Raniere and DOS; it’s future, the scheme and other sordid details [Rated PG13]

Painting by MK10ART

With Allison Mack, Keith Raniere and Lauren Salzman under indictment, and for the most part, at least for the present, unable to recruit new slaves, some people think DOS is dead.

For those who may be considering joining – based on how  Mack,  Salzman, and Raniere, and their lawyers have described DOS, there may yet be a chance of it surviving.

Dani Padilla – First-Line Slave Master

While the three DOS defendants are unable to personally recruit or brand you – or even accept your collateral – please be advised that Nicki Clyne, Rosa Laura Junco, Camila Fernandez, Carola Garza, Jimena Garza, Mariana Fernandez, Dani Padilla, Loretta GarzaVany Huber, Sahajo Haertel, Mariana Musi, Michelle Hatchette, Monica Duran, and Dr. Danielle Roberts remain available to usher you into a new world of female empowerment.

Sahajo Haertel-Kozak

mariana musi

Mariana Musi

cami fernandez - Copy

Camila Fernandez was asked to find fuck toys for Keith. Sad, where Keith is now being housed, he cannot access his toys and there are some who suggest he may become a fuck toy himself for the boys. If you’re not sure if you have what it takes, Dr. Brandon Porter stands ready to give you a simple test. It takes but half an hour and all you have to do is watch a couple of film clips. He will monitor your reactions – and determine if you have what it takes for entry into this badass boot camp for women.

Women only need apply.


Dr. Danielle Roberts does the branding.

The DOS program was devised by the world’s smartest man – Keith Alan Raniere, who is presently a pretrial detainee at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center, a federal prison.

It seems a little unfair that’s where he is and is likely to stay. A judge is now considering his application for bail but most legal observers think his chances are nil.

A big part of the charges against him is that he and his minions held collateral over the slaves – making them fearful of it being revealed which made them work and slave and perform sexual acts – to keep their collateral private. This is extortion,

The defense attorneys for the DOS leaders argue that no collateral was ever released. And that the collateral – they never would release it – was only meant to be a form of discipline, a bond, a way of keeping one’s word.

This should give potential DOS slaves comfort.

The ostensible purpose of collateral was that it was meant to be released if the slave revealed the existence of DOS or if she was disobedient. With all the attention on collateral and with some or perhaps all of it in the hands of the government, and sooner or later, in the hands of the defense lawyers, there may be some comfort in knowing that, in the worst case scenario, it will probably never be leaked since all who have custody of it are lawyers, who are officers of the court.

Keith Raniere, who has told followers he is one of the top three problem solvers in the world, may have miscalculated on law enforcement’s view of his enterprise. DOS was meant to be a secret group. Even his leadership was supposed to be a secret from many of the slaves – until it was ripe for them to know.

I can see Keith’s strategy. He employed the same techniques with his avatar baby gambit.

No access to fuck toys – at least the female kind.

First, lie to a woman. Get her hooked in so deep and then when she finds out the truth, have your wing women surround her and persuade her that it is her issue to want to “hog” Keith. Or as one of them was fond of saying, “Do you think you own Keith’s penis?”

Keith taught that women had to share – all of him.

It may have been a worthwhile rejoinder to have said: “But he demands to own my vagina.”

But those who say it simply don’t understand the main principle of DOS – which is female empowerment.

Women are empowered by being slaves to a man and to his slaves.

They are empowered by giving blackmail-worthy material to a master and the grandmaster – who is a man and a Vanguard both.

Women are empowered by wearing a symbolic collar or chains.

Women are empowered by taking cold showers, eating 800 calories per day, and never sleeping for more than four uninterrupted hours.

Women are empowered by being branded on their pubic region with the initials of the man who owns them.

The DOS collar was symbolic of a slave’s bondage. [Sketch by Michelle Salzman.]
Sometimes, I think DOS was created largely to be Keith’s easy-fuck toy club, dressed up with a word salad mission.

Once he had the collateral, the collar and the brand on a woman, she was going to be ready for whatever he planned. His brand of female empowerment was to teach them to obey and with the collateral to instill fear of disobedience.

In the past, he had to lie to a lot of women that he was monogamous to get them hooked.  He would even offer those maternally inclined an avatar baby as part of the deal. When they found out, and they always did – some stayed and some left.

With DOS, it was to be better. The women were told it was an all-female group. When they found out he was at the head – they almost had to stay – or he might release the collateral.

little mack
Allison Mack – will new DOS women be branded with her initials?

Don’t you see, he tricked them [for their empowerment]. He had his First-Line Slaves recruit lower-ranking DOS slaves – woman on woman – they would have them sign the Vow of lifetime slavery – fully collateralized.

He kept his role a secret until he had enough collateral to ruin them. When they found out, they would have to stay, he thought.  They knew he had enough collateral to destroy them. What could they do when they learned he was the leader of the women’s group? They had agreed to obey for life.  Allison or Lauren could chide them saying “But you made a Vow. If you break it, it will be very bad for you.”

World’s Smartest Man

What else did they need to say? They did not need to actually say – “We will release the collateral.” It was enough to merely say – “This will have a bad effect.” Or “Something bad might happen.”

So, if they were ordered to seduce Keith? What could they do?

World’s smartest man? Maybe. He deserves credit as an inventor. He invented the world’s first blackmail and slavery Multi-Level Marketing group.  For him – who was at the top of the upline – it was his assurance of multiple downlines of sex slaves and fuck toys.

And he was the only man.


In the Sorority of DOS lay Vanguard

Complacently stroking his wang-guard

And none of them shaved among all of his slaves

There was only one prick and he banged -guard


It always delights me at Keith’s
To walk up the old tree heaths.
One time in the grass
He stepped on an ass,
And heard a young slave murmur, “Thanks.”


It had snowed, and the Vanguard in the drift,
Flagged Clare down and asked, “Give me a lift?”
They sat in her Bentley,
She fondled him gently,
And the lift that he’d asked for went limp!


Painting by MK10ART

The great Raniere was no neuter —
No faggot, no fairy, no fruiter.
With one thousand slaves
naked for his displays
he became the world’s greatest shooter

A busy DOS slave was leery
ordered to fuck Keith Raniere
then six SOP men,
Raniere again,
Then licked by Allison, Clare, and Nicki


Painting by MI10ART

A Vanguard in Clifton Park
Had a cock that could tune women in the dark
But the sweetness of pitch
Couldn’t put off the hitch
Of impotence, size and his birthmark


Not a real photo…. Prison, it’s a hairy place to be….


The latest reports from Prison
that inmates have pricks that have risen,
And anally ravish
Vanguard soft and rawish
From top bunk of cell three
it’s bottoms up for he —
a new kind of MLM commission


In the MDC Prison lay Big Adam,
Complacently stroking his male 'madam,'
        And loud was his mirth
        For on all of the earth
His new bitch was one of the world's top three problem solvers - 
and Adam just had him.


I resemble that remark…


Alright, that’s enough.


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  • The blackmail/collateral was similar to faith. As I understand it the curriculum involved always being told to question/ignore your gut instinct. It was a yin/yang type enigma. Becoming empowered by having the strength to be submissive. A real mindfuck for sleep deprived, starving women.

    I’ve thought about the blackmail. If truly empowered the easiest way to defeat blackmail is being strong enough to deal with the truth. Do not comply.
    This would involve getting some rest, eating again and be prepared to for the material to come out. To face who the material is released to and explain how it all came to pass.

    The example of Mack and the molestation of her nephews. To play devils advocate wether video or a letter the state would not swoop in and take the boys. Accusations are investigated. Not good but manageable. (We’ve all heard/seen/experienced the poor job that is done protecting victims of abuse)
    Promise of your unborn child is not going to hold up in court. Even property is highly doubtful.

    The question I have is how many wanted out but we’re fearful of the blackmail being released, how many were in but found it grueling and how many were just in?

    This matters because while what was done was wrong, their responsibility, culpability is somewhat dependent on the answer. Just as if they were members of a street gang or other criminal group.

    Who are the victims? When do they stop being victims and become perpetrators?
    How would you describe a devout follower still at the beginning of the stripe path or entrance to dos?

  • One can argue there was nevet a valid contract since there was not full disclosure what one was agreeing to thus both parties did not have a meeting of minds.
    Didn’t any of these women ever take business law or was it all about women’s studies which serves absolutely no purpose in my opinion.

    As for this collateral business….it’s freakin’ blackmail. Collateral my ass.

    What say we castrate Vanguard, without pain meds, and feed him his phallus and testicles with a fine Chianti and fava beans.

    Frankly I’m growing weary of hearing about these scummy NXIVM”S. They aren’t fit to bear the title human.
    Filthy lot. Let’s put them in a locked room, all together and let them cannibalize each other.

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