Hope For Women Who Want To Be Branded: Detroit Judge Rules: Federal Statute Outlawing Female Genital Mutilation is Unconstitutional

Judge Bernard Friedman takes a constitutionalist view of FGM.

Branding adult women on their pubic region is not the same as female genital mutilation [FGM]. Indeed, it may be worse.

Branding is perfectly legal – but it shocked many when it was revealed on Frank Report in June 2017 that Keith Raniere and Allison Mack had devised a secret group to brand women on their pubic region with their initials.

Since 1996, FGM has been a federal crime in the United States.

While Raniere and Mack and the other DOS-related defendant, Lauren Salzman, have been arrested for their roles in DOS – according to a report in CNS News – on Tuesday, U.S. District Court Judge Bernard Friedman of Detroit [Eastern District of Michigan] declared the FGM law to be unconstitutional.

He said it was federal overreach because it should be up to states to make it a crime.

He dismissed most of the charges faced by two doctors and others – including four of the girls’ mothers – who are accused of subjecting at least nine girls to FGM.

FGM (also referred to as female circumcision) involves the partial or entire removal of the female genitalia.

Like with DOS, it is women – [usually mothers] – who organize FGM.

The practice is most prevalent in Islamic countries.

The defendants are members of a Muslim sect.

An affidavit by an FBI special agent described how two seven-year-old Minnesota girls were accompanied by their mothers for a “special” girls’ trip to Detroit, but, once there, they were taken from the hotel to a doctor for a procedure “to get the germs out.”

Both girls said they were told the procedure was a secret they were not to talk about.

The 1996 federal statute under which the charges were brought says that “whoever knowingly circumcises, excises, or infibulates the whole or any part of the labia majora or labia minora or clitoris of another person who has not attained the age of 18 years shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both.”

In his 28-page opinion, Friedman said the statute was unconstitutional, arguing Congress “overstepped its bounds” legislating a prohibition that should have been left to the states.

“[i]n keeping with longstanding tradition and our federal system of government, is for the states to regulate, not Congress,” he wrote.

27 states have enacted FGM statutes.

Women were branded in DOS

Unlike FGM, there is no law against branding women. The defendants in the NXIVM case have not been charged with branding. Instead, they were charged with extorting women by using the collateral they collected as a coercive, threatening and extortionate power over them. This may have led some of them to submit to branding.

If a DOS woman had FGM when she was a girl, she would not have been able to easily comply with Mack and Raniere’s requirement of providing nude pictures for collateral  – since those photos must include the labia – since they would not have a labia anymore.

FGM is believed to be hygienic in cultures where it is practiced and believed by some to keep women from inordinately desiring sex.

Many of these cultures believe, as Raniere does, in one-sided polyamory – or polygamy – where a man has multiple women but a woman is subject to only one man.

Raniere is not known to have required any of his slaves to submit to FGM.  Perhaps, given more time, he might have explored it – perhaps with Rainbow Cultural Garden girls.

In combination with his branding, the FGM, he might have thought, would add a nice touch to his female slave society.

And, say, now that it is legal, how about trying out FGM? [Painting by MK10ART.]
Keith Raniere seeks women’s empowerment, he says.

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  • Kavanaugh didn’t grope her asshole. Not even a smidgeon of evidence moron. You make flowerpot look like she has a brain compared to you.

  • Flowerpot don’t worry lil girl. I won’t fall for da boosheet. I don’t listen to any of you crackpots. As for thinking for myself after reading comments here, I seem to be one of the few that do.

    Stating that I support FGM , as Clicky just wrote about me, is a lie, not an opinion. He’s written many other lies about me as well. But calling you a moronic bully, Mitch, IS an opinion. If I stated that you were a gay pedophile who had raped several children, that would be a lie.
    See the difference?

    My response:

    LOL. …Says the woman who’s accused Scott, Trump and Kavanaugh (and every conservative on this site) of being either a rapist, supporter of rapists, sexist, racist, ‘criminal’, ‘sociopath’ and about a million other derogatory things which were sometimes not stated as ‘opinions’. 🙂

    You’re not a victim Flowers, you’re a shit talker just like everybody else here. Frank already knows it.

    Oh, and it’s not possible to defame another person who’s ‘anonymous’ and therefore it’s not libel against you if you’re both anonymous, dummy. 🙂

    *As you already stated, you couldn’t sue a fly, Flowers. 🙂

    …and if you can’t sue somebody then it’s not libel against you.

    Libel is a legal wrong (tort) that’s remedied by the courts, it’s not a “moral” wrong you dipshit. 🙂

    Reading from the dictionary won’t change this fact, as it’s a legal concept under the law, not a moral one.

    You’re also a HYPOCRITE and I will prove it below. 🙂

    Let’s examine your hypocrisy in your own comments, which aren’t always stated as ‘opinions’…

    1) Trump’s audio “locker room” comment does not make him a ‘rapist’ and therefore supporting Trump for President does not establish a ‘fact’ that a person is a supporter of rapists or a hater of women.

    If that were true then many hip-hop rappers would be ‘rapists’ too and every listener would be a supporter of rapists and a hater of women too, LOL. If you listen to rap songs from popular artists of the 90’s, you’ll see they openly talk about “bitches and hoes” in far more derogatory ways than Trump ever did — and the media doesn’t care about that, of course, since it’s just words and not actual sexual abuse. LOL.

    Yet that doesn’t stop you from calling Scott and others on this site ‘supporters of rapists’ or ‘haters of women’ or ‘sexists’ or worse.

    2) Kavanaugh has not been convicted or charged with any crimes and is not a rapist or even a criminal, thus choosing to support his version of events (and believing he’s truly innocent) does not establish the ‘fact’ that a person is an open supporter of rapists.

    In fact, his accuser’s BEST FRIEND has said the accuser wasn’t telling the truth when she claimed that her best friend was also present that night.

    If you claim that your best friend was there while you were being raped BUT your best friend says you’re not telling the truth about that particular fact —- it means you’re either lying or you simply have a memory so bad that you can’t even remember your best friend, LOL. That’s why she’ll never file a police report.

    Kavanaugh is therefore not a ‘rapist’ and that is not a ‘fact’ —- and until he’s charged or convicted of something he’s not even a criminal. Maryland has no statute of limitations for rape so the accuser could still file charges if she wanted to, but she’s elected not to.

    …Oh, and Bill Clinton had 7 accusers of everything from rape to sexual abuse, yet I don’t see you calling his supporters “supporters of rapists” or “sexists”.

    **Hillary also supported Bill and attacked those same female accusers, yet you support Hillary 100%. Does that make you a supporter of rapists, Flowers? Duh. 🙂

    Yet that doesn’t stop you from calling Scott and others on this site ‘supporters of rapists’ or ‘haters of women’ or ‘sexists’ or worse.

    3) Supporting the enforcement of US immigration LAW (yes, ‘law’ lol) does not establish the ‘fact’ that a person is racist. It simply means those people want immigrants to get in line and apply legally and wait their turn just like everybody else, instead of selfishly jumping their turn in line. It’s about fairness.

    …Yet that doesn’t stop you from making derogatory accusations about ‘racists’ which are not established facts. …and you don’t always state your ‘opinion’ as an ‘opinion’ on these topics.

    Sometimes you do say “probably” or “my opinion” but sometimes you just make the accusation as though it’s a fact. I’m simply too lazy to sift thru your GAZILLION insulting posts over the past six months to pull out quotes.

    However, you sometimes state your political opinion as a ‘fact’ and make vicious comments against lots of people, especially Scott and all conservatives.

    The difference (between you and them) is that they don’t scream “libel” like little babies and try to get Frank to censor people. 🙂

    Frank’s not gonna cave to your ‘libel’ threats since you’re a joke on this site, as well as a hypocrite who violates her own logic. 🙂

    Now go cry to your cats, crazy woman.

    I’ll continue to dish out the same things you dish out to others.

    If you’re not able to handle ‘taking’ what you ‘dish out’ to conservatives —- then you’re not a wolf and are just a timid little sheep.

    Baaah! Baaah! That’s a good little sheeple. 🙂

    Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving everybody! What a grand meal it was. 🙂

    • Baldy, thanks for proving that you’re obviously disturbingly deranged….that was quite amusing (in a scary sort of way!)
      You are totally illogical, as always. You just CAN’T make a bit of SENSE , even if your life depended on it, can you BALDY?

      If I’ve previously stated that Scott supports rapists (I can’t remember if I said that exactly, but since Baldy probably took screengrabs of all my posts, so I’ll go along with it…) I said so meaning that I believe the women who accused Kavanaugh were truthful( and believed that Kavanaugh was lying his beer-guzzling ass off.) That was my OPINION, that Kavanaugh was a liar, and was therefore likely guilty of sexual assault. So, if Scott said he was supportive of Kavanaugh , then he was supportive of a probable rapist.

      But Baldy, you totally INVENTED bullshit about me. It’s not an OPINION that I support FGM (since I don’t ) and you can’t tell someone they must support something just because in your illogical mind you BELIEVE they support it. That’s not an OPINION, that’s a FABRICATION. Surely you are smart enough to see the difference between the two.

      Anyways, crazy Baldy, why don’t you go on Scott’s show? Too scared? Don’t worry- there won’t be any gypsies there.

      • Flowerpot, my point is you don’t ruin the life of someone with no proof. My opinion is that Kavanaugh probably got drunk, as she did, and he groped her. Many teenagers did that. But without any evidence, it’s not enough information to deny a Supreme Court appointment. Otherwise, anybody could accuse anybody else of anything and potentially ruin their life. It’s not how civilized people do things and is not consistent wit due process.

        • There’s a big difference between being groped and being trapped in a room with 2 men who are using force to hold you there and to prevent you from screaming. You probably won’t understand it if you’re a man, but I can guarantee any woman who has experienced this herself, knows the difference.

          I agree that his life should not be ruined for an unproven accusation, but Kavanaugh did not show the proper temperament to be a supreme court judge. This is not just MY OPINION, but is the opinion of many lawyers, judges, and others in the legal field. (And no, they were not all “evil” Democrats.)

          • Flowerpot, I think Kavanaugh’s temperment was perfect, just like Clarence Thomas’ years ago. Judges know best what is/is not evidence, and Ford had NOTHING except her 30 something year so-called memory and “poor, pitiful me” presentation style. I figured you would like it, it probably looked just like you at the Senate hearing.

        • Justice Kavanaugh never groped her, either. The lying cunt Ford couldn’t keep any story straight because none of them were true. She exemplifies what the alt left libtards are all about.

    • Good post but a waste of your time. Flowerpot like the majority of the alt left are lying hypocrites and mentally deranged. I have said this for decades, and now it has manifest itself for the whole world to clearly see.

    • Mitchell….I never said something was going to happen. I said it’s POSSIBLE to be sued if you fabricate malicious stories about someone (even if it’s done anonymously) I’ve already consulted a lawyer regarding this topic, and I’m correct. If you don’t believe me, conduct your own research. Don’t trust what Baldy tells you.

      Also, consider what may happen to Jacob Wohl now, who was urged on by his own father and other older men to post malicious lies about people. In Wohl’s situation, he may not just be sued in a civil case, he could also be prosecuted for obstruction of justice.

      Don’t fall for their bullshit and lies, Mitchell. Think for yourself.

        • Of course anyone can try to sue for any reason, but it doesn’t mean they have a strong case and a chance at winning.

          If someone tries to sue for something like hurt feelings, they aren’t likely to win. But if someone sues because malicious and untrue statements were published about them, and these false statements resulted in loss of income, etc…then they have a good chance of winning.

          The people who harassed me threatened me with a lawsuit, but never followed through with it. I imagine they wanted to intimidate me with it, (like NXIVM did to people who got in their way), as they had tried other intimidation tactics on me first.

      • Did you receive this information about suing an anonymous poster for libel in writing or are you just regurgitating something you heard and filtering it through your own lens?

  • Wow you are obviously an old fart. Delusion and dementia have obviously turned to full blown loss of memory. The men with the white coats are your friends flowerpot. Time for you to be sedated rather heavily. Don’t worry flower kook it will take your pain away.

  • And you are lying about supporting FGM, ya lying skank. Face it you are a phony. Now were you born that way or did you work at it your whole life?

    • Frank- why are you allowing moronic bullies such as Mitchell to post crap like this? I certainly don’t support FGM, and this liar, “Mitchell”, has no right to post lies about me. Just as these moron keep posting lies about Shadow.
      Are these the types of comments you want on your blog, Frank, and if so, WHY?

  • Mitch, since when does freedom.of speech means someone is allowed to.post complete LIES about another person?

    Hey bitch, do you ever watch cnn, msnbc,cbc,pbs? Take your hypocritical twat and crawl back into your clam shell.

    • Hey bitch- did you ever pay attention to what’s going to happen now to Wohl & his alt-right gang? It’s not nice to lie/fabricate stories about people, and it’s not legal, either. Little Jake will soon learn this the hard way, and maybe he can share a prison cell with gay “Mitch”, where they can hold lengthy discussions on Trump’s greatness.

      Mitch Garitty- if you are not “gay Mitch” then don’t get your knickers all in a knot, you *douchnozzle mouth breather*

      *Your words, Mitch. Since you like those adjectives sooo much …

  • FGM can definitely be much, much worse than branding. FGM can run the gamut from mild (partial removal of the clitoris) to extreme. According to Wiki, in one of the more extreme forms:

    “The element of speed and surprise is vital and the circumciser immediately grabs the clitoris by pinching it between her nails aiming to amputate it with a slash. The organ is then shown to the senior female relatives of the child who will decide whether the amount that has been removed is satisfactory or whether more is to be cut off.

    After the clitoris has been satisfactorily amputated … the circumciser can proceed with the total removal of the labia minora and the paring of the inner walls of the labia majora. Since the entire skin on the inner walls of the labia majora has to be removed all the way down to the perineum, this becomes a messy business. By now, the child is screaming, struggling, and bleeding profusely, which makes it difficult for the circumciser to hold with bare fingers and nails the slippery skin and parts that are to be cut or sutured together. …

    Having ensured that sufficient tissue has been removed to allow the desired fusion of the skin, the circumciser pulls together the opposite sides of the labia majora, ensuring that the raw edges where the skin has been removed are well approximated. The wound is now ready to be stitched or for thorns to be applied. If a needle and thread are being used, close tight sutures will be placed to ensure that a flap of skin covers the vulva and extends from the mons veneris to the perineum, and which, after the wound heals, will form a bridge of scar tissue that will totally occlude the vaginal introitus.”

    In other words, the women who undergo this have no outer genitalia, just a flat surface there.

  • Ahh freedom of speech, lies and libel. All very distinct things as is opinion. An opinion is not necessarily a lie or a fact.
    If I call someone a moronic bitch is it a lie or a fact?
    I could be in serious trouble if I wrote that an insane twat was sneaking around my house in the dead of night or that this delusional mouth breather had committed some other crime and specifically named her, causing harm to her character, reputation or earning ability.

    That hasn’t happened to this obviously intellectually challenged douchenozzle though that still can’t grasp freedom of speech, Frank’s willingness to let people post their remarks and rebuttals and not being pressured by people with entitlement issues how to run his blog

    • Stating that I support FGM , as Clicky just wrote about me, is a lie, not an opinion. He’s written many other lies about me as well. But calling you a moronic bully, Mitch, IS an opinion. If I stated that you were a gay pedophile who had raped several children, that would be a lie.
      See the difference?

  • This is to Flowers (since I can’t hit ‘reply’ to her last post).

    Flowers, you’re just too easy to manipulate mentally. You sound like you’re coming unglued. 🙂

    Oh, and pot meet kettle. LOL. 🙂

    Over the last few months you’ve made some of the most vicious and hate filled comments regarding lots of people on this forum, people at NXIVM and just general political figures.

    Thus nobody here cares about your sense of ‘righteousness’ when you can’t take the same things you dish out to others, dummy. 🙂

    If you dish it out, be ready to take it. Or at least cry about it privately with your cats.

    Also, nobody believes a word you say about all of the “criminals” you claim are following you in the real world or online (or in Never-Never land).

    The fact that you always make such claims only makes you sound bonkers. Same is true with your gaslighting statements — it makes you sound bonkers and everybody here thinks you’re just a lying twat, including me.

    You’re just an endless complainer about everybody. Frank has already noted in one of his past comments (in his civility post) that you are quick to claim “victim” status even after dishing it out and insulting other people. LOL.

    I can’t remember the exact wording he used, but he did make the point that you like to claim to be a ‘victim’ even though you have a habit of dishing it out and beginning many of those arguments. LOL.

    Toodles. 🙂

    • Well! You big bully! lol
      I expect the comments section to continue to deteriorate since we have a long way to go until the trial. There isn’t going to be much information coming especially new information we haven’t read already. Making it worse will be the speculating some are known to do while others will repeat and repeat that speculation eventually cited as facts by others.

      • It is like one dysfunctional family I find the comments to be the best part. Very funny and entertaining. If you are one of the hypersensitive idiots that take them seriously than you are your own problem.

    • Another lie about me , Toodles. Where are my “most vicious and hate filled comments regarding lots of people on this forum?” Which posts are you referring to? Who were they about? Find an example of such a post, Clicky.

      And what people at NXIVM? LOL! Talk about pot meeting kettle!! Too fucking funny.
      Political figures? Who? Are Trump and Kavanaugh reading FR now? You’re hilarious Toodles.😂🤣😃

      And you keep.rambling on that I claim I’m victim….another lie. I never cried that I was a victim- I said I had been targeted by a group of criminals, who did similar things to me as NXIVM had done to Frank. So is Frank a “victim” , too, Clicky? Is he whining when he tells the truth about what happened to him?

      The difference in my situation is that I was never involved with these people- they targeted me because I was in contact with someone who was connected to them.

  • Funny, Frank, I saw this shocking verdict on newsstands earlier today too. Read that it’s being appealed. Maybe it’s just the Feds passing the buck to the States as the ruling reflects…or maybe the #metoo movement backlash is coming on in full swing as you boys prolly hope for. JK.

    But this sad story is really about CHILD ABUSE – little girls being culturally deprived of their womanhood. May be more similar to Nx than we yet know in that regard as well.

    Thanks for continually clarifying that the branding isn’t the Nx crime and this verdict has no bearing on the Nx case. The headline on this case gave me a start until I remembered that!

    • Good thing it wasn’t appealed in Canada.

      In Canada, even questioning an Islamic tradition (such as mutilating young girls) is labeled as “racist hate speech” and you can be jailed for questioning such things.

      Kinda funny and ironic though… In Canada the person doing the mutilating isn’t jailed — but the people questioning the mutilation can be jailed for hate speech.

      Flowers is a leading promoter of never insulting Islamic practices such as genital mutilation.

      Pretty sure she views you as racist, Ms. Heidi. Maybe you and her can meet over a cup of java and resolve your differences and even become friends or middle aged lovers. It would be cool to see you two on the same team. 🙂

      • Clicky…you are even more ridiculous than usual. Not sure why Frank allows you and Mitchell to write this shit… When I get a chance I’ll respond to your stupidity…too busy right now .

        • Freedom of speech.
          The willingness to fight and possibly die for someone’s Right to say something even if the person fighting vehemently disagrees with it. No matter how vile or hate filled that something is.

          It’s a slippery slope especially when deciding who would determine what one is not allowed to say.

          • Mitch, since when does freedom.of speech means someone is allowed to.post complete LIES about another person? Obviously you have no concept of what freedom of speech means, do you? Do you understand libel law, little Mitchy?

            The local yokel here, aka Clicky , aka Toodles, is not exercising freedom.of speech, he’s committing libel. He has just stated totally untrue and totally malicious statements about me, and if he had done so on a forum where we use our real names, I could sue him for defamation of character and win.

            For your information Clicky FGM has been illegal in Canada for more than 20 years (which you should know, since you earlier claimed to be Canadian)

            Is there some reason why you write such idiotic bullshit lies about me, Clicky?
            (But no, you’re not obsessed with me all….)
            You mad that I called you balding the other day?😂🤣😃
            Truth hurts, doesn’t it Clicky?

  • Ah, yes, excellent ! So the parents they want their little girls to be mutilated for life will just have to move to Michigan ! So when these barbaric « rituals » will be banned in the whole world, Michigan’s tourism will raise drastically and specialized « clinics » will so appear ?!? What will happen when torture will be really banned worldwide ? Will the dictator send their political prisoners in holiday in Michigan ? Personally I like to fuck rotten corpse, so can I fulfill my fantasm in any random Michigan’s cemetery ? This diarrhea-pit-decision is a giant step to medieval ages !

    • Import third world get third world.

      I wanna know where are the feminists in their pussy hats? Where is Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett? Whst? Silent? Dear old Cate said her morals are in her vagina.
      Gotta love it when they have no script, speak off the cuff and expose how imbecilic and hypocritical they are.
      I’m waiting for Cate to march in Michigan with a clit hat on her head. Lol
      Or will they wear black dresses agsin at the next Oscars?
      Ahhhh, gotta love slimy Hollywood celebs who won’t utter a word.

  • I’m all for this. It is an issue for the states. And the states should move to make the practice illegal and the fed should stay out of it

  • Why is it always women who are treated this way, I’m talking about FGM and coerced Branding. It’s an issue of control by men over women. If Islamic culture continues this barbaric process then they should return to Islamic countries. Although I’d love to see this offense to the God that created these girls as they are, banned worldwide.
    These men are so afraid they mutilate their own children, yes they make the wives and female family members carry out this process.
    There should be no question whatever that this law should not be nationwide. No American state should be allowed to consider mutilating a child. And this judge should be overruled and be castrated if he thinks it’s such a good idea.
    Is castration on his list as acceptable along with female genital mutilation.
    What adults choose willingly to do to their own bodies is entirely up to them. Children on the other hand are being violated for life.

    • I could attempt to explain but I think it would be futile and take too long. Short version; the judge isn’t ruling on the legality of the act. His ruling is that the Feds do not have that power
      Think: Jurisdiction

      • Nobody gives two Fucks about you and your boy toy Scott Johnson.

        So take your shitshow on the road. Better yet, find a thimble, fill it with lemon juice, cut your balls with a razor blade, dip them in the thimble, then down the blood juice chaser.

        In other words, your typical Saturday night with Scooter

        • OMGWTFSTFU! Is this in reply to something or just a blanket statement you chose to share? An attempt at being shocking? That someone will be appalled or offended? Human behavior fascinates me. Please explain if you will.

      • Yes, but as Frank mentions, a prior 1996 FEDERAL statute making this barbaric practice against the law of the Nation was overturned by this monstrous ruling. Now, States that don’t want to allow it will have to break out the red tape. How is that more conservative less govt. assuming that’s your point?

        • Do we just ignore the Constitution when it’s inconvenient or creates extra work? We’re either a country of laws or we’re not.
          I know we’re in an era where freedom is being looked at as a one way street. Much like tolerance and civility. The Right to an opinion as long as it’s the correct one.

          The job now is for the state to address this situation. That means people should pressure their representatives to draft and pass legislation. Do something that has more meaning than posting their outrage on Facebook or in a comment section. This is something meaningful unlike complaining about the lack of female sports team ownership or the guy in IT that looks at you too long

    • Anne: sadly, the men do not necessary “make the women” carry out this practice. Yes,there are women in these cultures who do not approve of the practice. But there are also women who have internalized the patriarchal viewpoint on FGM and feel that what they are doing is very right. It’s not all that different from the women of Jness and DOS, internalizing Keith’s viewpoints on women to the point where they are willing to punish each other. Indoctrination is powerful.

    • I cannot see straight on this issue, a red mist descends and i fill with old testament justice. Never mind the cavilling over separation of powers this judge has dropped charges against at least six people who deserve to be dealt with on an eye for an eye basis. FGM is a crime akin to moloch. May god and karma strike them all down. Can they not imagine what it would be to have their genitals mutilated?

      • The key word is MUTILATION, of children. Child abuse. Now, adults can choose to mutilate themselves (those who have their tongues split, etc.), but to hold down a child to do it is obscene and cruel. Not to mention they will never have a normal sex life. The goal is to keep women from enjoying sex so they won’t cheat once married. Disgusting and horrible!

        How is this a bona fide tradition that has to be respected?

  • The State of Michigan, here this Judge sits, is infested with Muslims, the very people who practice FGM.
    FGM is kin to female castration.
    They just elected a Muslim woman to Congress, Rashida Tlaib.
    The eldest of fourteen children, Rashida Harbi was born on July 24, 1976, to working-class Palestinian immigrants in Detroit.

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Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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