Shadow State: to Allison Mack’s mother: ‘your daughter needs psychiatric help’

Allison Mack confessed to the New York Times - that she came up with the idea of branding women.

By Shadow State 1958

Where are all the stupid fanboys to tell me how I am persecuting Allison Mack, the Slave Master?  You’re obsessed with rehabilitating Allison Mack’s rotten reputation after she confessed in the New York Times to branding and enslaving women.

Mack took full responsibility for coming up with the DOS cauterized brand. In her apartment, she told the New York Times, “I was like: ‘Y’all, a tattoo? People get drunk and tattooed on their ankle ‘BFF,’ or a tramp stamp. I have two tattoos and they mean nothing.”

“She wanted to do something more meaningful, something that took guts,” the Times reporter paraphrased.

But when Allison Mack claimed the DOS members consented, she was lying through her teeth.  Since deception and blackmail were used to falsely obtain consent, any claim of consent is null and void.

Having a sex trafficking ring run by well-to-do white women makes it harder for prosecutors to explain what NXIVM is all about.  The EDNY must show Raniere and Mack conspired to commit blackmail to drive home the point to jurors that the both of them are ruthless, deviant criminals.

As for stalking Mack, [as the fanboys claim] I live over 1500 miles from Southern California and have no desire to contract a venereal disease from the likes of Allison Mack.

Allison’s mom should have been worried about her daughter stalking Keith Raniere.  But it turned out that Allison is a total screw-up who has brought shame on herself and her family.

Allison’s mother and Allison’s fanboys are welcome to comment on what I say at any time.  Over the years, I’ve been called every name in the book.

I do feel sorry for Allison’s mother.  She hoped for the best for her daughter and it looked like Allison would have a successful life.

If Allison Mack’s mother has something to say to me, I am more than willing to hear it.

And I will have a few things to say back to Allison’s mother:

“I am sorry your daughter, Allison, is a moral imbecile.”

“I am sorry your daughter, Allison, is an idiot.”

“I am sorry your daughter, Allison, is a sociopath who does not care if her actions harm others.”

“I am sorry your daughter, Allison, is sadistic and enjoys dehumanizing other people.”

“Please get your daughter, Allison, psychiatric help.”

“No hard feelings.”

“Keith Raniere, Clare Bronfman and Allison are pathological liars.”

“I dare Raniere and Allison to claim that NXIVM is not a cult of sadomasochists. Can one believe a daughter when she tells her mother about her sex life?

“‘No ,mom, I’m not a masochistic pervert’.”

What’s the penalty for being an idiot?

In Allison Mack’s case, 15 years to life.


[And now for you fanboys, here are some pictures of Allison ‘Cankles’ Mack]


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  • Jean jacket, sneakers, and baggy trousers. Who would dress for Court like that? Disrespect.

    As a side note, I don’t think actresses have to be beautiful – only talented.

    • Don’t forget the backpack, it’s all part of the innocent school girl look. It’s what her high-dollar lawyers told her to wear to project that image. I think she’ll look more convincing in an orange jumpsuit. Hopefully with capri pants so we can get a good look at those cankles.

  • I still don’t understand how an actress like Allison Mack, with the ugliest and fattest cankles possible, could be hired to act on a TV show.

    It’s not just her ugly cankles either. Her legs are short and stocky and resemble the legs of a male wrestler. They are simply the OPPOSITE of a beauty pageant contestant’s legs.

    Actresses for TV shows should be physically attractive and not have cankles.

    There’s tons of actresses in the US and Canada. I’m sure they can find a girl without fat ugly cankles for a TV show. I seriously don’t see how she got hired.

  • On group think,cults and getting sucked in,you can see it in the comments. One person attacks Shadow or the more deserving Scott and next thing you know the whole thread is back and forth with more and more piling on. The reason ? I don’t know with any specificity. For the most part they tell the truth. Shadow hasn’t posted anything Frank or other’s haven’t. As Frank has shown many publication publish the same and in the same style.
    Scott? He’s rude, at times obnoxious and goes low. He has poor delivery as he’s been told many times by people that really did want to help. All this time and he still tries the same tactics. Conference call, radio show, COWARD. Still, he knows a lot and brings valuable information to the discussions. I hope his concern for the little guy being scammed is sincere because he is correct the damage done by Amway, Herbalife and the rest is real and mostly ignored.
    I admit it’s not a major concern of mine. I was approached when I was young in the early 90’s by someone I respected. But I’m a skeptic and a cynic and not a joiner or a follower. If you’re not and you do I say learn from it and move on. They’re always going to be around in some form. So if he’s educating and spreading the word good for him.

    Like all defectors such scams and groups are horrible and bad and dangerous. The truth is NXIVM wasn’t close to being a threat to me or the world. No takeover of Mexico or Libya. They weren’t going to gain control over U.S. interest through blackmail of judges and politicians. This was like nerd dungeons and dragons. A generic plan with little to no idea how to implement it or even the enthusiasm and motivation. They talked and planned and schemed but what did they accomplish?
    Although it’s irrelevant now, ask what they’d have accomplished without the Bronfman money.

    No NXIVM wasn’t a dangerous threat to the world from a sinister and evil syndicate. They were a threat to people looking for something they didn’t think they had in their lives. Money, fame, family. They most likely had it too and would have realized it if they took a long look at themselves by themselves or with a therapist or a family doctor and an Rx for an anti depressant or other psychotropic

  • Call me cynical but I don’t necessarily believe everything the defectors and those that went after NXIVM say either. They all seem to have some rather serious skeletons in their closets. Some more serious than others. I’m not talking imperfect heroes, misguided dreamers or naïveté. I’m talking many cut from the same cloth but came up losing. I hope they come away from this wiser and changed.
    It’s easy to spot in their post still using the language of NXIVM, speaking of joy and ethics and being authentic. They’ve all become victims by a group they promoted. I can understand being part of something you thought was hood and wanting to share it. It takes time for forgiveness and acceptance though. Being shunned, getting angry and playing a victim is always a possibility.
    Bouchey sounds like this type of person. Talking about the “good”.. There have been many groups where a sense of belonging and family existed. It’s what so many say that are in street gangs. They had celebrations and camaraderie. Now they speak out and warn others of just how bad and dangerous these people are.

    It’s true what caught my attention was the celebrity involvement. I’m also interested in group think. Nazis, Jonestown,Amway, Heaven’s Gate, Branch Davidians. Scientology. I’m not a joiner or a follower. I’m a skeptic and cynical. For example; Scott is correct about the Raniere quote about “having people killed”. On the context of the video, it was a poorly stated way of saying how he and his followers were persecuted for his beliefs and the burden on his shoulders. Bullshit yes but all the same an attemp to play on other’s emotions. And for his detractors something they want to believe because it is to them a confession of the ultimate crime.

  • The only person who needs psychiatric help is you Dickface! You’re the biggest Allison Mack fanboy there is writing about her nonstop about nothing but bullshit after bullshit. Get help Shadow you stupid son of a cunt.

    • Agreed 1,000,000 percent. I bet Shadowsperv’s eternity in hell will involve Allie Wack tormenting him for an eternity…..that sounds proper for both of the losers

  • I neglected to add the false story Allison wrote about her nephew being molested,,a story that could have gotten the child forcibly removed from the home.
    The FBI has the document.
    Allison Mack’s collateral revealed: give up home, unborn children to Raniere; destroy parents & nephews for Raniere

  • Don’t know why Shadow keeps saying he’s sorry. Mack’s mom probably needs the shrink as much as she does. Love the cankles, though. As always, Shadow, Mack, and Mack’s mom are invited on my radio show, but I know all are probably too cowardly to do so.

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