Reader responds to Pea’s comment that Keith is a ‘perfect man’

This photo is not an actual picture of Pea Onyu but rather an artistic vision of what Pea was thought to actually look like, Recent developments tend to suggest that Pea may look nothing like this artist conception.

A recent satirical post about Keith Raniere’s biography caused Pea Onyu to comment as follows:

“Honestly this post is a disgrace. Look at it this way, Keith was a brain, an athlete, and had a great heart. He also has the soul of an artist. He is in fact the perfect man. The man of the future. He could do it all. Musician, scientist, problem solver, athlete. Precocious and exceptionally successful. Frank is just jealous that Keith is superior to him in every way. This is true envy, true jealousy, disguised as some sort of ill and unfunny humor.”

In reply to Pea Onyu, a reader raises a rather interesting point – which is that Keith has all but admitted in texts, what Frank Report readers have known for years, that Keith likely suffers from erectile dysfunction.

Here is what a reader calling himself or herself “ME” has to say in response to Pea Onyu.


Perfect man, huh? 🙂

He’s chubby, super short and has little rodent’s feet.

He smells too, with bad hygiene.

He also has erection problems, according to his own email.

The prosecutor released an email where Keith admits to his senior slave that he needs other junior slaves to act as “fuck toys” to help reduce the extra work she must endure to help make him ejaculate. He directly admits to having problems getting erections and ejaculating. LOL.

Quote from Email (I capitalized the words “work hard”, for emphasis):

Keith Raniere: “I feel badly each time you have to WORK HARD for me to [orgasm]… I thought slaves could remove the burden…and I could get you fresh and not worn”.


Pea… How can a perfect man be a flaccid, limp-dicked shorty with rodent’s feet?

That’s a little fatty clownboy, not a perfect man.

Pea, how can you copulate with a smelly, short, and flaccid man? What about the smell? What about those feet?

Does your father know that you sleep with a fat-hog-slob?

Good news: Keith will be home in around 15-30 years, so until then, maybe get a nice vibrator to help pass the time. 🙂


While ME was not exactly polite, Me has raised a valid point. Pea, if your reading, please let us know with a fulsome response.

I also welcome other readers opinions about the wondrous Vanguard, scientist, mathematician, studly, philosopher, entrepreneur, educator, liar, inventor, jailbird and ethicist.


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  • I’ve only heard Nicky Cline once, she was coming off on the a Capella thread as an important person with better things to do than justify how wonderful Keith and A Capella Innovations were,she was a world traveler blah blah blah. The woman who works in a crappy vegan restaurant for $ 15.00 hr is not an actress. If it weren’t for the fact some think she’s Pea who would even remember her. She appears to be one of the least important members out there. Whatever they did to her in the past 12 years or so they didn’t leave a successful person behind. Girl try to figure it out and get some help if it’s not to late you are disapearing..

  • I don’t read many of Pea’s comments because the ones I have read seem like “she” is obviously trolling everyone with wild claims meant to make everyone look like idiots. But if “she” actually is still a NXIVM follower, I wouldn’t believe anything “she” posts since it would only be crap meant to discredit anyone who spoke out or turned against the cult.

    But since this site is the place to post any baseless theories and accusations, how about looking into India Oxenberg. She’s all in from 2011-2018, which according to Frank and many on this site, means she must support pedophilia and rape, and if CC-1 hasn’t flipped, why would CC-2 who wouldn’t abandon the cult despite all of her mother and her grandmother’s efforts to pull her out for over a year. Why is she still following Salinas, the Bronfmans, Clyne, Mack, Boone, Loreta, Carlson, Jimena Garza, et al on her IG and more importantly why are they all still following her? If she was really out, wouldn’t they purge her from their social media. Is she playing people, hoping not to be charged? She hasn’t denounced the cult publicly as is required on here to prove to one and all that she is indeed out of the cult, has she? Would she be so warped as to plot something against her mother

    And speaking of Catherine Oxenberg, I probably missed it, but why was she running around with a camera crew for all of this?

    • To shine a light on the orginization that brainwashed her daughter? To publicise the book, written for the same purpose? This neurosis about people ‘following’ others on sm’s smells familiar.

    • I actually agree with you. I read Catherine’s book; it was decent and gave some great insight into the processes, except for naming every single movie her or her ex-husband had been in. “Casper wasn’t a ninja, but he played one in a movie called blah blah”. I do think that India is not innocent in all this. Sure she was “brainwashed” but she’s very guilty of recruiting for this cult. She should be held to the same standard as the rest of them. Even the book says she was living with Allison and even mentions a close relationship with Lauren. India is not some innocent bystander here. Unfortunate situation, but she could have left at any time.

      • ‘Unfortunate situation, but she could have left at any time.’ Wasn’t she in the cult this site has built a burden of proof on over its blackmailing brainwashing incarcerating ways? If it was as simple as that this site would not exist, surely?

    • India is currently working with a cult deprogramer. It may take a while to really grasp where you’ve been and what you’ve participated in, I’m sure it takes more than a few months if you’ve been in deep. Fear of these people would make me keep an eye on there accounts. And Catherine has been documenting the cult for a while just as the cult has documented everything. If I was her I’d have a camera on them at all times too. Maybe she’s writing part two her book only covers what had happened up to a certain point. The story is far from over.
      I think the picture of pea where it’s cute for a pea, I picture her as a critter sitting in an outhouse and I keep hoping it will crack and she’ll fall the rest of the way into Nxivm’ S pile of shit.
      Pea is nothing, contributes nothing, if she was even a little bit funny it would help but she’s not. She just posts stupid obviously phony stuff no one believes about a creepy little man that if she really does even know him she’s of no value to him so what’s her point?

  • And just to clarify something he does not have rodent feet. He has beautiful feet and a beautiful heart ♥️ and a captivating mind. Believe it. I’m talking about Keith not stupid Frank Parlato.

    • That sounds interesting. Do you have any pictures of his beautiful feet? Can you provide some examples of his beautiful heart and captivating mind?

    • Pea:
      Was it beautiful when Raniere during one VD Day celebration encouraged women to punch each other as hard as they could until they cried?
      Was it from Raniere’s heart when he told one woman to run head first into a tree?
      Was it smart for Raniere to tell one woman to drink from a muddy pond?

      Pea. could you please clarify a statement you made yesterday?
      “Allison’s dad was almost one of us. Her mom is a peach.”

      Are you saying that Allison Mack’s family is practically part of NXIVM?
      Did Allison’s father give singing lessons to you and other members of NXIVM?
      From Catherine Oxenberg’s book “Captive” we know that Allison’s mother was visiting Allison in Brooklyn after Raniere’s arrest but before Allison’s arrest.
      Is Allison’s mother practically part of NXIVM?
      “Mark spotted Alli with her mother in Brooklyn Heights as he left a coffee shop. The two women entered an apartment building two blocks from Stanley’s”

      Thank you Pea for answering my serious questions.

    • Just to clarify pea, I’m talking about Frank Parloto not Creepy Keith. Of the two no doubt Frank has ethics , creepy Keith has no ethics. Look the word up you’ll see the difference.
      Rodent feet? Well he is definitely a rodent so that makes sense , where Frank is a smart man who followed through and got Keith put in jail, Keith never followed through with anything that’s why he’s in jail and Clare is indicted. So far Frank is way ahead.
      Keith has a heart, technically he has a heart that beats , he could have a heart attack so he does qualify half way.
      Frank Parlato does appear to have a beautiful heart. It doesn’t mean he’s been a perfect person but real ethical people always strive to be better so I say Frank Parlato wins again with a beautiful heart.
      I tried pea but Keith lost on every count and Frank won on every count. It was a goid try on your part.
      One common thread on your posts I’m curious about what did you call Keith while in the cult together? Was he VANGUARD, MASTER, OR DID YOU CALL HIM KEITH. And were you on the stripe path? I don’t care what necktie you had just wondering if you were working your way up? No offense but you definately are not college educated, and you don’t appear to be overly intelligent which is possibly why you were given this job of trolling the Frank Report. I doubt you are an actress either, that requires some skills too. Trolling a blog is a low level occupation

  • I am not a troll. And I will respond. I will write an email and give you something to put in your pipe and smoke on it. Frank Parlato you are a fool. And I will prove with logic that Keith Raniere is hue greatest man who ever lived! Thanks for the invitation to do so.

    • Pea, my mother read us the stories of the troll that lived under a bridge. My guess is This is the same troll in the outhouse that fell into the pile of Nxivm shit. I know not very ethical language but no other words would fit. There’s more than one type of troll. Some find you amusing, if thats your intention great. No one takes you seriously so that just leaves an empty hole left behind like you were no one. And no one tried to rescue you?
      Did they convince you creepy Keith would get out of jail and save you? Was your mouth open when you fell?

  • Pea Brain is a NXIVM troll or an idiot. Hey there are women who want to marry Charles Manson so why not the VanTurd?

    • Not even a NXIVM troll, but a (likely) 4chan troll. I don’t understand how anyone could take these posts remotely seriously.

  • John Tigue wrote about Raniere popping viagra for his little peepee years ago.

    Also, Pea has attacked Lauren Salzman. Is Pea Nicki Clyne? If so, claims Pea made about Raniere fucking Kristin Kook is probably true.

    • Maybe we should send VanTard a can of Fix-a-Flat as a belated birthday gift. On second thought, since he’s on the extended stay program at MDC, maybe a nice jar of butt lube would be of more use to him these days. Poor VanTard…how the mighty do fall.

      • Let’s not make it easier on him, he will take it the hard way like all newcomers. He’s better hope someone big and mean wants him or he’s open season. The day he’s been raped as many times as he raped others then justice will have been done.
        And Pea that’s how every PRISON WORKS. He’s in Rainbow gardens right now compared to the real prison he’s going to.
        In prison your not considered gay. No one escapes. Nor do they sit around waiting to be brainwashed before taking what they want. I wondered if he ever considered the ethics of rape while he was the rapist. You cannot justify the word FUCK TOY with the ethics of trying to help a woman deal with childhood issues related to sex.

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