Blast from the past: TV Guide 2010: ‘Allison Mack Leaving Smallville’ –‘How would you like to see Chloe’s story end?’

"Crossfire" -- Allison Mack as Chloe in SMALLVILLE, on The CW Network. Photo: /The CW ©2009 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

On May 20, 2010, TV Guide reported that Allison Mack would not be returning as a series regular for Smallville.

They asked some pertinent questions that, in retrospect, are quite provocative.

The story, whose headline is “Allison Mack Leaving Smallville,” reads:

Allison Mack will not be a series regular for the 10th and final season of Smallville, but she will return for several episodes, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Allison Mack

“I’m truly humbled by the love and loyalty of all the fans whose enthusiasm has carried me — along with a cast and crew which has become my second family — over the past 9 and a half years,” Mack said in a statement. “Out of respect for the amazingly loyal fans and the place I will always have in my own heart for Chloe, I’m coming back for several episodes next season to tie up Chloe’s Smallville legacy properly.”

“It’s been a life-changing ride, and I look forward to what lies ahead with the strength of a ‘superhero’ as my foundation,” Mack added.

Calls and emails to the CW and Mack’s rep were not immediately returned.

Mack’s future with the show was unclear ever since the CW renewed the long-running drama for a 10th season in March. Tom WellingErica DuranceJustin Hartley and Cassidy Freeman are slated to return.

Are you bummed Mack is leaving? How would you like to see Chloe’s story end?


How would you like to see Chloe’s story end? That’s a good question. How about this?

Chloe, with the strength of a ‘superhero’ Vanguard as her foundation, joins a sex cult which blackmails and brands women — and winds up being indicted for sex trafficking and forced labor?

While she thinks of herself as Joan of Arc for her god, Vanguard, she is convicted and sentenced to 20 years in federal prison. Around year five in prison, she realizes she was the fall girl for him and sits for another 15 years in prison, bitter, brokenhearted and ruing the day she ever met the filthy pig who stole her life away from her.

She gets out when she is 56, a haggard and tired middle-aged woman, undesirable, unemployable, friendless,

When she gets out, her elderly father asks her if she can get him any more paid singing lessons from NXIVM members. Her now elderly mother encourages her to try to find Vanguard and go back to serve him. Chloe is disenchanted, realizing she would be too old for his harem and would have to spend most of her time finding teenage girls to be his fuck toys.

Still, with her parents’ encouragement, she considers going back to NXIVM. The problem is Vanguard is still in prison with another 299 years to go.

“I’ll wait for him,” Chloe says.


[Not a real photo] I’ll wait for him – Allison Mack

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  • Amazing! Jimmy Saville gets an unamed grave and Allison returns to Smallville. Is it just me or do Brits do things much better? I would not even tune in to watch the last series knowing someone like this features in it. But hey I’m British. America is land of free and home of mental people with guns. Not sure what worse. Her or you lot really!

    • Free is the operative word there. I’m not sure why the need to insult Americans. Enjoy Meghan Markle and royalty and that stuff

    • Jimmy Saville is proof that the British establishment is riddled with and supports, right up to its highest echelons, the kind of evil that Saville carried out over a long, long, career in the bbc. Savile wasn’t merely a peadophile, he assaulted hospital patients as they lay in their beds, then he would visit the morgue and defile corpses. An unamed grave is nothing. The British establishment ‘s treatment of saville is hardly to be held up as any kind of optimum standard.There are still too, too many unanswered questions…

    • Toby, Saville’s behavior was systematically covered up until after he was dead. That’s not exactly something doing things much better. I doubt Mack will return to Smallville, unless it’s in a small, prison stage presentation. So no, Brits do not do things better. In fact, they do them MUCH worse. That’s why you lost the Revolutionary War.

  • I believe most readers would agree that Chloe’s story should end with lengthy imprisonment. After the court case there will no doubt be a movie. Who should be cast in each role? For Clare, I would choose Doug Jones. All he would need is a wig and glasses.

  • I think many readers would be in agreement on how her story should end. Imprisonment. After the court case there will no doubt be a movie. Who will be cast as these defendants? For the part of Clare, I would cast the talented Doug Jones. He only needs a wig and glasses.

  • Frank Parlato:

    I keep coming back here because I am fascinated that you have successfully harnessed the power of media as a weapon to defeat — and probably destroy — the so-called “powers that be.” That’s incredible. I mean, you stood up to the massive power of the Bronfman family. Bronfman money…financial clout that could be used to destroy anyone’s life through lawsuits. Claire Bronfman will now pass the rest of her life with the stigma of a criminal conviction. That’s because Claire abused her power by trying to destroy you for no good reason.

    You accomplished your victory with almost no financial, legal or political resources. You won — literally slew the dragon — by using power of media. Not a big time newspaper, or even a small time mainstream newspaper. Just a blog. This is a real David and Goliath story here.

    Have you ever thought about doing the pubic a big favor by teaching other common people (who have no financial resource) how to do the same thing if they are being abused by the “powers that be?” Doing so would turn you into an American folk hero. A hero of the American Left. All Americans idolize those kinds of people. The last time America had a folk hero of that sort was probably in the late 1960s era.

    Curiously, did you ever see the 1980s movie called “The Verdict,” starring Paul Newman? That’s about a small time Boston lawyer who gets justice for a family whose daughter was turned into a vegetable (in a coma for life) by negligent, Harvard trained, world famous doctors from our city’s best hospital. That hospital had the financial clout to protect itself against malpractice by using the best, highest-priced lawyer in America. That immoral lawyer was known as “The Prince of Darkness.”

    I live in Boston, and I have a problem that closely resembles the situation described in “The Verdict.” Yes, I have been the victim of big time local doctors, but I can’t take action because I lack resources.

    If only I could do what you did — harness the power of media as a weapon — then I might to get some justice. I wish I could, because doing so would be a public service that would make our society a better place.

    You should seriously consider giving training to people like me. We could get some kind of nationwide folk movement going.

  • It’s a shame that Chloe Sullivan, one of the only truly interesting characters on Smallville played by a good actress–Cassidy Freeman’s Tess Mercer being the other one–has her legacy tainted by Mack’s actions in real life. Any chance of CHloe being aded to the DC world is probably gone because no future Superman project would want to be associated with a sex trafficking case.

    Meanwhile, Kristin Kreuk continues to thrive–I don’t get it.

    • — Meanwhile, Kristin Kreuk continues to thrive–I don’t get it.

      Because most people aren’t obsessed haters.

    • “Meanwhile, Kristin Kreuk continues to thrive–I don’t get it“.

      Because the press are not calling her out on anything, yet. She was forced to make her bullshit statement when the press linked her to two year old DOS. She denied being in DOS and nothing else and didn’t acknowledge all the years before DOS, what she did and what she knew about. Did she answer questions about why she stayed with a pedophile when named in the same expose that revealed he fucked little girls? Did she answer anything about being named as a likely future defendant in Joe O’Hara’s lawsuit the same month? Did she answer anything about money laundering discussions on Necker Island? Did she even acknowledge she was a coach and recruiter for the cult? Was she called out on what she knows about?

      • No, because people in investigative services and the media are much smarter than you. They have real jobs that require intelligence and years of education and earned credentials and they can understand nuance, know how these groups work, and how people can be a part of these groups and be used not actually do anything illegal or wrong.

    • The character of Chloe Sullivan could technically be recast for a future Superman property. The problem is that the character is inexorably tied with Allison Mack. Mack played Chloe for ten years. She became a beloved character largely because of Mack’s portrayal. Nobody else played Chloe before Mack, because she was created for Smallville – she wasn’t a preexisting character in Superman comics or movie canon.

      It might have been easier to include Chloe in future Superman / DC projects had she existed as a character in the 1970s / 1980s Superman movies. That way, she would have been equally if not more associated with whatever actress played her back then. But as things stand, the shadow of Allison Mack looms too large over the character.

  • And people bitch about Shadowstate lol
    Wait for it. Someone will be along to accuse Frank Parlato of being Shadowstate or “beating it” to Allie Mack and old Smallville episodes. Not to mention the obligatory name calling of being a misogynist!

    • No Mitch ya son of a bitch. I agree Parlato has a thing for Mack and Kreuk, but shadowperv,s comments were 90% Mack and 10% NXIVM. Then he does guest columns where he regurgitates his comments that were repeated ad nauseam.. Total waste of bandwith.

      • Shut up, Anonymous. Frank already explained why he publishes Shadow’s stories. There are far more comments complaining about Shadow’s stories than there are Shadow’s stories. Your repeated complaints are more tiresome than Shadow’s stories, something that is difficult to think was possible.

        • The best part is he says “No Mitch”. No what? He didn’t refute anything I said. He just regurgitated the same old complaints about Shadowstate’s post. You know, because ignoring them and scrolling past the post is so exhausting

        • Shut up scooter. Your constant droning, bitching and moaning about everything is more irritating to most everyone on this blog site. You are beyond any doubt the most worthless piece of crap floating around on this blog. So bring it little guy.internet tough guy.

        • Until recently, you’ve always been vocal about disliking Shadow’s content. Why the sudden about-face?

          Something seems off.

      • That’s the best you got? You start by name calling? Waste of skin. What kind of person is that affected by a person posting on an online blog? Pot meet kettle. You accuse Shadow of an obsession with Mack and here you are all wound up by Shadow. Wound up to the point you call me a son of a bitch. I guess the irony is lost on you.

  • Frank. I have been to Albany many times for Project Work in the State of New York. I also was on the Board of Directors at SUNY Oswego for quite a long time. We did a major project up there and I helped raise millions of dollars for their Presidential Scholarship Program.

    As it turns out, many of the winners were young girls which became a very good thing for the school, as well as, for the general empowerment of girls.

    Now, my question to you is that Kristin Kreuk started a program Girls by Design which was for the betterment of young girls. I contacted them about raising money for their programs, but they stated they were not ready for that yet.

    Did you ever hear that Girls by Design was ever targeted for Vanguard purposes?

    I found it strange that Kristin dropped the program.

    • Stan Babiuk:

      Your story is very interesting. I think it illustrates just how sneaky NXIVM could be in its efforts to recruit girls to be abused. I am 100% certain that Kreuk’s sneakiness wasn’t an accident. She was probably trained by Claire Bronfman’s highly paid criminal defense lawyers concerning legal tactics to use in order to preempt any potential civil or criminal charges that might someday be a consequence of “Girls by Design.”

      Power corrupts. That’s a law of nature which has been proven throughout history, in every realm of life, be it politics, high finance, academia, or even health care. That’s how people like Vanguard could find the resources to pay for those scary Bronfman money. Innocent common people of limited means are the victims.

      Please see my post above regarding the Boston hospital story.

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