Fame 10: Allison Mack ranks #12 in biggest celebrity scandals

Allison Mack became harem manager for Keith Raniere.

By Evonne Brossard

Hollywood Correspondent

It’s a scandal in itself that Fame 10 ranked Allison Mack’s role in a busted sex-slaver cult as only the 12th biggest celebrity scandal of the year.  She should have ranked higher in my opinion. Here are the top 12.

1.  Meghan Markle’s Family Drama

Meghan hasn’t spoken to her father since before her wedding and her sister Samantha thinks she’s an ass. She probably is but how is this bigger than Allison branding women?

2. Colin Firth and His Wife Charge Her Former Lover with Harassment

Some dude named Marco Brancaccio was accused of harassing cuckold Colin Firth and his lascivious wife Livia who was having an affair with the dude. Marco might have had collateral [photos of Livia] so Cuckold Colin wound up settling out of court with him. Maybe he bought back her collateral.

3. Roseanne’s Tweet Leads to Cancellation of Show

When Roseanne Barr Tweeted that Valerie Jarett is the “offspring of the ‘Muslim Brotherhood & Planet of the Apes,” ABC canceled her show. Viacom pulled Roseanne reruns from its Paramount Network, TV Land and CMT channels.  Barr blamed her tweet on the Ambien she had taken.  She should have taken Executive Success courses instead.

4. Les Moonves Steps Down from CBS after Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

Ronan Farrow wrote in The New Yorker about CBS’s CEO Les Moonves allegedly forcing oral sex on women, exposing himself and using physical violence or intimidation to keep them silent. Moonves denied the accusations and refused to resign. Farrow wrote another story.  Moonves resigned.  Moonves should have had collateral on the women to keep them silent,

5. Kanye West’s Comments on Slavery and the 13th Amendment

Kanye West, basically supporting the position of Allison Mack and her slave master Keith Raniere, said that slavery was consensual and the thirteenth amendment needs to be abolished and slavery returned to America.

6. Pay Gap Between Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams for All the Money in the World

For the movie, All the Money in the World, Michelle Williams got paid $626,000 and Mark Wahlberg was paid $6.5 million. A big stink was created because his value was higher to the producers than hers.  Wussie Wahlberg donated $1.5 million to some feminist group to get them off his tail. If he had been a follower of the Vanguard he would have sued them and branded Michelle Williams with his initials. The problem is they both have the same initials.

7. Demi Lovato’s Overdose

Demi Lovato was partying with friends when she took too much heroin. Happily, one of them came prepared and had Narcan on hand and administered it to her before paramedics arrived.

8 Miranda Lambert Homewrecks Evan Falker’s Marriage

Miranda Lambert started boffing Evan Falker when they went on tour together. He filed for divorce from Staci Falker.

9 MeToo Victim Asia Argento Is Accused of Sex Assault 

Because the woman advocate, one of Harvey Weinstein’s accusers, Asia Argento, was accused of having sex with Jimmy Bennett, who was 17 at the time of the assault in 2013, she agreed to a $380,000 settlement to keep it hush hush. Her boyfriend at the time, Anthony Bourdain, paid $250,000 of the settlement. Following his death and the breaking of the story, Asia refused to pay the remainder. Bennett filed a sexual assault claim with the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department.

Clayne Crawford Fired from Lethal Weapon

Lethal Weapon star Clayne Crawford was accused of emotional abuse and creating a hostile work environment. He got fired.

Ben Affleck Hits Rock Bottom

Drunken Ben Affleck’s girlfriend, Saturday Night Live producer Lindsay Shookus, broke up with him. He then went with 22-year-old Playboy model Shauna Sexton.  He also drank alone, barely ate and stop showering. Ex-wife Jennifer Garner convinced him to do in-patient rehab. He dumped Sexton after he sobered up. It is not known if he started showering.

Image result for shauna sexton

When Ben sobered up he got tired of Shauna Sexton cheeky attitude.

Allison Mack

Smallville’s Allison Mack Charged with Sex Trafficking

In April 2018, former Smallville actress Allison Mack was arrested and charged with sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy and forced labor conspiracy for her involvement with the organization, NXIVM. She reportedly recruited women to join NXIVM and then used blackmail to force them to engage in sexual acts with the founder Keith Raniere. She has pleaded not guilty to all the charges and is currently out on a $5 million bond.

Now I ask you really, how did Allison land at #12 and not higher?

Is it fair? Is it sexism because she’s a woman? I’m sure there are plenty in Hollywood who would say if she had been a man who branded women and blackmailed them she would have ranked higher.  The male editors of Fame 10 should be fired and donate half their salary to a feminist branding and blackmail group in Allison’s name.

As for Allison Mack saying she conceived of the branding and Keith had nothing to do with it, as Keith Raniere says, “Believe the woman.”

And don’t forget to brand them.


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  • I am so sick of Allison Mack! What shadow doesn’t get is his daily rants are similar to the same brainwashing the cults use. By hitting us with the same information over and over you are desensitizing the readers. We are sick of her now and thanks to you no one cares when they see her name anymore. I can see reminding readers once a month or if something new comes up but that’s not what he is doing.
    Cut back on the overload and readers will again be interested in Allison and her crimes!
    Who’s in charge of this site? I thought it was Frank Parlato! If that’s changed let us know

    • My comment to the issue of Hollywood scandals actually focused on vintage Hollywood murder cases from 1921 and 1922
      On Labor Day the movie comedian Fatty Arbuckle attended a drunken party in San Francisco’s St. Francis Hotel.
      An actress named Virginia Rappe suffered a burst bladder and died from the infection.
      Arbuckle was tried three times before being acquitted.
      But his movie career was over.
      After 1921 until the sixties all actors had to sign an Arbuckle Clause.–NO SCANDALS.

      The other scandal was the mysterious 1922 murder of British born director William Desmond Taylor,
      Taylor had his own secrets like a well-hidden gay lifestyle and a fondness for the British Satanist Aleister Crowley.

      Taylor’s still unsolved murder ended the careers of actresses Mary Miles Minter and Mabel Normand and revealed a thriving Hollywood drug trade centered on satisfying Mabel Normand’s addiction.

      To read about Fatty Arbuckle read David Yallop’s book “The Day the Laughter Stopped.”
      To read about William Desmond Taylor’s murder read Sidney Kilpatrick’s “A Cast of Killers.”

      I am a connoisseur of Hollywood scandals.

  • The really great Hollywood scandals occurred in the 1920s.

    My all time favorite is the still unsolved murder of movie director William Desmond Taylor
    That scandal destroyed the career of two Hollywood actresses Mary Miles Minter and Mabel Normand.
    As an added bonus Normand as exposed as a cocaine addict.
    Another great scandal was the murder trial of Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle for he death of actress Virgnia Rappe

    Only the Asia Argento and Allison Mack cases come close.
    Depending on how future indictments turn out the Allison Mack trial could turn into a vintage scandal

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