‘Paulie the Plumber’ – notorious murderer – joins Raniere as inmate at MDC

Paul ‘Paulie the Plumber’ Weadick, 63, convicted of committing a murder with former New England Mafia boss Francis “Cadillac Frank” Salemme, has been transferred to the Metropolitan Detention Center, a federal prison in Brooklyn.

He is at the same prison as another dangerous criminal, Keith Alan Raniere, currently resides.

Also residing there is El Chapo.

El Chapo

It is a matter of opinion as to who is the most ruthless or dangerous.  Raniere is especially tough when it comes to torturing and scaring women.

It wasn’t immediately clear where Salemme, 85, is being held but he might be at MDC or headed there soon.

Paulie the Plumber joins Keith the Vanguard at MDC.

Salemme and Weadick were recently convicted for their roles in the June 1993 killing of Steven DiSarro, a South Boston club owner, to prevent him from cooperating with federal authorities in an investigation targeting Salemme and his son.

Prior to that – in 1982, Weadick was convicted of second-degree murder in the Joe Mistretta homicide and served seven years behind bars.

Raniere seems to have had a hand in two women coming up missing or dead, but authorities have not yet pinned the death or disappearance on Raniere, whose followers call him Vanguard.

According to the Weadick indictment, DiSarro, 43, was strangled to death in the spring of 1993 by [now deceased] Frankie Boy Salemme, Jr. in the kitchen of the Salemme home in Sharon, Massachusetts as Weadick held DiSarro’s legs and Cadillac Frank and his younger brother John (Action Jack) Salemme watched.

MK10ARt’s chilling sketch of criminal Keith Raniere


When Raniere ordered the branding of women, Dr. Danielle Roberts wielded the hot iron, as his other DOS slaves held their legs and arms in the living room of Allison Mack’s home.

Weadick, being muscular, was able to hold down DiSarro all by himself, whereas it took four women to hold down the branded women – one to each limb.

Image result for Paul M. Weadick
Will Frank Saleme also join Raniere at MDC?



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    • Tell us Pea, was NXIVM laundering money for corrupt Mexican politicians and businessmen?
      Did NXIVM also launder money for Mexican criminal gangs?

      There’s a rumor that Allison bought a 452 K house with laundered money from Mexico.
      Later she sold that house to Doctor Brandon Porter and co-signed the mortgage.
      Pea, is that rumor true?

      Inquiring minds want to know.
      I’ll wager that those 70 NXIVM computers the FBI has contain the answers to those questions and many more questions.

      The truth will out.

    • Pea,

      If SultanOfSix (Sultan of Twat) is willing to join the Society of Protectors and defend Keith’s honor by learning NXIVM technologies —– would you ever consider copulating with him?

  • I really hope if Keith is allowed to look anything up on the internet that he checks out The Frank Report. Lately there hasn’t been as many members on the forum.

  • Let me correct myself.

    DiSarro is the second photo. The bottom photo is indeed Pauli the Plumber, but not his boss, Frank Cadillac Salamme.

  • Guys: The photo on the bottom is not Paulie the Plumber. Rather, the photo is of Stephen DiSarro, a Boston real estate developer and nice guy who made the mistake of developing gangsteritis in the early 1990s. DiSarro let the Boston mob use his famously successful nightclub as a front and then made the another mistake by naively bragging about it. That’s when Paulie the Plumber killed him in 1993. Only recently were DiSarro’s remains found.

    Maybe you wanna fix the picture?

  • What has really weakened organized crime over the past 30 years is the aggressive use of the RICO laws to take the profits out of rackets.

    Skillful prosecutors like Patrick Fitzgerald had used RICO to tear apart organized crime piece by piece.
    And it must have come as quite a shock to Raniere that RICO can be used to bury NXIVM and his gang of Flying Monkeys.
    And any organization that is corrupted can be turned into a racket.
    RICO is a loosely written law that is liberally interpreted.
    As long as Raniere was dealing with corrupt local prosecutors he could use Bronfman money to buy protection.
    No More!
    The FBI and many professional prosecutors can not be purchased.

    Moreover, by providing a Brooklyn base for Allison Pimp Mack’s sex trafficking operations, the US government has the jurisdiction to bring the case in the Eastern District of New York where there is an incorruptible class of investigators and prosecutors.
    And under Federal jurisdiction one overt act committed in the ED NY brings the whole conspiracy into the EDNY.

    Here is the biography of the law professor who drafted the RICO law that has dismantled a lot of organized crime.
    His name is G. Robert Blakey and he was a long time law professor at Notre Dame University.

    George Robert Blakey (born January 7, 1936, in Burlington, North Carolina) is an American[3] attorney and law professor. He is best known for his work in connection with drafting the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act and for scholarship on that subject.

  • Keith picks on women. He must be pissing his pants being locked up with men he has no control over. Aside from dumping him in the bay I cannot imagine them having any use for such a toad as Rainere.

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