Shadow State: Allison Mack’s definition of sex includes torture and slavery

By Shadow State 1958

Allison Mack is an accomplice, not a victim.

Allison Mack: The Mind of a Sociopath.

She uses people, lies to them, leads them into abuse, just to keep Keith Raniere happy because that keeps her happy.

Her fans and loved ones may try to write her behavior off as if she is a helpless victim controlled by Raniere but that is not true. She allowed herself to put serving him first. No one matters to her but him and herself and the endorphin release she gets when he approves of her servitude.

I don’t know a single man who would even think of torturing and enslaving women.  Most men are proud to be good boyfriends and husbands and fathers and they try to do the best they can for their families.

But the “feminist” Allison Mack managed to find the most regressive man in America and elevate him to a god-like status. A boy in a man’s body who regards women as slaves put on earth to satisfy only him.

How odd that Allison Mack’s intended boyfriend Keith Raniere is the most sex-obsessed man on earth.

Allison Mack practices grabbing on to a woman’s breasts while the victim is being held down for branding.

[Sara Edmondson only turned on Allison after Allison, under false pretenses, lured Sara to Allison’s house to be tortured and branded and enslaved.]

Allison Mack did not seem upset at all during the court hearings. According to spectators, Allison was sitting in the back patiently listening and she did not appear to be very upset. In fact, she appeared nonchalant as if she’s convinced she did nothing wrong.

Allison Mack is the perfect public face for NXIVM.

She is the female Tom Cruise of Keith Raniere’s Scientology rip off.

In NXIVM, Allison asked too few questions and the wrong type of questions.

Allison Mack is beyond help.

The only thing Allison Mack has to offer a man is genital herpes.

And Allison Mack’s definition of sex includes torture and slavery.

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  • Anonymous, that’s hilarious, ‘black men may be incarcerated due to socioeconomic reasons…does noone consider it’s because they commit more crimes per capita. From lower socioeconomic thru Ray Roce up to Bill Cosby. Try: they commit a disprportionate # of crimes for a mere 13% of the populace. Quit accepting the PC brainwashing.

    • Too late shadowperv is already responding. The perv thinks he is responding to Nikki Clyne, another celebrity he regularly jacks off to.

  • “Sara Edmondson only turned on Allison after Allison, under false pretenses, lured Sara to Allison’s house to be tortured and branded and enslaved.”

    Edmondson is a stupid selfish bitch. She had no problems tricking people into handing over thousands of dollars under false pretences into a criminal cult that she knew was a criminal cult. She profited from crimes. What if someone asked her about the harem and financial crimes of NXIVM that she so obviously had zero problems with? She would of LIED about it. She would of called the critics “suppressives”. The press are spineless twats, letting her portray herself as the naive heroic victim. Fuck you Sarah if you are reading this.

    And her ridiculous twitter message defending Kristin Kreuk that Kreuk actually retweeted like we should respect what Edmondson has to say. Come on Sarah, you know Kreuk didn’t leave in 2013, why lie? You know “shit got weird” years before 2013. So many spineless cunts in the world.

    • You must be a “spineless cunt” (your words) too if you can call people names (“stupid bitch” also your words) and hide behind anonymity.

      • You posted your message over the internet, instead of making an effort to arrange to meet face to face to say that in person. Why? Because it is easier.

        Are you that dumb a bitch that you don’t agree with the above message about Sarah Edmondson? You skipped over those facts because someone hurt your delicate feminist feelings. Fuck off.

          • Sorry flowers totally meaningless. Most men in prison are also black….so in your twisted demented pea brain they are the biggest assholes.

          • That doesn’t disprove the gender difference in statistics for violent crimes. That just introduces another element to those who are criminal. More black men may be in prison but that may also due to socio-economic conditions and/or systemic racism. There is no gender bias to put more males in prison than females. Statistically, men are far more violent and commit more crimes than women before being sent to off to prison. Therefore, men are far worse assholes.

  • What does this add, at all, to the goings on? Your insisting on continuously writing this sort of crap in the wake of nothing actually happening to report on because of your aparant go-lucky Alisson Mack sexual fanfic obsession nullifies any legitimacy this website has when it comes to actual Nxivm news, updates or charges.

    You do not know what goes on in jer head, you do not know the current state of the investigation beyondvwhat is public record. If you want to write fanfiction about Alisson Mack to tickle your pickle, there.are websites for that. This isn’t reporting but irresponsible opining.

    And before you start your “everyone against me is a Mack fan” rhetoric: I’m not. I started folowing this website almost 2 years ago, long before this sort of hogwash was posted to generate clicks. This is a piece of clickbait trash.

  • Awwww, Shadow it’s okay i bet if she didn’t turn your fat ass down you’d be wanting the so-called genital herpes that you claim that she has.

    Your obsession with Alison Mack is unhealthy have you ever considered therapy? maybe Dr. Phil for your Allison Mack addiction you write about her so much making you her biggest fan more than me and some people i know.

    It’s okay Shadow, we know you love Allison and i do too but not in a very stalker way like you do buddy. Now take your meds and go to bed Shadow it’s wayyyy past your bed time whackjob!

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