Shadow State: Little Girl, Be Careful What You Say – says Allison Mack

By Shadow State 1958

On August 17, 2017, Allison Mack posted this poem by Carl Sandburg.
Ms. Mack found the poem to be both inspirational and highly relevant to her circumstances at the time.


“Found this in a book of poems for kids by Carl Sandburg on my old bookshelf at my folk’s…. amazing how relevant these words are… so wise…. I love how things seem to show up right when you need to see them. #righttimerightplace

Little Girl, Be Careful What You Say
Little girl, be careful what you say
when you make talk with words, words-
for words are made of syllables
and syllables, child, are made of air-
and air is so think – air is the breath of God-
air is finer than fire or mist,
finer than water or moonlight,
finer than spider-webs in the moon;
finer than water-flowers in the morning:
and words are strong, too,
stronger than rocks or steel
stronger than potatoes, corn, fish, cattle
and soft, too, soft as little pigeon-eggs,
soft as the music of hummingbird wings.
So little girl, when you speak greetings,
when you tell jokes, make wishes or prayers,
be careful, be careless, be careful,
be what you wish to be
Carl Sandburg
What makes the date August 17, 2017 so relevant?
In June 2017, the Frank Report published the first story about the branding of slaves in the Raniere-Mack sex cult.
By August 2017, the cult was falling apart. Hundreds left,  Hundreds canceled or were planning not to attend V-Week.
Allison Mack could read the handwriting on the wall.
Image result for carl sandburg little girl be careful what you say
They might tell on the Vanguard…Indeed the little Mexican girls from Chihuahua had just left the Raniere world in Albany – reportedly most unhappy and scandalized – possibly worse.

Little Girls be Careful What You Say…

Allison Mack during a performance with Simply Human at V Week.

On August 4, Frank Report wrote, “Allison Mack is expected to confess to followers of Keith Raniere that she was responsible for DOS, that it was her idea, and Keith knew nothing about it. [Please ignore cankles].
Within a few days of the branding story which first appeared on June 4, in Frank Report, Allison seem to react.

June 13 

Allison Mack wrote on her Blog

Cold sweats. Constantly.  The anxiety of being caught makes my heart thrum like a hummingbird. Someday I will be discovered. I will be found out!

I peak through the crack in the door of the closet I have shoved myself.  It’s stuffy and I can barely breath….  Why am I so nervous?

Because I am a fugitive on the run from intimacy and the fear of showing those pit stains and blood….

Image result for allison mack
Allison Mack jogs in Clifton Park.


She Tweeted:

So look at the failures, lean into them and find the lesson deep within the pain.


June 17


… We run in the opposite direction of any feeling of discomfort or physical feeling of threat, and yet – emotional pain has never killed anyone … Brace yourself for the pain. Grin joyfully, and bring it on.


June 24


I went for a long walk today and heard them being pushed into one another. The leaves were talking. It felt like the whole street was whispering secrets.


June 25


Everybody can be great… because anybody can serve….


June 28


… More often than not I am spinning in my head consumed with thoughts about what are others are thinking of me…  The noise in my head is so loud that I can’t hear anything other than the feedback bouncing off the inside of my skull. … that voice in my head now seems irrelevant.


In August, with the cult falling apart and Vanguard blaming it on her, was the posting of the Sandburg poem a coincidence or was there an ulterior motive?
For whom was the poem intended?
Within two months the New York Times would make the branding story of NXIVM worldwide news.  Within a few weeks after that, the FBI began to investigate.
Little Girl, Don’t Say Words like Pimp or Blackmail to an FBI Agent.
(He might draw wrong conclusions.)
Or maybe the FBI Agent will draw the right conclusions.
MK10ART painting – Allison Pimp Mack
She did it all for this wonderful man – Keith Raniere.
And fanboys – check out those cankles:

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  • Shadow is jepodizing any trial. If I were her lawyer I would hold this blog up as a reason that laywer’s client couldn’t get a fair trial and have the case thrown out. Maybe that’s Shadow’s intention all along.

  • Wonder what j-school Frank went to. They should refund his tuition as he violates all the rules. I’m not sure what went on with this cult but I damn sure don’t trust anything written here or the photos. With all the running pics when she doesn’t have candles but then she does when standing in Frank pics but not the same TAX posted pics. About time for AM to file charges and get a PDA before this stalker loses it.

    • Frank has done himself no favors by allowing the likes of Shadowstate to hitch his wagon to the blog.

      Let’s suppose the accusations are true and Shadowstate is indeed a current or former stalker of AM who joined NXIVM to get close to Mack, only to be intercepted and thrown out. It doesn’t even have to be anything as dramatic as that; perhaps he merely tweeted at her one too many times and she blocked him. That’s enough to get tagged as a stalker these days.

      If this is the case, then you can mark my words that the Feds will be aware of it.

      Likewise, the defense teams for Allison Mack, Keith Raniere, Clare Bronfman et al, if they are not already aware, will be in short order if there’s any truth to these claims. They’ll be watching the Frank Report like hawks, since it was this blog, along with Sara Edmondson’s accusations, that played such an essential part in getting their clients indicted in the first place.

      And the defense teams will use this should Frank be called up to testify for the prosecution. Allowing a known stalker with a vendetta to post speculation as fact on his blog without prior vetting would call Frank’s judgement into question at the very least. Which in turn would enable the defense to state that he isn’t a credible witness – regardless of all the good work he has done and all the solid evidence he has accumulated over the years.

      I would urge Frank to reconsider allowing Shadowstate to post if it can be proven that he did indeed stalk Mack. If true, then this isn’t the kind of association either Frank or the prosecution needs. It could compromise the trial to a degree.

      • You seriously think Allison is in danger of being stalked, as in followed around, by Shadow State? Seriously, you’re delusional!!!

      • Quote from Anonymous Asshole:

        I would urge Frank to reconsider allowing Shadowstate to post if it can be proven that he did indeed stalk Mack. If true, then this isn’t the kind of association either Frank or the prosecution needs. It could compromise the trial to a degree.

        Hey dummy.

        Frank’s blog and it’s role in getting the government to begin an INVESTIGATION into Keith and NXIVM is not ‘evidence’ to be used at trial. Duh.

        Only the ACTUAL EVIDENCE derived from the government’s ACTUAL INVESTIGATION will be used at trial.

        That’s just basic common sense. 🙂

        *The ACTUAL evidence will be stuff like:

        -Keith’s emails where he admits all kinds of illegal shit — such as being the grandmaster of all DOS slaves, plus requiring blackmail collateral for all slaves.

        -Jane Doe witnesses who have first hand experiences with Keith

        -Ex-NXIVM members who have cut deals and who have personal knowledge of Keith’s crimes. Possibly high level people.

        -Bank records and IRS records which prove those fuckers cheated the IRS or other state agencies.

        -Stuff like $500k CASH found in a shoebox, which was never declared to the IRS and is clear evidence of both tax evasion and money laundering.

        -and lots of other evidence. LOL. 🙂

        Guess what?

        The ‘blog’ which initially brought attention upon NXIVM is not ‘evidence’ of anything —- it’s just hearsay and opinions expressed by readers.

        Do you honestly think the defense attorneys will make a closing argument like this below:

        “Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, Mr. Parlato has published some unflattering stories about my clients written by ShadowState — therefore I urge you to IGNORE all of the government’s evidence and find everybody not guilty.

        Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, please ignore the emails which Keith wrote — where he admitted to being the Grandmaster of DOS.

        Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, please ignore the emails which Keith wrote — where he instructed underlings to get blackmail collateral for sexual coercion.

        Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, please forget about all of the Jane Doe witness testimony about Keith and Allison sexually abusing them. Also… Please forget about all of the bank records which show that my client cheated Uncle Sam.

        Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, please forget about the $500,000 cash found in a shoebox — it was actually just lottery winnings from the Wakaya Island Lotto.

        In summary, Ladies and Gentlemen, I want you to think about Frank Parlato’s decision to publish a few of ShadowState’s opinion pieces on his blog.

        Therefore, I urge you to acquit on all charges. Thank you.”

    • This is a blog. It’s not a newspaper. As though opinion isn’t rampant in all forms of media at this time.
      Frank Report is his blog. He shares his opinion and viewpoints. This isn’t promoted as an unbiased website. Frank hasn’t said he provides the facts so you can decide.


  • I have exes that I’d not blink an eye to if they were to be run over by a truck. We get it. You’re mad for some reason because you didn’t get what you wanted from her, and now, you’ll write your petty little heart out if it ends up in you lording over her for a moment if she has an end that isn’t in her favor.

    You must be either a really introverted guy or a female because no real man gives a fuck about cankles.

    The whole thing reeks of idiocy. If you gave someone blackmail material willingly, you’re a submissive. Not a victim.

    Lastly, if you can hook me up with a phone number for AM or send her my email address, I’d love you forever. I’d love to date her. Not a fanboy. She’s just pretty damn cute. If she let’s me wife her, I’d get her initials on me willingly. Preferably by a tattoo artist. However, Im nasty and i’m down with getting it branded on me if that gets her hot.

  • I’m wondering if those blog posts were part of Allie’s homework for her Vanguard. Did he tell her she feared Intimacy? Did he tell her she “cared too much about what others thought about her?” Is this part of “working through her issues”?

    No one need justify why or when they leave comments on this blog. Doing so may just give “Kojack” a little thrill. It’s best to deny these folks that kind of gratification.

  • In the real news this week, Ferguson activists are being assassinated one by one. 4 are dead. One hung lynchstyle for his mom to find in her yard.
    Of course we have this president who insists he’s not racist, but skmehow has left racists feeling free to terrorize people of other races, religions, sexuality, and financial process.
    You know what
    I’m not going to list all the things happening in our world.
    Suffice it to say, there IS a whole world out there and there’s a hell of a lot more to it than Allison Mack.

    I don’t know why you’re so fixated on this.
    Or why you think it’s a big deal.
    There are tons of groups like this.
    The Golden Dawn is one of the most famous with celebrities proclaiming involvement. Ultimately it’s just a kinky sex cult for new agers.
    There are people that are into that
    And if it is what they desire,
    It would be wrong to prevent them from having it.

    So until I hear that people were kidnapped, held against their will be a reasonable force,
    I think the whole thing is pure comedy.

    • Fergusun, schmergeson. Buying into the false narrative, then burning down your own town in protest. Boo hoo. And Trayvon was a wittle innocent 10yr old who attacked Zimmerman. Here’s an idea change the stats that 13% commit the most crimes. Change the stat 72% of AA kids are born out of wedlock

      Assimilate. Don’t you get tired of seeing other groups move here from another country, and prosper, and assimilate, while meanwhile black on black crime exceeds any other….and you ignore it and instead blame everyone else.

      As a whole, be less volitile, less short tempered.
      You’ll never see the headline: ‘calm black man, showed ID, got fix it ticket drove home to relax and have a beer.’ Or ‘black with with ID who was fully compying, shot by cops.

      Get real.

    • All I keep hearing about is attacks by antifa on people. Have any links? If not I’ll assume you’re misdirecting

  • Shadow state write words shaped than a serpent’s tooth. He wreaks of evil
    And seeks to destroy ethics. He has no respect for one of the most beautiful wonderful women in the whole world. #AllisonIsMyMaster. #ShadowKnowsNothing

    • Pea

      If you say Allison is wonderful, I will believe you!

      Myself, I have a crush on Nancy Salzman. Of course, I’ve never met her and don’t know her but there’s something about her smile and energy that I find magnetic. I sense I share something with her: maybe it’s being bright, talented and successful but very lonely.

      Anyways, …

      • you should try the writings of vanessa grigordias, you will find some breathless descriptions of your crush, her daughter, seriously, her prose is such that you could fully imagine being in their kitchen (forget which one) eating a very specific croissant.
        I too have a magnetic connection to Nancy, just the polar opposite of yours.

    • Interesting that pea brain ,mitch the bitch and Linseed are all spending a Saturday night posting on yet another shadowperv production. Being that the 3 of them are the same clown responding to the perv’s own redundant article. The reason shadowperv posts under so many because the Frank Report is his way of connecting to the object of his obsession. Shadowperv reminds me of a creepy Uncle who molested a niece and or one of her 13 year old friends.

      • What is the idea behind thinking one person is multiple posters?
        I had a fun evening out with friends and family. Actually missed a commitment I had.
        What are you doing posting here on a Saturday night? Logic and critical thought are rather elusive for you.

        Name calling. Add maturity as well

        • I would guess the idea of thinking one person is multiple posters is because that’s “Kojack’s” mo and, therefore, projects the behavior to everyone else posting. It’s ridiculous but I think that’s what happens. I also contend “Kojack” thinks she/he is being clever while trying to change the writing style. It’s sad really but, I guess, it keeps the crazy home pouring over blogs and away from innocent people walking the streets. When someone doesn’t have friends irl the internet can become their world and this poster could believe all the regulars are their friends and she/he is just playing a little prank.

        • I’d wager a guess Kojack (who most likely misspelled Kojak) is projecting and posts under a number of names thinking she/he is incredibly intelligent (not unlike KAR).

          She/he fails to realize most sane individuals don’t have time for these silly games and have lives lived in the real world. I’d wager Kojack spends an inordinate amount of time commenting on blogs throughout cyberspace making all kinds of wild accusations. 🙂

          Logic and critical thought could be impossible for Kojack. 🙂

      • I’m over here in South Carolina. I have no idea where Shadow resides. We are certainly not the same person. And for it being a Saturday night? I am a mother and an adult. What else should I be doing with my free time? Shadow writes well and keeps an audience. I think that a lot of you jackoffs are jealous of that. Again, I do not know Shadow personally.

      • Either these posters are wilfully blind to the fact that Shadowstate’s focus on Mack just isn’t normal for someone who has never had any contact with her, or they’re aliases. I’ve seen it time and time again over the years on various platforms. Sockpuppeting is quite common on platforms that may be hurting for visitors (notice NXIVM isn’t in the news much these days), particularly where obsessed fans with agendas may be lurking.

        Another red flag is Shadowstate and aliases/’supporters’ accusing anyone who tries to bring attention to the above of being NXIVM-affiliated. That’s pure delusion right there. I’d be very surprised if anyone here is supportive of Allison Mack or Keith Raniere or NXIVM in any way. But the likes of Shadowstate NEED to believe in this ‘persecuted by NXIVM’ narrative because it ‘justifies’ the crusade. Without this belief, the whole thing falls apart.

    • Pea,
      If Vanguard is so great then why has he brought so much pain and misery and slavery to the world?

      If Allison is so great why does she have to use fraud and coercion and treachery to recruit new slaves?

  • Shadowstate can’t be fired.
    Is it just me or is her right cankle larger than her left cankle? Injury perhaps,
    Her left eye seems lazy too.
    Someone else mentioned Keith has a droopy left side to his face or mouth.

    Keep writing Shadowstate. I appreciate your post. At the least you provide new articles and the comments from the crazy, the moronic, the obsessed and the lazy provide entertainment.

    • That is a good question, but then again has he ever taken responsibility for anything? If I remember correctly when the story of dos first broke Cankles was already being set up to take the fall. I may be mistaken though.

  • Shadow what is your unhealthy obsession Allison Mack? Did she run over your dog or something? You have this personal vendetta on her posting things about her attacking her friends and family.

    I question the fact Frank Parlato still has you working with him instead of firing you.

    Seek help Shadow for all our stake. Not everyone is an Allison Mack finds your posts very creep and disturbing to read. It’s very hard to take your posts seriously that fact you’ev made claims that Allison Mack has had sex with children and where is your proof?

    Allison Mack is so blue on her slaves gone and where is your proof. My god Shadow you give Allison Mack more credit than she deserves making her the worst evil person on the planet.

    You’re so laughable everytime you post stuff about Allison you crack me up kid with your claims you stuff about Allison.

    I question do you stalk her and her family? Because thats against the law you know that right?

    • Allison Mack is so blue on her slaves gone and where is your proof.

      The proof comes from Allison’s significant other, “Pea Onyu” Nicki Clyne.
      And as we get closer to the next supersedng indictment we will hear less and less from “Pea”.
      I imagine her lawyer is having a cow at the thought Pea making public comments.

      Pea Onyu
      November 14, 2018 at 4:11 pm
      Shadow you should stop this. Allison is being hurt. She’s suffered enough already. Give her a rest. Stop writing these hurtful posts. She’s vulnerable. She’s blue. She misses all of us. And she misses our V. On top of that she blames herself when all she wanted was to be noble. Even Jesus on the Cross said “my God why have you forsaken me?” And Joan of Arc as she was dying felt a momentary flutter of doubt Keith has told us. Shadow you are just the deliverer of pain. Stop please. Don’t be known as Pontius Pilate

    • Yes he has been to Orange County specifically Los Alamitos. He knows where the Jon and Mindy’s house is. What the dumb fuck does not realize is that the feds are keeping close eye for any foul play or inappropriate.visitors.

      • When I went to Orange, County California Richard Nixon was President and Ronald Reagan was Governor.
        Charles Manson was on trial.
        My family went to Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm.
        That was a decade before Ms. Mack was born in Germany.
        Try again NXIVM troll.

      • By “Mitch Garrity”:

        Shadowstate can’t be fired.
        Is it just me or is her right cankle larger than her left cankle? Injury perhaps,
        Her left eye seems lazy too.
        Someone else mentioned Keith has a droopy left side to his face or mouth.

        Keep writing Shadowstate. I appreciate your post. At the least you provide new articles and the comments from the crazy, the moronic, the obsessed and the lazy provide entertainment.

        By Shadowstate:

        When I went to Orange, County California Richard Nixon was President and Ronald Reagan was Governor.
        Charles Manson was on trial.
        My family went to Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm.
        That was a decade before Ms. Mack was born in Germany.
        Try again NXIVM troll.


        The line breaks and writing style of these two posts are virtually identical.

        You be the judge.

        • Lol They’re called paragraphs

          Only comment section, blog,forum I’ve ever been on where this is a common accusation. (One person/ multiple user names)
          Once again I”ll point out the irony of constantly posting about Shadowstate’s “obsession” with Mack and not recognizing their own apparent obsession with Shadowstate. They contribute nothing else here. No comments on any other subject material.

          Last time I’m addressing this except next Saturday when/if I’m on Scott’s radio show

    • I made the post below yesterday on a different thread. Reposting here for good measure as I believe it’s pertinent.

      I first started visiting here last year, around the time the story first broke. There weren’t as many posters back then, but they all seemed well-intentioned and able to discuss the contents of articles with civility. Just ordinary people curious about the NXIVM scandal, with an insightful sprinkling of contributors who’d attended NXIVM intensives before getting cold feet and bailing from the cult.

      There didn’t appear to be any trolls or people over-invested in specific players.

      Now it seems like almost everybody is a troll or an (ex?) fanboy with an agenda. The comments sections are a back-and-forth of insults. Even apparently sincere posts have the whiff of trollery about them. I wouldn’t be surprised if this has driven away most of the sincere readers and posters from last year.

      And where there are trolls, there are most likely sockpuppets too.

      This used to be an excellent, informative blog. But starting early this year, I noticed a lot of old stuff was being re-posted – and not just re-posted, but shoved down readers’ throats incessantly.

      Then the comments section went to hell. Regarding Shadowstate (who isn’t the sole offender, but unfortunately a prominent one) his ire towards Allison Mack seems too personal for comfort, even though he has supposedly had no actual dealings with her. The average objective-minded person, on reading about AM’s alleged crimes, would think “this is terrible, and if she’s guilty she deserves to go to jail for a long time.” Shadowstate’s ire, on the other hand, is the kind of ire you’d NORMALLY attribute to someone whose wife, daughter or sister had been personally branded by Allison Mack.

      Supposedly he has no connection to her. But this kind of personalised, directed anger isn’t normal for someone unconnected. I have no idea whether the spurned fanboy rumors are true or not, but regardless, Shadow needs to disclose his links, if there are any, so people can at least make sense of where he’s coming from and treat his contributions in the spirit of that disclosure.

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Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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