You had to pay to have an unlisted number and not be included in that book. It’s funny that people are so angry about this. 🙂

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