The assholes nearly took over the comments section – I now delete them

It has come to my attention that pro-NXIVM forces are commenting on Frank Report and by checking out their IP addresses, I see clearly what’s going on.

I am now going to delete NXIVM trolls from this website.  This is Keith Raniere or rather his minions trying to spoil the effectiveness of Frank Report. I don’t blame them. Frank Report is highly effective

The deletions started today.

Keep in mind, I cannot monitor the blog 24/7, so asshole-Raniere-inspired comments might be on here for a few hours before I get around to deleting them.

By the way, I do not mind if people post comments favoring or supporting Raniere. These I will not delete. It is the racist, sexist, nasty, rude to others’ comments, ones that have no bearing on the topic of the post- that are going to get deleted. Fast.

I will delete comments that have just pure plain meanness as their basis. This is Raniere-inspired to disrupt the blog, I believe.

I am not curtailing free speech since the Raniere-assholes are free to post elsewhere on other people’s blogs or their own blogs.

I deleted the following comments today. [After today I am not going to bother to even report them. I will just delete them.]


Praise to Mohammed. I am the Great Sultan of Skanks. Here to Brown Knight Kristin Kook and bring everyone curry!


Olga, I’d like to apologise for my older brother shadowstate. He was kicked in the head by a donkey when we were kids and he hasn’t been the same since. Sad.


(and a curry/jizz mixture)


Allah smells funny.


You don’t and seriously asshole you are in over your fucking empty head. As this thing progresses you will hopefully disappear because you will look like the a-hole you are.


Go fuck Allah up the ass while sucking on Muhhamed’s rapey pedo fallus.


Who is this infidel who posted this blasphemy about me in 2015? May Allah force you to shit out a hedgehog.


I just can’t stop spanking it. I roll out my prayer mat, lie on my back with my legs behind my head and pinchgrip my penis with my index finger and thumb like I’m choking a banana slug. Allah help me.


Sultan the stalker will probably get it over the 200 mark.


Allah is gay.
Muhhamed is a pedophile rapist. SultanOfSix is a spanker/stalker.


think it helps, to be honest.

You can’t make an omelette without first cracking a few eggs.

I routinely use these words in posts — and I personally find that it helps to get the message across and understood.

Stop being so prude.

Women like it when we call them cunts or twats.

Women also like being told what to do and when to do it.

They may not admit it, but they’ll obey us just like a good puppy obeys orders from a master.

It’s simply in their DNA to submit to men and it’s also part of what the Koran teaches us.

The Koran teaches us that a woman’s testimony is only worth 1/5 of a man’s (you need 5 women to match 1 man’s testimony).

The Koran also teaches us that a woman’s testimony is more or less equivalent to that of a goat or a donkey. Praise Allah. Praise Sultan of Twat.


Does anyone know how to reheat a halal lamb curry without destroying the flavour?


SultanOfSpank after a marathon spanking session to Allah and Kristin Kook:


The poop skin spanker can’t stop brown knighting can he?

Typing “Kristin Kreuk” on twitter provides the photograph halal boy.


Are all towel heads this stupid? 😄


Maybe with the guy who likes his butt licked with jelly on it.


From today assholes’ comments will be deleted.  If they persist – then I will block them.

This does not include such as Scott Johnson, Shadow State or even my personal favorite, Pea Onyu.

All of these, even Pea, have an opinion and anyone with an opinion who comments something that is at least somewhat relevant to the post – even if I don’t agree with it – are welcome to post here.

Even those who criticize me roundly and often unfairly – are welcome.

But the racist assholes, whose sole purpose is to disrupt this site, are no longer welcome to do that here.




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  • FRANK:

    “From today assholes’ comments will be deleted. If they persist – then I will block them.

    This does not include such as Scott Johnson, Shadow State or even my personal favorite, Pea Onyu.”

    THIS (your quote), is f*cking ridiculous. So Scott Johnson, Shadowstate1958, and Pea Onyu get a pass?

    This is your solution, in spite of the numerous complaints about them from just about everybody who comments here?

    What the hell kind of solution is that?

    Lesson to learn:

    If you want to avoid having to follow “The Rules”, just firmly plant your nose in Frank Parlato’s ass.

    • ShadowState provides much more informative posts than you ever have, little Nony Mouse.

      Go eat some cheese, little Nony Mouse.

  • LOL at Heidi’s lame attempt to deny her own post made to Flowers — in order to ‘attempt’ to make herself seem more mature than she really is.

    No Heidi, you didn’t make a TYPO and mean “sniff”.

    Your quote to Flowers is below:

    “I guess I forgot to apologize to “Flowers” for writing above her reading level. …I’m actually a double agent — so stop stalking me Flowers — you Troll Trollop — before I have to snuff you out.”

    (and no, it didn’t take much effort to find that quote — just 5 seconds on Google)

    You didn’t make a typo so I’m surprised you LIED about that today and tried to make a “sniff” reference (that’s what liars do when they’re too LAZY to use Google to see what their previous post really said), LOL.

    Which makes you a coward too, since you can’t even OWN UP to your own immature comments (no matter how unserious/mocking they may have been).

    At least Flowers doesn’t lie her ass off about what she’s posted in the past.

    For goodness sake, you’re nearly a grandmother (by the looks of your wrinkly face in that photo) so act like an adult and OWN UP to your comments from now on.

    BTW: A person who lies about small things tends to also lie about big things, so I’m guessing that you were also LYING about filling in Keith’s IQ test too, just like I predicted earlier.

    Geniuses don’t follow a nerdy/pudgy man around (like groupies) for years. This tells me you’re lying about filling in the IQ test for Keith.

    You’re one of those people who just makes things up, both big things and small things, mostly for attention I’m guessing. 🙂

    • Flowers most certainly does lie. Over and over she literally makes up crazy stuff about people she knows nothing about. I have been the recipient. And believe me I have had to delete many a comment to flowers because they weren’t who I am, frustration at those who just make stuff up to total strangers. Not everyone is a troll or a hypocrite. Go back over flowers posts and that is her name for everyone she dislikes for whatever reason. This should be a safe place for adults to share ideas and opinions not a dog fight.

    • Yes, obviously Heidi is lying, not only about her comments towards me, but with her implausible stories about Keith. Why?

      Heidi also claims I’m that “stalking” her and that I should therefore be afraid of arrest. Pretty funny claim, as not only are the police just gonna laugh in Heidi’s face for phoning them with THAT report, how does looking up her SM account equate to stalking? The account is in her real name, and anyone can find it.

      Then Heidi claims her tweet about Trump was made in her youth, but she tweeted that in 2011, when she must have been well into her 40’s,. And I have to wonder why she would block Trump. Did she think Trump was going to harass her?🤣

  • Frank, wake up & smell the coffee – the assholes, as it were, hijacked the comments section of this website some time ago.

    Every post you make on this site will be commented on, but there are 2 commenters who post more often than anybody else.

    These 2, usually say the same things, over and over again, ad nauseum.

    In both cases, they think they’re “fighting the good fight”…one against MLM’s, and the other against NXIVM itself (which is a zero-sum game, considering where his anti-NXIVM bloviating is posted…it’s preaching to the choir).

    Because of these 2, many of the worthwhile comments that are posted by others get overlooked, and missed, as there are undoubtedly people who no longer even bother to read the comments here.

    Until you address the problem of these 2 individuals, and their incessant, repetitive and wholly-useless “contributions”, any action on your part at moderating the comments here, is fairly meaningless.

    • With regards to the anti-NXIVM poster, it is likely more complicated than it seems.

      Said poster would not be here except for Allison Mack. She apparently spurned his internet advances (my theory…they were probably more fatherly in a creepy way than sexual) and he is very angry. He wants to see her punished…but not for any of the crimes and misdemeanors which are described in Frank Report.

      At the same time, he wants to see Raniere/Bronfman/Salzman punished for what they have done to her… turning her into a criminal and ruining her one hit wonder of an acting career.

      There is a thin line between love and hate. When it comes to Allison Mack (who as I stated in a deleted post–deleted I think because I took a lighthearted shot at Catherine Oxenberg, needs to rethink her defense strategy*) the poster in question stands on both sides of the line, and on the line itself.

      *My opinion: Ms. Mack should dump Team Bronfman attorneys and retain a predominantly female legal team which would leverage the #me too sentiments, which might play more effectively in Cadman Plaza than they did in D.C. last week. If she wants to be saved an extensive prison term, I think an independent legal team, just by playing the clip of her crying over Vanprisonguard’s “Source” drivel, could convince jurors that this woman was a victim of brainwashing. Alas, poor Chloe.

  • I think we should practice civility and also reconsider the dominant paradigm in this blog which is that Keith is guilty or evil which is the opposite of truth.

    • Keith Raniere is both guilty and evil.
      And Keith’s remaining followers are both guilty and evil.

      Their only defense is to disrupt this blog as much as possible with lies, delusions and name calling.

  • To the CREATURE CALLING THEMSELF RYANNE S. YOU LOST BITCH. I usually don’t use language like this but that’s between me and God. Wether pretending to be someone else or this is who you really are I don’t care , please write an awesome response I won’t bother to be back to read it. If you are A than your kid/kids should be removed .

    • Anon who needs bannin’:
      What did I lose? Bitch.
      As usual you were very unclear, you said I lost something, but you are either too passive aggressive too stupid to tell me what you think I lost.

      “If I am A my kids should be removed?’ I’m going to assume you meant a mother.
      Its pretty strange how my posts would make you say that, cuz just think of all the vile and shitty things all these crazy fuckers have been posting here for months.
      Yeah.. I’ve been reading it all. Did you ever say anything to those asshole, Miss shit-for- brains anon?
      But I insulted YOU , and since you’re the most specialist person here, so now the police should take my kids away to vindicate poor insulted anon??

      • Ryanne S:
        Who is this Anon writing such a post to you?
        Most males don’t threaten to take away children from their mothers unless it’s a family dispute.
        Doesn’t NXIVM require as collateral a Woman’s children?
        Didn’t Allison Mack offer her children, yet to be born, as collateral?

        “since you’re the most specialist person here”

        What makes Anon so much a specialist?
        A specialist in what?

        Who is this Anon poster?
        To borrow a line from Harry Potter is it “She who must not be named”?
        Is it Chloe Sullivan?

        Ryanne S., I believe you have a story to tell.
        A very important story.
        As I have said before you should consider telling your story to Frank Parlato.
        You can find Frank’s email under the Contact me line on this website.

        • Captain Shadow
          (Special). .sorry that was a typo courtesy of auto correct, but who knows, it could be true. They could be a specialist, but whoever they are, I don’t think they are really sick with cancer like they claim to be. I think they are lying, and I think they are probably a NXIVM member or something weird.

  • …nor is he brave.
    He uses his real name solely to advertise his radio show.
    Frank, he should have to pay you a fee for every time he mentions his radio show.

  • THANK YOU Frank. I have been on the brink of forgetting this blog altogether due to the ridiculous comment section. Thank you for taking action!

  • Many thanks, Frank. Maybe you could also set up a filter to automatically quarantine posts for review that contain certain horrible words such as cunt, twat, rag head, retard, libtard, etc., etc.

  • Thankyou , it was obvious the low lifes were doing this on purpose.we need a place where people can post their thoughts opinions, questions without disgusting, responses posted just to screw up normal dialogue. Doesn’t mean people have to agree. We all knew it’s what’s left of the brain dead Nxivm walkers with nothing else to do.

  • There is nothing wrong with using pseudonyms or posting anonymously in order to avoid harassment from the NXIVM cult.
    There is something seriously wrong with NXIVM trolls hiding behind anonymity or false names to harass people or muddy the waters or sow dissension and strife.
    If anything proves the anti-social inhumane nature of NXIVM it is the way NXIVM tries to hijack Comments sections to disrupt their critics.

    This incident demonstrates the evil of NXIVM as nothing else could.
    Nexians are bullies and thugs.

  • This coordinated attack begs the question who in NXIVM was coordinating the troll attack?

    NXIVM features such thuggish characters as Jim Del Negro, a man described as having “earnest stupidity.”
    A man who would accuse a 5 foot tall, 100 pound, new mother of “raping” him.
    A man with no shame.

    Another possibility is Nicki Clyne, aka Clicky Nine.
    Since Nicki’s spouse has been nabbed and Nicki has lost her journalism gig at the Knife Media, Nicki can devote full time to coordinating the remaining NXIVM trolls in deliberate attacks.

    I do know that both Nicki and Allison have many friends in the artistic community in New York some of whom are associated with NXIVM.

    I know that the trolls pay attention to what I write.
    I mentioned that my nephews are adopted from Russia.
    So yesterday someone named “Olga” made a comment about me calling me her “little brother.”
    For the NXIVM trolls I am not an ethnic Russian, my adopted nephews are.
    And my nephews no longer speak Russian.
    They speak English with Midwestern accents and they like Country and Western music often traveling to Nashville and Branson, Missouri.

    Yet another possibility popped up in a conversation I had with someone named Ryanne S.

    She said she was using the alias “Ryanne S.” to taunt Allison because Allison “chose the stupid name.”
    I asked her, “Does Allison follow the Frank Report?”
    Ryanne S. answered: “She sure does. She even comments on this website.”
    Supposedly under monikers like ANON or Anonymous.

    I followed up with a little lecture assuming that Rhyanne S. is right and Allison not only reads but also comments on this website.
    I typed that if Ms. Mack is on the internet and commenting on this website that she is playing with fire.

    If she is on the Frank Report I doubt that a lecture will convince her to change her behavior.

    • The Ryanne s was sadly the least intelligent poster ever. There’s nothing there , sorry Nxivm trolls your out of here

  • Finally. The sexist, racist, homophobic trolling in the comments feed has at every point undermined anything worthwhile any of you had to say. It’s been nauseating to read and should have been taken down long ago.

  • Thank you Frank. It was getting to the point where i was going to stop reading. I’m sure others were feeling the same way.

  • Frank, considering you are having to read all the comments anyway, could you not have a comments system where you would review the comment before allowing it to be published? Eventually the aholes will lose interest and you would be subjected to less messages to sort through, as there won’t be any replies that need looking at either.

  • Frank I think you honestly should limit to two posts per article if you want a much cleaner and more articulate comment section. Yes some exceptions could happen, but incessant narcissistic posters ruin it for all.

    • Agreed. Hardly come here much anymore since it is a bit slow the last few months but also more so because of the world salad artists who think they know more than their ignorant minds allow.

  • Thank you Frank,

    Trolls need to go back under their bridges.

    My hope is you also send Scotty Johnson back to his corner when he is name calling for ExNx not posting their names here and happen to disagree with him.

    This is unnecessary harrassment when we have been harrassed enough by the cult.

    • Just as you are entitled to your opinion, so am I. You are all cowards for not using your real names, or at least consistent and traceable fake names. Even a fake name would allow readers to see the positions of various individuals over time, rather than random thoughts from the generic crowd. Being a semi-coward by using a fake name would be a step forward. The NXIVM elite have been arrested and have so many of their own problems that they don’t have the time, money, or energy to go after you, especially if you spoke up together. But you don’t, because cowards are cowards and it is difficult to change, isn’t it?

      You leave Frank to be exposed by himself, you don’t even care about him. The way of the coward.

      • I understand your point. But you weren’t part of NXIVM. You don’t have anything to lose by posting your name. In fact, you are trying to gain by posting your name. Frank starting doing this as a survival mechanism. Many Anons are posting here in order to help others, but not hurt themselves. The message to “use your real names, pussy!” shouldn’t be coming from you, and probably shouldn’t be coming from any ex-NXIVM people either.

        Anons posting here have helped Frank. Ex-NXIVMs with info who have not yet posted, are the ones we should be encouraging to participate. And of course, when they finally do post, go ahead and be anonymous. Just help.

        • By the way – I have lots of info and have posted a lot. If I’d been using the same “fake” name for all of my posts, people would know who I am. To avoid this, I wouldn’t have been so forthcoming with information.

        • I agree. I (obviously) don’t think failing to post under one’s real name is cowardly. It’s true, Scott – you have nothing to lose. Others do. Still others value their privacy, for a host of reasons. Please stop calling people out over this. We know where you stand on the topic. Thank you.

        • These people have much bigger problems on their plates now. If you all came forward, they couldn’t keep up with the volumes of people exposing them and wouldn’t take the chance in going after you with the FBI/DOJ breathing down their necks. You have to know when to attack with everything you’ve got, and now is the time.

      • Scott, come on its not cowardly not to post names. In this day and age it’s the smartest thing to do. You make your choice for you and you have your reasons. You have a show and a cause your looking for attention for. Some of us would prefer to not have our personal information gone after.

          • You mean that big point atop his head? …. I thought that was a flask filled with crass Texas swill!

          • To “Heidi”

            “You mean that big point atop his head? …. I thought that was a flask filled with crass Texas swill!”

            Thank you for your intelligent, helpful comment. This type of dialog is what we are trying to avoid here on this blog.

            I am from Texas. We are neither crass nor filled with swill. Where are you from, Darlin’? Our residents ran KAR the Hell out of here a long time ago.

      • @Flowers. My “attack” was on your screen name, if anything. It had nothing to do with your comments on Kreuk.

        You were whining about being mistreated, nay “raped,” no less) as a “woman” (alleged woman) on here. I suggested you use a “less feminine” moniker such as “weed” or “fungus.”

        I was actually poking fun at the males you claimed were “attacking” you.

        I was also honestly trying to help you take some action to deflect your “attacks;” assuming you were an ex-Nex maybe on FR to heal, get or share info and under real attack from NXIVM stalkers and trolls. (That would account for the thin skin on those delicate, soft little petals of yours.)

        However, when you took that as an “attack” and “death threat” (after I used the word “snuff” or “sniff” or something… I think it WAS a TYPO and was chagrined I missed the flower pun with “sniff”) and you also announced you are seriously stalking me and others on FR online — down to knowing that I blocked Trump on Twitter many years ago in my errant, rebel youth — I realize, and as I’ve been warned — you are either a:

        – Certified psycho victim and/or
        – Bonafide NXIVM troll trollup

        It is because of the likes of YOU and droopy Johnson, as much of fear of NXIVM retaliation, that folks dare not use their real names on here as I’m sure you are both well aware.

        I use my real name because, for me at this point, it’s safer for me and my son to do so against NXIVM’s real and cyber-stalking attacks on us over the years.

        I did not, however, count on any psycho petal-head hassles or foul-mouth Nazi metalhead rebukes, either. Not quite as bad as Nx’s and Mexi-Nx’s trying to ruin your life but really don’t need any of it.

        • Every second word out of your mouth is a lie Heidi.
          The post you took offence to had nothing to do with you or with the posts which were sexually demeaning to women (which I did comment on, but not to you, unless you wrote those posts, which I would not rule out)

          The comments on my name were intentionally insulting, and the post you commented on was about trolls who accuse Kruek of crimes. Again the post…nothing to do with you.
          You really should quit lying Heidi, because you’re not very convincing.

        • Actually you’re the one lying Heidi, there was no TYPO like you claimed. lol

          Liars (like you) often lie not only about small things, but also about big things as well.

          Your lie about you and sis filling in the IQ test for Keith (and scoring 200+) was a whopper of a lie, LOL.

          Geniuses don’t follow a fat nerdy man (like groupies) for years. You’re clearly trying to get attention by connecting yourself to Keith’s IQ test, knowing full well that it’s just your word that connects you to this stuff.

      • Umm wrong. Some people posting are being blackmailed, or have other valid reasons, and frankly, have a life and do not have time to deal with NXVIM bullshit. Scott, you are clueless. As far as calling people cowards, that is simply how you feel about yourself. Does calling people cowards online some how make you feel brave?
        You said the reason you are here is to inform people about MLM’s. Is calling people names such as idiot and stupid accomplishing that? No it is only showing your true mentality. I post anonymously, just to see you take the bait, everyone already knows what your reply will be, much like a broken record. You are easily manipulated because you are so predictable. It is very clear why you were an Amway puppet, you simply can not think for yourself. Let go an move on with life. Maybe you are a great guy in person, but that is not what you depict here.

      • I’ve read enough of your comments to know that they’re all unproductive at best, so now i just don’t bother reading them. Go get your rocks off somewhere else because all you’re doing is muddying the waters of a very serious issue.

    • Is just ignore his twaddle and the various aliases he posts under.

      If we can just refrain from giving him the reaction he wants, he will eventually lose interest.

      I am just wondering why racism isn’t okay, but Scott Johnson attacking women is.

      • Why should racism be okay? Or organized attacks against any group, be it against women or men or whoever? I actually dont think Scott attacked women in general, but he has certainly attacked liberals in general, which has caused others to retaliate and to defend themselves.
        The most bullying attacks (besides the rash of racist comments yesterday) have been the people who scream “libtard” at the people who have a different opinion than they do.
        Allowing that type of thing causes the people being harassed to start fighting back…any type of group bullying will cause a reaction from the person being bullied.

        • You are a liar!!! Oh wait, that’s what you say to ex-NXIVMs who post here.

          Don’t throw rocks yourself and maybe people will take you seriously.

          • What are you talking about? The fake pretty girl (NOT EXNEX AT ALL) and the fake Heidi who attacked me because I said it made no sense for nx trolls to claim Kruek was a crook?
            I’m such a bully for THAT..

          • Flowers you are the only person here claiming to be “attacked” repeatedly. You either have thin skin, bring attacks upon yourself or asked for it.

        • Flowers you have been a major attacker on this site, lately you have improved I hope you continue because when your attacks are blatantly false and it’s obvious you have 0 idea what your talking about, making up lies about others why? Why not stick to the topics and allow others to do the same. Thankyou

          • What LIES would that be?
            Please give an example, because I have no idea what you think I lied about.

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Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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