Shadow State: Allison Mack’s worst enemy is herself.

By Shadow State 1958

Allison Mack’s worst enemy is herself.

That’s why she has consistently made terrible decisions for twelve years.

And Allison Mack has displayed a remarkable lack of a moral compass.

Allison Mack fell in with a pervert and charlatan.  She willingly became his procurer and took pride in being called “Madam.”

The fact that other women called her “pimp” did not bother Allison Mack.

Allison Mack admitted coming up with the idea of branding women like cattle.

Allison Mack also eagerly collected sexual photographs and videos to blackmail women all the while talking about female empowerment.

Allison Mack displayed a callous indifference to the harm she inflicted on other women.

Allison Mack starved and exercised herself into a frenzy the way medieval Europeans flagellated themselves with whips into religious frenzies.

And Allison Mack fell in with a ruthless gang of criminals who will sacrifice her in a New York Minute.

Allison Mack turned down every chance to leave this cult.  Moreover, Allison Mack is guilty of everything the Feds charged her with.

And yet it is difficult to feel sorry for her.  Every criminal conspiracy has members who are too stupid for their own good and they fill the prisons.

What is the penalty for being an idiot?

Allison Mack is about to find out.

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  • I think your post are great I follow this because it close to home my home Keith was nice to me even helped me shovel snow for my rescue dog hecwas my neighbor 18 years he stared becoming very friendly all if sudden he told me he was watching me walk my dog late st night and he would protect me if I needed he said it’s not safe I told him I lived he for a long time yikes

  • This is the the stupidest, most superfluous piece of fluff ever written. It also conveys no practical information. I think I am dumber for having read it.

  • “G” tells me to shut up but I will say this: they tried to shut Keith up and they tried to crucify Jesus. The result backfired. Jesus became worshiped for 2009 years and Keith will walk out of the prison tomb and reform prisons in the USA and heal the nation. He too will be worshiped for the next 2000 years. Believe it. And I will be at his side enjoyed by him the entire time. “Fear not fail not.” This is HIs Motto
    We will not be silent!

    • So Pea, do tell us why Keith is still badly near-sighted and has an itchy painful part of his body when he can do all of the above? He can’t even heal himself. Keith is a wuss!!

    • Pea:
      Please don’t compare Keith to Jesus.
      Jesus advocated compassion to the weak and resisting temptation.
      Raniere persecuted his enemies and the sum and substance of Raniere’s philosophy can be found in a book of quotes by Hugh Hefner and Aleister Crowley.

  • The obsessed Shadow, Sultan, and the obsessed Kruek hater show the stupidity of Frank’s idea to use these starlets back when he was being paid $75,000 a month to tell people NXIVM wasn’t a cult. Also shows his incompetence in the area of publicity. If Frank did any PR homework when he was living with Keith, he would know that the only people these sci-fi gals would attract would be horny teenage boys, dirty old men like himself, crazed stalkers, and some lesbians. Here’s an IG account for one of those types If you look through it, it’s not hard to figure out which poster on here he is

    Looking at Frank’s site when he was involved with NXIVM one has to wonder what else he was sharing with his friend Keith. Here’s the quote from Swami Vivekananda that Frank said was an introduction to the entirety of his manmaking site:

    “Yes, the older I grow, the more everything seems to me to lie in manliness. This is my new gospel. DO EVEN EVIL LIKE A MAN! BE WICKED, IF YOU MUST, ON A GRAND SCALE!” – Swami Vivekananda

  • What you mean to say is
    YOUR worst enemy is yourself and you just project what you onow onto Allison Mack because you don’t know ANYTHING about her.
    You don’t know her psychology.
    You don’t know her motivations.
    You don’t know if she has dekons.
    You assume all.

    It’d be lovely if the world could be figured out and everything fits into your perception
    But it doesn’t.

    Man has made up morals and ethics that it uses to judge others, but in reality we live in an eternal species war where the fiercest killer is favored over the kindest heart.
    Beating the runt until he either dies or gets strong is acceptable to nature.
    Apply that logic to the “victims” and she’s done them a favor. She’s been of service to them, helping them grow a backbone.
    I bring up this very real, legitimate alternate perspective to illustrate a point.
    You do not know other people.
    You only know yourself.
    You assume everyone has a sense of self like you. What if that’s not the case?
    What if some people live in open consciousness?
    You’d never know.
    How could you?

    The point is, you obsess over Allison Mack for the same reason you project your minutia of learned knowledge on everyone.
    Because it makes you feel better.
    This illusion of control.
    Knowing what is. How others work
    What is right, what is wrong.
    But the truth is, you don’t know anything about her or why she did what she don’t even know WHAT she did.

    Everyone involved participated of their own free will. People left and it was okay.
    If you are asked for a nude blackmail pic for if you ever leave and you give it to them, that is consent.

    You go on your witch Hunt, vilifying this stranger because something about this case has some perspective nal meaning to you. But the truth is, it’s judtto strengthen your ILLUSION.
    The truth is that every woman who got involved with them is responsible for her own choices.
    No one has the power to make ME a sex slave. What’s their excuse?
    And why is it so important to absolve these women of the accountability we ALL must take for our choices and turn this actress into some kind of powerful supervillain that weak kinded people can’t assert themselves against.

    She has some magical power over them and forces them to live by her will and …
    Do you see how ludicrous this is?

    Your obsession with her is more unhealthy than these “victims” who allegedly were forced to be sex spaces against their will even though they were never held captive, free to leave at all times, had access phones, internet, social media, and police departments.

    You clearly have a mental illness and have fixated on this girl.
    Does someone need to alert the authorities that you are obsessed with a celebrity you believe to be evil and could be a threat to her?
    Day after day, article after article .it’s very concerning.
    People tell you over and over that your obsession is abnormal yet you go on and on.
    You DO understand that this is not birmal behavior right?
    It’s also painfully unprofessional and no reputable news source would ever publish your psychotic obsession with this woman. It’s zealotry.

    Take this message to your counselor or psychiatrist and discuss it.
    Be honest about how many articles you’ve written and the length of them.
    Day after day.
    And if you don’t have one, get one.

    There is no shame in mental illness but you must deal with it
    Your behavior is not normal.
    It’s obsessive, it’s compulsive, it’s all consuming.
    See what professionals have to say.

  • I actually do feel sorry for Allison Mack because I think she truly got involved with this cult with the best of intentions. Of course, the situation got increasingly darker and more criminal and Mack needs to pay for hurting people but how much of her actions are a result of brain washing and/or conditioning? Now that she is away from the cult’s toxic influence, Mack will now understand just how horrifying and wrong her actions were.

    She should not be written off a lost cause but given the opportunity to change for the better and make amends.

  • Shadow leave Allison alone. Could you not understand she is Keith slave and cannot love ❤️ another ? You must go to the next best for the best is taken by the noblest American of them all.

    • Pea:
      Allison Mack’s acting career is over.
      Allison killed it herself with every woman she branded and enslaved.
      My sister in law’s pet dog has been cast as Little Orphan Annie’s dog in a community theater production of “Annie”.
      That’s a better role than Allison can get.
      Maybe Allison can gt the role of Joan of Arc being burned at the stake.
      It can be her swan song.

      “she is Keith slave”
      And, Pea, no one is anyone else’s slave.

      • A reader says: When you’re in front of a camera filming a TV series and you misss something, you can repeat it quite often until you’re satisfied with the result. In real life it doesn’t happen that way. In front of a camera an actress can commit any crime as long as it is only played and has no further consequences. Allison has lived out her criminal and sexual fantasies in real life and now has to pay for them. My guess is that the best offer for a plea deal included 20 years in prison. But the FBI and the US attorneys did their work and didn’t wait for Allison.Without plea deal the new superseding indictment will probably make sure she doesn’t get 20 years and gets out of prison after 17 years, but that she is sentenced to 280 years.

  • Just like ShadowState is own worst enemy with his never ending obesession with Allison Mack. I consider taking the advice on getting some therapy it’s not healthy for you Shadow and Frank needs to fire you too.

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