No mention of NXIVM reported in Gillibrand’s 30 minute debate; Gillibrand announces she will not run for president in 2020

Based on reports, there was no mention of NXIVM in the U.S. Senate candidates debate between Chele Farley (R, C, Reform), and incumbent Kirsten Gillibrand.

It is to be their one and only debate and was hosted by ABC7 Eyewitness News. At Gillibrand’s insistence, the debate was limited to 30 minutes.

Throughout the debate, Farley reportedly pressed Gillibrand on her lack of accomplishments during her twelve years in Washington and on her radically shifting positions on a range of issues including: her call to abolish Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE); her plan for a government takeover of health care; and a failure to return over $800,000 in campaign contributions from Harvey Weinstein’s law firm.

When asked by ABC’s Bill Ritter about the migrant caravan headed to the US border with Mexico, Farley said, “People are calling it a caravan, I call it an invasion.”

Farley challenged Gillibrand to explain to New Yorkers how she plans to pay the $32 trillion tab to take over the health care system, “Medicare for All.”

Finally, Farley called on Gillibrand to come clean with New Yorkers about her 2020 intentions. Gillibrand, who has spent only three days in New York this month and spent the vast majority of her campaign funds out of state – pledged to serve a full six-year term.

When the WABC-TV anchor and debate moderator, Bill Ritter, asked if she was going to run for president, Gillibrand answered, “I will serve my six-year term.”

If that is true – which some observers doubt – then she just announced she is not running for president in 2020.

In closing, Farley called out Gillibrand for living in Washington D.C. and for a failure to deliver for New Yorkers. Since Gillibrand was appointed as U.S. Senator, over 1 million people have moved out of New York.

The debate, which was live streamed Thursday, will be aired in its entirety on WABC “Up Close with Bill Ritter” and on some ABC affiliates and radio around the state this Sunday, October 28 at 11AM.

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  • More bullshit from a left wing nut member of NXIVM continues to bring America back from the corrupt failed evil non leadership of Hussein Obama. By the way toots what are lil justy’s core values?

  • “I am really sorry to see my countrymen trouble themselves about politics. If men were wise, the most arbitrary princes could not hurt them. If they are not wise, the freest government is compelled to be a tyranny. Princes appear to me to be fools. Houses of Commons and Houses of Lords appear to me to be fools; they seem to me to be something else besides human life.”

  • Polly Noonan’s niece, a lynchpin of the Democratic machine in Albany believes she is Presidential material? What a joke. She’s an opportunistic sellout, another Hillary in the making and we need no more Hillary’s.

  • Lol @ serve out her Senate term =.announved not running for Pres! Thst’ll come back to haunt her!

    Which one of them isn’t running for some higher post the entire time they pretend to be in office? ,,,Who’s running the Country meantime, that’s what I wanna know?!

    Who was running your district, Senator, while a Satanic criminal enterprise rose up and took your own father and my sister down with it?

    Adi’os lying hypocrite! You can have Albany but no way you’re gettin’ close to the Whitehouse. Shame, shame, shame!

    • So many of them lie about not running and then end up running that it doesn’t even register anymore. What does register is her numerous flip-flops on a variety of issues. Who is running the country? it’s the swamp, the career government employees and lobbyists. I hope she runs, Trump will give her a nickname that will squash her like the cockroach she is.

      • She didn’t really flip flop…it is the bitch’s core beliefs that come out after they get elected by lying to their idiot constituents who actually fall for their bullshit

          • She didn’t really flip flop…it is the bitch’s core beliefs that come out after they get elected by lying to their idiot constituents who actually fall for their bullshit

        • What are Trump’s core beliefs? It’s clear that he’s a misogynist racist, and everyone was aware of that , and yet he was still elected. Many people don’t seem to care about the core beliefs of politicians maybe, or, sadly, it could be that enough voters themselves were racist misogynists….

          I guess it’s long been the case, if that old quote by Blake about politicians is any indication😀

          But Blake was wrong, too, because people do need to trouble themselves…(especially if a politician’s character is as he suggests!)

      • Trump has more scandals associated with him than Gillibrand ever will…unless she suddenly starts scewing porn stars, cheating on her spouse, paying off porn stars with hush money, tweeting bizarre crap 24/7 from a hacked phone that allows China and Russia to listen in….if not, she’ll never out-do Trump on his scandals. He’s definitely number 1 in that area.

        • Give her time, what you don’t get about Trump and you never will is he’s not a career politician . But he has accomplished more for Americans in 2 1/2 years than any Democrat ever. He is giving us what we want and need so who cares if he’s politically correct. Bill and Hillary started that BS and look where it got us.
          Your apparently unaware that the fake media is posting fake stories about Trump because their on the left, you will never get real news from CNN or their cronies. Some folks beleive whatever their told. Enough Americans know what’s going on, the fake statistics from the democrats are a joke, even they don’t believe them but they’ve got nothing else. Don’t bother responding I won’t read it.

        • Trump will never come close to the Clinton’s when it comes to sex scandals and corruption. The Clinton scandals from 20 years ago would destroy any man today. If we are talking about Trump having sex with people outside his marriage that’s between him and Melania. As long as it’s not rape or forced it’s nobodies business.
          Trump as president of the USA has been an excellent president, the only problems come from the liberal democrats who have turned into school yard bullies. They will allow this current invasion to destroy the US before admitting Trump is right about building a wall America has wanted for generations. You are behaving just like them.

        • More bullshit from a NXIVM braindead troll. I realize if the cunt Hillary had stole the election you and your fellow NXIVM devils would still be committing your evil deeds with even more generous donations to the Clinton foundation.

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