Shadow State: The AWESOME stupidity of Allison Mack,

BY Shadow State 1958

Every time the industrious Allison Mack uploaded blackmail material to the internet site Dropbox to accounts available to Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman and herself, she committed an act in furtherance of an EXTORTION CONSPIRACY and a SEX TRAFFICKING and SLAVERY CONSPIRACY.

There were supposedly well over 100 slaves and Mack collected blackmail material every month like clockwork.

We are literally talking about dozens of thousands or maybe hundreds or thousands of acts of blackmail.

These pieces of blackmail void any claim that the slaves were consenting adults.

On top of that, Allison Mack collected credit card and bank account information, opening up herself and her friends to charges of WIRE FRAUD.

BRAVO, Allison!

You are one of the greatest female criminals of all time.

And this superseding indictment will not use much information from the digital files of Nancy Salzman. Those files have just started being examined. Those files will be used in later superseding indictments.

What will those files contain?

  • Further allegations of sex trafficking and slavery?
  • Allegations of child sex trafficking?
  • Money Laundering?

And you can share the credit with Vanguard/Keith Raniere and Legatus/Clare Bronfman.

And Allison, the graphic nature of your videos and your emails and Direct Messages mean that the Feds don’t need your cooperation in anything.

And if you are ever released from prison, you will be one of the most hated women in America and the world.

If there are any allegations of child sex trafficking, you won’t be able to walk down the streets of any city without fear of tar and feathers.

It is believed the new superseding indictment will be handed down sometime in December.
Merry Christmas, Allison and NXIVM.

Allison wears an ankle monitor now.
Allison is now confined to home arrest at her parent’s home/


Allison Mack’s parents, Jonathan and Mindy Mack, did their best to support their daughter staying in NXIVM. Jonathan helped out by giving voice lessons to NXIVM members. Now, it is said that some of the NXIVM members are singing to the Feds – and about Allison too.

Sweet and innocent Allison Mack…

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  • From a 2015 Podcast:
    Allison Mack reveals that Keith Rainere is her best friend and they communicated almost every day,

    Mack revealed during the podcast that Raniere had become her “best friend.”

    “I check in with him as often as I can and we talk as often as I can,” she admitted. “Sometimes it’s every day. Sometimes it’s a couple times a week.”

  • From Radar Online:

    The Government has three electronic Accounts from Allison Mack and one account each from Keith Rainere and Clare Bronfman.

    Government To Unload Massive Evidence Against Allison Mack & Sex Cult Co-Conspirators

    Authorities investigated three of the ‘Smallville’ actress’s electronic accounts.

    The government is planning to unload massive evidence against Allison Mack Opens a New Window. and her NXIVM sex cult co-conspirators in the coming weeks, can exclusively report.

    Radar obtained a shocking new court document filed by U.S. attorneys, detailing just what evidence they’ve acquired against the Smallville actress, NXIVM leader, Keith Raniere Opens a New Window. , and four others.

    The new document claims that the government has seized, and will release in the near future Opens a New Window. , “three electronic accounts belonging to defendant Allison Mack.”

    The document claimed that an email account belonging to Raniere, as well as an email account belonging to defendant Clare Bronfman Opens a New Window. will also be released.

    The government claimed in the paperwork that attorneys working on the case have produced over 27,000 pages of discovery materials so far.

    Plus, that doesn’t include what the government seized from NXIVM properties in Albany and Half Moon, New York that have yet to accessed. According to the document, attorneys are working with the FBI to figure out whether or not some seized property is retrievable.

    The shocking document also makes it clear that the investigation into NXIVM is “ongoing.” U.S. attorney Richard Donoghue claimed the government “continues to receive new records from a variety of sources.”

    As Radar readers know, Mack was arrested on April 20 for ties to the NXIVM sex cult. The actress, Raniere and four other defendants are accused of racketeering and other criminal charges including sex trafficking.

    The defendants are scheduled to appear in federal court in December.

  • Stupidity, just like ignorance of the law, is not a valid argument to not hold Allison Mack culpable for whatever crimes she participated in.

  • Yowza, this tale of the ratjer average but strong calved Allison Mack with slightly cute feet enslaving other chicks has me sprung. When Dateline does the video, tjey should do it on cable with some hot slave scenes. The whole twisted reality is not unlike the pure fantasy stories on erotic mind control story Archive. Nick Vegas(me) has a story called ‘weird day walking the dog’. A waif of a woman, is hypnotized and enslaved by a young woman casing her house to rob it. Once she sees how pliable the home owner is, she simply moves in, takes over and turns the homeowner into a perpetually nude foot slave and servant, and is convinced to serve the robber’s female friends with the same obedient worship.

  • I’m done with this site. Fuck Shadowstate and his puerile obsession with Allison Mack, and fuck Frank Parlato for taking what used to be a good site about Nxivm, and turning it into a cheap tabloid where a total fuckwit like Shadowstate has a shred of credibility. He was never in the cult, had no affiliation with it, and didn’t personally know anybody who was. Everything Shadowstate knows or assumes is based on the same publically accessible information that anybody else has, so the real question is, why the fuck are we reading posts from this retard? The comments were annoying enough, but actual posts from this jackass is a dealbreaker.

    Frank Report really has gone downhill in a big way.

  • So sad that this woman chose evil over good, I feel sorry for her eternal soul, her victims will eventually heal, she will never have rest again.

  • Look we know you hate Allison thatvis obvious the way you write but donyou need to keep going on? Yeah she is a horrible person but you seem obssessed mate. Are you a victim of hers or something?

    Lastly the way you write is not that of a journalist it is just a person of pure hate. Journalism is not about hate it’s about telling facts. All I read in this story was how much you and onpy you hate her.

    As a Brit I know what she has done is disgusting but all I want to read is how much trouble she is going to be in. Expression should be kept to yourself!

    I really would start letting go mate.

    • Toby:
      Not only are there people who defend this Flying Monkey, she is literally the Keystone of the NXIVM defense.
      Raniere is an unsympathetic character.
      Clare Bronfman is a cartoon caricature of a plutocratic woman.
      But Ms. Mack is an actress with training and experience in manipulating people with a sympathetic girl next door persona.

      “Why we were just a female empowerment group with an initiation ritual just like a sorority.”

      The hope of Raniere and Bronfman is that some of Mack’s good girl image will rub off on them.
      Not if her image is exposed as a facade, an elaborate fraud and she is dragged through the barnyard of NXIVM’s many crimes.

  • Wow, this guy is foaming at the mouth. Look, I agree that as a society we should punish stupidity to a degree. Good people sometimes end up in jail because they didn’t realize they were driving on an expired license etc, and maybe that is necessary. But when the punishment is this severe, we have to start caring about who might have been misled. Is it possible to participate in a sex trafficking operation without knowing it? I wouldn’t have thought so, but now I’m not so sure.

    That said though, I have absolutely no sympathy for crime involving children. Brainwashing is no excuse. So I guess on that, me and Shadow see eye to eye.

      • If your definition of good people is not to have an accusation for the charges that allison is accused of, then you are more hypocritical than I thought, I remember very well how you talked about all the women in DOS when you started to publish in this blog, too I remind you that the prosecutor said that all those who have a line are guilty or were witness to some crime, I remind you that all the women who were part of the haren were raniere recruiters and fasilitadoras so your vision that allison is the great being evil you want to show is just your stalker’s mind where you are looking for a justification for your hatred towards her, nor your poor knowledge of NXIVM is supported by the same public frank in the first stories about the brand that all the slaves who had other slaves picked up guarantees and went up to the pyramid where raniere was that means that allison also generated such guarantees because they were taught by The part of Raniere was a way of teaching commitment to women, she also said that one of her sources, which at that time was part of DOS, had taken pictures of the dropbox account where some usernames were shown and where the user appeared. name of allison mack but in the same publication it is clear that the woman had access to the account which means that the guarantee was not always delivered in adelivered directly but could be charged to the same account and teachers only charged to press the creation of these guarantees and then get copies of them but if you used the same cuana for this reception means that other women could enter the same account and also get the guarantees of any of the other women

  • Right I’m done with this site..
    For a long time frank report was a source of good..
    Now he’s happy to hand the reins over to a creepy old stalker obsessed with Alison Mack!!
    Shadowstate have you got pictures of her on your computer??

    This guy is creepy and dangerous and frank is happy to feed his obsession..

    I’m out and won’t be a part of it anymore!

    • I suppose the Truthseeker can’t handle the truth about Ms. Mack and is unwilling to do the research to express a coherent, accurate version of the truth.

      Just wait until you see what the US Department of Justice has to say about Allison Mack at trial.

    • I’ve quit the site a few times myself, usually because of nonsensical posters. I think shadows afraid you all will see through her. Shadow no one who follows this story is missing the Allison Mack connection. Since there’s nothing good to rub off of her quit worrying and move on to a different Nxivm angle. You know a lot about them start telling folks the stuff they haven’t heard over and over. Good for everyone.

    • The dems don’t have any real power left, they are hanging on by a thread and they know it. That’s why they applaud US invasions at the border. Who does that to their own country. Their all bluster, they didn’t have a plan B after Hillary shriveled up, and up that still don’t. Just disagree with anything president Trump says . That’s it . Their whole Platform . The fake news is the only reason people out there still think the dems have anything left. Sorry for going off topic but these are the same politicians that made Nxivm possible in the first place.

      • True. This has democratic pervert fundraier liberal written all over it. She will probably get a slap on the wrist. ‘Time served, probation’

  • Hey Ally Mack Fans… I’m interested in watching a few episodes of Smallville to get a sense of her in that role. Can you recommend a few great episodes? Thanks!

  • They think you are STUPID.
    They think you will follow the STARS.
    They openly call you SHEEP/CATTLE.

  • “If there are any allegations of child sex trafficking, you won’t be able to walk down the streets of any city without fear of tar and feathers.” Regarding this, Q Anon posted a bit of a prophecy concerning those who encourage Ms. Mack’s illegal acts

  • can’t understand what is news here anymore. What I’m seeing is the same old pictures and speculation regarding the characters in play. It’s like watching a spin cycle.

  • Hate to break this to you Mack Daddy, but truth be told, if Allison Mack walks down the streets of Manhattan, it’s likely that 990 of 1000 people would not even recognize her, the other 10 people being Smallville fans and her defense team. Mainstream media is not paying much attention to this trial other than The Post’s front page parody of the intro to the original Superman TV show (“Look. Up in the sky. He’s a perv. She’s a slave…”)

    In your mind this is the crime of the Century. To many of us here not OBSESSED with one of the defendants, it is just another crime.

    “One of the Greatest female criminals off all time?” Well I will concede that given her unimpressive curriculum vitae as an actress, it is more likely that she will be remembered for her criminal acts than any acting she did on stage or screen.

    Journalistic advice: if you are going to pass yourself off as a correspondent/reporter with any credibility, your reports should not be addressed to Ms. Mack directly as in “You did this, You did that”.

    Got it, Mack Daddy?

    • I have never heard of her except on FR. She is totally NOT a big deal star or nor The other one. Just a big deal in nxivm. On the food chain of talent in film and tv they are low.

  • I do not know why, but when I read Shadowstate’s continued love/hate letter to Allison, I imagine him sitting at his keyboard, a vein pulsing on his forehead and gray spittle coming out of the side of his mouth.

    OBSESSED. Hopelessly Devoted to Allison. Shadowstate 58 is 10 times the Drama Queen Edmondson, Kreuk, Mack or Park will ever be

    Can’t help thinking about the Divinyls song when thinking of Shadow/Allison. Shadow sings:
    “I don’t want anybody else/When I think about you I touch myself”

    Frank, I guarantee that that the story of Shadow’s OBSESSION with Ms. Mack is as compelling and quirky as most of the stories about NXIVM/Raniere et al. The truth is out there.

    And by the way Mack Daddy, as long as HRC is still with us, AM probably does not have to worry about being the most hated woman in America.

    • For me, this is yet another tentacle on the Clinton Franchise Octopus Foundation. I was not at all surprised to learn many of these folks had contributed $30k to the Clinton enterprise. Although I am not obsessed with NXIVM nor am I involved in it in any way, I do appreciate the amount of information Mr. Parlato conveys and how NOT interested our sorry FAKE NEWS remains concerning this evil criminal cabal.

    • as long as HRC is still with us, AM probably does not have to worry about being the most hated woman in America.

      How many people voted for HRC as President?

      More than Trump
      Almost as many votes as Obama in 2012

      Flipping 72,000 votes in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin would have elected Ms. Clinton.

      And HRC is now only in charge of the booze and pills in Chappaqua.

      The Republicans, and I lean Republican, had better guard against over-confidence.

      The Democrats will choose someone else in 2020.

      Look for Terry McAuliffe from Virginia, Governor Hickenlooper from Colorado or Senator Klobuchar from Minnesota.
      All swing states.

  • Does dropbox monitor activities? I was asking myself if it is possible to see who accessed a file and downloaded it. If not it is possible that every NXIVM member who handed in kompromat had access to the stuff of all other members.

    I know why I do not use cloud services. My data is only my data as long it is on my hard drive. Otherwise it becomes public domain.

      • But given the fact that you were Vanguard, residing in NY area, and I was your slave residing in BC I need to get my kompromat to you. This means there has to be some way to collect it. If I was in NY I could put it onto a flash drive or usb drive and carry it over myself. There must have been several people with access to the stuff or at least to parts of it. NXIVM is a pyramid scheme after all with several layers this stuff has to go trough.

  • This really is the gang that couldn’t shoot straight. Is it the arrogance of narcissism, or just rock stupid?

    • both, remember who is the mastermind who ran them keith raniere is arrogant, narcissistic and stupid adi that it is not allison or the group of women if not their teacher who guided them with lies, arrogance and stupid and as you know – There is no better teacher than the ejp.And I am sure that Keith told them that they would all trust each other while their true intention was not to suspect him but as always the shot came out from behind since the federals got access to the evidence.

    • Allison Mack, with the approval of Raniere and Bronfman, did half the FBI’s work for them in collecting all of the blackmail material in one place.
      It’s up to the FBI to track down the leads and interview the witnesses.

      • precisely if she were doing something that she thought was illegal, she would never have been so careless but as it is a group of people who are swimming in a pool of shit that is the philosophy and beliefs that he taught them, it would make them stronger and without fears who in their right mind would allow so many people to have access to evidence that imputes them to a crime, because only people who believe blindly in their beliefs already said frank once allison, nicky, india and the other slaves believe blindly in what they do his vision of reality is greatly reduced by brainwashing

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