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NXIVM still holding classes – in secret

Despite the arrests of NXIVM leaders –  Keith Raniere in March; Allison Mack in April, and Clare Bronfman, Nancy Salzman, and Lauren Salzman in July* – NXIVM continues to hold classes – in secret.
This contradicts what their website says.
After Raniere’s arrest, but prior to the Bronfman et al. arrests, the following was posted on NXIVM.com:


“It is with deep sadness that we inform you we are suspending all NXIVM/ESP enrollment, curriculum and events until further notice.   

“We will be in touch with more information for anyone currently enrolled in upcoming events/programs. 

“While we are disappointed by the interruption of our operations, we believe it is warranted by the extraordinary circumstances facing the company at this time.  We continue to believe in the value and importance of our work and look forward to resuming our efforts when these allegations are resolved.”

An email leaked to Frank Report shows that, like so many other things NXIVM says – this suspension of classes announcement is a lie.
Classes and recruitment apparently continue.
Vera de Costa Autrey, a NXIVM leader, along with Allison Mack’s assistant, Evan Zimmerman, are teaching a NXIVM class called, “Espian Entrepreneurs’ Roundtable”.
Zimmerman was at one time partnered up with Dr. Danielle Roberts, the notorious mad branding doctor – in some of their exo/eso course work.
Vera wrote on August 5, to NXIVM members:
“Evan & I are excited to invite you to upcoming Espian Entrepreneurs’ Roundtable events!  At the time being we will continue having the format of only being an Espian roundtable to share with each other. We won’t record or make this public.
“We do hope you can join us as your participation is what makes it to be really good. We have some really great topics to get together, discuss and help.”
Vera da Costa Autrey  – who placed her children in Rainbow Cultural Garden and left her life in Mexico – leaving behind her parents [who were once quite wealthy and had one of the largest art collections in Brazil] came to Albany to follow the Vanguard and dedicate her life [and her children] to him.
According to the NXIVM website:
“NXIVM is a community guided by humanitarian principles that seek to empower people and answer important questions about what it means to be human. The NXIVM philosophy is expressed through a series of companies and initiatives, all of which were designed to broaden the way we currently think about problems, and to help create solutions for a kinder, more sustainable, ethical world. With unique tools that facilitate success, both internally and externally, NXIVM helps people realize the potential that exists within them.”
Low-level bookkeeper and designated fall girl, Kathy Russell was also arrested at the same time as NXIVM leaders Clare Bronfman, Nancy Salzman, and Lauren Salzman. Kathy was designated to sign documents so that higher ranking members’ like Karen Unterreiner’s name would not appear on any of the inculpatory documents. 

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