Shadow State: Poor, Poor Pitiful Allison Mack

Sketch by MK10Art'

By Shadow State 1958

Pea Onyu, Allison Mack’s better half, has explained who the real victim of the NXIVM saga is.
The real victim is the Christ-like Allison Mack.
Allison worked hard to build  a stable of up to 150 slaves.
Allison recruited the slaves.
Allison supervised the branding of the slaves.
Allison trained the slaves.
Allison disciplined the slaves
Allison even had to paddle the slaves.
This is all hard work.
And then the deplorable Donald Trump, assisted by Mike Pence, stole those slaves from Allison.
Whatever will those slaves do without Allison ‘Pimp’ Mack to guide them?
According to Pea Onyu, Allison is blue over losing her slaves.
And of course the slaves are black and blue from the punishments administered by Allison.
Those slaves were meant to fulfill the needs of Vanguard, Legatus and Pimp Mack.
And the evil Donald Trump stole those slaves without compensation. Is there no justice in this world?
On top of all that, wicked people like the evil Shadow State, a modern day Pontius Pilate, insist on driving nails through Allison’s wrists and ankles as she is attached to the cross.
No doubt AUSA Moira Penza will add insult to injury by hoisting the cross, with Allison attached, up in the air for the whole world to see.
It s bad enough for Allison to be Joan of Arc but now Allison must be a female Christ to balance Vanguard’s male Christ.
To paraphrase the Warren Zevon/ Linda Ronstadt song title:
Poor, poor pitiful Allison.
A picture from the brilliant MK10ART of the martyred Allison Pimp Mack tells a thousand words.


“Allison Mack’s mind has really been worked on… She has lost everything to Keith Raniere and his cult, a successful career, marriage, having a family ..I don’t think she will ever recover.. I think she will be loyal to the very end to Raniere + NXIVM’ — Podcast interview with former cult member @ RobertaGlass on YouTube

Based on a true story
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  • Remember when AM was first arrested? Her lawyers suggested that she was interested in a plea deal? That’s not going to happen. She’s too far gone. I just hope she doesn’t get a Camp Cupcake type of prison.

  • What was it like to be part of NXIVM? I’d say the comment section here is a good example. People say Shadow makes things up. His detractors make shit up. Elaborate stories about Shadowstate and Scott Johnson. Vitriol about NXIVM and Frank Parlato by posters hating on both of them. Any disagreement on opinion means you’re attacking, misogynistic or racist. Accusations of people posting as other users. Etc etc etc.
    conspiracy on top of conspiracy.

    I imagine the cult was much the same way. Everyone in different camps and suspicious of each other, disliking each other and maneuvering to rise in rank. For all the assumption and presumption and speculation it wouldn’t surprise me if none of them flip and stay true to the idiocy of the “amazing” tech. That they say their lives were changed because they were taught to question why says it all. What were they doing before!?!

    • This from a guy who spent 10 years of his life deeply involved in MLM Amway..recruiting people selling for them.. but has an unhealthy obsession with KK and can’t not recognize parallels with his own situation and hers.. she got OUT! Kristen Crook x 100.. Anonymous Losers x 100..
      You are as much a part of the problem..

      • It was my fault, he is not mentally all there. Part of him dribbled down my leg when I payed to inseminate the woman who was unfortunate enough to become his mother. Also my syphilis probably affected what little brain development he had.

  • It’s weird it was once clear who was right and who was wrong..Nxivm was a cult and Frank was doing good trying to bring them down, AM was a damaged individual who deserves to be punished! But wow aren’t the lines blurred now since Frank has formed this partnership with Shadowstate.. it’s clear SS has mental health problems with an unhealthy fixation and obsession on AM. A woman half his age that he seems to think he knows personally and has some secret access to insider information! The stalking rumors now seem highly likely.. and Nobody claiming to be a force of good can say that putting multiple pictures of a woman with an eating disorder and calling her Cankles is acceptable behavior.. dehumanizing people is Nxivm tactics and I think people need to be careful who they support here..

    • She does have disgusting cankles and the ugliest legs imaginable.

      There’s nothing wrong with stating the TRUTH, Mr. TruthSeeker.

      I won’t LIE to please you, Mr. TruthSeeker.

      TRUTH: Allie’s got FAT CANKLES and her legs are DISGUSTING — and most men wouldn’t be able to get solid wood looking at those unfeminine legs, unless they were bedding that wench in the dark.

      She had no business being on TV with those cankles.

      BTW: SS is not stalking anybody. He’s merely writing stories.

      If you can’t understand the difference between physically stalking somebody and merely writing insulting comments about them —- then it sounds like you’re the one with an unhealthy fixation on SS since you can’t seem to get him out of your mind.

      Stop obsessing over SS and stop fixating about him. Get some mental help if need be, but get SS out of your mind. You’re the stalker here, not SS.

      I’m guessing that you’re probably a fat tub of lard yourself, or have a woman with cankles.


      • Sorry junior, you are every bit as obsessed in defending your alter ego as those are attacking you for your obsession. Stick with battling flowers…she is a perfect foil and intellectual match for you

      • The truth is: If Allie were a beautifully spirited, kind person, people would love her legs and ankles as an extension of her internal beauty. That’s also why 80-year old men love 79 year old women. Internal beauty. She doesn’t have it, apparently. Ugly is as ugly does.

      • As long as Frank would rather allow obsessed sickos to spill their vile than focus on real journalism the intellectual discourse will continue

  • Allison Mack is an evil piece of shit and needs to be severely punished.

    But these posts/articles by shadowspank are really annoying. Are they posts in the comments section that Frank turns into articles or are they written as articles and sent to Frank? They are the same drivel. Same old shit about how stupid and evil Mack is. Why do you keep repeating the same shit over and over and over and over again? Why are you so obsessed with this bitch? Did you stalk her at NXIVM? Did she block you on twitter? Where does this seething hatred come from? You have a personal vendetta and clearly some kind of mental health problem.

    When Jane the DOS slave came forward and spoke about the cowardly Kristin Kreuk recruiting her into the NXIVM cult through Girls By Design, shadowspank shit himself that attention was on someone not Ally Wack. You could sense the panic in his frantically typed words.

    Give it a fucking rest old man. Get laid. Go travelling. Do some exercise. Get some hobbies. Have a social life. Your whole existence revolves around a d-list actress you hate like she ruined your life.

    “Men” don’t have balls anymore.

  • I wish shadow state would post more articles about Allison Mack–in fact I wish this entire site was dedicated to shadow state posting about Allison Mack.

  • Poor, poor poor pathetic piece of shit Shadow still posting fake news about Allison Mack. You believe Niki is trollin you without any proof you crack me up with your posts about Allison over her rejecting you.

    You’re giving Trumpy Bear and mr. Wannabe Big Deal too much credit they had nothing to do with NXIVM downfall.

    It goes to show Shadow you’re a shitty journalist who lives in his parents basement with nothing to do but to post fake news.about someone you hate.

    Ill keep trollin you till you stop posting bullshit about Allison Mack that isn’t true and that you start acting like a real journalist instead of a 12 year old who’s crush burned him on Twitter.

    • Poor, poor poor pathetic piece of shit Shadow still posting fake news about Allison Mack.

      Allison should worry about the true stories that AUSA Penza and her team will tell about her.
      The true stories that will send Allison to prison for years.
      The true stories that have already destroyed Allison’s acting career.

      BTW Nicki Clyne would accuse me of trolling her.
      She compared me to Pontius Pilate and I’m waiting for her to say that Baby Shadow State should have been strangled in the crib, a phrase she has used before.

      • I am sure Allie Wack is taking your advice. She probably hangs on your every obsessed word. Who is worse …the criminal or the stalker who lusts after the criminal. One thing for Allie Wack…she got rid of your sorry ass from stalking her during your NXIVM days. Sorry you didn’t a refund for not being allowed to complete your intensive. You disappointment that Raniere actually had sexual coitus with Allie Wack while you calloused your hands with her in your imagination is EGGquisite

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