Shadow State: Allison Mack was willing to destroy parents & nephews for Raniere

By Shadow State 1958

There are some who say, “Allison Mack is not a sociopath. She never exhibited any symptoms of the condition. She was just manipulated and twisted into doing some sick things and to destroy her own life by a sexually obsessed sociopath, Keith Raniere.”

I disagree.

Mack was not only willing to destroy her life, but her parents’ and nephews’ lives to serve her warped and perverted master. The depths of depravity Mack joined him in, shows she is a soulless, conscienceless creature.

When you are inclined to think she is a victim, consider she was willing to make her own family victims.

Allison Mack’s collateral was revealed: It was such as to destroy parents & nephews for Raniere.

FBI Special Agent Michael Lever laid out details of the sex-slaver cult that come as no surprise to readers of Artvoice and Frank Report. What will come as a surprise is the extent Mack was willing to go to be enslaved by Raniere – even if it meant destroying others’ lives. This is a woman with no bottom line.

Mack’s collateral was described as:

(1) a letter regarding Mack’s mother and father that would “destroy their character”

(2) a contract that transferred custody of any children birthed by Mack to Raniere, if Mack broke her commitment to Raniere

(3) a contract that transferred ownership of Mack’s home if the commitment to Raniere was broken

(4) a letter addressed to social services alleging abuse to Mack ‘s nephews.

Allison Mack in Purto Vallarta as her Vanguard is arrested.

On top of this, the brutal and vicious Allison Mack brought other women into the cult as slaves – and co-conspired in coercing women in being abused, up to the point of being branded with Raniere and Mack’s initials on their pubic area.

In an email, dated October 1, 2015, Raniere wrote to another one of his slaves, “I think it would be good for you to own a fuck toy slave for me, that you could groom, and use as a tool, to pleasure me.”

That’s essentially what Mack did for Raniere. She started by being his ‘fuck toy slave’ – then descended into hell by recruiting other fuck toy slaves for her pig-selfish master.

So selfish was she, herself, that she was ready to submarine her own parents, give away her house, her unborn children and destroy her nephews.

Nice going, Chloe.

You come a long way baby — Allison Mack as Chloe Sullivan – and don’t forget to check out those cankles.

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  • Jim Jones required the same thing of his followers in the end, including signing false confessions to be kept locked away, and the actual signing over (not the promise to) of real property and social security checks, and possessions. Sorry, Shadow, but there is more to this than that Allison Mack being the worst human being ever to walk the Earth.

    Am I excusing her? No. But I think we have much more to learn about mind control.

  • You lived breathed ate and shit NXIVM only to be close to your object of lust and fantasy, Allison Mack. You were kicked out without a refund for the intensive you paid for. Even the NXIVM criminals abhorred a celebrity stalker.

  • We all know what she’s accused of and most of us largely agree she was a willing if not gleeful participant. I don’t personally believe she was born some sadistic sociopath – that behavior came while under the thumb of KAR and nxivm.

    With that in mind – the hard time I’m having with is the moment or series of moments when she flipped. From being a student of Nxivm to slave and then to master and the justification she had in her head that made it all make sense. And to even feel good about it. Most of us have those alarms that go off in our heads that say – uhhhhh what are you asking and uhhh what the fuck?

    I wonder when she lost that voice and how it was delivered so that she just bought the bullshit hook line and sinker.

    • Sexual photos can destroy a person’s career, so one of these women are most likely in an extremely provocative pose when the picture is taken. After that the photo isn’t her property and she has absolutely no say. Then they control her. “If you don’t say or do this I can show the photo.” Then if they do she’s out of a gig that doesn’t have a casting couch and no money for food or home. Blackmail.

      • Then stop taking those pictures you brilliant women. There is never a need for them except to feed your narcissistic egos.

    • If Allison Mack’s false story gets in the hands of state authorities an investigation can be launched and the protocol often involves removing the children from the home.
      One of the nephews was about 4 years old.
      Removing small children can be traumatic.
      Moreover, Allison’s older brother is a schoolteacher.
      Allegations of child abuse, even false allegations, could damage his career.

      False allegations of child abuse are not a laughing matter.

  • I do believe that Mack was at one time innocent and naive about what she got into, but she did make a choice and she chose power instead of compassion. Regardless of her insecurities and vulnerabilities she knew the moment she decided to be a “master” and a blackmailer what she wanted. Do I feel sorry for her? I do a bit but she had time to learn, turn back and warn others, not bring them in and trap them.

    • Heather, I understand your point of view but I tend to disagree because with regard to cults, time is something relative is like a phrase that says “it is a thousand times easier to avoid falling into a hole than to get out of it” . last week I saw a chapter of DAUGHTERS OF POLYGAMY in which a girl who had left another cult that uses polygamy more exactly I mean the IFSUD) whose leader Warren Jeffs was sentenced to prison in September 2007 the girl in question He had made arrangements to meet his boyfriend in the sect, which was a good thing since the only accepted relationships are those that the prophet Jeffs call him arranging among his followers. When they met the boy, they gave the two guys but with the cameras there is not so much privacy but the protagonists of the series Jessica, Shanell and Andrea Kingston were worried that the boy could influence her so a while later he was assaulted with questions about what he wanted to do now and I thought about the cult at that time and you know what were some of your answers, here I leave them.
      1-What did you want to do now with your girlfriend?
      R-As the only accepted relationships were those arranged by the prophet only wanted to have the blessing of this but had to wait for the prophet out of prison, in fact said that since the prophet is in prison no one is married.
      2-When asked what he expected to do if the prophet never left prison because of the sentence they gave him this said.
      R-he got upset and said that they all believed that the prophet would leave soon and be with them as before.

  • Allison strikes me as a fairly normal person, albeit not terribly bright. Like the girl I knew in high school who would go into stores and shoplift stuff for her boyfriend while he waited outside. She eventually got arrested and he didn’t. Allison comes across as very eager to please.

    I think what shadow is hung up about is that she was an idol to HIM. He refuses to see her as an ordinary (and gullible) person. That’s why when it’s revealed that she isn’t perfect, he needs to turn her into the most evil woman who ever lived. The Antichrist in human form. Anything to keep her from being just another dumb hoe.

  • But isn’t the point of the collateral to keep the slaves in line? So Allison Mack gave the most damaging info she could think of, probably all made up because I seriously doubt her nephews were ever abused, because she knew she’d never falter in her vow to Raniere. Mack’s collateral is just like all of the other womens’–something that was used to control them. Mack is no more heartless them Sarah Edmondson who also gave over blackmail material.

    You seem intent on making Allison Mack this monstrous character and yes she did some horribly criminal things but you should be focusing on the true evil–Keith Raniere who is the mastermind behind this whole endeavor.

    • My thoughts exactly.

      If she sought out the most damaging collateral – not only to herself, but also to those she loved, to keep her obedient to this monster, it only proves that she’s brainwashed. If she got any pleasure out of this, it points more toward a sexual submission fetish rather than a personality disorder.

    • I would prefer much more focus on KAR (the real monster) as well. There’s a great deal we don’t yet know about him. And all this ongoing rehash of AM, KK, and now NC are not really getting us anywhere on that front. As I and others have said before, most of these people would not have gone down these paths had they not encountered Keith. It doesn’t excuse them, but it makes him look worse and worse.

      This Saturday and Sunday there is a documentary on Sundance TV, “Terror in the Jungle” which will detail cult leader Jim Jones’ behavior. It is always interesting to contrast the two sociopaths. There are surprising parallels on all levels.

    • Shadowperv was an Allison Mack stalker. This is his way of getting some satisfaction over the fact that he was booted out of NXIVM for just trying to be with her. He should be pissed at Raniere for keeping all the money for the intensive he was not allowed to finish.

        • Sounds like Colonie is over the target. Shadow I don’t think you are a bad person but your obsession with Mack is going to bring you down hard. No doubt she has a lot to be held accountable for, but you are violating many spiritual laws. You are entitled to your opinion but judgement belongs to the Lord.. You really need to pay attention to the last half of His prayer.

          • A Rabbi is supposed to be a teacher.
            Read the Federal indictment.
            It is a huge litany of criminal behaviors by Mack, Clare Bronfman and the Salzmans.
            What kind of Rabbi justifies torture and slavery?
            A piss poor Rabbi
            And as a self-proclaimed Rabbi you should worried that so many Jewish women engaged in crimīnal behavior.
            “Don’t clean up the world when your own doorstep is unclean.” Goethe

          • Sorry shadow, you seem demonically tormented. Same as Allison. NXIVM was infested with the demonic. Please get spiritual help for the sake of your eternal soul.

    • Raniere will be in a cage the rest of his life.
      But Mack was an enabler who helped Raniere victimize dozens of women.
      How come Pam Cafritz could manage the slaves without blackmail?_

      • To start with, do not talk about what you do not know.
        1- you do not know if there was any kind of guarantee in Pam’s time Cafritz remembers that the guarantee was something normalised in NXIVM and that was the hook that Keith used to deceive all women in DOS, since the guarantee was something private among them was not supposed to be something that someone in this blog was close to know at some point.
        2-the publications of the prosecution indicate that she gave several votes before and keith rejection and since the concept of the guarantee is on the promises and the value of the word is understandable that under that logic she would look for something that would be more harmful for if the guarantee was known, therefore many other women also gave them because they all knew the logic of these concepts and normalised in NXIVM

  • And she was willing to destory you too Shadow. Because your fat ass doesn’t matter and funny how you slaim her looks when you were masterbaiting to Allison Mack and yes a friend of mine told me all the disgusting the shit you told her i wish you never would’ev done that.

    You’re not a a reporter, you’re an ex-Allison Mack fan who got rejected by her inperson and on Twitter.

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