What Kristin Kreuk should really tell the world — ‘Allison Mack is a victim’

Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack on Necker Island for a Nxivm retreat.

Poor Allison Mack. She sure went far with her Vanguard.

Lucky Kristin Kreuk – she brought Allison in; told her how great the program was – and how it would transform her life; and then escaped silently without a word.

Executive Success failure number one – Allison Mack.

Virtue signaler supreme – Kristin Kruek.

I don’t know about you, but if I led someone into the path of destruction – beckoned them to cross the street — and then a bus hit them – I would be doing anything and everything I could to try to rectify the problem I caused.  I would do no virtue signaling until I set out to destroy the evil monster that consumed my friend – who, through my endorsement, came into its clutches.

But everyone is different and I respect the opinions of Susan Dones, and others, who think I am being unfair to Kruek – for they say she has no responsibility for her actions. Allison Mack is a big girl and Kreuk, herself, was lucky to escape unscathed.

Susan Dones is a funny kind of person. She herself stood up to Raniere and Nancy Salzman and told the world – openly and publicly.  She is one of the few people brave enough to use her own name on this site – and yet she is mad at me for calling upon Kristin Kreuk to exhibit the same kind of courage.  The world does indeed allow for a diversity of opinions, and I try to learn from all of them – even those I fundamentally disagree with.  Yet, I don’t think it’s cruel to criticize Kreuk’s silence. I think it is the right thing to do.

I don’t think it is too late for Kreuk to do something either. I think she is late, but not too late.

So here is what I would say, were I Kristin Kreuk – even at this late date:

“What happened to my friend – the one I brought in – could have happened to anyone and, but for the grace of God, I might also have been caught up.

“Now let me explain how a woman [or man] could be entrapped into this deadly horror. How my decent friend Allison was ensnared – and how on the surface this seemed so good – but it became slowly deadly – that’s why I got out …  But for Allison, the poor child, in her brainwashed head, she might still think she was doing noble deeds for a noble mission. Such is the power of monster Raniere to lead people astray while appealing to their kindest impulses – the desire to be virtuous, to be brave, to do good for the world – while being none of these himself.

“Pray for Allison. Understand her dilemma. She believed she was doing something good – just as I did – only she got caught up too far. Now, pray for her well-being – for her mental health and for her healing. We both got caught up into something sinister. On the surface, it seemed so clean and good. None of us are perfect. I am not perfect. Allison is not perfect. I saw something dark and I left – quietly it is true – for it was not clear and apparent that it was much darker than what I at first perceived.

“Now consider Allison – with her woman’s heart, and with all her imperfections and her virtues – she believed, she really believed in this monster, this master hypnotist – that gradually stripped her of her other friends and her outside opportunities – and worse luck – don’t blame the woman – she fell in love with this deceptive man. The proof that he is deceptive should be evident enough – look how many women he fooled!  Allison was among them and in her desperate, pathetic love for him, she did anything he said.

“Even seemingly crazy things like the horrible DOS rites – because – I am convinced – that she thought this was good for him, for her and yes, even for the women. She thought it was good for the women. It was foolish and crazy, but her intent was not evil – I don’t believe. It was delusional. Consider too that the monster worked to have her sleep-deprived, on a super low-calorie diet, with little protein and constant hypnosis – and he had blackmail on her too. Knowing Allison, she may have been less afraid of the release of the collateral – and more – in her confused state – really thinking that this DOS would help women. And I know – as crazy as it sounds – that she could have been honestly thinking that this DOS would help women – tough, badass boot camp — all predicated on the most faulty premise – that what seemed weird or off – really was good – had a deeper beneficial meaning – because – and here is where she most egregiously miscalculated – because Raniere is good. He is not. He is a monster. But she did not know and by the time things became – what we – who are not brainwashed – can easily see – insane – she was too far gone and too into it to realize it.

“Allison Mack is a victim. Pray for her. Pray for the other victims. And have mercy and not vengeance. I know, for but for something blessed  – I could have been further caught, further ensnared and shared the fate of Allison, my friend. She is a victim. This you must realize. Above all, pray for her.”


Now consider what this statement – or something like it – coming from Kristin Kreuk – might do. It would bring some immediate focus on the true villain – Keith Raniere. The worldwide press would immediately publish this and it would get incredible attention on just who is the true villain here.

She might also help get some sympathy for her friend and lead her gently away to not losing the rest of her youth and middle age to prison – just as she lost years of her youth to the prison of the monster.

Would it be outrageous if Nancy Salzman got a shorter sentence than Allison?  Would it be unjust if Allison spent as much time in prison as Keith Raniere? It could happen.

Kristin Kreuk could be a voice for the women [and men] who were victims of Raniere. It would take bravery on her part – and a true dedication to justice. But she could be the voice in defense of Allison Mack and bring her back to the path of rectitude, which ironically, somehow she might not have realized she ever strayed away from.




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  • Why is Kristen Keeffe in hiding? With Raniere behind bars and Clare Bear stuck in her apartment what is afraid of? Is she hiding from the Feds? Does anyone know if she has even talked with them? They are not going to give her full immunity in this type of case. Keeffe will most likely do jail time for 25+ years of being Raniere’s #1

    • Remember the Mexican connection- Salinas, Bettencourt etc. She may not know who’s safe, and she has a child to protect. Keith is narcissistic enough to fight for visitation to. And I’ve seen crazier things happen in courts.

    • Kristin Keeffee has a child to protect. She also has no idea who to trust. Weren’t the Salinas family looking for her as well as Keith and the creepy cop Rodger Kirsopp who helped hide her in the first place. She was smart enough to evade him after the fact.

  • The date she left is up for debate. People think if they say something long enough, it’s true.

    Why does it matter so much when she left anyway. If she is guilty of a crime the DOJ will know about it and we will all know soon enough with the next rounds of indictments.

    Some people’s children just like to be heard regardless if what they are saying is true.

  • She eye candy for this blog. That is why there are so many posts about her. She’s the gal that keeps people clicking. Most people who visit this blog don’t care about the real legal battle going on, they come here to insult and fight with each other. Keeps them off the streets.

  • I would just reconfigure this website to an all-Kristin-Kreuk-all-the-time format.
    Start the character assassination first thing in the morning and continue all day. Restart the next day. The hits will just keep on coming.

    • Isn’t that what Frank’s is already doing with a poncho of important facts about the real criminals dripped in?
      Gotta give those that care about what’s happening in the real case coming back, don’t ya.
      It helps keep Frank happy to write about his obsession. Rumor is, Frank wears his bathrobe and smokes a pipe when writing about his gal.

  • Another future Pulitzer winner

    Ensnared? Victims? Every woman wants to adore a man she seems god-like. Women love power. They want to be fucked by the most powerful man in the room.

    These broads were deranged long before Raniere got to them. Hes scum, but not for convincing dumb bitches to suck his little stinky peepee.

  • I’ve visited this site off on for a couple years, and I can’t remember ever seeing a photo of Kreuk with Vanguard.
    Not even in a group photo.
    Any reason for this???????????

  • I didn’t say anonymously. I’m talking about the info that came out through various papers on frankreport. You dont think the DOJ doesnt have her as one of their top witnesses?

    • “You dont think the DOJ doesnt have her as one of their top witnesses?”

      Do they? If you are called to witness, it means you indeed experienced “illegal” and “nefarious” activity. Even if you are not, does not mean you don’t know anything. Mark Hildreth has been silent on twitter for over two months. Is he going to testify?

  • KK spoke out against NXIVM anonymously? If it was anonymous, how do you know? And if she did it anonymously, she’s just like everyone on here (with the exception of a few). She can’t clear her name anonymously.

  • In regards to why people aren’t bashing Kristen Keefe like they are bashing Kristen Kreuk… it’s simply because we have respect for Keefe for coming forward with information she collected while planning her escape for a few years. Obviously she has to include her crimes because she was involved with alot of them.I think it’s safe to assume she’s going to be a witness for the prosecution. This woman is taking the chance of going to jail (leaving her son) because it’s the right thing to do. The same can be said of Sarah Edmondson.

    • This rationalization is absurd.

      What is there to respect about Keeffe? She allegedly participated in a number of illegal activities as detailed in posts and comments here and in articles published over a half a decade ago. She only left the cult because she had a child and maternal instinct took over in order to preserve herself and him. If there was any information she gave to authorities it is to keep Raniere behind bars for a long time for her own selfish reasons and likely not to help anyone else. That is a mere side effect that is similar to any of the defendants taking a plea to minimize or legally absolve themselves from any ramifications to their years of wrongdoing. They’re not doing anything heroic. They are only saving themselves.

      Keeffe was part of Keith’s inner circle for approximately twenty years. Nothing in her situation is remotely comparable to Kreuk’s, and any comparison to give some leeway to Keeffe bashing in lieu of Kreuk is simply put, asinine, because it is a completely false equivalence.

    • Keeffe has never made a public statement saying she was sorry for any of her actions.
      No proof shes been to the authorities or she is going to testify.
      Your reasoning could be said about the other Kristen. Frank still show a biased for which Kristen he will report on.
      It’s all about the Clicks for which chick and the money he makes off of advertising.
      If this was an unbiased, reporting on the Reaniere Crime Organization Frank would be reporting on all who have were involved in committing crimes.

    • People are bashing KK because she’s better looking. It’s how guys get even with other girls who turned them down in the past, and how girls get even with other girls who didn’t want to be their friends.

  • Kristin already did speak out and expose the evils of the cult and apologize for her involvement…she just did it anonymously.

  • ALL attacks on how the entertainment businesses works, the idea of taxpayers been defrauded by KK are pueril, uninformed, uneducated, iliterate, Her professional activities are not tied 2 nex, except that Her fame, B or A list celebrity stat having been exploited by those crooks. They did called Her & Her friends as Canadian Stooges. Enough said. Those attacks only show the same negative atributes on the perpetrators.

    • “ALL attacks on how the entertainment businesses works, the idea of taxpayers been defrauded by KK are pueril”

      I don’t want my hard earned money being taken away from me and given to some dickhead actor who thinks they can talk down to me on shit that has nothing to do with them.

      “uninformed, uneducated, iliterate”

      You spelt ILLITERATE wrong. And no, people are none of those things for not wanting their taxes going on garbage.

  • So many things we don’t know, don’t understand abt KK, just like me not understanding abt this avatar where did it came from, how come I even have an acct. here. Doesn’t matter to me, not important.

    Next, all personal attacks on other posters here only proves the Immaturity of the attackers, so keep proving yourselves to be the toddlers you are. I’m skipping, ignoring such posts.

    Next & simply put, Is It Possible that KK doesn’t talk on Advice from Her Lawyers, companies she works with & She’s Smart following that advice? YES.

    Next, all are Innocent until proven guily by a judge & especially a jury of their piers. Hard to swallow when it comes to the vanguard & co. but it is what it is.

    Next, the justice works on 3 tiers. First, on a complaint, charge or discovery of a crime, the ‘techs’ investigates. Then the charge/complaint, evidence is handed over to a DA. The legals now looks into it as; do we have a case? Do we have enough, do we need more to take this to court? When enough is there to warrant an arrest, the case is made to a judge who’ll have to approve such arrest as it was with the vanguard & accomplices. Note; Kristin Kreuk (correct spelling) is not in that category. Then, when the DA has it together, the case is taken in the court of law, Not Public Opinion who doesn’t have all facts & evidence, nor is authorized to judge, convict, pass a sentence/verdict.

    Finally, what happened to Frank & Artvoice articles, lawsuits, computer evidence of nex documents showing that;

    KK was recruited By her ex boyfriend Mark Hildreth in nex, him a long time top recruiter & high ranking member most likely of nex.

    What Did He Know abt the nex inner circle, crimes committed, when, where & how much? Why is he getting a free get out of jail card while KK, a victim too, gets escoriated?

    What abt the articles showing KK tried to warn & pull Her friends out when the gossip, rumors of criminal activities turned out to be not Exactly rumors & gossip although no conclusive proof was available?

    What abt the articles showing Alison involved with Mark? jealous of KK, setting up KK 4 compromising, damning situations, exploiting KK a shy, inexperienced young girl trusting her friends?

    What abt Mark having emotions 4 Alison, tweeter acct. testifies to that, knew what KK is set up but did nothing, maybe encouraged, abandoned KK to whatever will happen, we’re all consenting adults, right?

    Which 1 of us in this life never did 1 questionable, poor judgement call, decision, that later was regretable, stupid at least? were never exploited by a conniving, manipulative friend, coworker, etc? The consensual acts among adults that are morally ? are not necessarily crimes.

    So yeah after so long, ignoring the other facts & the only needed comments, all those continued attacks on KK now shows bias, hate, jealousy, envy of Her, all that is unprofessional, profane, biased unwarranted attacks. Let’s go after all guilty parties not selectively & yes, Alison is a mature woman responsible 4 her actions & the fact that she went from a victim 2 a perpetrator in on her, not KK.

    Can KK be accused of poor judgement calls, not seeing what was upfront 4 what it was, trusting too much, etc… Sure. But accused of crimes by ppls not qualified professionally speaking with no proof/evidence in the court of public opinion is wrong.

    She did put out a stmt explaining her stance, what lawayers approved. Any more will invite trolls 2 an endless loop & She’s smart enough not 2 fall 4 it.

  • Allison Mack is an adult who of her own free will chose to break the law and torture, blackmail and enslave women.
    So what is with all this weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth about her fate?

  • Why do we teach our children not to bully and hope they won’t do it, while they go online and see adults attacking and bullying each other?

  • I meant to say why is Sultan bullied so much on here? And why is Shadow and Scott Johnson bullied? It’s wrong.

    • I meant to say why is Sultan bullied so much on here? And why is Shadow and Scott Johnson bullied?

      Because they are annoying a-holes

      • Always blaming the “other” for your own reflexive asshole behavior. Typical deflective reaction of a sociopath. No one is forcing you to read what people post. Move along child if it bothers you so much.

    • Have you seen what they have said to innocent posters? Go back always and tell me they were the ones bullied?

  • Great article Frank. I hadn’t had strong opinions about KK until now, but after reading this, I agree that she needs to step forward and defend Allison. Even if it brings her bad publicly. She owes allison at least a few words of sympathy. Her other co-star michael Rosenbaum defended her and he wasn’t even in the group.

    95% of the internet thinks she is evil, and a lot if if them think she trafficked children. I’ve seen comments on YouTube suggesting she should be raped and killed. It’s disgusting. And most of these people don’t even know who Keith Raneire is. The world thinks it was her cult. People are writing that they will attack her if they see her on the street.

    I hope at the very least that her family is able to be supportive of her.

    • “95% of the internet thinks she is evil, and a lot if if them think she trafficked children. I’ve seen comments on YouTube suggesting she should be raped and killed. It’s disgusting.”

      Was Allison Mack so stupid that she thought she could brand women like cattle and then enslave them and there would be no outcry?

      I’ve read the social media comments section and people are justly outraged that an actress who traded on her “good girl” image would commit atrocities worthy of a Concentration Camp Commandant.
      On top of that she committed blackmail to compel women to join the harem.
      When confronted with public outrage Ms. Mack justified her actions as sorority pranks between consenting adults.
      This from a 35 year old woman not a naive freshman college coed.

      Ms. Mack is a liar and a scoundrel.
      She craved the power being a pimp gave her.
      She relished demeaning and dehumanizing women.

      Allison Mack is an evil, vile woman who deserves all the scorn and ridicule she is getting.

      It’s a good thing for the public to condemn evil.
      It shows there’s still some hope for the human race.

      • It’s a good thing for the public to condemn evil I remind you that this is why people criticize you because you show more hatred for a woman who was a victim and became the victimizer than for the real monster that was raniere. You accused allison that she liked to feed other women forgetting in the process that she did not do anything that raniere did not convince her and ordered her to do it and that other equally indoctrinated and brainwashed women like her were willing to strike out with each other India Oxenberg and your new friend that you feed Pea Onyu so much, A woman from DOS who dropped out and told her story in Frank Report said that ALL of these women are obsessed with training and that they could kill if Keith asks them for it, so being an intelligent subject as you prove to be and even concentrating your poison against her. obseciva form and I have observed you as you manipulate the information to create points of view as when you say –the rumor is …… and follow your speculation on a fact that or not knows nothing new or suspicious or is simply little known
        ahem: the allison apartment in brooklyn, you say I bought it with money from clare bronfman as payment for their work recruiting women to be slaves, but many of us who followed the accounts of their social networks and the blog we know that this apartment already had it when I finished smallville and it was part of his plan to concentrate on the theater.

        Was Allison Mack so stupid that she thought she could label women as cattle and then enslave them and there would be no protests?

        A: Perhaps not all the women of DOS and Haren did that.

        On top of that, he committed blackmail to force the women to join the harem.
        When confronted with public outrage, Mrs. Mack justified her actions as brotherhood jokes among consenting adults.
        This is from a 35-year-old woman not a naive freshman

        A: And even though this was also done by other teachers and slaves this was supposed to work just like all the Raniere projects is to say MLM but all those involved are brainwashed to believe that it is a good thing for them.

        Mrs. Mack is a liar and a scoundrel.
        She longed for the power that a pimp gave her.
        She savored degrading and dehumanizing women

        A: here you only have rason in the first line but again all were in the same situation so why hate more allison and not the other women or the same Raniere. and in case you want to argue that allison is looking for power and that’s why she is evil, I remind you that all the Nxians who lived or spent time in the Albany area knew that Raniere.Maria with many women both students, trainers and members of the board of directors and Most people I accept.
        everyone saw pam cafritz dying in life and again everyone accepted it, many of them knew about tax evasion and still did not leave. Then I ask you, wonder why allison is more evil than all the other women or all the other people in Nxivm who were silent accomplices of Raniere.

    • It’s apparent she could give a shit what you think Max.
      You have taken a pole of the entire internet? That must of take awhile for you to come up with 95%. Did you invent the internet also? Why should she defend Allison Mack? KK didn’t make Allsion stop acting, move to Albany hop in bed with VanTurd or Co-start DOS with Raniere. Allison is of legal age and is considered an adult in the eyes of the law.

  • Why is Sultan of Six bullies so much on here? (I could ask the same question of Shadowstate and Scott Johnson). I have only seen well articulated opinions of Sultan’s. While those who bully are attacking and using vulgarities towards him. I do not agree with him on KK. I believe she should step up and speak out against NXIVM and fight for those womwn’s rights. But this board is a place for people to express their opinions. And I haven’t seen Sultan of Six do anything but share his opinion. So, why the bullying? It’s wrong and anyone attacking on this board should be banned. Period. Stop acting like grade schoolers and simply post your opinion without tearing others down.

  • Kristin Kreuk did not leave NXIVM in 2013 because she discovered something “dark”. She was still very much pro-NXIVM at least two years later, probably more.

  • Allison Mack was and is an adult.
    Adults must take responsibility for their actions.

    Was Ms. Mack unaware of Raniere’s raging promiscuity?
    No, Mack participated in it.

    Was Ms. Mack unaware of the rumors of pedophilia.
    No, Ms. Mack not only knew about the pedophilia but there are reports that she enabled it.

    Was Ms. Mack unaware of the sexual slavery?
    No, there are even reports that Mack and Clare Bronfman fought over who would be the slave master of India Oxenberg.

    Did Mack at any point object to the branding of women?
    No, Ms. Mack spurred Dr. Danielle Roberts on to brand the women even as the women were screaming in agony.

    Did Ms. Mack profit from the many crimes of NXIVM?
    She sure did at one point owning a house in Clifton Park that supposedly came from the proceeds of money laundering as well as owning a townhouse.
    And Mack owned a BMW which might have been a gift or payment from Clare Bronfman.
    On top of that Mack’s activities at NXIVM afforded her a lifestyle of global jet setting.

    Was Mack offended by the violent experiments performed on women by Dr. Brandon Porter?
    No, she used Dr. Porter to recruit students into her acting school.
    And Mack sold Dr. Porter a house.

    Did Mack ever hesitate to try to recruit women into the cult?
    No Mack tried to recruit actress Emma Watson and singer Kelly Clarkson into the cult as well as an Albany wine bar hostess knowing full well that she was working to expand a sex slave cult.

    Allison Mack’s hypocrisy knows no bounds.
    She advocated women’s empowerment while torturing and enslaving women.

    Allison Mack’s social media is filled with virtue signaling quoting Martin Luther King, Gandhi and Harriet Tubman while in her own personal life committing all kinds of human rights atrocities.

    It’s not enough to talk the talk.
    One must also walk the walk.

    Maybe Frank feels remorse and regret for what has happened to Ms. Mack.
    But Allison Mack is the author of her own misfortunes.
    If Raniere had not been stopped Allison Mack would in all probability still be branding and enslaving women.

    I leave you with words from the poem “Invictus”by William Ernest Henley.

    “It matters not how strait the gate,
    How charged with punishments the scroll,
    I am the master of my fate,
    I am the captain of my soul.”

    Allison Mack is the master of her fate and the captain of her soul.
    She has no one to blame but herself.

  • In response to the article:

    Nonsense. The thoughts and actions of Allie Whack are NOT Kristin Kreuk’s responsibility.

    The author response to the article:

    Nonsense. The thoughts and actions of Allie Whack are NOT Kristin Kreuk’s responsibility.

    The author’s argument to the contrary, is similar to the notion that a DUI crash is the fault of the bartender for serving the drunk who drove.

    Allison, throughout her time with NXIVM was (is) a grown adult, and at no time was declared mentally unfit. She may have been acting under ‘peer pressure’ and manipulation from Keith Raniere, but none of these excuses legitimize the things she did to others.

    Where is Kreuk’s accountability in all of this? Who’s to say; I’m sure if the Feds have ‘enough’, they’ll charge her with something.

  • Frank, for the love of God, please block the crazy obsessed stalker SultanOfSix. Male thirst and white knighting is one of the most irritating traits I have ever seen. The west is cucked because of emasculated men being little bitches. They try to get women to like them and have sex with them by worshiping them and trying to wrap them up in cotton wool. I am tired of skim reading the desperate infatuated posts of this freak. He is emotionally obsessed with a woman he does not know, who does not know him and would not give a shit about if he dropped dead. This is very unhealthy and annoying to look at. SultanOfSix is that irritating kid in the playground, the skinny dweeb, walking around with a briefcase arguing with the teachers like he knows better. He is a major reason the comments section goes a bit berserk. He is an elderly man obsessed with a d-list actress half his age, who is no spring chicken herself. He even contacted Kreuk’s father at work. He worships Kreuk more than Allah. I don’t like prostitution but SultanOfSpank should just pay a hooker to put on a Kristin Kook mask under a hijab, take her out to the Allahu Snack Bar before popping viagra and hoping for the best, like Raniere.

  • – I don’t know about you, but if I led someone into the path of destruction – beckoned them to cross the street – – then a bus hit them – I would be doing anything and everything I could to try to rectify the problem I caused.

    This false equivalence has been rebutted ad nauseum along with the slippery slope fallacy that tries to place guilt at the feet of Kristin for recruiting someone (a minor event) into being the main causal responsibility for that someone performing alleged illegal activities such as sex trafficking (major event). It ignores the person’s own volition and too many other causal variables in a period of time that spans many years.

    Also, it was already claimed by a number of commentators in the past that Kristin attempted to get Allison out well before any of the machinations of DOS were plotted – those people said she staged at least two “interventions” whatever that means – but Allison remained a believer. This further solidified Allison’s firmness in serving her Vanguard. Allison crossed the line of victim into perpetrator a long time ago and now has to suffer the consequences.

    • Do you really think someone is willing going to say, hey cross the street now knowing a bus is coming and going to hit her friend?

      WTF, what a stupid metaphor. Do you really believe Kristen joined a criminal organization and than invited her friend to join her?

      If Allison is so innocent and just a victim of an enrollment why is she not working with the DOJ to make up for her actions?

      Adults, are going to do what they believe is right for themselves. If someone wants to stay in NXIVM, they will.

      Allison had the same information available to her as everyone else did but she chose not to believe it and believed her Master instead.

      Allison made her own choice to cross the legal line.

    • There were no interventions moron because Kreuk never turned on the cult, ever. She continued to be a supporter of NXIVM after 2013, so why would she try and hold interventions!?

      You believe those anonymous posts without any proof or evidence which you keep going on and on about, but when people with first and second hand knowledge share their information, there you are shitting on them.

      • – There were no interventions moron because Kreuk never turned on the cult, ever. She continued to be a supporter of NXIVM after 2013, so why would she try and hold interventions!?

        Now it’s she never “turned on the cult”, whatever that even means. She didn’t have to turn on it because she left it. You have repeated the claim that she was a “supporter” of NXIVM after 2013 a zillion times, yet you haven’t provided a single shred of evidence proving it.

        I stated that it was CLAIMED by multiple commentators in the past. If those are true then Allison further SOLIDIFIED for herself to remain a believer and it was her choice and she bears the responsibility for it. Even if Kristin didn’t stage such interventions, it still changes nothing about what I wrote in the first paragraph.

        • You are happy to talk about anonymous posters that say stuff that fit your desired narrative but sugar coat unsavory questions and allegations because they don’t. John Tigue and Joe O’Hara have more weight behind them than these anonymous posters who please you. No one wants to hear what you have to say. People are calling out Kristin Kreuk, not the spanking stalker, blinded by his own infatuation. Kreuk will never be your Mrs Spank.

          • No shit you turd blossom. That’s what arguing for a position is about. Also, as a general principle it is much better to expect good from people who warrant it due to their character and haven’t give you a reason to doubt otherwise than to malign it based off of insinuation and innuendo.

            For the zillionth time, John Tighe never alleged anything illegal or incriminating about Kristin just because she was at Necker Island. He claimed there were talks about money laundering through some source, but the worst he alleged of Kristin on his blog was that she was teaming up with Mark Vicente and Mark Hildreth to “sell its [NXIVM] poison” in Vancouver. One wonders why Sarah Edmondson was never mentioned since she actually ran the Vancouver center, but that is irrelevant to the current point.

            And for the zillionth time, the lawsuit of Joe O’Hara named almost everyone who spent several years in NXIVM. Not only that, according to the text of the lawsuit itself, as pointed out by Anonymous
            October 11, 2018 at 2:11 pm on this very website:

            I skimmed through the documentation and after focusing on the main culprits it lists these other individuals after saying the following.

            “Other Individuals Who May Have Participated In Tortious And/Or Illegal Activities – And/Or Who May Have Benefitted Financially From The Operations Of NXIVMlESP And/Or Other NXIVMlESP-Related Business Entities

            Based upon information and belief, there are numerous other individuals who have (a) assisted NXIVM/ESP and/or other named and to-be-Defendants with respect to a variety of tortious and/or illegal activities — and/or (b) benefitted financially from the operations of the various NXIVM/ESP-Related Business Entities. Although many of these individuals will be identified during the course of discovery with respect to this lawsuit, the following individuals have already been identified as likely members of one or both of those groups:”

            I don’t know what “tortious” means. Is “tortuous” what is meant? Benefited is also spelled incorrectly.

            Nevertheless, it alleges that these people on the list “may” have done either a) or b) or both. It doesn’t even use the word “all”. And b) doesn’t even entail that those who only did b) actually did — or even knew of — anything illegal, but only could have benefited financially as a result of NXIVM and its affiliated entities. The point: being listed doesn’t necessitate guilt of said individuals, nor does it grant greater warrant for said guilt.

            Do you know what this means dumb dumb? It means that according to the logic outlined in the lawsuit, what Kristin may be most “guilty” of is b) which means she MAY have only benefited financially from NXIVM BUT NEVER ACTUALLY TOOK PART IN ANYTHING ILLEGAL.

            Nothing in the lawsuit asserts anything CONCLUSIVE EITHER WAY for those who are listed as “Other individuals” which Kristin was a part of.

            It says MAY multiple times and it says AND/OR multiple times. Take a logic lesson.

            Gawd you are obtuse.

    • Your words have zero meaning you crazy stalker. People who are not infatuated by Kristin Kook are not blinded like you are. Your obsession is worse than an ISIS terrorist wanting to go BOOM! You are incapable of accepting anything that contradicts this image you have built up in your sad stalker mind. Kristin Kook would think you were a freak. You contacted her father you sick creep. Just stop being you. People want to hear from the horse’s mouth, not yours you spanker twat. Think about all the money you would save if you didn’t waste it on jars of Vaseline.


  • The first page of your blog proves Frank main focus is Kristen K. Out of 15 posts 7 involve Kristen K. Only goes to prove Frank either is so busy working on his legal defense that he is dependant on his readers to do his posts for him, to lazy to dig into the DOJ accused criminal and those that have yet to be brought to justice, or he’s just has a thing for Kristen K.

    Frank refuses to post about the real criminal Kristin, Keeffe that is. Frank knows her well. He worked with Keeffe closely when he worked for NXIVM. The two worked together to harm Ex-members of NXIVM. Frank was offered a million dollars to have some of them arrested. Frank also helped Keeffe after she left NXIVM, Keeffe depended on Frank to help her hide.

    Frank, has Keeffe come forward publicly to say how sorry she is for her enrollments and all the evil deeds she did for her sex master Keith Raniere? Some of us know the damage Keeffe did and how evil she was in her workings within NXIVM but yet you refuse to do one post about her.

    Maybe I just missed the post on Keeffe, can you please share the URL’s of your posts of Keeffe.

    • Keeffe is a defector. Perhaps she talks to Frank. Perhaps she will take part in the trial.

      Whatever the case, Kristin Kreuk has a lot to answer for, whether you like it or not. She wants to be famous and in the public eye, virtue signalling and taking other people’s tax dollars, while refusing to talk about what she did and what she knows. She brought it on herself.

      Frank Report is all things NXIVM. Kristin Kreuk will forever be twined with the NXIVM cult. She used her fame to help build it up but never to bring it down. Shameful.

      • Out of the two Kristen’s Keeffe was Keith Raniere’s right hand goon. She did his evil deeds in his abusive attacks on those that defected before her.

        Keeffe was also with Raniere in his CBI days. Its known she had sex with Raniere and bore his child. A child that Raniere and his goons made up a cover story to lie that the child was Keeffe’s or Raniere’s.

        Why lie about the parenthood of a child? It was a cover up so Raniere could string along his women into believing they’d have the promised Avatar baby.

        Why is the Frank report not covered with Kristen Keeffe and the destruction she caused? Why is Frank protecting Keeffe and reports so often on the question of Keeffe? Grow a pair Frank and answer the question. Readers want to know.

        • Kristin Keefe is a defector, she lives in hiding. What does it mean that you need to compromise her safety, by forcing your attentions on her? Why so keen on interfering with witnesses for the prosecution?

  • Hey Sultan, now is a worthwhile time to contact KK’s dad. Tell him you want to interview him on how he got KK out of Nxivm.
    Also, Frank, could you ask Catherine Oxenberg to have her ex Casper talk about his experience at Necker island in 2010

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