Reader: Allison Mack is no devil; these women must take responsibility for their own choices

By JarMa 13

LOL – so dramatic.

Some kinky people had a kinky time.

I can’t believe this is in court.

No one has any accountability.  No one is responsible for their actions.  It’s Allison Mack’s fault.

If someone says to you “I’m gonna brand you”, you say “NO.”

If they then say, “if you don’t, you’re out of the group”, you say, “I’m gonna miss u girl”.

These are grown ass adults.

They willingly gave the nude pics.

They willingly submitted to branding.

It is so ABSURD that this is in court.

The argument is what, “I didn’t want to but I was so afraid of Allison Mack!”?


Girls have been home tattooing the names of boys they like since the beginning of time. This whole thing is a laugh riot.

No one was forced to do anything they didn’t want to.

They didn’t have the power to force anyone to do anything they didn’t want to.

How is it that the other Smallville girl, Kristin Kreuk, isn’t involved? Oh, because she left!

So people can leave when they want.

Throw this lunacy out of court.

Sold herself to the devil.

Lord.  The only devil here is the appalling lack of personal responsibility people take for their own choices.

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  • I kind of agree that the real case against Keith, Clare and the cult revolves around the tax fraud and money laundering–the branding and sex cult are just the salacious details to keep people reading.

  • Mmm…no. It’s one thing to tell women that they are getting a tattoo as part of a bonding experience but something quite different to brand them. These women did not give consent to be branded. And, because they had been coerced into handing over “collateral” that could potentially destroy their families and their careers, they might have been very reluctant to back out when they realized what was happening. This is in no way consent. This isn’t kinky. This is violation.

    • You could say no one forces you to do anything either with a gun to your head or while you’re being tortured. You might just die or suffer intense pain.

      If your frog has been boiled to a certain point over a period of years, it doesn’t seem like force in the above sense, but it is still coercive thought reform if it is manipulative and deceitful.

      • Unless they were kidnapped they walked in under there own free will. That does not absolve Raniere and company of their crimes. The children that were trafficked are going to be the cult’s biggest legal nightmare

          • No scooter, the IRS will get their fill. Those crimes are obvious, child trafficking will be what shocks the country. The other stuff will pale compared to that. Learn some patience little fella

          • No matter that the public is shocked by child trafficking, branding, blackmail and we see these as the heinous crimes, the government is going to get them with financial crimes. We’ve all seen it over the years. Murder a child get 8 years , embezzled from the government get 20.sad but true

        • Have you listened to the escaping Nxivm podcast? It showed me how your best friend of 12 years could talk you into certain things slowly, and the secretive atmosphere of all Nxivm. I still can’t imagine doing any of it but I’ve not been in a situation even close. With the collateral a lot of which was lies about family members and believe me I know how stupid it sounds but if I made up a lie that could ruin my parents reputations I would do what I could to keep it protected. This is what these sick fucks were counting on.

        • Someone could drive their vehicle of their own free will and someone can run a red traffic light and crash into them. That doesn’t mean they voluntarily chose to get hit. The same applies to those who unknowingly submit to thought reform that uses deceitful and underhanded manipulation.

  • Using the case of Nazi Germany, one can hold individual German Nazis responsible for their actions and at the same time declare that Hitler and his top henchmen were Devils.

    In this analogy Ms. Mack, as the public face of NXIVM was the equivalent of Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Propaganda Minister.
    Ms. Mack appeared in several recruitment videos for NXIVM and its front organizations.
    Goebbels was a Devil and so is Ms. Mack.

  • It’s all every bit as ‘dramatic’ as the charges suggest. Good luck with your ‘little light kinkiness’ defence, the law loves feeble excuses.

  • Seems my original post is missing so I will restate it.

    Jar ma, unless and until, you have been in a cult, as I was, and then done the research I have done in the ensuing years, you have no legal merit to make the foolish comments you have made.
    It is indeed akin to the frog in the pot scenario.
    Even you, Jar ma, arrogant as you are, can be sucked into a cult and then do things you never thought you would be capable of.
    I would not wish it on you.

    • g, I was not in a cult but I agree with your viewpoint. When people get so judgmental, I want to ask them, “Have you ever been fooled or exploited by anyone? A friend, a lover, a family member, a boss, a co-worker, anyone?” As the song says, “Everybody plays the fool, sometime or other. No exception to the rule.”
      And haven’t we all been fooled by politicians? Propaganda and indoctrination are all around us. Cults just show us the process more clearly. We can learn a lot from cults if we take off the judgement blinders.

  • If everybody had the power to choose to say ‘no’…

    Then WHY THE FUCK did Keith maintain DAMAGING PERSONAL BLACKMAIL COLLATERAL on each person in DOS before they were let in?

    You don’t ask for blackmail material unless you want something to hold over their heads if they don’t comply. That’s the whole POINT of holding damaging blackmail collateral.


    Now go grow a brain.

    After that, kindly bend over and kiss your own ass. 🙂

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