Reader: Kristin Kreuk recruited her posse into NXIVM

By A Reader 

Kendra Voth

Kendra Voth, a producer on Smallville, was recruited into the NXIVM cult by Kristin ‘Kook’ Kreuk.

They did Girls By Design together as their NXIVM project to spread NXIVM bullshit.

They also coached together in Vancouver and Seattle NXIVM.

Suzanne Gomez, Kristin Kook’s CW Network producer, was recruited into NXIVM by Kook. She loves posting anti-Trump liberal/feminist crap on Twitter. How about admitting you were in NXIVM you self-righteous hypocrite, Suzanne, instead of attacking the morals of others on Twitter?

Kristin Kreuk, Suzanne Gomez (her CW Publicist), Kendra Voth (who she met on CW Network show Smallville) and Rose Bhura. Kreuk and Bhura did a short film together called “Blink” where lots of NXIVM people were involved, including Kreuk, Bhura, Mark Hildreth and Tony Dean Smith.

How about talking about Allison Mack, if you want to talk about #metoo type stuff? Does women branding other women like cattle not fit with your anti-male hysteria? Hypocrite. She even boasted on Twitter that she had a guy fired from Starbucks for being rude.

Both women recruited into NXIVM by Kook Tweeted a defense of her when all this DOS stuff came out. No acknowledgment that 1) they were in NXIVM and 2) she recruited them into the cult.

Sima Kumar, Kreuk’s stylist was involved with the NXIVM cult, recruited by Kook.

Rose Bhura, a Pakistani woman who Kreuk started a “production company” with called “Parvati Inc” was recruited into NXIVM by Kook. The only thing they have ever “produced” was Olivia Cheng’s “Queenie” YouTube videos and “Blink” which I do not recommend you see (it is awful).

Ally Wack was involved with this “production company” but quit. There wasn’t exactly anything to quit.

Kristin Kreuk brought her friend Allison Mack into the cult that destroyed her life. Kreuk and Mack were used to lure many women into the cult.

Kristin Kreuk, Nicki Clyne, and Allison Mack appear on stage in Albany for a Keith Raniere a capella singing event that some say was a thinly disguised attempt to recruit college students into NXIVM. Notice that the actresses appear under Raniere’s banner.

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    • Pointing out that Kreuk has little to no acting ability is not racism, not letting her getting away with pretending that she wasn’t a member of a cult is not racism. Nice try though.

    • Racism Racism Racism there idiot do you feel better now. Actually the feminist trolls and their male cuckolds on here are astonishing. No wonder NXIVM was successful for so long. Some of these assclowns need to be locked in a rubber room with their smallville DVDs and a jar of lube

      • No one gives a shit that she has Chinese blood. She is being criticised because of her cowardly silence on NXIVM and her deliberate downplaying of her involvement. Some are also pointing out she is a shit actress too, which she is.

      • I suppose some people hate you because you are a perv. Hell I bet in China you would be considered a perv and dealt with by the State. Maoists are the only ones allowed to be pervs over there.

      • You sound like a typical libtard. Everything based on Race, Creed or Nationality. What else to expect from a goof that is deeply in love with a feminist criminal who showed her hypocrisy daily by being a slave to a man.

    • Yep. And why is everyone so hysterical about Kristen Kreuk and what she did and did not do, years ago. One would think there are much bigger fish to fry in this story. But this might as well be a discussion about the Kardashians.

  • Waste of time reading comments from brainwashed idiots here. Learn how to identify your installed by someone else believes and change them.

  • Hahahahahahaha.

    This “tear you down to break you down” is all NXIVM procedure.


    All you’ve got left is to troll websites to release your anger. Your leader is done. NXIVM is done. You guys are fucking done.



    Game over man.

    Hasta la vista baby.

    • Are you SultanOfStalk? I sense the smugness. Put down your quran and your curry pot and find another d-list actress to stalk. Mix it up old guy.

      • ROFL.

        Just because you are always aliasing doesn’t mean I am you dumb shit. Project much? Go back to KKK land you loser with your third rate sex and bigoted slurs that show your intellectual bankruptcy.

          • Is that all you’ve got? I know you are but what am I?

            It is interesting that that you responded to a poster that called out NXIVM trolls. I guess I’m also the posters Flowers and shadowstate too. ROFL.

            How do you live your life being so paranoid? Was it because you were part of a cult for so long breaking laws and pretending everyone was out to get you?

            When you get up in the morning and look in the mirror and realize what a sad sack of shit you are, do you think about putting a revolver to your mouth? Well you should. Act out your leader’s fake “mission” and make it a more noble place.

          • This is becoming outright racist. The reference to using a “turban” to wash off with…others calling Sultan a “raghead”. Also asking Pea, who is completely fake BTW, about her pubic hair and clitoris. Accusing people of sitting around, jacking off to actress pics. (Who cares?) Firing up conflict between conservatives and Democrats / Progressives. What kind of dialog are we having here? What is the aim of this kind of vitriol?

            People from overseas are reading and commenting on this website and they are likely forming (or further confirming) a very negative impression of American society – one without manners, grace, forgiveness, insight or kindness.

            I thank those many posters here with genuine grace and generosity of sprit, especially those who have been through the NXIVM nightmare to one degree or another.

          • To OCD
            Well said.

            orangecountydreams – OCD
            September 18, 2018 at 7:31 pm
            This is becoming outright racist. The reference to using a “turban” to wash off with…others calling Sultan a “raghead”. Also asking Pea, who is completely fake BTW, about her pubic hair and clitoris. Accusing people of sitting around, jacking off to actress pics. (Who cares?) Firing up conflict between conservatives and Democrats / Progressives. What kind of dialog are we having here? What is the aim of this kind of vitriol?

          • Thank you, Shadow, for your support. Oh, sorry, I forgot the “curry pot” racial slur. TROLLS: WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED NOR INTIMIDATED BY YOUR RACIST, SEXUAL FILTH. There, I’ve said it. Let the thoughtful posters, like Ionwhitepoetry, com forward.

          • To OCD
            I never made a curry pot slur.

            A family friend is the first Hindu buried at Arlington National Cemtery
            Ratish Prasad was born is Tucson, Arizona in 1963 to parents who had immigrated from India. He was raised in Park Forest, Illinois.

            He graduated from the University of Illinois: Urbana-Champaign with a business degree in 1985. He joined the Navy less than a month later. He attended Officer’s Candidate Sschool (OCS) in Newport, Rhode Island and became an Ensign in the Supply Corps. He was assigned to the USS John Hancock that Fall in Charleston, South Carolina. Eventually the Destroyer was moved to Jacksonville, Florida. He was promoted to Lieutenant (jg) and was within two months of being promoted to Lieutenant when he was killed.

            Over his years of active duty, he participated in NATO exercises and others. In March of 1988, the USS Hancock was about to embark on exercises in the Persian Gulf. As you may recall, those tense times in that region. As Payroll Officer of the ship, it was his responsibility to make certain that there were sufficient funds to pay the sailors and officers aboard the ship for a lengthy cruise.

            The ship was docked in Jacksonville on the night of March 14th, and Ratish was the Officer of the Deck until midnight. To make a painful story short, one of the sailors on board kidnapped him at gun-point from his cabin, took him to the office and forced him to open the safe and then killed him in a supply room. His body was found hours later when he was noticed missing at the morning call. Ratish was only 24 years old. He was so proud to wear the Uniform of an American Officer.

            Ratish was the oldest child and only son of Rameshwar (father) and Mithilesh (mother) Prasad. He also left behind two younger sisters – Roli and Rachna (me).

            Ratish is also the first person of the Hindu faith to be buried in a Military Cemetery. We had to find a symbol that would be appropriate to mark his headstone.

            Does that pretty much cover his Biography? They caught the sailor who killed him. He is currently serving a life sentence. However, he is eligible for parole, so Roli and I will be coming out there in February to speak in Ratish’s memory. Thank You, Rachna Prasad.

            Ratish Prasad is buried in Arlington National Cemetery (Section 65 Grave 1577)

        • Rasheed, I was never in NXIVM. They are all dickheads. Also, you are a sissy soiled tampon. It is Allah’s wish for me to laugh at you. It’s in the Quran: “Find stalkers where ever they are and laugh at them”.

          • Yeah sure.

            The word of a bigoted dickhead anonymously posting using shifting aliases is surely worthy of trust and credibility. It’s hilarious that you think you’re an alpha male. Can’t even use one fucking alias and stick with it. Can’t even reveal something that makes you vulnerable that others could attack if they were like you. Can’t back up any of your claims. You’re the biggest pussy.

            People like you are always blaming the other for something you can’t fucking control yourself.

          • He is right now. His pants round his ankles, a jar of vasalene in front of him, a picture of Kristin Kreuk on his jizz stained laptop and with his thumb and forefinger pinch gripping his little shaft he is stroking like he is choking a banana slug.

    • I guess Frank’s reason for publishing this rehash is to get Kristin Kreuk’s name in a new headline.
      Haven’t had one in 3 days, but even old news bring new clicks.
      It’s working

  • Most here believe Kreuk is not a good actress, so her successful acting career must be the result of the tech she learned in Executive Success Program.

    • Here’s the thing: Kristin Kreuk has gotten by on being beautiful and having lovely hair and the quality of the television programs she’s been on show that. The shows are third rate at best, no better then a Lifetime or Syfy channel tv movie and the only positive thing we can say about her career is that she isn’t involved in human branding which is wonderful and more then Allison Mack can say but hardly a huge success.

      • Kristen Kreuk’s obituary will start by calling her a 2nd rate actress on 3rd rate TV networks.
        Allison Mack’s obituary will start out by calling her a pimp, slave master and sex trafficker.
        All in all Kreuk is the success of the two even though she is a wooden actress.

        • Kristin’s best acting was in EuroTrip, where she played the pretty teen who her nice boyfriend didn’t know she was a supertramp with another guy.
          She also “acted” very well in interviews, playing herself.
          She has gotten worse in Burden of Truth.

          • Kristin CROOK can’t act her way out of a paper bag. She did a NXIVM play for Nancy Salzman on her birthday. Not good.

        • Did you send Ally Wack a love letter before she rejected you grandpa? Your obsession is a mental illness. She belongs in a looney bin and so do you.

          • Pimp Mack prefers only two types of “men”.
            Raniere the pedophile pervert and gay men.
            I have never attempted to communicate with Ms. Mack and since I have nothing but criticism for her “lifestyle” she wouldn’t pay any attention to me if I did communicate with her.
            Ms. Mack will end up in the gray bar hotel and as for my fate I will leave that in the hands of God.

      • Kristin is a multi-millionaire who has successfully foraged into producing with her most recent endeavor. Most people working over a lifetime will not make as much money as she has working over a period of fifteen years or so.

        And it’s laughable that people here think they are acting savants as if they know what it takes to be a decent or good actor, or that they themselves could act themselves out of a paper bag.

        The average working SAG actor makes ~50K per year on acting jobs. The vast majority of those who classify themselves as actors don’t even scrummage 2K per year and have to garner a secondary source of income while they’re trying to make it.

        Any man or woman who makes himself or herself into a multi millionaire is doing a good job at acting no matter what any irrelevant person says on an anonymous blog, especially someone like Kristin who doesn’t care about being in the spotlight and isn’t constantly selling herself in the pubic limelight. She’d rather have her work do her talking.

        The fact that someone donned the “master thespian” alias as if that would grant him an expert opinion on an anonymous blog would’ve caused me to bust my britches laughing for its utter impotence to do so if I didn’t think it was so lame.

        • Acting is not work and multi millionaire actors are not self made. They are given acting roles and given however much money the studios are willing to give. That is not success. Currently, Kreuk is receiving tax dollars from people who actually work, money she has not earned.

        • I don’t care whether you think it’s “work” or not. That’s irrelevant to whether she is successful as defined by what success is primarily defined as in a capitalistic economy, i.e., profits and/or income generation.

          Studios give actors roles because they can actually act and draw in people to watch the shows or movies at their particular level. They don’t just toss money to whoever the fuck rolls in off the street. You guys want to make it seem like she’s only where she is by mere luck and has nothing to do with her person.

          You can shift words all you want, change meanings, and can diminish her all you want, it won’t change the truth that she has successfully made a multi-million dollar career for herself under the titles of “actor/producer” for the past fifteen years.

          Keep crying though.

          • Kim Kardashian is richer than Kreuk and is also useless. That is not work Abdul. Kissing Tom Welling and Jay Ryan on television is not a successful career. Celebrities don’t create wealth, they get given it. The studios make them what they are. Your thirst for KK is like an Ethiopian kid desperate for water.

          • What about me not caring about what you subjectively consider “work” didn’t you understand? It doesn’t matter what *you* think is work or not. Work is defined as being paid in some manner to perform a service, whatever the latter may be.

            Kim Kardashian’s nor Kristin Kreuk’s usefulness – whatever that mean – is a concept not relevant to career success.

            – Celebrities don’t create wealth, they get given it.

            The vast majority of workers in all industries don’t create wealth, but perform work as defined previously.

            – The studios make them what they are.

            No one said studios don’t play a part. Any non-entertainment company also plays a part in making a worker a success and a worker also plays a part in making the company a success. Likewise, actors play a part in the success of an entertainment product because a lot of people tune in just to watch a particular actor. Actors who are successful have the ability to act, looks, and a natural charisma that comes off on screen to many people that keeps them coming back to watch them. Tom Cruise is not considered a great actor by a lot of people but there is no doubt that he is a one of a kind movie star, and people will watch any movie he is in because it is more often good than not.

            – Your thirst for KK is like an Ethiopian kid desperate for water.

            Your constant diminishing of what Kristin has accomplished in her career is sociopathic.

            I’m curious to know how far your little groupies – whatever the actual size – and their repetitive comments that tell me to jack off or whatever nonsense fills your vacuous minds will go. You guys are like hyenas laughing among yourselves at your own putrid jokes, or the guy who thinks he’s created something great and stands back and admires his piece of shit that no one cares about when he had no ability to assess what it means to be so in the first place, while everyone else who still has a functioning intellect is laughing at how stupid you look.

          • Just because you like to jerk off to celebrities, does not make them deserving of coin they didn’t work for. They are spoilt brats kept in the spotlight by sad groupies like you. They have no relevance to me and I don’t want my hard earned coin going to them for doing nothing.

          • Why the fuck do you perverts keep projecting your sexual fantasies onto me?

            I don’t give a shit whether *you* think they are deserving or not. I don’t care whether *you* think they are spoiled brats. That was never the point under discussion, which was whether she’s had a successful acting career.

            Plenty of corporations outside of the entertainment industry are given government subsidies. If you don’t want your tax money going to them, then file a petition and go through the government to stop it. That’s how it works in a democracy. Anonymously bitching on a blog that actors/celebrities aren’t worth the money they make isn’t going to change things and it isn’t going to change the definition of career success. You make it seem like there are zillions of actors out there making millions of dollars. Only a small subset make that type of money and they earn it because whatever revenue they helps generate justifies the amount they are paid. The market pays for them. This is standard business practice.

          • Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock demands $1,000,000 a tweet or instagram post to promote his own shit movies. How is that fair? It’s not. The fact you say only a tiny number of actors get this kind of extreme privilege makes it worse. A tiny tiny tiny number of humans hogging so much wealth they did not earn, wealth that is better off being put in the tax system to eliminate the burden from actual workers and eliminating poverty in shithole countries. A tiny number of people who don’t do actual work, more than happy to claim ridiculous sums of money they did not earn, create or work for. It is disproportionate privilege. I don’t want to hear about non existant “male privilege”, “white privilege” and “straight privilege”, especially from these Hollywood dickheads. Soldiers, doctors, paramedics, road sweepers and midwives contribute to the world, these assholes do not. They are selfish, self centred attention seekers. You only defend them because Kristin Kreuk is one. While soldiers were out there getting their legs blown off in Afghanistan for shitty coin, Kristin Kreuk became a multi millionaire kissing Tom Welling in Smallville. Thousands of homeless veterans on the streets but these cunts continue to claim undeserved privilege. It is not right that Canadian citizens work shit jobs for shit money because they have too, only for their hard earned money to go to Kristin Kreuk, who does not know what a hard days work feel like, making her even richer. It is wrong. What is the point in working if your money is going to these dickheads? I want to keep my money.

          • ROFL.

            Now you’re just rambling. What you say can apply to every CEO of a major corporation. Did Jeff Bezos do it alone to be worth over $100 billion dollars? Did Bill Gates? Steve Jobs? A debt-driven capitalistic economy rooted on electronic money controlled by the small subset of people who run the banking system is what creates wealth gap, not actors and other members of the entertainment industry.

            Who do you think sends soldiers manipulated to worship the false “god” of patriotism to foreign lands to fight? Congress? Parliament? Don’t make me laugh. Defense and other corporations effectively buying politicians who are used to help maintain their foreign interests that lines the pockets of their executives. War is a racket.

            Your faux outrage over privilege and what you think is work or not used to rationalize your diminishing of Kristin’s career success is lame.

          • You are beyond hope. You are so emotionally OBSESSED with Kristin Kook that any remote criticism of her or anything even related to her sends you into a triggered desperate state. You cannot stand it. There is no excuse for spoilt brat actors to be given all this excessive amount money they have not earned. There is no excuse for them to accept it either. No matter what you say. Go and choke to death on a pork chop you stupid fucking ignorant moron. Seriously Tanwar, kill yourself.

          • Fuck off douche-bag.

            You think because I have positive feelings for Kristin Kreuk that prevents me from impartiality. What? And your negative feelings make you sudden arbiters of justice? Give me a fucking break. No one is more biased than a hater.

            Rationality on display as manifested in sound argumentation starting from accepted premises devoid of logical fallacies is disinterested by definition.

            She is privileged. No one said she wasn’t. Any person who has more of something than another person is more privileged than another by definition. It is still irrelevant to the question of whether she is successful at her career or not.

            She earned where she is now. She didn’t have parents or connections in the entertainment industry. No one came knocking on her door and just handed her a role. She makes what the market commands.

            You piss poor examples of human beings think you can repeat the same insults and trash over and over again thinking nobody can see through your transparent fucking bullshit.

            Your faux outrage on broken record repeat displayed here against Kristin Kreuk’s previous membership to NXIVM to piss on her career skills or success, and me because I defend her, is nothing but an impotent mask used to cover ulterior motivations serving other purposes.

            That, or you’re just fucking sociopaths.

            You guys are pathetic.

        • For God’s sake SultanOfSpank, I will NOT open my legs for you. Stop being a little white knight bitch. Your posts make my pussy dry. Go and spank it to another d-list actress instead you old creep. Your little dinky will never be inside me.

  • Man, but that scene is cringe-worthy. Watch any episode of Smallville where Lana either yells at Clark orLex and Kreuk uses the same intonation in her “Who the hell do you think you are?” and the “Stay the hell away from my girls.” A master thespian, this woman is not.

  • Wow Sultan Perv just dropped tro and dumped his load all over this thread. I guess the real question… is Sultan perv or Shadow perv the bigger perv obsessed with women who don’t give 2 shitz about their worthless lives.

    • Irony. The only people who take dumps on threads are people like you. Your ilk are the kind that excrete so much foul nonsense you do nothing but clog up toilets and sewage drains that they overflow into places they weren’t meant for. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were part of NXIVM. Nothing worth a shart in anything you “guys” fucking post.

      • Sorry skipper, he is not the one with several posts on this thread talking about a fantasy girl. You are. He is right, you crapped up the thread.

        • Sorry zippadeedooda, repeating a falsehood under a different alias doesn’t make it true.

          Regardless, LMAO. The article concerns the woman under discussion. What’s ironic is the said woman is often tossed into the fray in the threads that are irrelevant to her by your ilk. I’ve never broached her in articles that don’t mention her. It’s only people who piss on her who do. If you can’t respond with nothing but insults when your claims are tested then crapping on a thread is exactly what you’re doing.

    • His computer keyboard must be saturated in his dry crusty semen, blasted out of his tiny brown little sausage after whacking off to Kristin Crook God knows how many times. He is probably doing it right now.

  • Whatever. She brought this upon herself. Recruited by Mark Hildreth. I never liked that guy from a distance. Always seemed cocky and smug. Wouldn’t be surprised if VanFraud watched Smallville, saw Kreuk, and purposely targeted her to bring her into the cult and sent the commands down the chain links. At the Poseidon Premiere May 2006 she appeared With Hildreth and soon after took her first intensive. You have to live with the ramifications of your shitty decisions.

    • Wouldn’t be surprised if VanFraud watched Smallville, saw Kreuk, and purposely targeted her to bring her into the cult.

      A way to get in a young celeb and possible “girlfriend”

      • When Kreuk joined I heard (3rd hand though) that Vanguard had ordered Hildreth to recruit his girlfriend into the cult . He wanted the smallville star to be a celebrity draw. I don’t know if Vanguard’s plan was to sleep with her to but that would make sense too.

    • Of course you never liked the guy from a distance. You were jealous of him. He was fucking your fantasy girl. A woman that you spent much of your life drooling over and could only have her in your mind with the help of your right hand.

      • Sorry, not true. If she was dating Tom Welling, then I could understand the attraction. Tom seems cool and nice. Hildreth always put out a smug vibe, seemed to always be me first, and only care about his career and image over and above everything else. And then when he got her involved in a controversial group that was labelled as a cult it incensed me more.

        And she started “dating” him barely two years after I became a fan so no it wasn’t “much of [my] life drooling over” her.


        • SultanOfSix/Scarrom, what ever your name is, I will never fuck you. You are a worthless old brown beta male. You fantasise about me 24/7 but you will never have a go on my pussy. I wouldn’t even notice you if you were right in front of me. Your sad pathetic white knighting just makes my pussy drier than a Pakistani heat wave.

        • Hi, SultanOfStalk. I have to agree with my ex. She will never fuck you or acknowledge your existence. I used to fuck your fantasy girl for years. You will never put your little tiny brown banana slug weenie inside her.

          • He uses his drool as lube to spank with when he runs out of vasalene. Nothing gets in between SultanOfStalk and a spank.

      • He is on the comments page of any post that mentions Kristin Kreuk because he is obsessed about her. He has been referred to as “Beetlejuice” because he shows up whenever someone mentions ‘her’ name. He’s not even a teenager. He is an old Pakistani man in his fifties or sixties. Imagine being stalked by that. Creepy.

        • You have no clue who and where I’m from, how old I am, where I live, what my background, education, history, interests, etc., are without me telling you. The only thing you know about me is that I’m a fan who mauls your shitty claims such that all you guys can do is return them with pejoratives and mindless, bigoted insults. You guys obviously have no conscience that checks you when you can say and do things in an environment that provides for your anonymity.

          You’re even lowlier cowards than the woman you’re claiming is one. You guys are pathetic losers.

          • Your wrong Stalker. I find YOU to be the pathetic loser. Here you are again coming to my rescue like the stalker you are. I will not open my legs for you not matter how much you white knight me.

          • Sultan of six
            They aren’t “guys” – this is probably one troll writing under several names and pretending to be multiple people. Notice how the “Just saying” troll replicated the spelling mistake of that name? No doubt that’s because she wrote both posts. She spelled the name correctly originally, then purposely misspelled it when she was writing under another alias, but then forgot to fix the mistake when she changed aliases.

            There definitely is no nornal group of people who care so much about what people write here, that they wait for you to write a post, then write a whole string of insulting posts about what you’ve written. Why would a bunch of normal people sit around waiting for you to post?

            The funny thing is that Frank allows these racist and abusive posts, but he removes my posts.

            Think about it that.

          • Reply to Flowers:
            “They aren’t “guys” – this is probably one troll writing under several names and pretending to be multiple people.
            There definitely is no nornal group of people who care so much about what people write here, that they wait for you to write a post, then write a whole string of insulting posts about what you’ve written. Why would a bunch of normal people sit around waiting for you to post?”

            Spot On Flowers!
            This is one or two NXIVM trolls (probably female since most of the cult is female) writing under multiple aliases attacking people who defy NXIVM’s preferred narrative of diverting all blame to Kristen Kreuk.
            Why didn’t Kristen Kreuk do this?
            Why didn’t Kristen Kreuk do that?

            Ignore Keith Raniere.
            Ignore the Bronfman sisters.
            Ignore Allison Mack.
            It’s all Kristen Kreuk’s fault.
            And anyone who disagrees is a perv.

  • I kind of massively love that the Frank Report’s readers refuse to forget that Kreuk was a member/recruiter/coach of NXIVM–she is trying to pretend she wasn’t as deeply involved as she was and it’s not going to work.

    • From what I gather from this blog, ANYTHING she says about her involvement won’t be enough–unless she says she was a tax-evading, money-laundering, teen girl-pimp, and Vanguard’s slutty harem princess.

      • People don’t like it that one of the main characters of NXIVM lied about her involvement and downplayed what she did and knows. She does not want people to know she still supported the cult after she claims she left. (She did).

        • “Main characters”? Dunno what that means. One of their more famous celebrities who participated for several years. She attained coach status at its lowest level which one can gain by taking a certain amount of courses but she was well below the “main characters” in rank.

          She didn’t lie about her involvement. She didn’t go into full details concerning it. Unless you have proof she was a member post 2013 then what she stated was truthful. “Supporting” it is a very vague claim. All it could mean is she still could’ve still thought the classes were helpful. That was the extent of her support. Doesn’t mean she knew of anything illegal. Doesn’t mean she was still a member. Doesn’t mean she knew of DOS. And it won’t mean those things no matter how often the word “support” is used to insinuate more.

          • Sorry but your claim doesn’t pass the smell test. You could easily be lying especially under an anonymous handle. Kristin put a statement out there and put her name behind it. She’s certainly more credible than whoever you are.

          • Your words are not relevant. You are a fan who wants to maintain an image. I know who was involved with a particular intensive and who was there.

          • Saying I’m a fan with an image to maintain doesn’t counter anything, and not being a fan doesn’t give you any more credibility.

            You can keep repeating claims as much you want. They don’t make them true. If you have evidence, back it up. You could easily contradict her words then.

            If you know what you claim is true, then 1) you took part in an intensive and were part of NXIVM 2) you are still part of NXIVM 3) you have hard evidence that she was there.

            1) and 2) require you to reveal yourself to give you any credibility. 3) requires you to produce the evidence.

            And again, you haven’t distinguished what “supporting” NXIVM after 2013 means. No one has ever outlined how much she “supported” the cult prior to 2013. How many Vanguard weeks did she attend? How many courses did she take? How many intensives did she help coach in? How often was she involved? What were her activities? That she was part of Necker Island retreat is on the Internet for anyone to see. That she attended the first Acapella Innovations is on the Internet for anyone to see. She didn’t deny she was a part of these activities. She didn’t deny that she attained the lowest ranking of coach due to the amount of coursework she took. She didn’t lie about any of these things.

            NXIVM still taught self-help seminars. It was still a corporate entity with a tax id that sold products despite what anyone thinks of them. It doesn’t mean she partook in anything illegal. It doesn’t mean she did anything wrong. It doesn’t mean she was part of the inner circle. It doesn’t mean she was responsible for what Allison Mack or anyone else became and chose to do after the fact nor what VanFraud did to them, and no matter how much you or anyone else repeats it, if it doesn’t pass the slippery slope smell test then it is irrelevant, within or outside of a court of law.

          • I could not give a furry rats ass whether you believe me or not. I was not personally in NXIVM because I am not a gullible fool with self esteem issues. I know of somebody who did an intensive during a particular timeframe and names of those there were dropped. Your fanboy insistence not to believe that does not change anything. I put out a fact I know and that is that.

          • Ah, so you only know of somebody who was “a gullible fool with self esteem issues”. Is this that same reddit poster who thanked Kreuk for suggesting a NXIVM course in 2015? [rolleyes]

            Your lack of care for my believing in your credibility is irrelevant and still doesn’t establish your credibility, and neither does your word stated behind anonymity no matter how many times you repeat it as “fact”.

        • Honestly, what do people here expect her do?

          Purposefully “suicide” her career, with a “come to Jesus” post on her social media accounts?

          “I’m sorry I lied. I was involved with NXIVM far-longer than I first claimed, and did a lot of things that may implicate me in some of the criminal wrongdoings of the cult, and its members. Please cancel my show. Please “cancel” my career. Sorry.”

          Of course she’s going to say as little as possible, and avoid any of the controversy, as much as possible.

          • It’s the fact she lied that people are talking about this. She did not just do a few self help courses, coach these courses and recruit specifically for these courses. People know she has downplayed her involvement because she knows she did a lot more than the things stated above. Of course she is trying to protect her career. She does not want to face up to what she has done and been a part of because she loves all the money she gets from being on television. Fame is more important to her than doing the right thing, coming completely clean. The more she hides, the more people will talk about it.

          • Anon nailed it.

            People love a comeback kid. It is so much better to admit you screwed up and show remorse. That is why Sarah Edmonston has so many supporters. She came clean.

            People who won’t come clean are really showing their true colours. When you are caught in a situation, lying will always, always make it worse.

          • No evidence has been provided that she lied. The fact that she came out and actually made a statement and put her reputation on the line gives her far more credibility than any anonymous posters commenting on a blog. There is an actual statement that can be contradicted with evidence. It still remains on both her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

            Not going into the details about every activity she did in NXIVM is not lying about her involvement. It’s also not proof she did anything illegal or wrong, that she is hiding something, is responsible in any way for the current NXIVM situation, etc., and constant appealing to ignorance and recourse to other logical fallacies will never make it so.

            Sorry most people posting here suck at argumentation nowadays. Maybe take a Philosophy 101 course in a reputable college if you can even get in, or learn something about it from the loads of information on the Internet instead of whining and crying by repeating the same shit over and over again because you have an obvious vendetta against her and/or her “liberal” views or whatever nonsense you fuckers are consumed with that you keep dragging this shit up from the dregs.

        • But I wonder, Shadow, if these trolls are really NXIVM members, would it be advantageous to them to keep suggesting that Kruek was a cash mule for NXIVM, or that she was involved in other illegal activities connected to NXIVM? That seems to defeat their purpose of trying to prove Keith’s innocence.

          • Good point.
            But I believe at the very least that there is still rivalry between the fans of Allison Mack and Kristen Kreuk after all of these years and it’s playing out today on the pages of the Frank Report.
            Attacking Kristen Kreuk is a means of diverting attention from Mack who is well documented as a felon.
            And people who defend Kreuk in even the slightest respect, like myself, tend to focus their attacks on Mack.
            It all comes down to the fact that Kreuk was able to avoid indictment and Mack will in all probability end up in prison.
            Another point.
            From going through the social media pages of Allison Mack and her wife Nicki Clyne I noticed that Mack is a bit of an icon for the gay community. Kind of a low rent Judy Garland or Liz Taylor.
            Both Mack and Clyne have many gay friends.
            Mack even has a relative who is openly gay.
            (I will not name this person for the sake of their privacy.)
            While Kreuk is not homophobic she comes across as less of an icon or hero for gays.
            I believe that some of the violent rhetoric attacking Kreuk is actually from gays defending a gay icon, Allison Mack.

          • Shadow
            So you’re suggesting that the obsessed trolls that constantly post here are actually trolling not because they are NXIVM members, but because they are Allison Mack fans or members of the gay community?
            Those must be some very dedicated fans then, to patrol these threads every single day, and constantly attack certain posters.
            I wonder what their agenda is. What could they hope to accomplish by doing that?

        • No one is trying to divert attention away from Ally Wack you old fool. People can call out more than one person you know? It is you who is obsessed with Mack and you want all the attention on her because she rejected your old ass. You post more about her than Raniere.

          • Mack is the keystone of NXIVM’s defense.
            Her testimony, if believed by a gullible jury, can save Raniere from spending the rest of his life in prison.
            Mack is the designated fall girl , a role she has willingly taken.
            And Mack has delusions of grandeur.
            She believes herself a Joan of Arc type character willing to sacrifice herself for a greater cause.

  • I guess Frank’s reason for publishing this rehash is to get Kristin Kreuk’s name in a new headline.
    Haven’t had one in 3 days, but even old news bring new clicks.

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