Shadow State: What about the souls of the women pimped out by Allison Mack? 

Pea Onyu made this comment to Shadow State 1958: “Stop picking constantly on Allison. Every day Shadow State goes after her to gore out her eyes and her soul. Why don’t you go after true wickedness – Nancy and Lauren. Frank, Toni, Cat, Joe and the wicked Rick Alan Ross?”


Shadow State 1958 replied:

What do Allison and her friends have to complain about?

First of all the people who started calling Allison a pimp are her own slaves, not me.

Upon investigation, the FBI found that, yes, indeed, Allison is a pimp. And the Justice Department saw fit to indict her for being a pimp. If Allison did not want to be called a pimp, then she should not have chosen to act like a pimp.

Allison should not have branded the women.

Allison should not have collected blackmail on the women.

Allison should not have introduced corporal punishment for the women.

And Allison should not talk about female empowerment while acting like a pimp.

This is a representation of the paddling punishment imposed on the women of DOS who fail to meet their quota of slave enrollment. The man with the paddle in this picture is not Keith Raniere. Sources say that the paddling is administered by women on women and introduced by Allison ‘Pimp’ Mack.


And what about the souls of the women pimped out by Allison Mack? They are the true victims of this story, not Allison Mack.

Pea, As for the people you label as wicked, Frank Parlato exposed the criminal behavior.

Toni Natalie is a former girlfriend of Raniere who exposed him as a psychopath.


Catherine Oxenberg is a mother trying to save her daughter from the clutches of Allison ‘Pimp’ Mack.

Joe O’Hara worked to expose the financial crimes of NXIVM.

And Rick Alan Ross worked to expose the cult-like nature of NXIVM.

All those people are heroes.

And Pea, I have some news for you: The FBI has combed through Allison’s electronic accounts and plans to drop more charges on Allison, Keith, and Clare just in time for Christmas.

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  • The more photos I see of Allison Mack in cute flip flops showing off her legs and cute size 6.5s, the more I imagine her as a domme. Branding aside, being her slave, not the creepy Rainer, might have been fun for a guy. And I am sure there are women out there that wouldn’t have to be coerced just for the kinky thrill. Read the stories of Nick Vegas on erotic mind control archive

  • Not bothered to read it. You are clearly obssessed! I have news updates on my phone and here you are again. We know Allison is a nasty person. Justice will be done! She hurt women and made them slaves under orders of anotger arsehole abover her. Nothing new to write!

    Frank (terminology for Drugs in the UK) please give up on this obssession! Borderline Stalker!

  • Allison Mack is clearly not a good person, wether she was born evil or was created by Nxivm dogma it doesn’t really matter when you look at her crimes laid out you see a person that belongs in jail forever. Not everyone is fixable. If PEA turns out to be a real Nxivm member she belongs in a mental hospital. I think shadows frustrated as he’s afraid people don’t see how evil Allison really is. Convince him! I think it’s time we focus on the Bronfman sisters. Day after day, the rich need to know they are not above the law, or public disgust.

  • I really think Shadow hated her long before this whole story came out. No hatred for Vanguard, or Dr. Roberts who actually did the branding, or any of the other DOS ‘masters’.

    And it’s laughable that he thinks he knows what the Feds are going to discover.

  • Shadow you don’t know shit about anything as far i’m concern besides being Allison Mack’s number 1 stalker!

    • I suppose that the FBI is packed with Allison Mack stalkers too.
      Both in the Eastern District of New York and the special organized crime division located near Washington DC., both of which are investigating the NXIVM crime syndicate.

      • The FBI and the employees and attorneys at DOJ and EDNY are compensated professionals. Their pursuit of the NXIVM defendants is a job. At the end of the day, Mack Daddy, they go home to their wives or their families or their friends. They hunt, they fish, they watch movies.

        You, Mack Daddy, are consumed by Allison Mack. 24/7. You are not compensated for this, and it does not leave much time for friends, family, recreation, the normal pursuits of a person not OBSESSED.

        They are “stalking” Allison Mack AND OTHER NXIVM DEFENDANTS, in addition to the numerous other criminals active in their jurisdiction.

        Your Ahab like pursuit of Moby Mack brings to mind a “Godfather” reference…with you and Allison Mack, it is personal, not business.

        Somewhere in Chicagoland, an anguished cry splits the night: “CHLO-EEEEE”

        Sad, spooky and hilarious. All at once.

      • I do not hate you Shadow. I am not stalking you. A very prominent college football coach was asked what the keys to his success were. He stated that he only became successful when he learned to “hate the play, not the player”. So while I think your contributions to Frank Report regarding Allison Mack are riddled with anger, not objective, and redundant, it is those contributions which I find unsavory, not you, the contributor. If you come to NYC to attend the “speedy” trial (lol), I will take you for dinner at a wonderful old style Italian restaurant near Cadman Plaza, though as a New Yorker of a certain age, I insist on facing the window.

        If you review the Frank Report closely, I was making comments here before you discovered Allison Mack’s involvement with NXIVM (I can imagine your utter despair upon discovering that Allison Mack was worshiping and making sacrifices not to a Hollywood golden boy, but rather to a schlubby fellow nearly your age. Oh, the BETRAYAL!), before you latched on to the Frank Report like flies on the proverbial shitwagon. While the preceding words might sound hateful, I might speak the same way to a friend sitting at a local tavern.

        You are OBSESSED with Allison Mack. You spend hours poring over the Frank Report, reviewing social media, composing redundant and repetitious “articles”, and commenting on articles which discuss Ms. Mack That is my OPINION and apparently the opinion of others. Where do you see hate?

        I am INTRIGUED by your OBSESSION with/anger at Allison Mack. As I have said, the story behind that OBSESSION/anger is probably more fascinating/tragicomic than most of what is reported here. I admit to being fascinated by the OBSESSION of an older man with a woman who wants no part of him.

        To me there are certainly criminal elements of the Raniere/Bronfman axis (not on the World domination front which you like to refer to), which are compelling, but for the most part I feel that the major elements at the core of this story are (a) an MLM gone rogue and (b) a story of lonely people (from the Bronftwits to the B minus actresses to the sixtysomething aspiring prima ballerina) looking for love and acceptance in all the wrong places. As I have always said, the NXIVM story will make for a blockbuster TV movie or miniseries (big screen is so twentieth century), involving as it does a little Manson and a little Madoff, and a heaping helping of New Agey bullshit.

        I am neither stalker nor hater. I believe in “innocent until proven guilty”. I believe the rules of evidence precluding hearsay are important. I believe that a lot of what appears on the Internet, on social media, can be discredited. As such, as long as Frank has apparently appointed you the resident Mackologist, and the vein popping, spittle spitting diatribes continue, I feel it is my obligation to Frank Report readers to repeat the words “Consider the source.” Now that “Flowers” seems to be following my contributions closely, I dare not let her down, so my posts will continue until our host, through personal contact or deletion, lets me know they are unwanted.

        The sad part to me is that when you responded to my comment about HRC, and your response had nothing to do with “Mackie May”, the response was reasonable and convincing. If you back your personal feelings towards Allison Mack out of your contributions, they would have much more gravitas, though, admittedly, they would be much less entertaining.

        • “your contributions to Frank Report regarding Allison Mack are riddled with anger”

          Imagine the anger of women who thought they were getting female empowerment only to find female enslavement.
          They are the real victims of NXIVM.

          As far as I am concerned Ms. Mack can worship a horned goat, and she probably has.
          She’s not being prosecuted for that.
          She’s being prosecuted for a range of other heinous crimes.
          “an MLM gone rogue”

          That is Scott Johnson’s interest.
          The multi-level marketing aspect of NXIVM is the least important part of the story.
          “I believe the rules of evidence precluding hearsay are important.”

          The rules against hearsay are riddled with exceptions.
          One major exception is that the statement of one co-conspirator can be used against other co-conspirators.
          Each co-conspirator is deemed the agent of his fellow co-conspirators.

          “Memo To Marty Walsh: Why Prosecutors Love To Charge Defendants With Conspiracy
          Prosecutors can try co-conspirators jointly; there is an exception to the ban against hearsay evidence that allows the government to introduce certain out-of-court statements by one co-conspirator against another;”


          • Yes Shadow the women who looked to Allison Mack for empowerment and ended up enslaved should be very angry.

            Sarah Edmondson, who thought she was going to a boot camp for bad ass warrior bitches and ended up branded should be very angry (hey, her husband was so incensed HE EVEN SENT AN ANGRY E MAIL).

            I am assuming you were not branded. I am assuming that none of your female relatives or acquaintances were enslaved or abused by Allison Mack.

            So what is the source of YOUR considerable anger? My impression is that you are much more angry at Chloe er, sorry Allison Mack, than any other defendant.


  • Somehow missing from the “Allison should not have”s is a very important one “Allison should not have spurned the advances of an OBSESSED fan boy twice her age”

    • Beth Behrs, Kat Dennings, Kristen Bell, Kaley Cuoco and Sarah Michelle Geller are all actresses with comparable talents to Allison Mack.
      Yet none of these ladies are known for branding and enslaving women.
      Why is that?
      None of these ladies is under investigation by the FBI for sex trafficking or slavery.
      Why is that?
      All of these actresses have potential future careers in the media.
      Allison Mack does not.
      Why is that?

      • Beth Behrs, Kat Dennings, Kristen Bell, Kaley Cuoco and Sarah Michelle Geller are all actresses with comparable talents to Allison Mack.

        Kristen Bell, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Kat Dennings definitely but Beth Behrs and Kaley Cuoco? No way in hell, those two are the definition of talentless bimboes.

      • In case you haven’t noticed, most of my “attacks on you” include commentary on NXIVM, its leaders, the size of Michelle and Lauren Salzman’s noses, the laughable notion of NXIVM trying to establish a foothold in Libya and Mexico, my slight infatuation with Polish/Mexican fag hag Ludwika Poleta, the fact that with the right defense team Allison Mack could spend less than three years in prison, my belief that Sarah Edmondson should be held civilly liable. It’s all in there, Mack Daddy.

        I am not attacking you. I am attacking your comments and contributions. There is a difference

        • The size of Lauren and Michelle Salzman’s noses is irrelevant.

          with the right defense team Allison Mack could spend less than three years in prison,
          Ms. Mack has a defense team hired by Clare Bronfman.
          Sentences are determined by statute and Federal sentencing guidelines, not the individual attorneys.

  • A man whose OBSESSION borders on perversion (with a touch of mental illness likely mixed in) responding to an obvious troll.

    Viva Frank Report.

    As I said before, as long as Shadow is out there, Allison Mack’s house arrest is de facto protective custody.

    The sad thing for Shadowstate is that unless Ms. Mack is tarred and feathered, drawn and quartered, and then burned at the stake, he will not be satisfied.

    • As I said before, as long as Shadow is out there, Allison Mack’s house arrest is de facto protective custody.

      Allison Mack’s house arrest is to protect her family from Allison’s persistent habit of lying.
      Apparently Ms. Mack is a pathological liar who can not separate fact from fiction.
      The FBI has documents drafted by Ms. Mack accusing her parents of heinous acts that would destroy them and claims that Allison’s nephew was sexually molested.
      Apparently these stories are the product of Allison’s fertile imagination.
      Mack’s collateral was described as:

      (1) a letter regarding Mack’s mother and father that would “destroy their character”

      (4) a letter addressed to social services alleging abuse to Mack ‘s nephews.

    • It sort of sounds like you are now obsessed with ShadowState. Who cares what he thinks about Alison, and why spend your time writing about what you assume Shadow believes about her?

      I’m starting to wonder if Frank has hired some of these people to write comments here, and then others to keep trashing those people…as these people seem to care too much about what other people think.

      • I take maybe about twenty minutes of my day reading and commenting on Shadow’s posts. I do it because I enjoy writing.

        That really doesn’t “sort of sound” like any kind of obsession. Frank is not paying me. If he is compensating Shadowstate, he is not getting any value, entertainment or educational, from Shadow’s predictable, repetitive and redundant posts.

        The truth about why Shadow is so angry at Allison will come out; my belief is that it has very little to do with Shadow’s moral outrage at Mack’s criminal acts, and is much more personal.

        So if you do not enjoy or value my content, just skip over my posts.

        • The comments made by Flowers are growing more and more troubling daily and if Frank knows this poster I urge him to contact authorities in the area to conduct a wellness check. She lashes out at others and then plays the victim when someone takes exception to some outlandish comment she pens. She says she has not addressed the poster and is, therefore, being attacked. That’s just ludicrous given how this poster conducts herself here. It was her reaction to a typical post Pea made that was most concerning. She decided it was directed at her and even said that Frank could be writing the posts and, if so, knows things about her that he shouldn’t. Where in the world did that come from? It was out of left field but she does desperately seem to want to insert herself into this story but continues to claim she had no involvement in the matters at hand.

          She has lashed out at those who post here who have had their lives forever changed by these evil-doers. She questions the truthfulness of their posts as though she is the arbiter of truth. This is heinous. This poster is forever crying victim when she is constantly playing the role of victimizer.

          When someone’s opinion differs from her own she then casts aspersions on their motives for posting a comment here as though that poster’s opinion is worth so much less than her own. That is wrong and mean-spirited.

          All of Them Witches doesn’t have to justify personal comments made on this post or any other and they weren’t comments addressed to Flowers.

          • Flowers like her fellow NXIVMS the perv brothers Shadow and Sultan. were far more brain damaged than many realize. They were probably victims of mental experiments during their NXIM days. The three of them also share the same characteristic of always trying to get the last word. A characteristic of both feminists and beta males.

          • Scary
            The person who requires a “wellness check” would most likely be the person who obsessed with what other people comment on (which would be you, right)….as apparently you read my every comment and then write something insulting and totally false about me. Why my? What’s your obsession all about? You dont know anything about me, or who I am….are you so delusional that you think you know who I am now? Lol.

            And learn to read, please, because I’m not the poster who said that Frank was writing as “Pea”. That was another person, and I said to them that I dont think he’s doing it. Hmmmmmm….

            So your comment would make more sense if you actually read the comment before you replied.

          • Agree with Lota Scaree about Flowers. She’s a danger to Frank and us all. She’s posted as Flowergirl to cry statuatory rape next and maybe even put her daughter up to it to make it stick. She goes back through FR history trying to make a case that Tanster called someone shitskin or some ridiculous accusation. She’s sure someone or other of us is stalking her or out to kill her.
            I’m worried about her kids she says are being harassed. Frank should also notify Child Protection Services in Vancouver,

          • Yes I agree regarding flowers, it was getting bizarre and I found myself letting her affect me. Then I realized I was starting to behave just as bad. None of us should be attacking each other and for myself I intend to try to stay on track and not react to other people’s issues.

          • So now it’s ok to post complete fabrications about other posters here, as the person using the name “flowerchild” just did about me?
            Keep posting lies, trolls, more evidence for me. What sort of person enjoys posting lies like that? It sure is amusing to see how these trolls lie, and then pretend they weren’t lying – they just made a mistake.
            Too funny.

        • No Witches, it does sort of sound like it, because every time I look now, I see more comments about how obsessed you think he is.
          Not that I care either way…I dont care if he’s obsessed or not, or even if you think he’s obsessed. The only thing that I wonder about is why there are so many comments like this here now. It does seem that Frank encourages that type of behaviour….

          Consider that the other day someone posted that I should be murdered. Frank didn’t remark on that comment at all. But if I say that someone uses the name anonymous and multiple identites to post insults directed at me, Frank then declares me to be a “rude person”…. hmmmm.
          Apparently death threats, and all the posts calling me a mentally ill liar, ect. are perfectly acceptable comments, in Frank’s opinion.

          Where is the logic here?

          • Wow nutbag is there anything you don’t bitch and moan about. No sane man would put up with your whiny bullshit.

          • Flowers I apologize for misreading and saying you had mused that Frank was writing as Pea. Thank you so much for pointing out my mistake in such a polite manner. Your comments have only served to lend more credibility to my opinion. Thanks again.

          • Poor Flowers needs somewhere to take out all her misery.
            Mental illness is a disease.
            What doesn’t make sense is why she isn’t getting help for it since she’s in Canada and has free healthcare.

          • As do yours, Scaree.
            And Thank you for your comments where you encourage Frank to contact the authorities to do a wellness check.

            Yes, I do hope Frank makes the authorities aware of your obsession with me. Lol.
            Do you think you know me, Scaree? I’m sure I have no idea who you are, so maybe you could just ignore my posts if they bother you so much.

          • Fair enough Flowers. But the word is OBSESSED.

            As to death threats, allegations that you are a liar, mentally ill, or Frank calling you rude, you have to remember that Frank Report is a revenge blog (containing a sad old man’s ongoing love/hate letter to Allison Mack). I would imagine that these behaviors are part and parcel of participating in a forum such as this.

            Contrast said behavior with my treatment of Shadowstate, which is rather civil. I wish him no ill will, knowing that he is imprisoned by his own thoughts and fantasies. Much in the way that it is a shame and a waste that the Bronfman twits could have funded all sorts of worthwhile research instead of bankrolling Raniere’s criminal enterprise, it is rather sad to see a reasonably well educated middle aged man consumed, preoccupied and OBSESSED with a woman half his age.

            See Flowers it works both ways: You tried to turn our dialogue into a conversation about the way you have been treated on this forum, and I turned the dialogue right back to Shadow’s OBSESSION.

            At the top of another thread, a woman complimented Shadow on his writing style. She also stated that she was going back and forth, trying to decide whether Allison Mack was a vile criminal or a brainwashed victim. I have taken on the role on this forum of reminding people, when reading Shadow’s unfortunately redundant and repetitive indictments of Ms. Mack, to consider the source.

          • Flowers:
            As you can see anyone who disagrees with “All of them witches or “Shadow State Sucks B–” gets labeled as a perv or a stalker or a nut.
            Rather than defend NXIVM and its leaders on the merits these commenters resort to ad hominem attacks.
            The reason why is very simple.
            There is no way to defend NXIVM on the merits.

          • Witches,
            It’s not supposed to be a REVENGE blog (though I guess it is a form revenge for Frank) …but I thought the main purpose was to post information about NXIVM, and about cults in general.

            And I don’t agree that death threats should be an expected part of participating in this (or in any) online forum.

            I’m not turning the conversation back to myself, I’m simply using that example to demonstrate that death threats against me have been allowed (and even encouraged by other posters)but when I complain about these types of comments, I’m reprimanded for mentioning them.

            You people can continue to post whatever craziness you want here. This is what it sounds like to me:

            “Shadowstate is a pervy ballsucker!!”

            “No, you’re wrong! Sultan is even pervier, and he sucks more balls!!”

            “Wrong! Shadow is the perviest ballsucker ever to suck balls!!!”


          • What is the logic of you being on this site at all?

            You say you have nothing to do with NXIVM. Why would you put your life in danger, you say, coming on this site, subject yourself and family to all you say you suffer from being on FR with no reason to take that risk?

            You say the police where you are don’t investigate cyber stalking crimes, you already asked them about it.

            Are you on FR sleuthing for your Vancouver gang stalkers in the archives? Will the police make an exception if it’s a cult that’s in the news?

            Why not try staying offline for a little while or at least a friendlier site? Maybe you’ll feel less harassed and threatened. That would be logical.

          • Logic Police
            You are confused. The problem started in 2013, before I ever heard of NXIVM or Frank Report.
            I found FR after I discovered I was being harassed by a cult, and was looking for information.
            But these people began to harass me because THEY are criminals. I’m not the criminal, I’m the person trying to find evidence. Why blame me?

      • Why are you so obsessed over those who are tired of a once informative blog being overun by idiots and trolls. You love to defend one of your own….a fellow former NXIVM

      • Flowers:
        I believe that a lot of the commenters here are themselves from NXIVM and they are desperately trying to save the NXIVM leaders who are facing trial.
        To that end they will say anything to defend their cult and leaders.

About the Author

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets, like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CBS News, Fox News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Oxygen, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Sun, The Times of London, CBS Inside Edition, among many others in all five continents.

His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” He also appeared in "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM, and was credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premieres on May 22, 2022.

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