Court Does Not Need to Seal Names of Keith Raniere Co-Guarantors – Frank Report Knows Already

In recent weeks, attorneys for Keith Raniere have petitioned the court to keep the names of possible co-guarantors for Raniere’s bail sealed from the public.

The lawyers specifically name me – Frank Parlato –  as the reason for this need for secrecy since bail guarantors, the lawyers say, are afraid I might publish their names and, hence, ruin their reputations.

No one wants to be known as the co-guarantor for a branding cult leader these days.

But really there is no reason for the court to impose this kind of unprecedented secrecy. I already know their names. Just to be fair, I won’t name all of those willing to pledge their assets.  I’ll name just one – their ringleader.

The reason I am not going to name several of these timid souls – who want to bail Raniere [or have been pressured to do so] – is that I don’t want to embarrass or ruin their reputations – something that could easily happen when it is known they want to bail out an accused sex-trafficker, a cult leader they follow like a duck and let guide them, a man who brands women on their pubic region and blackmails, starves and sleep-deprives the women who follow him.

Still, all those considering trying to help bail out the Irascible One, keep in mind that:

A. – Since he is not likely to be granted bail no matter how many co-guarantors there are, this is an exercise in futility

B.- There are so many leakers, so many spies, and so many people on the fence about NXIVM that it is almost impossible to keep your role secret – despite promises to the contrary.

C.  If you choose to post your assets as bail and Vanguard flees – something I believe is likely – you will lose your assets and you cannot depend on – as promised or expected – that Sara Bronfman-Igtet, Clare Bronfman, Emiliano Salinas, Cecilia Salinas, Vera de Costa Autrey and/or Alejandro Betancourt will make you whole.

This will possibly cause a lot of difficulty for you in your life and might even prompt the FBI to look at you closely to see if you were part of a plot to arrange for Raniere’s escape.

In which case, you will go to prison while Raniere will roam free – at least for a while.

You ought further to consider that Clare is already indicted and it is possible, if Raniere flees, Clare will go with him. Sara might be indicted – which means she also may be unable to help you either. She also might flee.

Even if they do not intend to flee with him, these are people who have no chance at providing moral suasion to prompt Raniere or smite his conscience.  They do what Raniere tells them to do. He is their ethicist and their morality falls under his domain.

As for Salinas and Betancourt, these lovers and business partners have their own legal issues. If all goes well, they will soon be indicted.

If Raniere flees and your assets are forfeited, all of these people may be far too busy with their own concerns to even take your call, let alone reimburse you.

[A portion of this post has been redacted]



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    • You notice that Ford remembers every detail of her “attack and attackers” EXCEPT for the physical things such as dates or location which could be verified or debunked? She ONLY forgot the actual evidence.

      5 accusers.
      1 crazy person recanted.
      1 is an anonymous letter, maybe the Russians?
      1 wasn’t sure if it was Kavanaugh as of last week.
      1 is alleging a crazy gang rape ring w/o any evidence or details.
      Last 1 is Ford, who has 0 corroboration.

      Self-serving Avenatti: I’ll subject my client to an 8-hour cross-examination if I get to question Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

      News broke this afternoon that his client, Julie Swetnick, has a history of sexual harassment lawsuits and has had restraining orders filed *against* her.

      The fact that Katz represented Swetnick 10 years ago in a sexual harassment case is HUGE.

      It creates the link between all these liars. It’s this Katz woman. She is the mastermind.And she was videotaped meeting with Hillary at a restaurant this week too

      Katz linked to Clinton, Soros, Ford, Avenatti & Swetnick, one big fake accussal team, designed to come after interviews & hearings at last minute to stall hearings, no corroboration, no specifics, no time & nothing for Kavanaugh to defend except to deny. Feinstein coordinated it.

  • Are you the one writing the disgusting Yorek comments, Scott? Or is he imitating you with the “Do it now” line?
    I get the impression Scott wrote the Yorek comments yesterday and then forgot to switch the name back to Scott.

    Such lovely, rapey comments yesterday.
    What a pig.

    • It’s Yorak. Not Yorek.

      And no, I’m not Scott — you amateur shit-for-brains Sherlock Holmes.

      It’s obvious to everybody here that I’m the one who copied his “do it now” slogan, not the other way around — you dimwitted childish twat.

      I’m guessing that you’re not even a college grad. You probably got preggo in college, then dropped out, then got gaslighted and dumped by a guy who moved on to a less “drama prone” woman. I admire him already.

      Go feed your cats. 🙂

    • By the way, the sexual thread comments were purposely made to annoy you and a few other self righteous members.

      I had some extra free time waiting for something yesterday, so I decided “why not annoy the shit out of you feminazis” and get under your skin some more. So I did. 🙂

      Glad to see it worked. 🙂

      You really need to chill.

      Most of my comments in that thread were totally made up, as in “created from whole cloth” just to annoy the feminazis.

      In other words, I was fully aware that many of you would find those comments beyond the norm — thus I made them to anger you. I do not speak that way to any women in person, but if you choose to believe otherwise then so be it (you have a lot of hatred inside you, so I understand that you need to create “devils” to be angry at).

      You’re too easy to manipulate. 🙂

      Although, I really do think you’re a dumb bitch and a girl who got dumped and gaslighted by guys earlier in life. So I truly don’t like you, but then again, most women on this board also don’t like you. You’re just not a very socially friendly person. 🙂

      • Again, what is the purpose of the sexist, vile, misogynistic comments? Seriously, how long did it take you to come up with a pathetic loser name like “Yorak Hunt”? Let me guess, you actually think your shit is CLEVER. Hot tip: IT’S NOT.
        What makes you any better than Keith Raniere and his creepy female enablers? You aren’t. You are gross, childish and just YUCK.
        I don’t come here to read trash that the likes of you and Pea spew. You sound a lot like KR, Pea and the sad girls. I come here to learn more about a cult that demeans women in the name of empowerment. I actually find the comments of people like Shadow, One Woman Army and Flowers insightful.

        • NC, this site has been infected with trolls trying to distract from the real information by fostering animosity, hatefulness and obscenity. You just have to hang in there for the (now) less frequent thoughtful posts. Personally, I would add ionwhitepoetry and Darth Van Douche to your list – and others.

      • @Whor-Aaaak

        I wonder when you’ll realize that YOU’RE the one who is being manipulated?

        It’s just so easy to manipulate you into making a fool of yourself…you are so predictable.

        And every mistake you make (and you make plenty) is more evidence for me.

      • ‘what kind of creature bore you?
        Was it some kind of bat?
        They can’t find a good word for you
        but I can – TWAT!!!’

    • Hey ignorant bitch, how the hell are ya.

      It’s kinda WEIRD how Kavanaugh only “sexually assaulted” democrat women who hate our President, don’t want Roe V. Wade to be overturned, voted for Hillary, are connected to Soros, lawyer is Michael Avanatti, AND came out only after the other stories failed- not at the same time.

      • SC Girl, The only ignorance I see here are the people who have nothing better to do than call people “ignorant bitch” and engage in personal attacks because they have nothing better to do with their lives. Again, I see benefit in much of what Flowers, Shadow One Woman Army an Ionwhitepeotry post. I don’t feel the need to engage in sad, lowlife tactics. It is a waste of time, it’s incredibly immature and speaks volumes about the people who feel the need to post hateful attacks against people trying to have meaningful dialog. If this is the best you offer the world, that’s on you.

  • The designer of Raniere’s Fiji Island NXIVM criminal refugee hide-out is looking for hand-outs to…

    Help get the intended occupants — presumably Keith and Clare — moved-in??!!

    Maybe the Levy’s can get a photo spread in Architectural Digest or Conde’ Naste: “Making the Perfect Paradise for Fussy Fiji Fugitives.”

    • that’s one v. nxivm-apt wedding dress – body-con, finished with what looks like the mosquito net from raniere’s four poster bed in wakaya.

  • Interesting Fact from listening to the UNCOVER podcast (all 7 episodes are in the can and out btw) – Nippy Ames & Sarah Edmondsen’s vows were also written by Keith. Lauren officiated their ceremony. Guess she is an ‘ordained” something or other. They renewed their vows recently and they were not written by Keith. Interesting that Keith also wrote Bibiana and Jack’s. Wonder who else in NXIVM he wrote vows for?

    Episode 6 – Is largely an interview with defense attorney Marc Agnifilo- His version of the creation of DOS was that it was created because one of the women was a cutter but who was not in an intimate relationship with Keith. I find that odd and at odds with what we have read: Allison Mack and Keith came up with DOS. He also stated their were 8 original masters rather than the 6 stated here.

    One important takeaway and the best yet…. Keith is burning up billable hours. Marc visits him a couple of times a week for 2-3 hours at a time. He states that Keith is engaged in his defense but calls him a thinker. He is wasting his legal defense fund by posing questions like: Why do defense attorneys do this or why do prosecutors do that, rather then focus on the task at hand which is to shut up and let the attorneys do the thinking.

    He wouldnt answer directly when asked who is funding the Irrevocable Trust for Keith’s defense but stated. We can all guess who is.

    Lastly, we now know, that most of the American remaining espians couldnt rub two nickels together, but there are plenty of rich Mexicans still. and I would take a gander that Jack Levy is a Mexican Jew. So, what Nazi did Keith tell Jack he was in prior life and is posting Keith’s bail his penance?.

    • Haven’t heard it yet but thanks for the synopsis.

      Latest excuse is the branding was an empathetic response to ond of the DOS girls who was a “cutter”?

      …wait, didn’t Allison Mack PLAY the friend of a cutter on TV? (Yes, 1998 Seventh Heaven series. See below.)

      Thought Agnifilo told Megan Kelly time to “Get into Reality?”

      “Allison Mack best known for her role as Chloe Sullivan on Smallville, was also on 7th Heaven in 1998 in an episode called “Cutting.” She was portrayed in a scene about self harming and played the friend of one of the girls in the family in which Stephen Collins played the beloved pastor/father. This connection to a known pedophile demonstrates the fact that many of these people in child sex trafficking are connected in one way or another. In this case Mack definitely worked with Collins on set.”

      • They aren’t necessarily connected . There are a lot of pervs out there. Collins was never charged with child molestation, no one has come forward and accused him either.
        As to the subject at hand it was surprising Levy didn’t come forward sooner, as he was housing Rainere while he was hiding out in Mexico prior to his deportation back to the US.
        So they have run out of American co-signers, it’s unlikely Mexican espians are going to be able to maintain any privacy here wether big scary Frank posts their names or not. The judge is not going to go for it, why should he they have no precedent for it. If you believe in what you are doing you’d be shouting from the rooftops. You people think you stand s chance of putting Nxivm back together. Your going from ultra scary to a joke.

      • Cocowash, I was not making an anti-Semitic remark. If you have followed this story for as long as most here, you will understand the implication. Many of us believe Keith hates Jews deep down which explains why he is a holocaust denier, and many of his women disciples were of Jewish ancestry and the reason he told them they were Nazi’s in a past life. If [redacted] is Jewish, it is quite possible that Keith or his winged monkeys really worked Keith over in EM’s telling him what he did in a past life and thus what his penance should be in this life- saving Keith.

  • Speaking of branding Frank, Dr. Roberts is still practicing and is setting up her own version of NXIVM in New York – Called EXO/ESO. $750 per class —- Knowing her love of inflicting torture with her branding pen, I’m comfortable with guaranteeing that she will be back to branding women again – (and perhaps men, but where?) What will her new brand consist of I wonder?

    • How is this possible? My understanding when the branding first came out was that possible permanent damage was done to some of these women, the location of the brand possible affecting some women’s reproductive organs. Can she be sued in civil court? This woman needs to be stopped.

  • oh right – ‘solemnized’ – well thank God for that at least, for a moment I thought Betancourt had gone full Caligula on the foolish owners of that splendid dog.

  • Good for you Frank!! You should name them all. But i must say, she is way out of Jack’s league. I wonder how that grease ball got her to marry him?? Keep naming names Frank!!

  • She definetly has to lose some weight. It should be obivous to all of you that this woman is obese and Vanguard is trying to help her lead a healthier life.

  • Frank Parlato should be held in contempt of court for revealing Jack’s name. This is what the motion was to determine and Parlato usurped the role of the court. He should be arrested for this and I hope the judge orders it immediately. The lawyers should make s motion at once.

    • Pea:
      The Constitutional Right of Freedom of the Press trumps Jack Levy’s interest in concealing his financial support of Raniere.

      And let’s face facts.
      The real moneybags trying to get Raniere released are in the Salinas crime family.

      But maybe to please Pea, the Court should set up a special board to review what information should be published by the Frank Report.
      This Board would be headed by Clare Bronfman who owned the now failed Knife of Aristotle website.
      Assisting Clare would be her former employee and failed stand-up comic Nicki Clyne and Allison Mack who was the editor of the Smallville High School student newspaper before she became a Pimp.
      This Board would determine what the Frank Report could publish and not publish.
      Would that please you, Pea?

      • the real money bags trying to get Keith released are the Salinas family.
        Maybe Emi, but I think Carlos had a hand in throwing Keith under the Feds bus. Look back at Frank’s article about Carlos slims meeting with Carlos Salinas and see what you make of it.

    • Pea , visit MDC tomorrow night and bring some KFC PS. Hurt my arm again 🙂 I was doing pirouettes in the shower this morning and kinda slipped. Big boo boo on my butt. PS – Making lots of friends here. We’re planning a Halloween Party where we get to trick-or-treat in our cell block. Should be a hoot! Wish you were here.

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