Shadow State: Nicki Clyne’s Tweets show she is not ready to flip

Where did Nicki Clyne get the money to buy house for the sex slaves?
Shadow State 1958 wrote me today.
While Nicki Clyne has stopped posting new photos and Tweets on her social media, she has continued “Liking” other Tweets.
As recently as September 18th she liked a Tweet on her Nicki ClyneVerified account @nickiclyne
Clyne’s Twitter ‘Likes’ give a snapshot of her mind and what she thinks about this case.
Recent Tweets Liked by Nicki Clyne.
“Prosecutors have the ability to ruin lives in a second.” @iamjohnoliver on @LastWeekTonight, watch:
Inline image
I wish if news outlets were going to use the word “alleged” & claim to care about presumption of innocence, they’d give my clients the courtesy of not assuming their guilt through loaded name calling, & other salacious words to describe an accusation. He doesn’t deserve this.
Here is a link to Nicki Clyne’s Twitter Like page that has been used as recently as September 18th.
What can we deduce from these two very recent likes by Ms. Clyne?
The first Tweet shows that Clyne thinks her spouse [Allison Mack] and NXIVM friends are being unfairly persecuted by out of control prosecutors.
The second Tweet shows that Clyne thinks the media is biased against NXIVM and her friends.

From these ‘liked’ Tweets by Nicki Clyne, what can we predict?

Nicki Clyne will NOT flip and testify for the prosecution.  Indeed Clyne loves her spouse and her NXIVM friends too much to flip and testify for the prosecution.
Mary, Mary is wrong when she claims that Nicki Clyne is the most flippable DOS slave.  Nicki Clyne will not flip at all.  She is the least flippable DOS slave.  Moreover, Clyne profoundly loves her spouse.
From the summer of 2017, it appears that Clyne was deeply concerned for her spouse, Allison Mack, who is the one person,  other than Raniere, most vulnerable to legal jeopardy from the sex trafficking charges.
Nicki Clyne dons a costume that looks eerily like an outfit she may be wearing regularly in the near future. If ever there was a time for her to grow up and see that Keith Raniere, NXIVM, and DOS have been a horrible influence in her life – that time might be now.

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  • I’d be careful reading too much into who liked whose posts on Instagram. I don’t like every post just because the person is a close friend. As Just Sayin’ mentioned, it’s more telling that Allison didn’t ask to be able to speak to her wife as a bail condition. I think they are more like sister-wives than a couple.

    By the way, do we know why none but Clare will look at Vanguard in court? I thought none could talk to each other but Allison talked to Clare before, so why do they ignore Keith?

    • I believe at trial it will turn out that Clare is really the moving force, the brains, behind NXIVM.
      Clare funds it and Clare is behind the financial schemes.
      Moreover, Clare has been a recipient of the sexual services of the DOS slaves.

      Raniere is too indolent and sybaritic to really be the leader of the cult.
      Raniere towards the end was mainly a figurehead.

      The story of NXIVM will be how the Bronfman sisters through their fortune gradually took over the cult and turned it into their own personal machine gradually forcing out the Old Guard like Nancy Salzman and installing fresh blood.

      That’s why they ignore Keith.

      • That’s an interesting theory for sure, but is there any evidence for that? I thought they are all in love with him, Clare included?

        • They all love him but he is chauffeured around by his female disciples.

          “While it is true that he rarely drives and it is believed he has no driver’s license, when he has to go somewhere, he is usually driven by one of his female disciples.”

          His clothes magically appear for him.
          He owns nothing in his own name.
          Not a house or a car.

          But the key point is that the middle management of the cult, the people who actually ran the cult, were the females.
          Originally they were the older females.
          The Old Guard.
          Barb Bouchey
          Nancy Salzman
          Pam Cafritz
          Barb Jeske

          As time has gone on these women either left him or passed away.
          They were replaced by the Bronfman sisters and their crew of younger, more ruthless women.

          The turning point is around 2009 when the Dalai Lama came to visit NXIVM.
          A visit which was paid for and arranged by the Bromfmans.

          This visit cemented the Bronfman hold over NXIVM.

          And after Pam Cafritz passed away the sex harem, which should have gone to Nancy Salzman’s daughter Lauren, was instead turned over to Allison Mack.
          Lauren was older and had been in NXIVM from the beginning.
          The entire old guard had been relegated to back ground roles for a younger crowd who could attract younger female slaves.

          The younger women were the Bronfmans’ Flying Monkeys.

          In fact there was some jealousy between Lauren and Allison over Allison’s rapid rise to power.
          From September 3, 2017 Frank Report
          Siobhan Hotaling is an EMP. She is also Allison Mack’s punching bag.

          Allison takes out her “meanness and bitchiness” on her just like Lauren Salzman takes her “bitchiness and meanness” out on Allison.
          And here I should note that Allison Mack not only worked for Claire Bronfman but she also worked for Sara Bronfman and her mysterious pre-school/ human trafficking ring called the Rainbow Cultural Garden.

          So NXIVM, which was always a scam, took a turn for the worse.
          To crack NXIVM the US government must flip Nancy and Lauren Salzman as well as Karen Unterreiner.
          The older women from the earlier days who have an axe to grind against the Bronfmans and their flying monkeys.

  • If she were that concerned about her wife, she would be with her. If it were a real marriage, it would have been brought up with the bail situation.
    Good luck trying to pretend there is any genuine concern now.

      • Even if Nicki were already charged, you can’t tell someone that thy can’t see their spouse. They can’t violate their marital privilege if it is a legitimate marriage. If it had come up, he could forbid it because they didn’t actually even live together, hence not a real marriage.

  • How does Shadow State think he knows what other people are thinking? This should not have been published. This is another deeply unfair and upsetting post.

    • By knowing what Nicki considers important and relevant one can understand Nicki’s view of the world.
      Nicki believes that the prosecutors are responsible for the NXIVM case and that the actions of Raniere, Mack, Clare and others are irrelevant.
      To Nicki the branding and sex slavery was just consenting adults having a good time.
      And Nicki believes the media is biased against NXIVM.

      I will warn Nicki that the Feds do not wait forever for people to cut a deal with the US DOJ.
      Ultimately Nicki has to fish or cut bait.

      I believe that Nicki is an intelligent young woman who got herself into a hell of a mess and there are no good ways out.
      Only least bad alternatives.

  • Sorry to pooh-pooh ShadowStates crack investigative work, but the first tweet only “shows” that Nicki supports the work of the Innocence Project…and so do 95K other people according to its # of Twitter followers. And the 2nd tweet (Brooklyn Defender…similar project but local to BK) like “shows” that she supports not calling alleged criminals, “thugs” “gangbangers” “illegals” etc. I liked both tweets, too, does that mean I support NXIVM or that I can that our justice system routinely discrimates along colour, class, and ethnicity lines?

    • Nicki has a vested interest in the Innocence Project.
      Nicki’s Spiritual Adviser Raniere faces Federal charges.
      Nicki’s wife Allison Mack faces Federal charges.
      Nicki’s good friend and former employer Clare Bronfman faces Federal charges.
      Nicki herself faces Federal charges.

      • ShadowState hates gays.
        ShadowState hates Muslims.
        ShadowState thinks women have special “powers”
        ShadowState spends all his time commenting on the internet and watching TV.
        Therefore, ShadowState is Donald Trump

        • You exposed my secret.
          Time to deport you.

          “ShadowState hates gays”.
          By the way Trump’s first attorney was the famous Roy Cohn who was well known in New York City’s gay circles.
          Donald Trump does not hate gays.

          And as for me I refuse to celebrate the Gay lifestyle.
          But unlike ISIS I don’t throw Gays off of buildings.

  • Women are more empathetic than men.
    Women catch on to subtle signals sooner than men.
    On Allison Mack’s birthday in 2017 Nicki Clyne posted this picture of Ms. Mack to Clyne’s Instagram page.

    It clearly shows a woman who is worried.
    With very good reason.
    If a male like me can see the emotion in this picture, then a female like Nicki Clyne can pick up on it.
    By the summer of 2017 Clyne knew that her wife was in serious trouble.

    • That’s bullshit Shadow and you know it. Nicki dont give a fuck about Allison but only for the fact anything happens to her NXIVM is done for and her ass will either have to go home where she belongs not in Allison Mack’s life.

      Her and Keith are poison in her life. So Shadow i know you’re trying to discourage anyone who still believes in Allison but let us decide if we choose to give up on Allison not your stupid ass attempts to do so.

      • Allison chose to give up on Allison when she sold her soul to Raniere and Clare.
        How else can one describe a woman who confessed, true or not, to molesting her own nephew?
        How else can one describe a woman who thought it proper to brand and enslave women?

        One does not have to be a feminist or a member of #metoo to understand that Allison Mack sold out women by her actions.
        No one in Hollywood wants her.
        She is box office poison.
        Amazon Prime could not move fast enough to scrub Allison Mack’s voice from the sound track of “Lost in Oz”

    • I’d agree. A doe caught in head lights. I get a little snide Raniere humor vibe in the pic, too. Maybe the costume was a suggestion from a friend…or master?

      • By Halloween 2017 the humor was hitting a little too close to home for Raniere.
        Shortly after he would head for Mexico.
        Nicki’s spouse Allison did not like the picture of Nicki in a prison uniform but oddly enough Clare Bronfman did.

        Clare Bronfman

    • Give any of these women a few months in a real jail cell and it will be every women for herself. Keith is so desperate to get out you can feel it. He would give any one up if he thought it would benefit him. These people that are on house arrest or less really aren’t getting that it’s over and they will do time along with those in the superseding indictments. Clares days of doling out the punishments are just about over, she really doesn’t believe she will do time.

  • Of course, she is concerned because without Allison, she is nothing but a waste of space. Nice to see Shadow is still stalking Allison and everybody else close to her.

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