Should Feds inform victims of NXIVM’s computer hacking operation?

Vanguard and Prefect are to be worshiped by the followers for their superior wisdom and ethics. They might also have hacked into followers' computers.

One of the things we know from insiders who left NXIVM  – and from several victims – is that NXIVM, under the direction of Keith Raniere, and financed by Clare Bronfman and Sara Bronfman-Igtet, did a lot of hacking into people’s computers. Most of these criminal activities were carried out by Ben Meyers and Steve Ose – and others trained by them or trained directly by Raniere.

What we don’t know is the number of people who fell victim to this often-undetected crime – and/or what NXIVM did with the information and records it stole from their computers.

It is possible that confirmation of this nefarious activity is already in the hands of the Feds – or soon will be – as they review material inside the 51 devices that Nancy Salzman A/K/A The Prefect was storing  in her former home at 3 Oregon Trail.

The feds came to Nancy Salzman’s house at 3 Oregon Trail and removed some 51 devices [in addition to more than half a million in cash]. What is contained in those devices? Photo Albany Times Union.
Photo courtesy Albany Times Union

Should the Feds contact anyone whose computer or phone was hacked into by NXIVM – and inform them of what information and/or records were stolen?

The underlying problem here is that, in all likelihood, the Feds may not charge anyone with these illegal hackings. In the grand scheme of things, these are relatively minor crimes – especially when compared to other crimes that have already alleged: e.g., identity theft, harboring of aliens for financial gain, forced labor, sex trafficking, and wire fraud.

From the standpoint of each hacking victim, these are crimes they should be told about so that they can, at a minimum, take corrective and protective measures. In addition, if the victims were provided with evidence of these crimes, they might be able to file appropriate civil actions against Raniere, the Bronfmans, Meyers, Ose et al.

Love in bloom at NXIVM – Ben Meyers and Michelle Salzman-Meyers.  Hacking was in bloom also and it was Ben who loved to do it.

What if, for example, the Feds find out that one of the NXIVM hackers obtained someone’s financial records? Should they tell that person about what happened so that they can change their passwords, get new credit/debit cards issued, install better firewalls, etc.?

What if the Feds come across someone’s medical records when they’re going through the 12 terabytes of data that are on the computers, data storage devices and cell phones that were seized from Salzman’s house and Raniere’s so-called “Library”?

Steve Ose is a man who served Keith Raniere for years. Part of his service, according to sources, was to hack into others’ computers and do other deeds meant to harm innocent people who happened to run afoul of Raniere. Was he intimidated into doing these deeds for Raniere? He ran off – in terror to Texas a few years ago, it is said, – to flee from his Vanguard. What crimes does he know about? Can he cut a deal to tell all and avoid prosecution? 

Should they let those people know that such information fell into the hands of Raniere and his criminal cohorts?

What if the Feds find that NXIVM downloaded a virus – or a keystroke logger – to someone’s computer? Should the Feds pass along that information to the owner of the computer so they can have an IT expert remove the virus or keystroke logger?

And what should the Feds do if they find evidence that Raniere et al hacked into John Tighe’s computer – and planted child pornography on it? Do the Feds have an affirmative obligation to step up and inform Tighe that he was, in fact, framed for a crime he didn’t commit?

This seems to be a grey area – both from a legal and a moral standpoint. But it certainly seems like the Feds, at a minimum, ought to contact every known victim of NXIVM’s hacking operation – and tell them what they found out.

Wouldn’t you want to know if your computer had been hacked into by Raniere and his followers? And wouldn’t you want to know exactly what they stole from you – and what they did with it?

Prefect and Vanguard – enjoy the celebration of his nativity.

If one was a member of NXIVM – someone who looked up to and revered Keith Raniere, if you attended Vanguard Week, if you ever – say at an intensive – turned over your computer to Ben Meyers or Steve Ose – even momentarily – for them to install some special code so – they said – you could partake of shared information from the mighty and exalted one – you might wish to be concerned that the mighty and exalted one was also secretly taking of information from you.

Please be advised, all NXIVM members – you may have been hacked at the express orders of your Vanguard.  The fruits of your hack may be in one of the many devices seized from your Prefect that the Feds now have in their possession.


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  • Wow Frank it appears all those scumbag lawyers (either the one’s from Albany or the current scumbags covering nxivm) think they are going to turn your readers against you. Since they spend most of their time in the gutter they don’t realize most readers and jurors don’t and they actually want rule on the truth. Something which you have plenty of.

      • I understand your point. But you weren’t part of NXIVM. You don’t have anything to lose by posting your name. In fact, you are trying to gain by posting your name. Frank starting doing this as a survival mechanism. Many Anons are posting here in order to help others, but not hurt themselves. The message to “use your real name, pussy!” shouldn’t be coming from you, and probably shouldn’t be coming from any ex-NXIVM people either.

        Anons posting here have helped Frank. Ex-NXIVMs with info who have not yet posted, are the ones we should be encouraging to participate. And of course, when they finally do post, they can go ahead and be anonymous.

  • It appears Dennis Burke, Esq. may be vigorously posting in these comments. As in the movies, “life is like a box of chocolates.” One moment you’re a big powerful United States Attorney who can intimidate people and summarily land them in prison. Next moment you’re tasked as cleanup Janitor for Vanguard & Co. Hey, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Right Dennis? Viva NXIVM!

  • Anybody who wanted to connect to the wifi at New Karner Road had to turn over their laptop to have the wifi connection set up. When I was there, computer security wasn’t nearly as big a deal then as it is now. It seems like such a foreign thing for anyone to agree to something like that.

    • That is why you should use an operating system, which is save and distinguishes between user and administrator mode. How often are there people complaining about viruses or accidentally installed executable code.
      Most users should simply use Linux. It is faster as it requires no virus protection and not a soul can install software without having the administrator PW. Every time you have to install a piece of software or make code executable, you are required to identify yourself as the administrator with your admin PW. This makes it pretty hard for 3rd parties to run malicious code or install anything like for instance a keylogger.
      If your PC handles sensitive information you cannot trust Windows (or less so MacOS), which executes every autostart on every medium it can find automatically. Convenient? Maybe, but dangerous.

      Why did you not get suspicious when they suggested that?

      • Probably the same reason I didn’t get suspicious when someone I had known for months and months, and I thought was my friend, invited me to come to a free five day seminar.
        I suppose I was more trusting when I was younger.

        • It’s because you lack a backbone and the ability to say ‘no’ to anybody. 🙂

          Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t your situation play out as follows…

          Jason (friend of JustSayin): Hey, I know about this great 14 day seminar that you should attend. It’ll help you. It’s $10,000, but you qualify for a free scholarship.

          JustSayin: What kind of scholarship?

          Jason: The supreme leader, Keith Raniere, likes pretty girls that he can stare at and flirt with.

          JustSayin: What does that mean?

          Jason: Just sit in the front row and let him stare at you — and maybe stare back at him and flirt a bit. Maybe do a “Sharon Stone” and cross/uncross your legs and give him a great view of your nether region.

          JustSayin: Okay. I can do that — especially for a free $10k scholarship. I don’t mind promoting women as worthless sex objects to save some money.

          She then goes to NXIVM Intensive…

          NXIVM Orange Sash: Hey, how about giving us your private laptop to scour and inspect?

          JustSayin: Yes sir, here it is.

          NXIVM Orange Sash: What about the Admin password and the Bitlocker Encryption password?

          JustSayin: Oh sorry about that sir. Please forgive me. My Admin password is “DumbBlonde” and my bitlocker password is “EyeLuvVanguard”.

          NXIVM Orange Sash: Now go sit in the front row so you’ll be close to Vanguard.

          JustSayin: Thank you sir. I can’t wait to see him. I’m so nervous I’m shaking.

          NXIVM Orange Sash: Maybe unbutton and loosen up your blouse a bit. The Vanguard prefers that all scholarship students do this, in order to be more “integrated”.

          JustSayin: Yes sir. I’ll give him a nice view.

          Years later…

          JustSayin on message board: I hate men like Keith who view women as sex objects. It’s so degrading. Why would any woman let herself be used as a sex object by a man like Keith?


  • THEIR BACK… now they are pretending to be normal posters since their idiotic attempt got them thrown off.

  • Having this knowledge now I would certainly have my computer/phone checked. But the answer is clearly yes I don’t see the grey area, they hacked judges, family members, through the world Jewish Congress they even had access to government data that should have been confidential. And individuals have the right to know as I’m sure at times this info was used against them without their knowledge. Don’t we have internet privacy laws?

  • Mr Parlato was charged on multiple counts (standard operating procedure for Feds).

    He was offered a plea deal for one felony tax evasion (unrelated to NXIVM but probably promoted by their flying monkey lawyers) and one felony fraud on the Bronfman sisters.

    The latter charges collapsed with NXIVM and were withdrawn. The former is still queued up.

    Mr Parlato argues that the tax evasion charges are due to (legal and commonplace in the circumstances) efforts to avoid a serially litigious opportunist.

    Federal prosecutors hate to admit that they have overstepped. So Mr. Parlato either needs to plead to a felony, or go to trial.

    If Mr Parlato was going to plead, he would have done it long ago. He maintains he was only doing legal things to avoid illegal attacks by a serial litigant.

    So get out the popcorn for the trial….

    • It’s almost enough to make it worth it to get a PACER account to be able to see the docket and motions.

    • Yeah but the only thing that really matters is how good the deal was, something he’s never mentioned.

      How much time, Frank? 🙂

      Also, I know what Frank maintains and I know what crimes he’s accused of — but proving that he routed money through 30 some-odd bank accounts (and shell companies) just to avoid a “litigious partner” is going to be a hard pill for any jury to swallow.

      I’m not saying anything negative about Frank’s intentions since I have no clue what happened — I’m just saying that what Frank “intended” (to avoid a litigious partner) might not be what the jury will believe given the extreme nature of how many accounts he used (that’s not normal).

      I’m aware of the ambiguity of the law he’s accused of breaking and the unfair overreaching of the government in this case, but it’s still a law.

      But mainly, I’m asking what kind of penalty the government offered in their plea deal (prison time, probation, etc).

      • This looks more like an attempt to spotlight (gaslight ?) Mr Parlato’s legal situation, to damage his credibility, than to contribute to the conversation..

        An actual question would have been short and allusion-free.

        So who are you trolling for?

        Mr. Parlato will check your IP address regardless

        • Hey wittle Dicksucker.

          I’m not trolling period. I’m asking legit questions of Frank. He doesn’t need your protection either.

          I hope he gets it resolved without any jail time, but that doesn’t mean I can’t ask questions.

          It’s not your place to answer for Frank since you’re just a little anonymous butt-kisser who doesn’t have a clue.

          Frank’s a big boy and can answer for himself if he wishes to, little sphincter boy.

          Frank welcomes all comments.

          Frank has said that we don’t have to be butt-kissers like you.

          How can your woman respect you if you’re such a little butt kissing sphincter boy? 🙂 🙂

    • A andA Altho, Frank’s efforts ‘to avoid a serially litigious opportunist’ have already been successful. Don’t panic, he won’t have to plead to a felony or go to trial. His problem is the same as many who came in contact with criminal NXIUM, and as ‘he was only doing legal things to avoid illegal attacks by a serial litigant’ it’ll soon be sorted out.

      Don’t forget, the people who did this to Frank have been arrested and face serious charges. Their victims, including Frank, will soon be able to resume their lives, free of the threat of this RICO enterprise, in large part due to the efforts of Mr. Frank. NXIUM’s cash control of district Law officials is over. Sincerely hope you were not involved in that.

  • Hey Frank,

    Why don’t you write an article updating us on your own situation.

    Please be honest about precisely WHAT the government is offering you in terms of plea deals (in the past you were vague and never told us the details).

    You make it seem as if no plea deal would be acceptable because you’re gonna “fight the good fight” and go to jail if necessary as a matter of principle.

    But that’s just pure stupidity —- especially if the government is offering you no prison and just a few months of probation or community service.

    Even a few months at a work camp would be worth it to avoid prison and a trial. Stop being pigheaded. Fighting the good fight (for the sake of principles) is not a sound strategy since it only matters what a jury will think. Why risk a jury trial?

    Tell us what your plea deal would include. Tell us what the status is right now. What are the prosecutors waiting for? When is the trial date?

    Do you really think you can win a jury trial? Or are you simply prepared to go down in flames for your principles?

    • Bye- bye nxivm!! You are the only ones having to think about these things. Frank will be sipping tea and enjoying the warm Florida sun, as you languish in your poison. Locked up or no, you will be a narcissist for life.

    • Frankks cas is none of your f——-g business ! People living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.
      Your time would be better spent preparing for your permanent move to a Federal Max Security prison!
      Oops I forgot you will be traveling light no suitcase required thanks to your taxpayer funded accommodations

  • Even if someone planted child porn on john Tighe’s computer It is nothing compared to what he did to Keith. He’s a beast and punishment may come in many forms and shapes. He confessed to the crime so justice was served. He said Keith was a pedophile. Keith is not a pedophile. He learned and taught that girls as they come near puberty are in need of sexual mentoring. They can get it from some 14 year old boy who knows nothing or they can learn from a compassionate older teacher. Such is the Vanguard.

    • You just ADMITTED that NXIVM and Keith are teaching that statutory rape (sex with a 14 year old girl) is part of your program.

      It’s illegal for an adult to have sex with a 14 year old girl in the U.S.

      You are directly preaching that an illegal crime is part of what Keith teaches and participates in.

      If you truly are a witness for Keith, you’re gonna help hang him when you explain this to a jury. …and if you deny it, you’ll be lying and contradicting what you just wrote. I hope the feds find you.

  • Of course the GBI has an obligation to let people know they were/are victims of any crime, including NXIVM.

    Members turned over their computers to have access code for wireless to the mothership in Albany. NXIVM installed their own wireless Network during VWeek and they sent out a newsletter monthly, when opened could of have the same spyware that Clare Bronfman sent to her father.

    It’s been rumored that they placed bugs and spyware in people’s homes while visiting.

    They held a Mexican woman captive for some 18 months and her daily job was to read emails. How many people’s emails were looked at?

    How many millions were spent on spying? How about those records Clare Bronfman paid a Canadian firm to obtain? Judges, reporters and private citizens were among her list.

    Than Clare being the brilliant woman she is, sued this firm for not getting everything she wanted. Talk about dumb and dumber. What attorney firm took this case. Hum… Steve Coffeys frim with Pam Nichols at the helms.

  • Does Frank have any predictions as to what may come as far as lower level NIXVM members for there crimes?

  • Who are these insiders Frank speaks of? Sarah Edmondson? Mark Vicente? Surely these two knew about computer crimes alongside the financial crimes. If they are talking to the FBI, that means they knew about these crimes and still recruited people.

    The John Tigue thing would be interesting. If he is innocent and was framed, than not only should he be informed but so should the public to protect his name from the horrible charges.

    As for the other NXIVM people? If they as a minimum knew about crimes but carried on as usual, why should they be helped? All NXIVM people should be named and shamed if they did something wrong, including knowing about unethical behavior but did nothing about it.

    • The problem is that Tighe is on a wait-list for a transplant that he can’t afford to get if his name is cleared, and he is released. Joe O’Hara wrote a post a while ago about the circumstances around his guilty plea.

      • WordPress seems to be being funny tonight. I was logged in, but my post about him being on the wait-list showed up anonymous.

    • If you knew how Keith et al operate you would never assume that anyone but the most inner circle had a clue about these activities.

      Reread Kristin Keefe’s Bouchey recording.

      Kristin explains how well one hand was kept from knowing what the other was doing.

      They also used top-notch, very secretive PI’s with an unlimited budget thanks to the availability of the Bronfman and Salinas fortunes. In some cases, they were aided by corrupted and/or deceived law enforcement officials to investigate private citizens and, at least, obtain from those investigations what would be needed to haress, tech-harass or cyberstalk, obtain collateral, compromise, eavesdrop or otherwise manipulate their victims. For instance, several computers were confiscated over the bogus “computer trespassing” charges including that of Albany Times Union reporter, Jim Odato.

      DOJ is hopefully not ignoring this perhaps most dangerous aspect of NXIVM. These crimes were perpetrated on not only NXIVM members but on influential political & religious leaders, judges, etc. in the US, Canada, Mexico and abroad.

      All part of that whacky world domination plot no one in their right mind would ever take seriously. Wait’ll they see the files…HA!

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