International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day is November 17 – time to remember those who came too close to Keith Raniere

Gina Hutchinson was 14 when the course of her life brought her into the orbit of Keith Raniere.

The Saturday before the American Thanksgiving is International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day.

This year it falls on Saturday, November 17. The day is designated for people who are affected by suicide loss to gather in their local communities to try to find comfort and gain understanding and share stories of healing and hope.

The 2018 International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day program is sponsored by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Their events, which are held in various communities, are intended to help people feel that, if someone they love has died by suicide, they are not alone.  There are events in many cities and it’s an opportunity for survivors to share their grief, reach out for support, and support others.

For those affected by the monstrous one – Keith Raniere – who had a hand in – and perhaps was directly responsible for the deaths of several people, this may be of some interest.

It is not known if some of the people who died and have been declared suicides or presumptive suicides were truly suicides.

Whether they were murders or suicides – or a hybrid of the two – is something time may disclose.

Kristin Snyder was affected by NXIVM and her mentor Keith Raniere. It is not known if she was murdered or committed suicide – possibly with Raniere’s assistance – or if something else happened. She disappeared in 2003 and her body has never been found.


Toni Natalie once wrote for Frank Report, “After my brother’s alleged suicide in 2009, I had a tattoo placed on my back; coming or going, everyone knew where I stood, as it reads: ‘In war, truth is the first casualty, but not this time.’”

Some people strongly believe Raniere had a hand in his demise.


Gina Hutchinson is believed to have seen Raniere in a hotel room just hours before she left for Woodstock and was found shot in the head with a gun laying at her side. Prior to that, several ultra-thin women were seen going into her hotel room.

Yet, when Keith heard Gina had died, he acted like he had not seen her in months or years.

“I’ve had people killed for my beliefs … and for theirs” – Keith Alan Raniere

It is not known if Gina was murdered or assisted mightily in killing herself. But it is known that Raniere played a heavy part in her life and likely in her demise – from the time as a young man in his mid-twenties when he raped the 14-year-old girl – to likely the day before her death – and then his pretense that he “wished he had stayed more in her life”, while wiping away a tear.

November 17, is a day of meaning for those who have been hurt by NXIVM.

For more information about the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

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  • My condolences to all who have been hurt by suicide and NXIVM.

    I’m sure Frank has a reason for not writing about it, but I’m really sorry for Toni’s loss of her brother. I guess we’ll need to wait for Toni’s podcast in order to get the full story. Her brother always had her back and was a good man.

  • God Bless you Gina Hutchinson and Kristin Snyder. And all those who were pushed or fell too early to their deaths.

    • Thanks, One. I know Gina would appreciate your thoughts and prayers for her soul and, even more so, anything that can be done to shed light and prevent others from suffering. She really believed her mission was to help enlighten humanity.

  • Too many fingerprints of gangstalking operation here, street theater as some may call it. Suicide is the main goal of gangstalking, collateral is the main threat gangstalking operators used to keep their secrets. Gangstalking relies heavily on psychological warfare tactics to manipulate the T.I. it also relies on satanic rituals to demon possess the T.I and to weaken the T.I spiritually. Gangstalking grow in the western world like madness because of them being a police states. Psychological warfare are overt, kinda like witchcraft – its extremely hard to prove ( especially with the authorities being involve and tolerated by the police ) but nonetheless, it is a lethal effective tool that gives accurate results on the target.

    • Where are you from, Ka-lel?

      I don’t believe at this point that NXIVM had any official ties to “Monarch” but KNOW that they DO use some of the same methods like gang stalking, gaslighting, etc. They may have connections to some Mexican (former) govt. torture or mind-conditioning programs. And they certainly have the resources to hire and DID HIRE PI firms to at least supply the information on individuals that were targeted for these activities.

  • Okay I’m not gonna piss on any victims here.

    But with regard to the police investigation, Frank says it’s not known if it’s suicide or homicide for Gina H.

    A gun was found near the body and a gunshot wound to the head, and police INVESTIGATED the crime scene and presumably took fingerprints and tested the victim for gun powder residue and obviously found a match or it wouldn’t have been declared a suicide. I’m sure they also noted the position of the gun relative to how the victim’s body fell and found that it credibly looked like a suicide. No defensive wounds, bruising or struggle.

    The police didn’t just say “suicide” without investigating.

    If Frank has information about the police investigation of Gina H. that proves what they failed to do, maybe he can be kind enough to publish that information. Stop shitting on the police unless you can back it up.

    Simply seeing skinny women visit a hotel room beforehand doesn’t prove it was murder, even if they drove her over the edge mentally. Having Keith deny seeing her recently doesn’t prove murder, it only proves he’s a lying sack of shit which he pretty much is for everything anyway.

    If the victim’s fingerprints were on the gun and/or gun powder residue was found on her hands and arms, it means the victim pulled the trigger. No defensive wounds. No struggle or bruises. No screaming beforehand. It was likely just a suicide.

    Even Heidi admits that Gina was suffering from mental issues shortly before her death and was not in her right mind, which kind of adds even more credibility to the suicide.

    If that’s not proof enough of suicide, then I fear Frank Report is suffering from KDA (Keith Derangement Syndrome).

    • Obviously the police believed it was a suicide, and if the families have new information now, they should contact the police to reopen the investigation.
      I also wonder about the gun used in Gina’s death….who did the gun belong to? If Gina had been planning on killing herself, then she would have brought the gun along with her. If the gun was not registered to her, that would make her death more suspicious.

      • But in honor of Suicide Survivor’s Day — I just wanted to make a positive gesture and not shit all over the victims for at least 24 hours. 🙂

        I wanted to show I’m capable of humanity. Well, for 24 fucking hours, anyway. Tomorrow I’ll go back to targeting the victims and trashing anybody & everybody under the sun. How does that sound? 🙂

    • I’m sorry to have to say but you are making many presumptions here — as you admit — that are WAY off base.

      Most notably, you state as fact that police investigated and “a gun was found near the body.”

      In fact, there were TWO guns.

      That fact was in a police report you obviously did not read.

      I don’t know where you’re getting the rest of this pure fantasy but before you go vindictively accusing Frank of “shitting on the police” in an obvious effort to compound his legal woes brought on by equally vindictive foes — perhaps you should find out if any police were shit on.

      As for your “pissing on victims,” that appears to be your main objective on this forum apart from the “shitting.”

      There should be toilet facilities available at the public library you’re posting from or at your homeless shelter. You really needn’t relieve yourself publically here.

      • But Heidi, you didn’t give any information, you only said that he was wrong.
        You say that 2 guns were found…did either of them belong to Gina?

        • And I did read the police report, which was posted on FR, but the police report only mentions the shotgun that was used. There is no mention of the second gun in that report.

          • Flowers, you make my point for me. You don’t know what happened in regards to virtually EVERYTHING discussed here. Try more reading and learning. Try a little less screaming LIAR and annoying everyone.

      • Nutjob
        I don’t call anyone a liar, nor do I say I know what happened. How do you read that into my comments here?

        My first comment asked about where the gun came from. Then Heidi replied that 2 guns were found and that we should read the police report. So I reread the report, and then replied that the report doesn’t mention 2 guns.

        Who did I say was lying?

      • To clarify for the benefit of any carnivorous plant-life on here, I was replying to the victim-pisser who’s accusing Frank of “shitting on the police” by ignoring results of a fantasy “INVESTIGATION” that never happened.

        • And for the benefit of any hideous people on here, I was replying to someone who asked to be called….hmmm…”nutjob”.

          Nutjob said I accused someone of lying, and I’m trying to figure out where I said that someone lied, or who apparently had lied, and about what.

  • I’m sorry for all who have been touched by suicide in their lives. Wether through Nxivm or otherwise I hope you find truth and peace.

  • I wonder if Heidi would speak on who were the ultra thin ones back then. Thanks Heidi. I completely understand if you would rather not go into detail on this.

    • I can’t, Stuart. They’re cooperating with the FBI and have asked me to not name them. I can say that Gina was so shockingly thin, like never before in her life, that the hotel clerk remarked on it — and the skinniness of the other girls who visited — without my even asking first. I knew one girl previously but the clerk described other “anorexics” I didnt recognize from their descriptions at the time.

      • Thank’s Heidi,
        Your reply makes a lot of sense. Didn’t need to know names anyway for the story to fit or make sense.
        Take care and god bless

  • A “man” who brags about having people killed for their beliefs is a dangerous man.
    He is little better than a wild animal which must be caged for the public safety.

    Could one imagine Keith Raniere and his partner in crime Emiliano Salinas in charge of Mexico?
    Or Keith Raniere and Basit Igtet in charge of Libya?
    The FBI would be remiss if they fail to investigate and charge Emiliano and Basit Igtet.

    • As a US taxpayer, I would rather have the FBI investigating actual crimes rather than Raniere’s delusions of world dominance.

      The article which you commented on had nothing to do with the Libya/Mexico scheme. And the animal you think is so dangerous is already caged.

      Sorry to see your latest “love note” to Allison was removed. Hopefully Frank allows you to continue to contribute, the more we read from you the closer we will be to discovering the root of your anger.

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