Reader: Prefect is the mother lode of witnesses

Will Nancy and Lauren sing?

By Nobody

Negotiations are about posturing and power.

To answer your question: “Why isn’t Nancy begging for a deal”…

It’s called negotiating 101. 🙂

Why settle for less than what the other side would be willing to give you?

Nancy is holding all the cards in terms of being privy to the greatest number of private conversations with Keith on running various NXIVM scams, plus knowing where all the figurative bodies are buried.

Prefect is the mother lode of witnesses — regardless of your endless attempts to claim differently.

She was Prefect of NXIVM and you weren’t even on the roster. You were the NXIVM equivalent of an AA baseball player or a bench warmer.

You keep implying that you have inside information that makes your view of Nancy more valid, yet Nancy was Prefect and you were just an outside spectator.

Only a fool would give away her trump cards by begging for a deal.

Sammy the Bull murdered dozens of people and got a plea deal for just 5 years in prison, precisely because he was privy to high-level conversations that others weren’t.

You have no clue of the things Nancy can deliver for the EDNY. She and her lawyers do. That’s why they’re holding out.

Nancy’s attorney is being intelligent and the government will capitulate and give her what she wants, or, at the very most, they’ll offer a 6-month token jail sentence for her and her lovely young’in, Lauren.

I’m confident of this fact. Assistant US Attorney Moira Penza has made a mockery of the plea process with Allison Mack and Nancy so far. I don’t think it’ll be in her interests to go to trial without Nancy and Lauren singing like happy birds. Just common sense. 🙂 🙂

Nancy and Lauren Salzman. Will they testify against the man who led them to where they are today?


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  • Mostly what Nancy has to offer is hear say evidence. What she has to offer isn’t worth much at trial. What she can provide is what physical evidence to look for and where.

  • This post does not dignify a serious response. Indeed, it is largely being ignored. However, for entertainment purposes and because I don’t mind looking like an imbecile talking out of my ass about something I don’t know dick about — so long as you, Mr. Scott Johnson, look like a bigger one — as you unfailingly do — here’s my longed-for rebuttal:

    Your argument that Nancy’s plea is most precious of all is predicated on these premises:

    1. Nancy had the “greatest number of private conversations with Keith on various NXIVM scams.”

    2. Nancy knows where “all the figurative bodies are buried.”

    First, “conversations” are hearsay. Hearsay is not admissible in court.

    “Admissions” may be admissible if you mean to say Keith confessed more oft to Nancy than anyone.

    But I doubt that was the case:

    – Word is Nancy has not been intimate with Keith since circa 1998 – 2000.

    – The many girls and women Keith bedded in the 20 or so years since Nancy, likely engaged in far more private conversation or “pillow talk” with him than Nancy.

    – Keith’s circadian rhythms are the opposite of Nancy’s. Keith is nocturnal. His internal clock is set on ATLANTIC VAMPIRE TIME.

    Keith slept in the day, Nancy slept during Keith’s nightly “conversing” and feeding hours. When did all this confessing occur?

    – Keith is known to be psychotically compartmentalized. His right hand does not know what his left hand is doing. (This is also a “holy” trait spoken of in the Holy Bible. JK.) Though Keith claims to be “integrated,” he is so disassociated his various personalities live in different zip codes. JK, kinda.

    Keith did not kiss and tell nor scheme and tell. For example, in a recording already made public, Kristin Keefe states that Clare and Emiliano did not know of the different crimes or schemes each were perpetrating on Nx’s (Keith ET AL’s) behalf.

    – Nancy is not credible, no matter what Keith confessed to her.

    Nancy has more reason to lie — on pain of the souls of her unborn grandchildren — than anyone.

    Nancy has lied to untold thousands for decades.

    Nancy was caught red-handed in bed with half a million dollars.

    – Keith is even less credible than Nancy. Whatever he might have told her might not have been true.

    Many believe Keith set Nancy up as his eager stooge (one of them) long ago. As such, he may not have made her privy to the most heinous financial crimes being perpetrated by a company in solely her name.

    Keith lied to Nancy many times including that her daughter, Lauren, would bear his Avatar child.

    Finally, as far as Nancy knowing where the figurative bodies are buried goes, even if so the FBI seized enough data already to convict an army. Doubt they’ll need help deciphering it but if they do someone from Nx who knows a bit more than Nancy about computers might be far more valuable than she. Nancy still makes presentations on an overhead projector and pull-down screen.

  • How does anyone know if a mockery has been made. None of us knows anything. It’s all speculation. And as these potential witnesses are living on the outside it could also be a measure of protection as one thing we do know is there is potential danger to witnesses. It’s a rare prosecutor that gives away their case before trial.

    • Nancy is a vegetarian. So she does not have worry to much about kosher. Keith taught us that it is not compassionate to harm animals and to have a more
      Noble civilization we have to be kind to aninails.

      • Python, they do serve Kosher in prison per Wikipedia :

        Jewish prisoners are typically issued kosher rations.[5]

        “As of October 2, 2016, federal prisons will offer their inmates a vegan meal option for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.[6]”

        I doubt if Nancy is an observant Jew. But if she is incarcerated, she might become omnivore and Kosher in order to have better food.

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