Magistrate Judge Vera Scanlon sides with prosecution on search warrants.

Status Conference before Magistrate on Discovery issues canceled today

At the request of the prosecution and with the apparent consent of the defense, the scheduled status conference before Magistrate Judge Vera Scanlon was canceled.

The letter filed with the court, from Assistant US Attorneys Moira Penza and Tanya Hajjar, reads as follows

Dear Judge Scanlon:
The Court initially set today’s status conference as a control date to address, if necessary, issues that were raised by certain defendants at the end of last Thursday’s status conference. Since that conference the parties have been working productively to address and resolve those issues. The parties jointly agree that in light of the progress that has been made, a conference today is not necessary unless there are other issues the Court wishes to address.


The Magistrate agreed to cancel the hearing. The following was recorded on the docket:

Full docket text:
ORDER: Based on the letter at [156], today’s conference is cancelled. By noon tomorrow (10/3/2018), the Parties should file a letter with their proposed schedule for discovery and motion practice. If there are any issues on which the Parties do not agree, they should state their respective positions in the letter. Counsel should be available for a Telephone Conference with Magistrate Judge Scanlon at 5:00 PM tomorrow. (Call-in #: 877-336-1829; Participant Code: 3581283). If, after reviewing the Parties’ letter, the Court determines that the Telephone Conference is unnecessary, it will be cancelled. Ordered by Magistrate Judge Vera M. Scanlon on 10/2/2018.


As I reported earlier, there has been considerable discussion and some disputes over the production of discovery and it would seem that some progress is being made.

There is a status conference before Judge Nicholas Garaufis on October 4, presently scheduled.

At that point, we can expect some interesting updates on the status of the case. There may be more to report on possible superseding indictments.


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  • I agree that Shadows comments are relevant. Every last one of you who call names and spew vile should go somewhere else. I’m tired of having to skip your posts to read something worth while.

  • It’s clear to me that the prosecution is scrambling and the defense is laying them out in lavender. Just wait and when Keith gets out there will be punishment for MR. Frank Parlato. YES! Yes. A

    • Yeah, the prosecution is scrambling to get through a stadium worth of evidence so that the trial can take place some time this decade or at least before the defendants die of lavender scented old age.

    • If this case ended today Keith still lost, 6 months worth of humiliation in jail and all that Bronfman money slipping through all those attorneys slimey fingers. The whole world sees him for the fraud he is and even Clare can’t possibly be dumb enough to let him have access to what is left of her fortune.
      I’m sure Frank is really worried!
      But only a brainwashed fool thinks the defense is in control here. Get some help it’s not to late to save your soul.

      • I usually agree with you, but have to disagree on this one. I think Clare would give him every last dime, and she really is that dumb, and between the two of them, they really do believe they are in control.

  • Jmho, but if we wanted the Vantard to shed some real tears, this woman should get into prison scrubs and declare herself his cellmate.

    • Forgive me, but what an unnecessary and unproductive comment. These people are on the side of justice (our side) and read this blog.

    • Keith’s already shedding tears aplenty over the fact that only Clare Bronfman still cares or dares to even look at him at hearings. If Clare is all that’s left of his harem, he might rather stay in prison.

    • Thank you for your usual inane and pointless “insights”.

      This evening, while watching the news, they ran a story on the tsunami that hit Indonesia. They showed the completely decimated coastline, where thousands of homes and businesses once stood.

      The newscaster actually said “It appears that the homes were not built to withstand the forces of an earthquake and a tsunami”.

      This made me think of you.

      It is exactly the type of “Duh, Captain Obvious” crap you post here on a daily (usu. hourly) basis. Do you ever actually have any original thoughts, or do you just enjoy repeating what other people say?

      • In the King James Version of the Bible the text reads:

        And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out,
        and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for
        thee that one of thy members should perish, and
        not that thy whole body should be cast into hell

        Matthew 5:29

      • I think Shadow has offered up a lot of original and insightful thoughts. His reminding us of the consequences of RICO, for example. I would much rather read his comments than the childish, vile name calling that can go on here.

        • I agree, despite some offensive comments made by many different people, everyone has the right to post their opinions. Their are no Teslas here But the point is those that post have a serious interest/ stake in the outcome
          At one time or another we all post something that offends another, sometimes it’s intentional but mostly it’s just a difference of opinion.

        • Agreed. Shadow has his annoying moments, but plenty of good comments, and overall contributes far more than the people who engage in name-calling.

      • It’s odd that you spend so much time thinking about Shadow State and considering what he may say.

        Like…who cares what he might say? You don’t know him, and his comments are not about you. Why does it matter to you?

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About Frank Parlato

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