Reader: ‘Don’t believe Frank – I am so sick of this BS that Kristin Kreuk recruited tons of people’

Is it true that Kristin Kreuk doesn't even know Sultan?

By Jesse

I would highly suggest you do your research instead of believing everything that Frank says. I think it’s hilarious that he only posts comments from people who agree with his ridiculous accusations.

I am so sick of this BS that she recruited tons of people and they all ended up in deep with NXIVM. I can count on one hand the number of people she recruited!!

Kristin only moved up once in the cult and stayed at that level for the rest of her time there. I think it’s unbelievable that there are members who recruited thousands of people and yet you guys, who are believing Frank’s nonsense, are getting hung up on KK recruiting a few people.

I’m really getting tired of people dissecting her statement and saying she should have said this or that. Or, ‘Oh, she meant this.’ Who are you to question what she said?! There was nothing wrong with her statement and she didn’t deflect anything!!

And why the crap would KK have to write in her statement that she is willing to work with authorities??!! The stuff Keith and Allison are being charged with have nothing to do with what Kristin participated in.

She, out of all the people who have been named, has the least amount of information because she was NOT in the inner circle. Like, how many people need to say that before you people wake up and believe it? Sarah Edmondson who ran ESP in Vancouver, which is where KK went, has stated multiple times that Kristin was not in the inner circle. Along with others.

Also, if KK was trying to hide, I’m pretty sure the hour-long documentary Sarah, Mark Vicente and her husband Anthony Ames did on A&E would have blocked out her photo. Mark Hildreth was blurred out but she wasn’t.

KK could have stayed quiet and not said anything. But she chose to speak “her” truth about what she knew. First, everyone is complaining (because of Frank) that she wasn’t speaking up and then when she finally does, people like you and Frank are still criticizing her.

And not that this is important (🙄) Kristin was still friends with a couple of people in NXIVM, but she wasn’t hanging out with them.

I don’t know who you are, but you sure as heck don’t come off as someone “who likes” Kristin. These speculations are really starting to wear thin.

You guys have no freakin’ clue the kind of person she is.


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  • I think the normal posters on here do not hate Kristin K. Her current status as an actress puts her directly in the public eye. She needs to speak out if she wants her truth to come out. She belonged way to long for anyone to believe she wasn’t part of the inner circle. She was involved deeply in attempts to attract college students in bizarre ways, always secretive. Who are you? We aren’t going to just take your word for her either. She had too many ties to the defendants sorry she has to come forward.

      • John Tigue wrote about it in way back in February 2012, the same month Kreuk and Mack were named in O’Hara’s lawsuit. The same month the Times Union expose dropped, exposing Raniere as a pedophile with Kreuk and Mack as members. Frank recently republished Tigue’s article:

        Not only does John Tigue make the claim about Siohban Hotaling, he also said the attendees (Kreuk and Mack were among the attendees) discussed money laundering. And all three women were named in Joe O’Hara’s lawsuit for at least assisting NXIVM criminal activity.

        Also, this interview with Kreuk from 2012, from October 2012, she states from 3:50 that she splits her time between Los Angeles and Vancouver. Somebody said on Reddit that she did a NXIVM cult course in Los Angeles in 2012 and Kreuk showed up on the second day looking half alert with her legs unshaven. Kreuk confirms herself in 2012 she was partially based in Los Angeles.

        Kreuk was also still involved with NXIVM at least two years after she claims she left.

    • In more recent news a Frankreport post from 2017 described Siobhan Hotaling as a “punching bag” for Allison Mack to take her meanness out on.

      Here is what a lady from Clifton Park had to say:

      Siobhan Hotaling is an EMP. She is also Allison Mack’s punching bag.
      Allison takes out her “meanness and bitchiness” on
      her just like Lauren Salzman takes her “bitchiness and meanness” out on Allison.
      Everyone knows Siobhan had an ethical breach. It was “non-integrity”, [lack of] loyalty.
      Her breach was she refused to fuck Keith.
      Of course, it was said differently: Her ethical breach
      was: “She refused to have Keith’s baby.”
      She did not want to have a baby. She’s a lesbian. And not the motherly type.

    • Why does this lawsuit keep being brought up by certain commentators as if it still holds any legitimacy? It was dismissed with prejudice, which means it is gone forever. Joe has claimed that it was his Bankruptcy trustee that dismissed it and not him, and also suggests that the trustee spent a lot of time with the attorneys of the Bronfman sisters and thus was coaxed into doing just that, but why would someone who works for you make such a consequential decision for something of such significance without your consent?

      • The lawsuit is brought up because the people named in it are big name NXIVM people. Many are probably being investigated now. O’Hara claims he had real belief to name everyone he did and planed to add more names. Just because NXIVM got away with things, again, does not diminish why O’Hara named them in the first place. It was a real and legit lawsuit and Kreuk and Mack were both named in it. All those names should be investigated with the current investigation. The kind of claims O’Hara made back then is relevant to the current investigation, i.e. money laundering, tax evasion, etc. This could of and should of been dealt with years ago.

        • NXIVM didn’t get away with anything. The lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice by a judge. Unless you think a judge was in NXIVM’s pocket? As far as I know, almost everyone who was part of NXIVM for several years — which amounts to hundreds of people — is named as part of that lawsuit. That doesn’t seem to me like much thought was put into the actual details of alleged illegal activity of the each of the specific individuals involved.

          • There are around 100 defendants named in the lawsuit, out of thousands of people who have been involved with NXIVM.

            O’Hara claimed he had real reason to name those individuals. He also said he had even more names of NXIVM people but it was the ones who ended up in his lawsuit who he had reasons to believe should be investigated. He said right here on Frank Report that he didn’t want to name just anyone.


          • I skimmed through the documentation and after focusing on the main culprits it lists these other individuals after saying the following:

            “Other Individuals Who May Have Participated In Tortious And/Or Illegal Activities – And/Or Who May Have Benefitted Financially From The Operations Of NXIVMlESP And/Or Other NXIVMlESP-Related Business Entities

            Based upon information and belief, there are numerous other individuals who have (a) assisted NXIVM/ESP and/or other named and to-be-Defendants with respect to a variety of tortious and/or illegal activities — and/or (b) benefitted financially from the operations of the various NXIVM/ESP-Related Business Entities. Although many of these individuals will be identified during the course of discovery with respect to this lawsuit, the following individuals have already been identified as likely members of one or both of those groups:”

            I don’t know what “tortious” means. Is “tortuous” what is meant? Benefited is also spelled incorrectly.

            Nevertheless, it alleges that these people on the list “may” have done either a) or b) or both. It doesn’t even use the word “all”. And b) doesn’t even entail that those who only did b) actually did — or even knew of — anything illegal, but only could have benefited financially as a result of NXIVM and its affiliated entities. The point: being listed doesn’t necessitate guilt of said individuals, nor does it grant greater warrant for said guilt.

          • The lawsuit ended before anything even happened. The named people probably were not even investigated. However, many probably are now or will be. Read what Joe O’Hara posted on Frank Report. He is adamant that the people he named in his lawsuit needed to be named. Every member of the executive board was named, as was Raniere’s harem, the top people of DOS. Allison Mack was no deeper in NXIVM than Kristin Kreuk and she was named. This was 2012 and DOS was formed in 2015. And Kreuk was still around in 2015, despite her lie that she left in 2015. The things O’Hara accused NXIVM of in 2012 is what they are being investigated for today. Therefore, that list should be taken seriously by the authorities. The FBI has a ton of digital data from NXIVM. They will find a lot of evidence skimming through that treasure trove of information. Peace out.

          • All those things you’ve alleged about Raniere’s harem, Kristen Kreuk, Allison Mack, whoever, etc., don’t matter. What matters is what is stated specifically in the *language* of lawsuit and the conclusions that can be logically drawn from it. And none of those change due to anything you have stated. Also, the authorities can’t take a lawsuit that has been dismissed with prejudice seriously since it has been tossed out forever.

            “A dismissal with prejudice is dismissal of a case on merits after adjudication.The plaintiff is barred from bringing an action on the same claim. Dismissal with prejudice is a final judgment and the case becomes res judicata on the claims that were or could have been brought in it.

            A court has inherent power to dismiss an action with prejudice if it is vexatious, brought in bad faith, or when there has been a failure to prosecute it within a reasonable time. When a plaintiff who has commenced an action fails to comply with discovery devices, a court, which has issued the order of compliance, may sua sponte dismiss the case with prejudice.”

          • It wasn’t tossed because an investigation decided they were innocent. They are investigating the same things O’Hara was claiming in 2012. These same people are probably being looked at now. If O’Hara had reasons to want these people investigated, so will the current investigators.

  • Frank, why do you keep removing my post with the link on sociopathic projection? It’s clear from the behavior displayed on here by certain poster(s) that it fits them to a tee. With the dozens of comments that were allowed on this website for over a month in mockery of my culture, skin tone, and way of life, many of which still exist throughout it, why is this specific comment being removed?

    I find this selective removal of this link quite perplexing on a site that claims to promote free speech. Here it is again: https_characterassassinator-ruinyou.blogspot.com_2014_08_the-sociopath-uses-projection-to-bully.html. Replace the first underscore with “://” and the remaining with “/”.

    Is it because the content of the posts and comments on this site – if it hasn’t already reached such a state – now dangerously close to such bullying behavior in its persistent attempts to constantly malign Kristin in such a manner?

    • You are a very sick person. You are extremely racist and dangerous. You should not be posting anything anywhere. That’s the public opinion. Get some help, I’m sure there’s a therapist out there that can explain it to you.

    • Erm… I don’t think she would answer here… But that would be nice. If it was really her, so we can choose to trust her.

      Smallville : She made the show exist because every girl wanted to look like her and she was the dreamgirl of the male ones…
      BaB : Same
      BoT : Same
      Frank Report : Maybe the world wide attention is caused by the recent events in which her name appeared…
      Can you believe that her shows display even in remote towns in South America ? True story !
      She might be not acclaimed like Julia Roberts (she miss the nut factor, whereas she’s kinda nut as well), but she’s a worldwide famed star…

      So, let’s talk of “passive recruitment” ?!?!?

  • Nice try Jesse. I don’t believe your BS.
    Have you thought of joining the Kristen Kreuk fan club?
    That’s where this article should be .
    You sound like another obsessed Stalker trying to sweep her crimes under the rug

    • If you have additional info, please share. If you have first hand or second hand knowledge to back you up, go ahead and scream LIAR! But if your info on the topic comes from FR, then don’t go to the LIAR card.

      • I was never involved in NXIVM, but I know someone who knows someone who was involved with NXIVM and this person insists Kristin Kreuk was around and involved with NXIVM in 2015, two years after she claims she left. An insider on this site “ionwhitepoetry” said Kreuk was still involved in 2016. She was also in New York late 2016, so maybe was with the Albany branch. Putting that out there.

      • Because individuals post their opinions here does not mean they are Frank’s opinions. Get it? Let KK come forward , she looks very fake and cowardly not addressing the huge elephant in the room.

  • Jesse,

    I agree with your post. It appears Frank is going for clicks to keep his advertising dollars coming in since KK post get a great deal of attention. His well of helpful people sharing their stories and knowledge of NXIVM has dried up because of Frank continued poor judgement with his posts and allowing TROLL like Scotty constant abuse of other posters and Ex-members of NXIVM.

    • If only said actresses considered being a fan “stalking” instead of what actually is, you know, like some anonymous blowhard who hates on her in every thread about her then pretends he wouldn’t even give a crap about her if someone wasn’t always white/brown knighting all the time, like that excuse fools anyone with his or her Intellect still intact and functioning.

    • Scott:

      Allow me if you will to disclose why I choose to remain one of many “anonymous cowards” posting here on the Frank:

      1) You impress me as the kind of individual who, if given my real name, would pay a paltry sum to discover, through a background check performed on the Internet, that:

      a) I am a registered sex offender;
      b) I have declared bankruptcy twice;
      c) I have been married three times and divorced four times;
      d) A distant relative was a trusted confidant of Joseph Stalin and the evil engineer of Holmodor (ask your friend Captain Oblivious to look this up for you on Wikipedia);
      e) My sister in law used to sell Melaleuca products. (Is Melaleuca still in business? They used to sell a toothpaste that gave me a morning woody you could tow a boat with!)

      Sorry Scott, I do not want anyone to know this much about me. Especially that fearsome consiglierette of the Raniere crime family, Clare Bronfman, who, with her equine background, might hunt me down and leave a decapitated horse head in my bed (which, actually, would be preferable to finding Clare herself in my bed).

      2) I am not promoting anything when posting on the Frank. Not myself, not a radio show, not anything. I am here because my jobs involve a lot of down time, so when taking time away from writing my great un-American, unpublished and for the most part unedited unauthorized autobiography, I like to check in on the Frank to see how the World’s smartest man, the prophet, the schlubby shaman, is doing over in the MDC. I come here because you and Shadowstalker never fail to make me laugh. (I am kind of proud of Shadow: If he watches “The Verdict” a couple of times, and spends some more time on Wikipedia, I think he will be ready to enter the Thomas Cooley School of Law, or, if he wants to stay closer to home, that other bastion of legal education, UIC/John Marshall Law School).

      • “A distant relative was a trusted confidant of Joseph Stalin and the evil engineer of Holmodor (ask your friend Captain Oblivious to look this up for you on Wikipedia);

        I don’t have to look Holmodor up on Wikipedia.
        It was the mass starvation of 3 million Ukrainians in the early 1930s engineerd by Joseph Stalin.
        I read the book on this genocide written by Anne Applebaum.

      • Thank you I also have no wish for the creeps that are ever present to have my personal info. We are strangers with a mutual interest in this story. That is all

    • I understand your point. But you weren’t part of NXIVM. You don’t have anything to lose by posting your name. In fact, you are trying to gain by posting your name. Frank started doing this as a survival mechanism. Many Anons are posting here in order to help others, but not hurt themselves. The message to “use your real name, pussy!” shouldn’t be coming from you, and probably shouldn’t be coming from any ex-NXIVM people either.

      Anons posting here have helped Frank. Ex-NXIVMs with info who have not yet posted, are the ones we should be encouraging to participate. And of course, when they finally do post, they can go ahead and be anonymous.

  • This person reads like SultanOfSix, the notorious cyber stalker of Kristin Kreuk. His “Karl Bassett” alias was called out, now he is trying his hand at “Jesse”. Or, do we have another mad superfan on Frank Report? Kreuk didn’t even cut the NXIVM cord in 2013 like she said.

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