Unanswered Questions Part II: Why is Dr. Danielle Roberts still a licensed physician in New York State?

Dr. Diane Roberts D.O. mugs for the camera in happier days. She is now under growing scrutiny for her practices of branding are outside the allowable practices of physicians in the US. She may be able to ague that it is a religious practice and escape criminal prosecution. If she has not done so already, Dr. Roberts is strongly advised to get the advice of a competent attorney who is not directly under the thrall of Keith Raniere.

It has now been more than 16 months since Frank Report first reported that Dr. Danielle Roberts was the person who was actually performing the branding rituals on the DOS female slaves. Yet, as of today, she is still a licensed physician who is allowed to practice medicine in New York State.

How is that possible?

Well, it begins with the fact that the New York State Department of Health does not like to discipline doctors. Nor does it like to answer questions about complaints that have been made about doctors.

Based on a review of its website, it appears that the New York State Department’s Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC) does not provide information to the general public about complaints that have been filed against physicians unless those complaints actually result in a formal disciplinary action.

Why wouldn’t OPMC allow the public to know about complaints that have been made by patients – but cleared by the agency? Wouldn’t it affect your decision about seeing a doctor if you knew that (s)he had been the subject of hundreds of complaints – even though OPMC had cleared them of everything? Isn’t that information that should be made available to the general public?



The New York State Department of Education does provide some basic information about every licensed physician in the state. Here’s what a search on its website reveals about Dr. Roberts:
Profession: MEDICINE
License No: 255075
Date of Licensure: 10/05/2009
Additional Qualification :
Registered through last day of 08/19
Medical School: NY COLLEGE OF OSTEO MED Degree Date: 05/18/2008


But a search on OPMC’s website reveals absolutely nothing about the woman who has been identified as the person who branded Sarah Edmondson – and according to Keith Raniere’s attorney, Marc Agnifilo, more than a hundred other women. Here’s what those search results look like:

Search Results – 0 documents found
Last Name: Roberts First Name: Danielle Middle Name: —————
License: 255075 Type: —————
Effective Date From 10/05/2009 Effective Date To 11/09/2018
Update Date From ————— Update Date To: ————–

* If there is a list of name(s) above, click on each name to see the disciplinary information.
If there is no list of names, there is no public disciplinary action that matches what you entered for the search.

Reminder: This database contains public disciplinary actions for 1990 and later.


One thing that the OPMC agency apparently does do very well is quickly resolve complaints. Indeed, in response to the complaint that Sarah Edmondson filed with the agency on July 7, 2017, the agency wrote back just 4 days later to inform her that Dr. Roberts’ actions as the brander of DOS slaves “…are not medical misconduct as defined in New York State Education Law Section 6530”.

Wow – when’s the last time you got that kind of quick turnaround from a state agency?


MK10ART – Dr. Danielle Roberts burns the Hippocratic Oath.

Meanwhile, Dr. Roberts continues on with her practice of medicine in New York State. And she even has a website – http://www.drdanielleroberts.com/ – where you can learn all about “Dr. Danielle” as she likes to refer to herself (That’s so much better than “Dr. Brander” or “Dr. Deranged”).

In addition to the usual biographic information that you would expect to find on such a website, Dr. Danielle also reveals several personal aspects about herself. Here are a few of those:

  • She grew up in an alcoholic household;
  • She developed a food addiction in her teens;
  • She became a fitness fanatic – and got her body fat down to 12% for a competitive event; and
  • She developed a fungal infection on her skin – and a whole host of other ailments – while in medical school.

But best of all, the good doctor tells us that she has chosen to take control of her life – and “…to take accountability for each of my actions, my thoughts and emotions”.

So, on the off-chance that Dr. Danielle is frequenting Frank Report, here are a few questions for her:

  • Do you take responsibility for permanently maiming more than a hundred women?
  • Will you pay for whatever costs that are incurred by any of your “brandees” who would like to have cosmetic surgery on their brands?
  • Will you voluntarily give up your medical license?
  • Will you voluntarily appear as a prosecution witness to testify against Keith Raniere, Nancy Salzman, Clare Bronfman, Lauren Salzman, Allison Mack, and Kathy Russell?
  • How do you sleep at night?

You claim that “Balance and responsibility are the cornerstones of my practice”. So, how about taking a little responsibility for the horrible things you’ve done – and trying to balance things out by helping to put an end to the madness spawned by Keith Raniere?

MK10ART depicts Dr. Danielle Roberts branding a DOS slave with Allison Mack’s help.
The brand with the initials of Keith Raniere and Allison Mack.


Does Dr. Danielle Roberts belong in prison right alongside DOS recruiter Lauren Salzman?


This artist conception of Dr. Danielle Roberts as a mad doctor may be unfair. She is a physician who put women in danger — but, first and foremost, she is a slave to Keith Raniere. She took a lifetime vow of obedience to her Vanguard and that’s more important than any other consideration to her.

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  • A correction on your story. She did not go to medical school. She went to osteopath school. She is not an MD. She is a DO. Similar to off-shore medical schoold, osteopath schools are generally where people go when they cannot get in to medical school.

  • Josef Mengele was a medical doctor also.
    Seems Porter and Roberts are of similar ilk.
    Frankly, Roberts seems like a snake oil salesman outside of her third degree burning of women.

  • She is still free and walking around and practicing medicine because NY is one of the most corrupt and liberal states there is.

  • All of this is really so stupid. Anyone who gets sucked into these dumb schemes should have done their own research before making the leap. It’s also quite shameful for some of the people making comments who ridicule each other to no end.

  • I hate to agree with Dr. Danielle Roberts here, but she’s correct and the rest of you are little more than lynch mob clowns.

    Let’s look at the facts.

    1) Dr. Danielle Roberts really hasn’t done anything to ‘officially’ get her medical license revoked or even suspended.

    2) Unless and until a DOS slave comes forward to testify that Dr. Danielle Roberts used her medical credentials to verbally assure branding victims (beforehand) that a licensed doctor would be performing the branding, then she hasn’t violated her oath — since she was acting in the capacity of a “deranged DOS sex slave” in her spare time, not as a trusted medical doctor on duty.

    3) Last time I checked, it’s not a violation of a doctor’s oath to be a member of a sex salve organization or a cult in their spare time, just like many doctors/lawyers/judges are members of their town’s local gangbang club, or members of other cults like OneTaste or Amway or whatever. It’s more common than you realize. There are female doctors, lawyers and nurses who get filled in every orifice with guys’ cocks each week at their local gangbang club and they love it. Just because the prudish women on this site don’t like it, that doesn’t mean the world must abide by your own ethics. 🙂

    3) The fact that Dr. Danielle was likely naked (during the brandings) and not wearing a lab coat is evidence that the branding victims likely did NOT view her as their doctor. If the branding victims did not view her as their doctor then it’s game over right there, no violations. She is allowed to pass “Go” and collect her $200, she is not required to go to Jail.

    4) The reason the OPMC told Edmondson to file a case with the police IS NOT because they recognized that a crime had happened, it’s because it’s NOT THEIR JOB to investigate off duty incidents involving doctors. Only THE POLICE can DETERMINE “if” a crime happened. Police are equipped to investigate such matters to determine IF a crime happened, and if so, whether to prosecute it or not.

    5) If a doctor gets convicted of a felony unrelated to work, they can potentially lose their license because of the conviction — which is why the OPMC referred Edmondson to the police. The OPMC cannot determine if a “crime” happened any more than a cop can determine if a violation of professional misconduct happened.

    6) Unless and until Dr. Danielle Roberts gets “convicted” of a felony, she’s not gonna lose her license over this particular incident. Capiche?

    7) Dr. Danielle Roberts is most certainly a Quack in my view, she’s a fucken lunatic, but in the United States the personal views of people like me (and you) don’t matter — and rightly so, since mob justice just doesn’t work too well in most cases.

    8) I also believe that Dr. Danielle Roberts is probably a dyke because she rarely brushes her unkempt and dirty hair. She also never bothers to doll herself up and look attractive. She always looks like stir-fried dogshit which means she’s probably a dyke. There are usually 2 types of dykes, one who plays the role of the woman and one who plays the ‘male’ or ‘butch’ role in the relationship. IMO she’s the 2nd type of dyke. It’s probably a good thing actually, since no man can get wood looking at that ugly thing. If Keith had trouble getting wood for Allie Mack then he must have been as limp as a Top Ramen noodle when trying to “tune up” Dr. Danielle. I can only imagine how terrible her snatch smells with her lack of personal hygiene. Yuck.

    9) Frank is the only person who can keep up the pressure on this Quack by trying her — and convicting her — in the court of public opinion here on Frank Report. By keeping her name in the news, or at least keeping her name on the top page of Google searches —- therefore potential customers/patients/clients will never pay her again and she’ll be forced to find a new profession as a coffee barista or a jizz mopper at an adult theater.

  • Wasn’t NXIVM conducting in-house intensives at the NY Dept of Health ? Could explain some of the lack of prosecution aside from just the usual corruption and laziness.

    “Balance and responsibility are the cornerstones of my practice” kinda like “work sets you free”.

  • I thought I read here on Frank Report that Edmondson went to police and the DA and they refused because it was voluntary on her (Edmondson) part?

    She stated herself she did not protest. I haven’t heard other women say they resisted and were forcibly branded.

    The issue here is cults are not illegal. Blindly following and going along with this crap isn’t illlegal. Coming to your senses and then wanting people charged and arrested for something you chose and in some cases did to others is bs.

    I’m not defending the cult but I sure as hell don’t want laws passed that give me “justice” against people that tattooed me, branded me, pierced me or whatever with my consent. And the argument of duress doesn’t pass the test.

    • No…incorrect. She didn’t consent to be branded. She consented to a small tattoo, which was supposed to be of some type of symbol. She didn’t consent to an ugly burn scar in the shape of Ranieres initials.

        • No it isnt. The blackmail part isn’t connected to Robert’s. Edmondson complained to OPMC about being branded against her will. She alleges that she was told she was going to get a small tattoo, not a brand. If she did sign a consent form for a tattoo, but recieved a brand, that would be illegal. It would be up to the doctor conducting the procedure to confirm the consent form is accurate, and to explain the procedure to the patient.

          From what I can see, it just sounds like the OPMC doesnt think it’s their job to investigate it. The obnoxious creepy moron Nobody/Clicky eight , prattles on with his usual non relevant assumptions, but he is too stupid to understand Robert’s did violate her oath if she lied to Edmondson about what procedure she would receive. The OPMC should therefore realize that Robert’s was acting in an unethical manner, and investigate the matter themselves, as well as suggesting a police investigation.

          • The New York medical organization said there was no doctor/patient relationship when the burning took place and there is no evidence of any consent form being used. The DOS people were fully awake during the burning and the burn marks are straight, so there is no evidence of them resisting. It would be difficult to prove the burning was not consensual. Without the collateral/blackmail being involved, there is a very flimsy case. If Roberts can’t be proven to be aware of the collateral/blackmail, it is even weaker. You act as if Roberts was in charge of getting consent vs. her just doing the burning as instructed, and we don’t know which is true. You have to prove things beyond a reasonable doubt in court, a he-said/she-said (or she-said/she-said) simply isn’t good enough.

          • By Edmondson’s own admission she stood there and helped hold other women down before taking her turn lying on the table. She knew it wasn’t a tattoo she was getting before it was her turn. She also said her “mark” was completed in the shortest amount of time and she took pride in that; at the time. I’m sure she now regrets submitting to this branding but she did have the free will to say no and leave. She didn’t want to lose her status within the group. It was only later, upon realizing what the mark really was, that she decided it wasn’t something she wanted on her body. You can’t change the narrative to back up your own opinion.

            Does she regret it? I’m sure she does. Was she forced to do it? It doesn’t sound like it when hearing her tell the story. She liked her status in the group. It was later she realized how she had been manipulated but she did have the power to choose and she lay there and let it happen to others and then to herself.

  • I understand each state has different regulations. But I recently had a medical procedure requiring three small tattooes to be artfully placed for a medical procedure.
    I not only had to sign a consent form, I was also required to read pros and cons. This is not even close to branding.
    I cannot imagine it being legal in any state for a Dr to perform such a procedure without written consent and written instructions about aftercare. And the potential harm it could cause and info about future removal options.
    If there is no such law to protect men and women from a bad spur of the moment choice, that we do not know if those involved were drugged, they may not know. Then there should be a law created.
    I imagine if roles were reversed one of these expensive defense attorneys could get justice for the branded.
    In cases with potential misconduct licences are at least revoked pending a hearing.

    • Anne, the OPMC claim Robert’s was acting outside the doctor/patient relationship, and so it’s not a breach of ethics. They suggest Edmondson contact law enforcement. Edmondson also has the option to sue Robert’s, if she wants.
      Basically, the OPMC knows Robert’s was doing something wrong, but they want to investigate it. They want to pass it on to another agency.

  • It’s disturbing that the OPMC recognizes Dr Robert’s action might be a crime (since they suggest Edmondson contact police they must realize it) yet they are not concerned that a possible criminal is still practicing medicine.

    Edmondson filed the complaint in July 2017, which was prior to the branding story being reported in the news. I wonder if the OPMC might have a different opinion if a complaint were to be filed now, as they must now understand that the branding was not one isolated incident…surely they must aware of the story, since it’s been in the news.

    Another inconsistency – you say that according to Agnifilo at least 100 women were branded by Dr. Roberts – but last week Agnifilo claimed the women all branded themselves?

  • An inconsistency above, how can both of these be true? “She is now under growing scrutiny for her practices of branding are outside the allowable practices of physicians in the US.” vs. “Dr. Roberts’ actions as the brander of DOS slaves “…are not medical misconduct as defined in New York State Education Law Section 6530”.”

    As the New York medical establishment didn’t find any violation, the only way I can see Dr. Burns punished is criminally, and that would probably be a conspiracy charge and it would have to be proven she was aware of the collateral blackmail. Otherwise, what is the difference between what DOS did and this? https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=omaga+branding

  • Of course, she not going saying anything abour NXIVM. All I see stupid women that are blinded kissing a mans ass😯😕😠

  • Her resume mentions nothing about NXIVM. It does mention exo/eso. Her references include Dr. Brandon Porter and his phone number.

  • Please take down those evil images. Dr. Danielle is the soul of mindfulness and kindness. We all consented to our brands. Please recognize this and stop trying to criminalize consenting adult behavior.

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