2018 Has Been A Very Bad Year For Cults: God’s Army leader sentenced to 72 years

As Vanguard sits in federal custody, his chief financier Legatus is under home arrest, and his co-founder Prefect may be on the high road to cutting a plea deal, a co-founder of another cult called “God’s Army” just got sentenced to 72 years in prison for multiple crimes against children.

Deborah Green, 71, was one of the founding members of the Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps and went by “General” to the group’s followers. She was convicted Tuesday on three counts of child rape, two counts of kidnapping and one count of child abuse.

Green kidnapped a woman from Uganda in the 1990s as a child and subjected her to physical and sexual torture for more than a decade.

The victim said she endured 11 surgical procedures to mend bones she claimed Green helped break.

For decades, Green and her husband, James Green, reigned over the New Mexico-based religious sect they co-founded.

Before Deborah Green’s trial, both Greens had been behind bars for more than a year, awaiting trial. James Green’s trial is set to begin in November. He faces charges of kidnapping, child abuse and tampering with evidence.

Nine alleged members of the cult were arrested in a raid on their compound in August 2017.

The Greens’ 55-year-old son-in-law, Peter Green, faces 100 counts of criminal sexual penetration of a child.


Unlike the NXIVM case, all nine of the God’s Army defendants are being tried separately.

A number of cult members have flipped and will testify against the cult leaders.

This is federal court, just like the NXIVM case.

District Court Judge James Sanchez did not sentence Green to the maximum sentence of 108 years but instead gave her but 72 years – one more year than her entire life to date. With good behavior, Green will be eligible for release when she is 133 years old.

The Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps began as a peace-promoting commune in the 1980s.
Members were cut off from their families and barred from watching television or reading newspapers. Children were taught the philosophies of the leaders of the cult.
The case started when police following up on a missing person report from the father found his 12-year-old son’s grave. They followed up and found evidence of horrific crimes.
Too bad no one followed up on NXIVM in 2003 after the death of Gina Hutchinson and the disappearance of Kristin Snyder.
When Gina Hutchinson died and Kristin Snyder disappeared, this laddie here was in his bathrobe and busy making music for some new lady.

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  • I know Rebekah and her mom Maura are so happy! They probably danced on the ceiling when they found this out. It wasn’t Trump it was God. Trump is EQUALLY as evil and James and “Lila”(Deborah) Green. That woman looks abusive and evil. How can anyone DEFEND her? God said HA!

  • in Canada FINTRAC updated its regulations in June 2016 regarding acceptable methods to determine the identity of individual clients to ensure compliance with AML and KYC regulations. So there was NO stringency to Canada’s money laundering checks UNTIL 2016. For the US KYC became mandatory in 2001. Maybe the ‘laundering was happening from the US into Canada?

    • That would make more sense. And Canadian border guards often don’t search Canadian vehicles re-entering Canada. Sometimes they do if you appear suspicious.Sometimes they search if they think you’re bringing across undeclared goods and haven’t paid duty.

      But Canadian border guards are not as thorough as the US guards.

  • I see that people are still talking about the money laundering.

    Let me give you several pieces of information.

    # — Not only will you have to show ID to exchange currency inside a US bank, but if you’re not a regular customer (of the bank) you’ll also likely have to put your thumb on a scanner pad and let them take a computer scan of your thumbprint for their database (all bank tellers have scanner pads these days). This will allow banks to detect your future currency conversion attempts when you come back in a few months. Yes, you will be caught easily.

    # — Even if you got lucky and found some small bank who believed your bogus story about losing your passport/ID and needing to get US dollars to pay for emergency food & lodging, they’d for sure make you leave your thumbprint in such cases (and the amount they’d let you exchange would be very small in such cases — way too small for currency laundering). …and your fingerprint would be on record, so you couldn’t keep doing it.

    # — There’s a federal law called “KYC” (Know Your Customer) which REQUIRES banks to know who they’re dealing with before doing any cash transactions. Bankers who get caught ignoring this law (doing cash transactions without first knowing the person or getting their ID/thumbprint) can cause their bank to face severe penalties which is why nobody is going to risk their job by letting you exchange currency under the radar without ID/thumbprints (assuming you’re not a regular customer of the bank).

    # — In 2011 the Bank Secrecy Act was expanded to include retail stores who sell prepaid gift cards. The “KYC” law even applies to stores selling visa/gift cards now. See the link below.


    Try this… Walk into a CVS pharmacy and try to buy more than $300 in prepaid visa/gift cards and see if they let you do it without scanning your ID first. They won’t.

    Even bitcoin ATM machines are following the federal KYC laws, lol. Yes, they have bitcoin ATM machines in major cities. You can find them using Google. You slide in $5/$20/$50/$100 dollar bills, you get bitcoin deposited into your digital wallet.

    Try going to a Bitcoin ATM machine and see if it lets you buy more than $1k of bitcoin without first scanning your photo ID. It’s required. …and even if you buy less than $1k worth of bitcoin, you must still enter your cell number and let the machine text you a ‘code’ (which you must enter to get your bitcoin) in order to prove it’s your real cell number (yeah, you could use a burner phone for that — but my point is that even “bitcoin” machines are following the federal “KYC” laws pretty strenuously, LOL.

    It’s a different world than it was in the 1980’s.

    Scott — Why don’t you phone some banks for your radio show and ask them about the KYC law and exchanging currency — and see if you can get a single bank to agree to let you exchange currency as a non-customer without showing any ID or getting a thumbprint scan. No, I’m not being serious. I’m just making a point that you could easily verify this stuff if you really wanted to.

    Unless NXIVM required students to pay them up front with US dollars, then this whole money laundering theory is simply not viable.

    • Money was coming over from the Mexican and Canadian branches. The FBI are investigating that for a reason.

    • Yes, of course, Joe.
      And NXIVM students paying for classes in Canada with US currency makes no sense. Not only would students normally pay by debit or credit card (if these classes cost at least $2500 as mentioned earlier, most would not pay in cash), to pay in US cash would require these Canadian students to convert their Canadian cash to US currency first.

      So the whole “Kruek was carrying cash across the border” rant that keeps popping up here is just not plausible .

      I have relatives in the Seattle area, and I never fly to SeaTac to visit them, and the Americans never fly into Vanvouver. We always drive. It’s not really quicker to fly to Seattle, because you need to be at the airport a couple hours before your flight leaves….yet these Kruek ranters can’t seem to understand this.

      • Money was going across the Mexico and Canada borders into the US. However they did it and who participated is what the authorities are investigating. As for Kreuk, it just seems mad to drive four hours on a weekly basis when you can easily afford to fly. Taxi – Airport – Check in without a lot of luggage – fly – taxi – accommodation.

        Someone was doing it.

        • After many request, no one has ever answered the obvious question–how many times did KK drive to Tacoma “every week” and for how many weeks? Plus, how do you know this?
          If she is only seen doing this a couple times this is not evidence of muling.
          Maybe until someone answers these questions we should consider this claim an unfounded rumor./

          • Or….when posters never answer these questions that is why it is just a rumor, and others repeating the rumor doesn’t make it true.

          • Actually, it is not a rumor. Just because you don’t know anyone with insider information, does not make it wrong. Kreuk was a frequent visitor to Tacoma. At one point, it was every weekend. Presumably, you are a fan?

          • So are you saying you saw her there?
            If so, could you supply some time frame for her visits?

        • It isn’t necessarily quicker to fly, as you need to be at the airport earlier for flights that are not international.
          Then you are assuming there will be flights going from Vancouver to SeaTac on a regular schedule.
          I dont think there are, so maybe Kruek couldn’t fly there at the times she required.

          • If you were making weekly trips from Vancouver to Tacoma and you have a lot of money, I would consider it easier to just fly. One hour of flying is better than four hours of driving, irregardless of having to check in early.

            At least when flying, you just sit there for a one hour flight and get a cab to your accommodation. I wouldn’t want to drive for four hours non stop, plus driving to my accommodation then back again on a weekly basis.

            One way or another, money was being muled to the US and if you were regularly making trips, people will be suspicious, who ever you are.

            It would also be interesting if the FBI and other investigators look into Kreuk’s tax records to see if she ever declared any NXIVM earnings, however small. If no mention of NXIVM is found, red lights blink.

  • Here’s how KK laundered the Canadian money.
    She bought Amway products in Vancouver, then drove them every week to Tacoma and sold them out of the trunk of her car.
    KK also recruited her Girls By Design teens to sell Amway.

  • And who the fuck are you shit-for-brains? Are you Siohban Hotaling? Another NXIVM cunt?

    Siohban Hotaling is/was an alleged money mule between Vancouver and the US.

    • I’m not her.
      If the idiot who posted her name had any info they would not just post her name here.
      This site is full of retarded shitbags and lying scum. Its not just Scott Johnson or Pea either. There’s a lot of liars posting bullshit here. The latest retard is this Heidi bitch, who pretends she is Gina’s sister. Where’s the proof, bitch .

    • I’m curious about how the money laundering was accomplished between Canada and the US. Do you have some information on how they did this?

      Even if they did manage to get past the border guards with all the cash hidden in their vehicle, how did NXIVM launder the CANUCK currency in the US?

      I mean, what did they physically do with the money once they got it into Tacoma?. We all know that you usually can’t use Canadian money in the US, as its not accepted anywhere. So it would need to be exchanged thru a bank….

      It just doesn’t seem like a very good plan to launder money this way.

        • Scott
          What I’m saying is that bringing carloads of Canadian cash over the border is not a way to launder money . Taking small amounts of cash to various banks to change into US currency? Really?
          And that’s assuming that they were able to repeatedly get across the border with large amounts of cash .
          Sounds like a dumb plan to be.

          Which is probably why Kruek was never charged with anything – because it never happened.

          • Scott is wrong about going to multiple different banks with smaller sums.

            It wouldn’t work because it’s still illegal.

            It’s called “structuring” and it’s a federal crime —- and bank employees are on the lookout for anybody doing this repeatedly, even every few months.

            They will write a suspicious activity report even for amounts under $10k.

            It would be a dumb plan because it’s only a matter of time before they get caught and are in serious trouble.

          • I didn’t say it happened, just explained how it could have happened. There’s lots of time and information to be examined to go after Kristin Crook, the FBI/DOJ is just getting started. Financial crimes are normally complex and take time to piece together.

      • Sorry people, but the Canadian bitch is 100% correct. Scott is totally wrong here.

        You can’t just walk into a US bank with tens of thousands of Canadian dollars and come out with US currency — without first going thru the exact same Photo ID and Treasury/IRS reporting requirements that any normal US currency transaction would face.

        It’s part of the anti-money laundering laws.

        Try googling this:
        U.S. Reporting Requirements for Foreign Currency

        You also can’t just divide up your loot into “smaller chunks” (to fly under the radar) by visiting a few different banks, since that’s also a Federal crime.

        …That’s called “structuring” and it’s illegal (and bank employees are on the lookout for this). Bank employees will write Suspicious Activity Reports for anybody doing anything out of the ordinary, including driving down from Canada every few months to exchange foreign currency which is below the $10k reporting requirements (since there’s no legit need to continually do this, unless you’re involved in nefarious activity).

        Try googling this:
        Suspicious Activity Reports SAR

        If NXIVM was really doing this, they wouldn’t be driving across the border with small sums of money since there’s no benefit to hiding small sums (wouldn’t be worth the drive).

        If NXIVM was really doing this, they’d be driving across the border with $50k-$100k or more per visit, or at least tens of thousands of dollars. …and you can’t exchange that volume of money at the border without going thru photo ID and reporting requirements. *You could probably do that back in the 1980’s, but that was before drug lords forced the USA to revamp its anti money laundering laws.

        Flowers is right, it’s NOT a logical way to launder Canadian dollars and it wouldn’t work.

        It would only work if Canadian students were forced to pay NXIVM in US dollars to begin with, so that no currency exchange was necessary. But I highly doubt that’s what happened.

        • If they had several money mules, say ten, they could drive across the border with less cash per person and exchange a smaller amount of Canadian dollars to US currency. Less likely to raise suspicion. Siohban Hotaling allegedly was a Canada-US mule.

  • Scott, my canuck phone won’t even accept the word CANNUCK. It keeps asking me if I mean CANUCK.
    And i DO.

    Check out the old 1940s cartoon called Johnny Canuck….

    We will never let you into Canada now, Scott.

  • A few extra words for Heidi…

    I skimmed your article written for FrankReport.

    You sound reasonably smart and partly like you were really there.

    However, I have to mention that you also sound like a compulsive bullshitter who exaggerates things greatly in order to inflate your own contribution to the NXIVM saga.

    You talked about the “IQ test” as though you and your sister were the real geniuses who filled it out for poor Keith (as teens while high on weed), which I seriously doubt was the case.

    As smart as you may be, I don’t think anybody would mistake your immature rantings as being written by a world class IQ powerhouse. I just don’t believe that you and your sister are the secret geniuses who helped poor little Keith fill out an IQ test which scored 200+ or whatever. Sounds like bullshit to me.

    As evil as Keith may be, I’m betting that he’s your intellectual superior in every way — as evidenced by you and your sister’s need to hang on Keith’s every word and follow him around like deeply committed groupies.

    Super intelligent people (with very high IQ’s) wouldn’t follow another person around like a puppy — instead, they’d be the ones using their intellectual superiority to manipulate others rather than vice-versa.

    He’s a short, pudgy and ugly man. Why would either of you follow him around if not for his ability to impress you guys with his superior IQ, which is greatly superior to your own? …and if you guys were impressed with his superior IQ, that would mean your claim of filling out his IQ test for him is probably bullshit (since why would somebody smarter than you and your sister need help with an IQ test?).

    Also… You said that Keith sent you $10k as seed money to join ESP and leave your husband. Even though you didn’t join ESP or date Keith, you did mention that you left your husband (which makes you sound just as weak minded as his other minions). That’s pathetic that you’d leave your husband just because Keith asked you to. You sound like a real witch for doing that.

    (and if you left hubby for another reason, then why mention hubby at all in that article, except to create more drama?)

    You really don’t mention much information to fill in the many gaps during those years with Keith.

    I am truly sorry to hear about your sister. But I’m still not buying your other claims, since you’re the one who injected yourself into this story by writing that article so it’s fair game to comment on your claims.

    • – I’m betting that he’s your intellectual superior in every way

      VanFraud graduated with a 2.26 GPA in college. He’s barely anyone’s intellectual superior. The only things he is superior at than other people is lying about himself and fooling people into believing that he’s superior to them in some way.

      • So true. We only wanted to believe someone on earth had super powers, the genius-ness, to explain the nature of our existence. Why wouldn’t the loving God we were taught to believe in grant us that much? Seekers were drawn to Keith’s claim he was that embodiment of the Holy Spirit of God, the higher intelligence, we couldn’t find anywhere else we sought on earth. It’s so difficult to accept that it was all a fraud. That God abandoned us in this generation when He’d been so generous to deliver HIS son to others before us. We believed in a false God. That was our crime.

    • You have completely misstated what I wrote and made pointless arguments against your own fictional version of what you allege I wrote.

      Are you so desperate to fight with someone you have to argue with yourself under not only different aliases but over your own fiction you are attributing to me?

      What brought you to this blog? The prospect of being close to one of the most misogynistic, abusive cults of all time?

      Keith Raniere’s in prison, hon. Only way you have a chance of getting abused by him now is to join him there. And the way you’re going on here —psycho/victim stalker — that could happen.

      • Listen, Heidi the attention whore,

        Its easy to prove what you wrote to me. I’ve misstated nothing.
        You, on the other hand , are not only blatantly lying about what you said earlier, you are also making more baseless assumptions about me.

        I’m not posting under various aliases to argue with myself. What aliases do you think I’m using?

        And now your pathetic, (and not-even -veiled) attempts to scare me by implying I’ll go to prison! For what exactly? For calling you a liar?
        Surely you’re not dumb enough to really believe the police are going to arrest me for calling the high & mighty Heidi a liar.
        Cuz…yeah…that always happens. It only took 20 years and multiple felonies to arrest Keith, but I’m SURE the police are very interested in my comments to you.

        You are the most illogical person posting here.

  • …Hildreth is flipping on Kristen Kreuk. He has pix of her that the Feds are very interested in seeing,

  • Does anyone know if Mark Hildreth is talking to the authorities? He has been silent on a Twitter for nearly two months. He made his account private for a while and has also scrubbed his tweets from before 2015.

    Also, can anyone else confirm that his ex-girlfriend Kristin Kreuk was still involved with NXIVM after 2013? She was around in 2015. Are there any ex-members who can confirm this?

  • At least Flowers 🌺 understands that we women are victims. What she does not understand is that one man Vanguard tried to help us and is still trying. In all cases women should be believed because women are more ethical then men. f
    Flowers is just stating an obvious truth. Keith tried to teach this. But women have to be ethical too. I would not go as far as to say that the only good man is a dead man but I would say all women should be believed unless they are disintegrated. Clare should be believed. So should Allison. So Flowers how is it you don’t believe a woman? The FBI agents were all men. The US attorney is a man Donoghue (yes they put these little girls to go to court this Moira and Tanya just to hide the fact that this is men versus women ) but this is Men versus women and women should be believed. The law should always favor the woman. See how it is all women who are charged. Except the one good man Keith. Kathy should be believed. Nancy and Lauren should be believed. Not men. Flowers join us You are an advanced woman we could teach you so much

    • Pee on you, your case is so sad! You can only repeat generalizations, you are completely brainwashed. It’s so sad you cannot see how your master turned you into a permanent slave victim.

    • Flowers is kind of shy and wanted me to relay some information to you, Pea. 🙂

      -She accepts your kind invitation to become part of JNESS.

      -She’s 50 years old and a bit overweight, but she’s willing to lose the weight by using Allison’s miracle diet.

      -She’s tired of alt-right trolls and wishes to be free of them living on Wakaya Island.

      • Pea;
        My stalker (who keeps proving how obsessed he is with me, a woman he doesnt even know) is likely so obsessed because he wishes he could find the courage to finally go thru with the sex-change surgery he’s always dreamed about.
        Please send some encouragement his way..
        I know how badly he wishes to become a Jness member.
        Please help make his dream a reality!

    • They are believing Sarah, Kristin Keefe, India Oxenberg, and many other women who’s names are being protected from the likes of Clare.

  • My husband and I have followed the progression of this cult for 20 years , they have had opportunities to look into them for years, there have been complaints regarding treatment of children. Children who have escaped and been given back to the parent or guardian who was a member. Enoch had a father who wanted him. I’m glad their being punished now but it’s to late for many of the children . No one knows how many children were born and not registered or where they are now.

  • Heidi
    September 28, 2018 at 7:14 pm
    Just too bad these monsters are punished at the end of their lives when their innocent victims’ hell starts so soon in their little lives.

    Still this report gratefully reminds me that bad as it is with NXIVM they might have gone on another 20 – 30 years…Keith is only 58…or beyond through their Rainbow Culture Garden progeny…notwithstanding the Bronfman AND Salinas money.

    And maybe law enforcement is finally picking up on the obscure, shrouded signs of cult involvement in crimes.

    I’m closer and closer to getting closure on my sister’s death every day since Frank Parlato and Toni Natalie called me last Spring with the news about Catherine Oxenberg taking up the fight with them in order to free India. They were hopeful that with the branding exposed and given Catherine’s personal plight — if presented right, which Frank saw to — law enforcement, specifically the FBI, would have no choice but to truly investigate — and they were right. I thought they were all fools but have never been so joyous to be proved so wrong!

    2019 could be the best year since Gina’s death yet!

    • As I already mentioned in my response to your other post below, you sound as though you’re here on this blog to get attention for yourself rather than to expose Keith Raniere.

      If my sister was ever harmed by somebody evil like Raniere, I sure as hell wouldn’t be citing my own “political views” as a reason not to expose Raniere in every possible forum.

      But then again, I actually care about my own sister and family. I can’t say the same for the attention whore called Heidi.

      Seriously Heidi, you really don’t sound like a grieving sister. You sound like an attention whore.

      • Yeah…you dont want to come across as an attention-whore, Heidi. What are you afraid of? Scott won’t twist your words around.
        (Just tell him that you love Trump and Scott will think you’re wonderful)

        • Attention whore, Flowers? Pot, meet kettle. Heidi has a LONG way to go to catch up with your attention-whore comments, you must have hundreds of them on this website alone. I don’t have to twist around your liberal words, you make yourself look stupid all by yourself.

          • I’m the attention whore? You dont even know my real name, or what I look like, or anything about me, other than my approximate age, and that I claim I was harassed by an alt-right group. And that I’m Canadian.

            That’s really all you know about me here.

            You, one the other hand, have provided all kinds of personal info here.

          • And not a single one of my posts asks for sympathy. I’m not sure what the fuck is actually wrong with you, Scott, but I dont appreciate it when someone lies about me.
            My posts simply question WHY these angry, abusive posts are constantly appearing here, and why Frank allows such posts.

            A couple examples would be you telling me to “cut my head off” and Heidi threatening to “snuff me out” …… why all the angry threats?

          • A joke doesn’t usually inspire death threats…though I believe there were some threats directed at SNL after their skits yesterday.
            Anyways, I enjoyed Matt Damon’s Boof impersonation.

    • Heidi, I hope you get the justice that should have been followed up on years ago. Sadly these crimes only garner attention if there are financial crimes or proof of something as heinous as branding woman through the force of collateral. I do hope new laws are enacted against cults, these are not clubs and organizations that benefit humanity. They need rules, outside board members and continuous oversight. The gorenment is going to have to get involved, WHERE there are children DSHS or whatever each state calls Health and Human Services needs to follow up just as they would a daycare. Where I live daycares are followed from conception. With ongoing oversight. Licenses are renewed yearly.

      • Each person grieves in their own way, no one knows what you go through except you. There are those who feel it necessary to blame victims on this forum. Follow your own agenda

      • That’s a very good idea to regulate cults — force them to operate in the light of day somehow. Can’t imagine how that’s possible given the secretive nature of most. Guess it’s always a balance between preserving all our rights to privacy, assembly, choice of communal living, religion etc. while preventing the atrocities that seem to prevail whenever one living person plays God to many.

    • Why call Heidi Hutchinson out like this? Calling her an ‘attention whore’ – are you sure?
      She has posted here a lot less than I have, and I’m a relative newcomer, with no collateral skin in the game. Like most of the posters here, just a compelling interest in seeing justice done. Frank called it ‘prurience’ and that will do – its not the whole picture, but its accurate enough.

      Last year a tower block housing some of the poorest people in our borough caught fire- it was an inferno, many of us, including my far too young godchildren, watched as friends and neighbours either burnt to death, or jumped to their death, what could we do? turn away and go back to bed?

      I bring this up for one reason. I am following every one of the Leadership of Kensington and Chelsea Council on social media, I along with countless others will ‘follow’ them to their graves, till justice is well and truly served on those responsible for the circumstances that created this enormous tragedy.

      How anyone seeing my name, or any others of the Grenfell support group members, on these murderers’ sm’s could think we were there because we ‘supported’ them, is difficult to imagine.

      I didn’t lose any family members. I lost two students, and a third lost her father and brother, basically the only family she had. But still I’ll follow these bastards to the END.

      I’d wager Ms. Hutchinson, if she is following cb, does so because she feels something like this – to the power of ten. At least, I find this scenario more likely than the notion, she’s so evil she’s supporting the possible murderers of her sister, while ‘pretending’ not to.

      • Onewomanarmy
        Why didn’t Clare block her?
        If she was condemning her and NXIVM, Clare could have blocked her.
        And anyways, Clare never tweeted a single thing on that account. And there is no need to follow in order to read someone’s tweets.

        The person posting here using the name Heidi went on an uncalled for attack against me for my opinion that NXIVM trolls would be dumb to accuse Kruek of crimes. Hardly a reason to attack me, right?

        • Flowers, did you ever for once think that maybe Heidi cant be bothered to unfollow Clare, She hasn’t tweeted herself since the old Times Union Series in 2012. Maybe Heidi cant get into her old twitter account to unfollow Clare.

          It is a lot easier to follow someone so their tweets show up in your feed than it is to try to remember their handle. Capisce?

          Then there is the saying. “Keep your friends close and enemies Closer”.

          And Heidi, Fuck the haters. Thank you for taking the time to contribute your experiences even though the comments on the blog are from a bunch of wingnuts, trolls, and posters who should just keep their mouths shut because they have no useful information, they were never there or saw that.

          • Obviously you’re not a twitter user.
            As I explained earlier, tweets only show in your feed right after they are posted, so scrolling thru the feed would be a stupid way to monitor an account..

            If Heidi knew NXIVM was responsible for her sisters death in 2012, why didn’t she stop following Clare at that time.

            It’s so hilarious how you trolls all jumped on the bandwagon when the SM accounts mentioned belonged to Dr. Porter or Nicky Clyne. But when I point out the exact same thing about Heidi, it’s a totally different story. Why?

            Such blatant hypocrisy.

          • Thank you. I’m happy to help try to keep this blog real and informative and OT as possible – really don’t know how I became the main troll attraction du jour.

            Few weeks ago, I suggested “Flowers” change her name to something less feminine if she wanted to avoid the sexist, alt right chauvinist or “misogynist” attacks she was whining about. She’s been stalking me ever since. And, my brothers.

            I suspect she’s a man-eating Venus fly-trap of a “flower.” Something straight out of “Little Shop of Horrors.”

            But, no worries, I got some connections – as he, she or it should know by now — if the petal head ever snaps.

            Thanks again, everyone!

          • What a lying twat you are, Heidi.

            Why dont you tell the truth, bitch. My post that you took offence to had nothing to do with you. You didn’t like my opinion about how illogical it would be for NXIVM members to keep posting accusations about Kruek, and you lost your temper.

            Since I saw that you were obviously a liar, I looked at your Twitter and saw you followed Clare, which seems bizarre, all things considered.

            But you don’t appear to be a very logical person…so I guess it makes sense to you to follow a person you think is connected to your sisters death.

          • I forgot to mention the threat you made to “snuff me out” when I asked about the twitter account.

            Sounds kinda like a death threat to me.
            Why so angry , Heidi?

          • Flowers why don’t you at least try to give people the benefit of the doubt. You convince yourself everyone is a troll, a liar and many other nasty names. What do you get out of this . It’s a group of people who have the right to post what they feel. I know what your response will be so as usual I wont be back to read it . It just seems like your looking for a fight constantly. Why do you think Frank moved you to your own blog. Since I know you have yet to be right about me I can only assume your wrong about the others you malign here.

      • Thanks for the props! Love folks like us. It’s called being an activist rather than a pacifist. Human rights don’t just happen without true humans like you.

    • I hope you ignore the haters, Heidi. I always appreciate your input here.
      There are very few people who have lost a family member because of their death due to Keith Raniere, and you have the right to say whatever the hell you want, and you are smart not to trust people who just want to use you for their own agenda.

      • Yes Heidi you’ve been through worse. This sad person that goes by flowers has serious trust issues. It may be that she has been so damaged that she really can’t believe there are those on here telling their stories for a reason. The truth to me is Gina has a sister named Heidi. No one has been paying proper attention to the Nxivm cult before and after Gina death. Let them get what justice they can . I do believe it’s the financial crimes that caused the EDNY to finally file charges but we take what’s offered and hope justice will prevail.

        • I have no “trust issues” , but thanks for more of your uncalled for and baseless assumptions.
          By your logic Heather, Police officers who are investigating a crime would have “trust issues” when asking a witness to explain why they did something that seemed out of line.
          Stupid people trust everything they are told, without question. This is how they end up getting scammed

    • Actually, you make a very good point – that KR could have gone on another 20+ years doing ever more horrific things – possibly to children. Sorry you are being called names. I’m surprised anyone with actual first hand knowledge posts here, given they risk being called an “attention whore” or something worse.

      • What better place to post. NXIVM Is deathly afraid of the Frank Report. They themselves have brought massive attention to this site. They know the feds are monitoring it. They know the media is following, you can tell who some of them are by their pro vanguard posts. Some really believe this toad has cured them. It’s not impossible that their own positive thinking has helped them. If you put someone on a pedestal they will surely disappoint you at some point.

        • More illogic. , Heather.
          If you were a NXIVM member who wanted to clear NXIVM ‘s name, why the fuck would you keep casting doubt and suspicion on a former member by accusing them of money laundering for NXIVM? No one could be that fucking stupid.

          And if that’s not enough to make you wonder what agenda these anti-Kruek posters might really have, then consider the fact that “Heidi” personally attacked me when I stated my opinion about this. Why attack me for THAT? I had never addressed her before that.. …

          A smart person might wonder why “Heidi” became so upset with my opinion, an opinion which had nothing to do with her.

      • Yup. Thanks, OC. I appreciate all your posts. Very insightful. This is a tough crowd but Frank’s spent 6 years unraveling this case with the help of those who have the courage to post real insights and info. This is just THE place to check in for the true story on NXIVM.

        I just wish the trolls and trollups would realize what assholes they’re making of themselves or their clients ? long enough for folks like us to get a solid word in edgewise. Frank COULD sniff and snuff ‘em out by simply blocking their URL but he won’t hear of it. …I kinda like the 1st amendment to the U.S. constitution, too. Guess, it has its drawbacks.

  • Message to “Flowers”

    I don’t know who you are, but I don’t understand why you are getting beat up by the other people who post here. I’m a liberal and vote Democratic.

  • Just too bad these monsters are punished at the end of their lives when their innocent victims’ hell starts so soon in their little lives.

    Still this report gratefully reminds me that bad as it is with NXIVM they might have gone on another 20 – 30 years…Keith is only 58…or beyond through their Rainbow Culture Garden progeny…notwithstanding the Bronfman AND Salinas money.

    And maybe law enforcement is finally picking up on the obscure, shrouded signs of cult involvement in crimes.

    I’m closer and closer to getting closure on my sister’s death every day since Frank Parlato and Toni Natalie called me last Spring with the news about Catherine Oxenberg taking up the fight with them in order to free India. They were hopeful that with the branding exposed and given Catherine’s personal plight — if presented right, which Frank saw to — law enforcement, specifically the FBI, would have no choice but to truly investigate — and they were right. I thought they were all fools but have never been so joyous to be proved so wrong!

    2019 could be the best year since Gina’s death yet!

      • I can maybe feed you some facts but don’t doubt you wouldn’t twist them. Far as I can tell we’ll never see eye to eye. Seen your shows, read your shit on here, don’t agree with your views. You’re a bigot, Scott. Fuck off!

        • Heidi,

          Why would his political views matter when talking about the exclusive topic of exposing the injustices of Keith Raniere, who apparently harmed your own sister?

          So you’re placing your own liberal politics above the memory of your sister?

          You’re a disgrace to the memory of your sister in my opinion.

          Your logic sounds like something that a child or teenager would say. Your sister deserved better than to be represented by an attention-whore like yourself. You should be ashamed.

          You’re placing your own politics above the effort to expose Keith Raniere in every possible way?

          Again, you’re a total disgrace to your sister who suffered from this man.

          It sounds like you’re on this blog merely to get attention for yourself rather than to do everything possible to get the truth out about Raniere.

          If my sister had been harmed by somebody, I wouldn’t be citing politics as a reason not to expose that monster in every possible way. But that’s me, and I actually care about my family and would never resort to being an attention-whore like yourself.

          If your sister is looking down on you right now from heaven, I’m sure she’s disgusted with what she sees.

          • Fair enough. I caught one of your shows alleging NXIVM was a Jewish or “Bleep-ish” Group, Scott. Nothing could be further from the truth. Keith Raniere is anti-Semitic. He’s a Jew hater from way back. Looks like you are, as well.

            Granted, many of NXIVM’s top-tier are people of Jewish origin — whom Keith Raniere has robbed, molested, coerced and tricked into criminal activity — but that doesn’t make it a “bleep-ish” cult or in any way connected to Judaism.

            Keith convinced them they must serve his interests to atone for their past lives as Nazi leaders. He had Clare spy on and steal her Dad’s computer files when he was President of the WJC. These are not pro-Jewish activities. It’s usary of their background and resources in Keith’s own bloodlust. It’s the cynical epitome of anti-Semitism.

          • Heidi, you misinterpreted my statement. That’s why it’s good to talk and not endlessly type. I’m aware of everything you put in the above comment. My point was the Bronfman money came from Jewish people, namely Clare and Sara’s father and grandfather. Their father headed up a very influential Jewish organization for decades. I have nothing against Jews, only Jewish criminals. And Christian criminals. And Islamic criminals. And atheist criminals. Are you detecting a pattern?

      • Scott, if you keep calling people stupid , other people will be reluctant to go on your show. Apologize to me, and talk nice to Heidi, and I’m sure she’ll change her mind. She can explain to you, during the program, why she follows Clare on her Twitter account, and why she became so angry when I mentioned that fact.
        Come on Heidi, don’t be a chicken. If I had been involved with NXIVM I would agree to go on Scott’s program. He doesnt actually bite, and you dont even have to see him in person.

        • Oh, for Godsake Flowers. I followed Clare because I want to hear her point of view if it’s in the offing. I prefer to form my opinions by getting data straight from the horse’s mouth. Doesn’t make me a traitor to the cause.

          • Heidi
            Claire never even had one single tweet on that account, and you could easy read her tweets without following her.

            I suspect you’re not on the up and up because you started attacking me without any reason…you went after me after I mentioned that it would not be beneficial for NXIVM members to write posts accusing Kruek of crimes. Before that point I never mentioned you at all. Not even once.
            So after your uncalled for attack on me, I suspected you might not be who you claim, and checked your SM.

            If you dont want to talk to Scott, then how about your brothers? What do they have to say about Keith? Maybe it would be interesting to get their perspective.

          • Flowers, how would Heidi have known whether Clare would or would not tweet in the future on her twitter account? You keep confirming how superbly stupid you are. Plus, if Clare retweeted something to all of her followers, Heidi would receive the tweet without having to go to Clare’s account. Most of us aren’t as paranoid as you Flowers, keep that in mind.

            If calling you what you are, stupid, is provoking, I await your emails. I’ll know the stupid ones are from you. If you think you’re in any way intimidating me, keep in mind a multi-billion dollar/year MLM scam sued me and I kicked their corporate butt. I think I can handle a stupid, liberal Cannuck.

          • Uhhhhh…. Scott, the word is not CANNUCK. (Unless that’s the Amerikan spelling?🤣)
            Anyways, I never said that Heidi could have anticipated whether or not Clare would post any tweets….I said that she could monitor Clare’s twitter account without following ger.
            However, I blocked YOUR Twitter account as soon as you annoyed me here, since I didn’t want you to harass me on twitter, too.

          • And one more thing, Scott…
            Tweets from those you follow only show up in your feed the a short period of time, right? Who is gonna scroll thru all those tweets in your feed just to check for a tweet from a particular account? So much easier and quicker to just pop that followers name into the search engine and go straight to their account.
            That’s what I do.

            And I block the accounts of those who have harassed me before.
            Of course.

          • The hockey team is called VANCOUVER CANUCKS, right?
            So I don’t care about your spelling of the word….don’t you crazy Texans play hockey? I thought y’all had a NHL team …

      • Scott, here’s two of us that could give you info. Men and women are very different in how we process info. We allow ourselves to take what you say personally. Sometimes I see a different side to you, a side I can appreciate and identify with. Keep it up and you may hear from some of us.

  • This is so sick and disgusting. I think of those young lives completely destroyed. May they rot in prison and then in hell.

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