Karl Bassett: Frank is using Kruek for clickbait like Raniere used her for cult bait

Kristin Kreuk plays a brave lawyer on the Canadian taxpayer funded TV show Burden of Truth. Her character risks her career to protect young women.

By Karl Bassett

Your “article” Kristin Kreuk’s Hypocrisy Gets More Stunning by the Week , is almost entirely made up of a bunch of random, anonymous comments of dubious accuracy and is hardly convincing.

I’ve read a bunch of Frank’s articles and cannot remember anywhere he has actual proof Kristin Kreuk did anything illegal. If he has any such evidence, then why hasn’t he gone to the police?

Kreuk plays a brave lawyer on TV? Big whoop.

Are you going to criticise Matt Damon because he’s never killed anyone or Tom Hanks because he’s never fought his way through Nazi-occupied France? Actors act. The clue is in the name. And criticising her for publicly supporting one case is effectively saying she should never be allowed to ever support any cause until she makes some public gesture that meets your approval.

In another article, you link to a CBC article quoting many NXIVM victims saying their courses actually helped them, because that’s how cults work. They start off helping people so they will carry on and by the time they get to the weird stuff they’re in too deep to easily back out. How can you sympathize with these victims but refuse to see someone like Kreuk could be in the exact same position? Or do you blame every NXIVM victim?

Exposing Nxivm and Raniere was a great thing, and now it is actually moving through the courts, you should carry on reporting what is actually happening with the case and/or move on to another subject.

Endlessly going back to the Kristin Kreuk well for clickbait just looks like you’re using her name for publicity in exactly the same way Raniere did a decade ago.

If she’s implicated and guilty, then it will all come out when this gets to court. Until then, she’s a victim of this cult just as many others are.

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  • Frank knows posts on KK will generate scores of childish, insulting and racist comments…and he allows it to go on, without banning the posters.
    If some of these comments were said out loud, the speaker would be fired, arrested or punched in the face…but they are too cowardly to say these things in public. And they are too dense to realize who childish they seem to the adults here.

  • People keep referencing “when shit got weird.” In the opinion of somebody who was there from the beginning, there was only one time that shit officially got weird. That specific time was when Toni left Keith and Keith went off the deep end trying to ruin Toni. Shit stayed beyond weird after that.

    • So many in-your-face warning signs. So many accusations. So many lawsuits. So many red blinkers. Sarah Edmondson knows she was talking shit.

      • Unless you think Frank was talking shit when he said the following —

        “Neither one of us [he and Roger Stone] had any idea how dark this cult was beneath the surface.”

        “At the time [2007], the sinister aspects of the cult were well hidden”

        “I lived with the cult in Albany for months, working day and night, and I did not see any signs of an evil sex cult. I came to learn Raniere was sleeping with some of the women but these women seemed happy and intelligent. No one was acting like they were being coerced.”

        “I thought they were a much persecuted but kindly group of people who were being attacked for having a different belief system.”

        Even in 2010, after he’d been fired and was working with O’Hara, and lawsuits were going on, Frank said about the Bronfman’s and Raniere in his Metroland interview, “Those two sisters believe in their heart that the greatest thing that they could do with their inheritance, for the welfare of humanity, is to assist in the growth of the ideals that Raniere has to offer the world, ” and that Raniere, ” DESERVES THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT.”

        Apparently it took even hard-nosed, investigative, street-smart Frank Parlato until 2015 to realize what serious criminals Keith and Clare were. As he wrote on the Frank Report November 2017, “However, it was not until Clare Bronfman committed perjury in a criminal complaint against me, that I realized that Keith and Clare are serious criminals. For the record: On the day I knew they were sinister and dark, I wrote my first article about them portraying them precisely as I saw them.”

        I guess Frank didn’t consider the 2012 TU revelations of Keith’s pedophilia serious??

        • The reason Frank has plausible deniability for not knowing about “weirdness” is primarily due to he fact that he is the one person who ever worked for them that did not attend an intensive.

          It’s like the Einstein quote: “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”

          Anything related to NXIVM has an infinite capacity for “weirdness”. The only surprising thing left (to me, anyhow) is that there are still people duped enough to keep defending it.

          • How do you know he is the only person who worked for NXIVM who never attended an intensive? Do you have a list of all former employees where they state specifically that they never attended one?
            How would you know what other people did?

          • Yes, Scott, we admit your comments are one better than the stupid *and* anonymous ones here. You happy now?

          • Why the fuck are you so obsessed with anonymous comments? Nobody gives a flying fuck what you have to say asshole. You are one of the few who have been shitting on this website for months, along with the stalkers. Piss off.

          • 1. I’m trying to help you not be cowards;
            2. People using their name tend to not make comments that are as stupid as the ones posted here; and
            3. It is nearly impossible to determine how consistent or inconsistent someone is when they use various names.

    • I never claimed to be brave, but the rest of you are cowards. I hardly ever mention my radio show, but thanks for the plug. If I really wanted to hype my radio show, I would mention it in every comment. Don’t bother listening to it, it’s way over your head.

  • “To make it clear, Kristin Kreuk and Grace Park are not part of the criminal enterprise that is NXIVM.” — Frank Parlato

    “She got out before it became really bizarre and wasn’t involved with anything sexual.” Susan Dones

    For the record, my dear friend @MsKristinKreuk was never in the inner circle of #NXIVM. She never recruited sex slaves and has been out since 2013 before shit got weird. She is a lovely person who should not be dragged into this mess. Thank you. #Cult #DOS #freedom #TRUTH — Sarah Edmondson

    Kristen quit in 2013. She had nothing to do with the sex cult branch. the people who were involved will be arrested in the next little while. KK isn’t one of them.– Maja Milkovich

    I 100% back this statement as an Ex-member of NXIVM. Thank you for sharing your truth Kristin –KG

    I know KK very well. She never touched Keith. She got out of ESP and tried hard to get Alli Mack out, but she was already drinking the koolaid. — Frank Report

    Erica Durance, who was in Smallville from 2004-2011, tweeted her support of KK’s statement as did Laura Vandervoot, who was a regular in the 2007 season of Smallville, likewise the show’s former publicist, makeup artist, and other cast mates, colleagues, and friends. People still actively working in the business, publicly put their names behind KK, yet Frank continues to regurgitate the same hate-filled posts and obsessively scrolls through his comment section cherry picking out any anonymously posted, negative morsel he can find no matter how speculative or unsubstantiated. Why because Kreuk rebuffed his sexual advances as was claimed on here?

    Back in April, Frank wrote this laughable statement, “I fought back, but never think for a second I sought to inflict pain – not even to Raniere. I sought only to stop people – including me – from experiencing pain from him.” If that isn’t a hypocritical lie from you Frank, why are you continually posting about Kreuk. This is your fourth article this month using Kreuk’s name compared to 3 for Clyne. Last month you posted 5 articles using her name but unless I missed it, you couldn’t be bothered to post about Clyne once.

    Earlier this month you wrote, “The actor who claims he left the cult – but will not denounce it – even though he recruited others and was used to promote the recruitment aspect of the cult – does not deserve purging from the website. On the other hand, if he is really out, I am not looking to further embarrass him.” So you don’t want to further embarrass the white, male actor who you don’t even know is really out but you have no problem continually trying to embarrass and smear the bi-racial, actress you know IS OUT and has publicly denounced NXIVM and publicly expressed support for the victims. Are you really the “woman-hating, Hollywood-chastising fiend” MTV News called you back in 2012. Is it more of your “inveterate misogyny” as Doug Barry called it, at work here?

    “Are you unmanly, cowardly, weak? This site may help you to be strong, to preserve the manly fire within, to look upward, to hold your breath, and gain strength, to go out into the world with absolute courage, to shut off that filthy television set which promotes effiminate behavior, to stop looking inordinately at the blood and pus filled body of woman” — Frank Parlato, Manmaking.com 2009

    “I don’t want to publish reviews of films where women are alpha and men are beta. where women are heroes and villains and men are just lesser versions or shadows of females. i believe in manliness.” — Frank Parlato, email, November 2012

    “I am interested in publishing that which promotes traditional family values and at the risk of offending many, supporting the traditional roles between a husband and wife” — Frank Parlato, Niagara Falls Reporter, November 2012

    Frank’s time would be better spent exposing those in authority who could and should have stopped Raniere years ago. Maybe if Frank had focused on helping to expose Raniere back in 2012 instead of defending his backward beliefs on women and hoping the Times Union articles would take them down, he could have prevented DOS and saved himself from being indicted. But even in December 2015, he WROTE this:

    “While I never took the NXIVM courses (I was however asked to write/create a module for a new class) I DON’T WANT TO DISSUADE ANYONE FROM TAKING THE COURSES.”

    • Susan Dones lied. Kreuk did not leave shortly after she did in 2009.

      Sarah Edmondson knows full well “shit got weird” before DOS in 2015.

      Kreuk did not have to be directly in DOS to be criticised

      Unless Erica Durence, Laura Vandervoot and all these other twats were in the cult too knowing what Kreuk did, they can shut the fuck up.

      “Kristen quit in 2013. She had nothing to do with the sex cult branch. the people who were involved will be arrested in the next little while. KK isn’t one of them.– Maja Milkovich”

      Lies, she was still involved after 2013.

      “I 100% back this statement as an Ex-member of NXIVM. Thank you for sharing your truth Kristin –KG” (Kayla Grosse)

      NXIVM people were corrupt before DOS moron.

      “I know KK very well. She never touched Keith. She got out of ESP and tried hard to get Alli Mack out, but she was already drinking the koolaid. — Frank Report”

      No she did not try and get Allison Mack out. She was still a supporter of the cult after 2013.

      • Stop being a pathetic, obsessed hater who has nothing to back up your repetitive claims. And if Kreuk was still supporting NXIVM, why didn’t she ever post anything praising, supporting ESP, NXIVM, or Raniere they way Vincente, Hildreth, Edmondson, Mack, Clyne, Scott Star, et al did post 2012 TU series?

          • Sorry to disappoint you, but I am most definitely not Sultan. I know you’d like to think there’s only one person calling out the hypocrisy and b.s. running rampant on this blog but that is not the case. However, probably like SOS, I am waiting for you to produce some proof to back up your claim that Kruek did not quit NIXVM in 2013 and that the various ex-members who fled the cult and publicly supported her statement are lying for some reason.

          • Your are DEFINITELY wrong. But you obviously have no conscience so you can continuously repeat a lie and pretend it’s true. When one doesn’t have a fear of getting caught via ISP access or the like, then one can throw as many anonymous insults or lies as one wants. The ironic thing is I or anyone else can do exactly the same if I or they wanted to. And nothing will change to prove it either way.

            If we are two different people (and we are), I know with certainty that this poster is not me and they also know with certainty that I am not them. You don’t know anything in such a situation. You’re like any other person wandering and blindly stumbling to and fro. You’re just guessing.

      • “Unless Erica Durence, Laura Vandervoot and all these other twats were in the cult too knowing what Kreuk did, they can shut the fuck up.”

        I suggest you follow your own advice.

      • Good thing you’re using your real name Scott. That will make it easier for Kristen to sue you for defamation of character, since you have no proof or personal knowledge that she committed any crimes.

        • Kristin Crook is in no position to play the victim card or attempt to sue anyone for defamation of character. She has fucked up her own image with the shitty choices she has made. Her deep involvement with the cult, her silence, her downplaying damage control statement.

          • And yet other famous people have sued (and won) in other similar circumstance’s.
            The fact that you are very publicly denouncing her as a criminal , without one single shred of proof (except the posts from the morons on this forum) proves that a bag of manure is smarter and less smelly than you are.

  • This article was written by SultanOfSix who also goes by the aliases Scarrom, So Salty and more. He is a notorious stalker of Kristin “the coward” Crook.

  • The “truth” will come out when this case is litigated in court – and it’s going to get REAL UGLY – REAL FAST !

  • Kreuk’s tweet of March 29 2017 – the only public statement she has made (my comments in brackets):

    “When I was about 23, I took an Executive Success Programs/NXIVM ‘intensive,’ what I understood to be a self-help/personal growth course that helped me handle my previous shyness, which is why I continued with the program. I left about five years ago and had minimal contact with those who were still involved.”
    (That means she was involved for 7 years. During all that time, the only activity she owns up to specifically is the ESP introduction – not a word about being on the striped path, coaching or starting several subgroups to recruit girls and women. This is untruthful silence.)

    “The accusations that I was in the ‘inner circle’ or recruited women as ‘sex slaves’ are blatantly false.”
    (There are many level’s of ‘inner circles’ depending on who you ask. I’m reasonably sure a lot of the girls and women she requited as a coach and/or a brain behind new subgroups would have thought of her as someone on the inside, while Edmundson may not have. And while Kreuk was unaware then, that the disgusting reason behind the recruitments was too funnel sex slaves to Raniere, now that she’s knows the horrible truth, an apology is in order for the harm she has actually caused a lot of people, regardless of her intent at the time.)

    “During my time, I never experienced any illegal or nefarious activity.”
    (Maybe, maybe not.)

    I am horrified and disgusted by what has come out about DOS. Thank you to all of the brave women who have come forward to share their stories and expose DOS; I can’t imagine how difficult this has been for you. I am deeply disturbed and embarrassed to have been associated with NXIVM. I hope that the investigation leads to justice for all of those affected.”
    (Nice statement, but it doesn’t make up for lack of transparency and accountability above.)

    I don’t care whether or not Frank is using Kreuk for click-bait. She has chosen a life in the public eye, she has done harm regardless of intent, and needs to own her role in NXIVM.

      • Double Amen. However, according to Frank, women Kreuk recruited ended up with psychological damage and herpes from Raniere and did nothing to help them. So Kreuk did know that Raniere was fucking students.

        • ——according to Frank, women Kreuk recruited ended up with psychological damage and herpes from Raniere and did nothing to help them.
          Frank speculated that, offering no evidence or mention of his “source.”

          ——So Kreuk did know that Raniere was fucking students.
          From what in your first sentence “proved” your second.

          • I’m not Sultan….but you obviously are the deranged creepy stalker of the Sultan. Sorry my post got you hard by mistake.
            Don’t you realize your stalking him is worse than what you accuse him of…

  • Now I’m a white guy who has donned the alias “Karl Russel”. LMAO. You tiny group of same trolls donning multiple aliases are stuck in projection mode and just can’t accept the likely fact than most people hold effectively the same views as myself.

    This has been repeated ad nauseum. Being a willing member of an alleged cult doesn’t exclude her from being a victim. Every cult expert will say this is a fact and to persist in saying otherwise is victim-blaming. Each person’s story has to be taken into account. She joined NXIVM to take self-improvement seminars to overcome what she felt was a negative in her life – her shyness – which she believed was holding her back in life and career, became a coach to help others do the same in what they felt might be holding them back, and because she naively believed in the professed mission of NXIVM to create a more ethical civilization.

    For the 10,000th time, there was no underhanded motivations to her being a coach because she believed the courses helped her and wanted to help others with them, nor to her being a recruiter, because that is what all MLMs request people to do as their business model is dependent upon it.

    Her shyness made her the perfect bait for a group like NXIVM because shyness – while a personality trait of sensitive people – is also grounded in the fear to open up to others because it makes a person vulnerable to being betrayed and hurt. So what did she have to do to overcome it? Trust the people of NXIVM who would’ve told her that this must be done otherwise they couldn’t help her. She was the perfect mouse to be caught in a trap. And lo and behold, that’s exactly what happened to her and many others.

    That she was fooled by VanFraud like many others makes her a victim. Had she known upfront that VanFraud had committed multiple acts of statutory rape before she was deciding to take an intensive, then she never would’ve joined in the first place since that doesn’t align with her values. It’s as simple as that. And that’s why she privately extricated herself from NXIVM soon after the 2012 Times Union article written by James Odata and was out officially by 2013. Anyone with a functioning mind who actually followed her like me could’ve seen this.

    You people allege that she didn’t publicly “speak out” against NXIVM. That too is irrelevant as has already been noted multiple times. An argument from silence (a form of appeal to ignorance) doesn’t prove how she felt one way or another. Not being brave – whatever that even means in her case – doesn’t make someone a coward, just like not being strong doesn’t make someone weak. Sorry, the nuance is too difficult for intellectually deficient or the disingenuous to grasp. Like I asked previously, what was she supposed to do? Hold a press conference and tell the world how she felt about it? Open herself up to litigation? She’s not a famous athlete and at most a B-level actress, mostly famous only in Canada. The legal authorities who had investigative powers didn’t even do anything until the secret DOS was exposed to them when some of its alleged victims filed police reports. Like almost everyone, she didn’t know anything about SECRET DOS until its exposure traveled down the Vancouver grapevine after Sarah Edmondson revealed she was branded and the Vancouver branch of NXIVM was shut down by her. If it wasn’t for DOS serendipitously coinciding with the #metoo movement, NXIVM would likely still be carrying on business as usual and VanFraud would still be out on the streets since it has been repeatedly shown that the legal authorities and its agents are the ones who should be held the most accountable since they failed to do anything for well over a decade. So at least NXIVM victims have Allison Mack to “thank” for help bringing it down in some warped sense.

    • YOU yourself sultan use at least a half a dozen aliases on this site defending her with your speculation.
      Your defense is based on the same here say as a lot of of her critics use. A lot of criticism directed
      towards her are based on facts while your defense is due to yourself being a groupie follower which
      goes way past stalking.

      • Whatever whoever you are. I’ve answered every single claim made against her. The burden of proof is on those making a claim. You guys keep saying the same things over and over again pretending no one has read them for umpteenth time. The “arguments” that you repeat ad nauseum are riddled with variations of guilt by association, argument from ignorance, and the slippery slope fallacy. YOU DO IT EVERY TIME YOU POST when you aren’t spouting of bigoted slurs and third rate sex jokes. You guys have nothing concrete, using the constant click bait to depreciate her acting ability and/or malign her character for obvious reasons other than her involvement in NXIVM. That I say with surety because human motivations for such actions aren’t difficult to ascertain.

      • Now the freak stalker goes by the alias “Karl Bassett”. He came up with that alias after yet another spank to Kristin Kook. He typed out that sad article with his low grade semenal fluid on his fingers.

    • “And that’s why she privately extricated herself from NXIVM soon after the 2012 Times Union article written by James Odata and was out officially by 2013. Anyone with a functioning mind who actually followed her like me could’ve seen this.”

      Wrong. She did not leave NXIVM after the February 2012 Times Union expose. She was still coaching in Albany and Los Angeles. Even after moving to Toronto full time in 2013, she was still involved with NXIVM. The pedophile revelations did nothing to dissuade Kreuk the cult/Raniere was bad.

      • First of all, they weren’t pedophile revelations. Pedophilia has to do with sexual molestation of children. They were statutory rape revelations of girls between the age of 12 and 16 years old. Both are reprehensible but still different. Second of all, how would you know? I know that she started working on BatB as the main star filming a 22 episode season for at least 75-80 hrs per week (the average) starting in June 2012 until May of 2013, and then would have repeated the same cycle the following year. Between working and publicity and spending time with family and close friends, that would leave her little time to coach in places she was never geographically close to. Just screaming WRONG doesn’t prove anything. And you’ve done this an uncountable number of times.

        • Did your dad beat you over the head with a hardback Quran you old stupid raghead? Whenever someone reveals something they know, there you are coming to the rescue like the sad old white (brown) knight that you are.

          • I’m beginning to suspect Mr. Parlato is a bigot too. What do bigoted slurs have to do with the content of my posts? I’m all for free speech – in fact, I think speech should almost never be curtailed – but when that speech is not only intellectually vapid and pointless, it is absolutely worthless in its bigoted hate of the other, one has to wonder why it still is allowed on this site when other comments have been removed or moved.

        • Wow. Now you deny Keith Raniere’s pedophilia to make excuses for and white knight Kristin Crook. What a freak you are.

          • Gawd you’re a disingenuous fuck. Correcting repeated misinformation to accurately conform to the scientific reality of the situation has nothing to do with making excuses you ignorant prick.

            What a lame straw-man. Walk off a cliff you bigoted douche.

        • SultanOfSpank defends pedophiles Keith Raniere and Muhammad. Putting your penis in a minor, 12 year old Rhiannon in the case of VanSpank is pedophilia. Defending said pedophilia because it threatens your sad pathetic image of Kristin Crook is cunty. But of course, it’s all just halal to you. Stop spanking it and eat a pork chop you poo stain.

        • “First of all, they weren’t pedophile revelations. Pedophilia has to do with sexual molestation of children. They were statutory rape revelations of girls between the age of 12 and 16 years old. Both are reprehensible but still different.”

          You filthy cunt. Raping little children is pedophilia. Molesting little children is pedophilia. Any sexual contact with a minor is pedophilia. In the case of Keith Raniere, it is pedophillia rape.

          Kristin Crook stayed loyal to Keith Raniere even after he was exposed as RAPING little girls. You are a disgusting apologist. Vile.

          • From Wiki.

            “Pedophilia (alternatively spelled paedophilia) is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children.”


            Fuck off lying sacks of shit.

        • Sexual attraction to children = pedophile

          Mollesting minors = pedophilia

          Raping minors = pedophilia.

          Whether a pedophile acts on his/her sexual attraction to minors or not, they are still a pedophile. Like Keith Raniere. Like Muhammad.

          Defending a pedophille by calling his accusers “suppressives” and continuing to support him is morally wrong.

          Defending pedophilia to try and justify the shit behaviour of your never-going-to-happen sexual infatuation is morally wrong.

        • You don’t want Keith Raniere having the pedophile tag because Kristin Crook who you are obsessed by stayed with him and his cult and a supporter of him after it was revealed he raped little girls. That is a documented fact. He acted on his pedophilia. Kreuk stayed on coaching. Fact. Now piss off you third world cock sucker.

          • No, unlike you, I want an accurate representation of the reality even if it is against me. You just want to constantly trash Kreuk despite any evidence. You have no evidence whatsoever that Kreuk “stayed on coaching”. None. Zero. Zilch. Nada. You got nothing.

        • Actually Abdul, I do know. You are beyond saving. You are as obsessed over Kristin Crook as an Islamic terrorist is with killing “infidels”. Piss off back into your cave you tandoori twat.

          • “Produce your proof if you’re truthful.” [Q2:111]

            It’s as simple as that. If you don’t: 1) you don’t have any and are just lying through your teeth 2) you do and you were/are a part of NXIVM, which means that everything you’ve ranted on against Kristin equally applies to you. Funny how that fucking works.

        • “It’s as simple as that. If you don’t: 1) you don’t have any and are just lying through your teeth”

          I don’t owe you anything you shit skin raghead. Facts are facts whether you want to believe them or not. I know what I know and don’t give a flying fuck what a paki stalker thinks.

          “2) you do and you were/are a part of NXIVM, which means that everything you’ve ranted on against Kristin equally applies to you.”

          I have never been involved with NXIVM paki boy. Knowing of someone who was involved after 2013 is how I know Kristin Crook was involved beyond her claim of 2013.

          • I didn’t say you owed me anything. I said produce your proof if you’re truthful.

            You can virtually scream and cast bigoted insults all you fucking want behind an anonymous alias and claim things are facts, but without evidence no one will believe you.

            That’s how reality works.

        • What did you eat for breakfast two days ago? Provide evidence or no one will believe you.

          I bet it was halal and stank.

          • Gawd you’re fucking dumb. 1) I didn’t make a claim. Therefore, the burden of proof is not on me. 2) you can’t prove something you don’t have evidence for.

            Looks like it’s 2) for you. Too bad.

        • How many times have you spanked it to Kristin Crook today? Did you use your turban to wipe your tiny little peepee?

        • “2) you can’t prove something you don’t have evidence for.”

          Does not mean it is not true Tanwar. Stop spanking it to the quran and Kristin Crook.

          • Dumb dumb: A pot of gold exists at the end of a rainbow.
            Rational person: Prove it.
            Dumb dumb: I can’t. Doesn’t mean it’s not true!

        • You have a little brown penis. You spend all day pinch gripping it with your thumb and forefinger like you were squeezing the guts out of a worm. Have you spanked it to any other Smallville actors Ali Baba?

          • At least I have a penis to grab. Keep pulling on that little micropenis of yours. Maybe it’ll grow as long as a clit one day.

            You’re not even fucking original.

        • You Islamaspankers don’t like clits. You cut them off. Meanwhile, your peepee looks like a burnt slug and you spank it to a d-list actress you would make drier than a nun’s ninny.

          • So original.

            Hey man, I know it’s hard living your life because when you were in high school the guys told you to go take a shower in the girls locker room because you were more anatomically equivalent to the women down there – ironically matching the courage you display in the comments – but trolling this website isn’t going to make your penis grow longer.

  • Wrong, Kristin Kruek was in to long to just pretend she was not an active recruiter of young girls, she was part of several attempt to use her celebrity by starting programs like GIRLS BY DESIGN where is this program now that she is no longer a Nxivm member. I think people genuinely want to hear from her. She put herself out there on the front lines , there is just to much info about her involvement and her silence is not going to help her career. It’s never to late for ex members to come forward and stand up to the bullies who are currently locked up or living horrible lives stuck in luxury homes a good portion of their days. Kristen was part of several other programs designed to attract young wealthy college students. Why would a successful actress need to recruit people for some self empowerment class ? What’s in it for her. She’s put herself in a position where she needs to answer these questions.

  • Kristin Crook should get an Academy Award, or whatever award is applicable for the show she is on. Acting is a talent and a skill, and anyone who can pretend to be an upright and moral hero while in real life be a dirtbag cultist gets my vote, hands down. There will soon be more indictments coming out, let’s see how Crook “acts” when her name is among the new nominations for a long prison term.

    • The above article raises some good points. So, do you think that anyone who ever did recruiting or coaching for NXIVM should be arrested, convicted, and imprisoned? Was everyone required to read / believe the 2012 Times Union article?

      • Recruiting and coaching aren’t crimes. Recruiting and coaching while being aware of, and/or promoting various crimes, such as money laundering, not paying taxes, blackmail, etc., is a crime.

        I doubt the 2012 article was required reading for NXIVM participants any more than Amway required distributors, prospects, and customers to read about the 1983 criminal and civil guilty pleas regarding customs/import cheating that resulted in 10s of millions of dollars in fines for each case.

    • And lets see how she acts if her name isn’t amongst those indicted.
      Hope she doesn’t act litigious, since your real identity will be easy to verify, Scott.

      • Kristin Kreuk was on the striped path and deep in the NXIVM cult. She was a top coach and recruiter. She would of known about criminal activity. She was named in Joe O’Hara’s lawsuit for a reason.

  • I hope the three of you served him well, as it will not happen again for a long time. You will have to recruit a lot of 5 year olds now for when he comes out.

  • I was just about to post that it has been 3 days since the last Kristin Klickbait article…then low a behold, it arrives as a criticism.
    And true, both Frank and Keith exploited Kristin to “recruit” for them.

    • I bet you are a fan.

      Kristin Kreuk 100% wanted to be in NXIVM and do whatever she did. That was her choice. Accusing Frank Parlato of “exploiting” her is retarded. When she was forced by the media to make a damage control statement, having spent months going out of her way to pretend nothing was happening, she was very deliberately vague, making her look more guilty. It’s her own fault, not Frank’s. Frank has done an excellent job here on Frank Report without Kreuk’s name. This is not going to go away for Kreuk.

  • Kristin Kreuk is not a victim. She was a willing member of the cult. Frank calls her out because instead of using her fame to draw attention to the cult which she helped build up, she instead plays a woman fighting for justice for teen girls on television. A lot of readers on here don’t like that. She did not ever turn on Raniere and NXIVM, not even after the pedophile stuff came out. She downplayed her involvement in the cult. You don’t get named in a lawsuit for nothing. She has never even mentioned being a coach and recruiter, nor has she ever mentioned Allison Mack who she recruited, yet she still talks about “women’s rights”. Kreuk was also still involved with NXIVM after 2013, the year she claims she left.

    By the way, this “Karl Bassett” sounds like a frequent commentator on Frank Report. Can anyone guess who…?

        • No doubt. he posts under a dozen names and then accuses others of doing the same.
          He seems to know everything that Kook does down to the smallest detail. If I were her
          I would be more afraid of the stalker guy than I would be of the feds. guy is a obsessed lunatic.

          • Just this month alone, I have probably ejaculated half a litre of semen spanking it to Kristin Kreuk. I’ve injured myself doing it.

            To replenish my energy levels so that I can continue spanking it, I have a post spank halal protein shake. It mostly contains chutney, the blood of infidels and hummus.

          • Why don’t you compose a novel for us about it.
            If someone ask’s “what time is it”, you tell them how to build a clock.
            Your a sick fuck mister stalker.

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