FBI Still Investigating –Another Superseding Indictment Likely in November-December

In a recent filing, Keith Raniere’s attorneys implied I had sources within the DOJ/FBI Eastern District NY who improperly leaked information to me. This is false.

I have never spoken with anyone at the DOJ EDNY.

This does not prevent me from getting information about their activities. For instance, when FBI agents descend into NXIVM Village – as they did recently – people see them and tell me. When they speak to a subject, a target, a witness or persons of interest – which they did since the superseding indictment – sources get this info to me and I know who they spoke with and sometimes what they spoke about.

This is not leaked by FBI agents or lawyers at the DOJ – but by people who were interviewed – directly or indirectly.  It can’t be helped. I have a network of sources. And people talk. They talk to friends. They talk to people they think are friends. They talk to people who really are friends who secretly want them out of the cult and cooperating with law enforcement instead of taking a fall for Keith Raniere.

And people talk to people who talk to people who talk to more people.  As Franklin said, “Three can keep a secret if two of them are dead.”

I learn many things from sources. For instance –  the FBI is continuing to investigate. The FBI did not tell me this. They would never talk to me. Even if they wanted to leak – they would never talk to me – an adversary of the chief target, a man who is [falsely] indicted by the DOJ in another district.

If they talked to me, their case might blow up.

They don’t need to talk to me for me to know they interviewed people since the last indictment – in July – and by the nature of who they spoke to, I can discern where this is going.

I know many of the crimes committed by the Bronfman-Raniere criminal enterprise. Without bragging – I brought many of those crimes to light. And I know the DOJ does not have the manpower or resources to spend time on anything unless they are fairly certain it is going to lead to charges.

So this is what I know and confidently believe: The investigation is not over and there will be more charges and more defendants. People are still being interviewed – and more will likely be interviewed in the future.

I am not going to name them.

Now,  here are my predictions:  There will be another superseding indictment – maybe two.  The next superseding indictment will come in late November or early December.

Based on who the FBI has interviewed and who has been called before the grand jury, I can guess what the new charges will be.

What has been charged so far – in the RICO aspect of the case – it is minor compared to what is going to be charged.

The way I see it is that the DOJ took the easiest, obvious, low-hanging fruit – identity theft concerning the late Pam Cafrtiz, hacking into Clare’s daddy’s computer, a single fraud of bringing someone illegally into the US — generally, smaller-level racketeering – to get a superseding indictment in July.

This bought them time to investigate other crimes.  They had to do it this way. They had a rascal hiding in Mexico. He could have left that country at any time and slipped off the radar.  They had to get him and put him in a cage to stop the Clever One from escaping.

They did that and, once they arrested him, they were not going to let him loose  – not if they could help it – for he would flee like a rat.

The problem, however, with arresting Raniere quite early in the investigation was that there is something called “the right to a speedy trial” in our US court system. You cannot punish a person indefinitely by merely charging him and holding him prisoner for years, pending trial. The person has the right to go to trial within 70 days.  Once they arraigned the Vain One in April, the clock started ticking.

The DOJ’s speedy trial challenge was exacerbated because the Unholy One was not given bail – which gave his attorneys a good reason to press for a speedy trial: the Benighted One was languishing in that hellhole of horrors – the Metropolitan Detention Center.  And, because the Feds did not want Raniere out [for he will flee], they knew the court might – in justice – order a quicker trial than they would wish. They needed time to investigate.

A strict adherence to the speedy trial rule would not give them time to do the type of proper investigation needed to stop the terrible Bronfman-Raniere crime organization.  The Feds were caught between a rock and a hard place – with the world’s softest man.

Thankfully, Allison Mack thwarted the Greedy One’s plans by – as his co-defendant – consenting to a slight extension of the applicable speedy trial date. Her consent as co-defendant bound the Shady One too.

That extension allowed the DOJ time to bring more charges against Raniere and Mack – and also charge Clare Bronfman, Prefect Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman and the witless, peon bookkeeper, Kathy Russell.

The DOJ brought the superseding in – just under the wire – for a trial date had been set for October.  The July superseding indictment pushed the trial date back to January 2019.

Had the Feds not come in with the superseding indictment – there could have been two trials. One on sex trafficking and the other on the RICO charges.  So, the Feds superseded in July and now it is treated as one big, brand new indictment and it reset the speedy trial clock.

Today, there is a trial date in January.  That is not going to happen.  The next superseding indictment – which I predict will come in late November or early December – will be more comprehensive – and charge current defendants with additional charges – and new defendants [NXIVM members] with felony charges.

With the next superseding indictment – the speedy trial deadline will be reset again – and the January trial will be canceled and probably set for sometime in June-July 2019.

If this seems like the Feds are cooking the system – there is an opposite side of the coin.  Normally, the Feds complete their investigation then bring charges. But in the case of the Soft One – they judged he was a flight risk and a menace to society. They could not leave him on the loose for months or a year as they concluded their investigation.

At any moment, the Venereal One was likely to up and brand someone – or scare a witness – or, in my opinion, get them to disappear.

The Feds could not free him – as he requested – after he was arrested – not even to his own private mansion prison – a condition if granted – might have inclined him to agree to a delayed trial date.

So what happens next?

The Feds continue to investigate and will likely time their next superseding indictment based on the speedy trial clock.

Unless the ‘Stand-By-Your-Vanguard’ cadre wakes up – there are those today who roam free in Albany, in NYC, and in other places in the USA and in Mexico – who may find themselves charged with felony crimes and be placed under house arrest or not even make bail.  If these NXIVM members don’t cut deals separately, they will all hang together.

I doubt there will be any acquittals in the NXIVM trial.

The Feds – indeed – are actually helping some of these NXIVM members – by trying to keep leaders who have been charged from directly contacting NXIVM members.

It works as far as it goes.

I rather suspect that a certain amount of contact is going on through Sara Bronfman-Igtet [who can speak with Clare, and also with any non-indicted member of NXIVM] — and Michelle and Ben Meyers [who can speak with Nancy and Lauren and Sara and any other non-indicted NXIVM member.]

Are they passing messages – from Clare to Sara to Michelle and Ben to Nancy and Lauren and back again?

Sara and Ben and Michelle can deliver [and Sara can pay] for any needed action to hold NXIVM members from leaving the cult or becoming witnesses against Bronfman-Raniere.

This is NXIVM – and its members lie and are deceitful by their very “ethical’ nature.

I believe that Clare and Sara are funding NXIVM.

The rank and fools are still working for Team NXIVM – ready to take the fall for the Old Soft Gipper.

As for Raniere, he is hamstrung and has to deliver messages through his attorneys to Clare Bronfman’s attorneys.

Led by Marc Agnifilo and Paul DerOhanessian – both distinguished attorneys – who know there will be life after Raniere – they will not do criminal acts for him. Raniere is now unable to order Clare or Sara to do any witness intimidation.

Raniere has to depend on Clare and Sara – and Nancy and Lauren – to do that.

However, Raniere is at least managing his case. He has likely made it clear to attorneys that he wants to micromanage his case with his own unique genius [the same genius that got him there] and is meeting regularly with them and demanding certain motions be phrased certain ways and concepts included in their papers that perhaps in the best judgment of the attorneys might not truly belong there.  He is insisting that he see everything and is editing their work, making changes and giving final sign off on everything filed with the court.

This is not unprecedented. Attorneys work for the client and have to follow lawful and reasonable directions of their client. Although he is not paying them – Vanguard is still the client – and can fire them at will – and replace them with other attorneys – who will get paid from the same deep Bronfman well.

Of course, this is not all bad for the current attorneys. With Vanguard managing his defense, it requires lots of meetings in the jailhouse where he is residing and gives attorneys – even junior ones – lots of billable hours – as they meet regularly with the Exalted One [in his own mind] to discuss his brilliant [in his own mind] strategies.

As for Nancy, Lauren, and Kathy – I doubt they are anywhere near flipping. It may be too soon anyway – for the Feds are not ready to make their best offer – with additional charges pending.

Even if the DOJ were ready, I suspect Nancy, Lauren, and Kathy aren’t. They have their chance to prove they are ethical and will sacrifice for the mission.

Kathy was always regarded by Keith – and the High Rank – as stupid and incompetent. Here is her chance to prove she is heroic.  At last, the test has come for Kathy and she will prove she is faithful to her Vanguard and the Mission – and once he gets out and they restart everything – he will finally accord to her the place she has earned through loyalty and humility.

And she will again clean his sperm off the sheets of his sex lair and towel up the hot tub – where he frolicked the night before with a younger, more desirable fuck toy – which she once was – but aged out of being.

Nancy Salzman tells the court she is gravely ill and may not live. She might not make it to trial. She is ready to go down for Raniere – go to her grave – thankful for what he did for her.  After all, he told her, she was Adolf Hitler in her last life – something she seems to earnestly believe – and Hitler died in his bunker – for the cause. She is ready.

As for her daughter, Lauren is probably confused as to where she is and how she got there. She also might be cheating on her 800 calorie diet.

But, in the end,  she is branded with her master’s initials on her pubic region.  She was to have his avatar baby once she rid herself of her issues and disintegrations. She is 41 – and had not this all happened, she surely would have been ripe for the Great One’s seed. But now, she must defend her lord – and do anything to get him out of prison – and once he gets out – seeing she stood steadfastly – he will now most assuredly impregnate her – and she will have give birth to the avatar child.

But not if she betrays her grandmaster.  Her loyalty is first and only to Keith [not her mother] and she has allowed him to do her thinking for years.  She will likely sit back and let her Bronfman-paid attorneys – out of Arizona – guide her as to what to do.

She will not – like Keith – micromanage her case.

Indeed, Keith will do that for her.

As for Allison Mack – she is far, far away – living in California, and any communications she has with anyone – even Sara Bronfman – have to be furtive. She has to communicate with non-NXIVM members who then communicate with NXIVM members.

Her parents can speak to NXIVM members but have to be careful. They may be on the radar.  In the past, they seemed to have enjoyed NXIVM – and supported Allison there.

Whether Allison will turn on Raniere remains to be seen. The longer she is away, the better – but all defendants have a challenge if they want to flip.  All of their attorneys are believed to be paid by Bronfmans.  To flip on Raniere might mean losing their lawyers.

As for Clare Bronfman – for her to flip – would mean she would have to admit to being a fool and having wasted almost her entire adult life on a fraud.  What is her defense for her cruel and wicked deeds? Up until now, she can say it was for the greater mission. If she admits he was a fraud – then she has no excuse for what the whole world would see as crimes of terror and cruelty that she committed.

She would have to dive deep inside herself and admit she knew it was wrong and that perhaps she enjoyed the sadism.

At the very least, she would have to own the misery she caused others. But if she stands by Vanguard – and calls him good – she can remain in denial believing that what the world thinks of as cruel – was for the betterment of society.

Though the evidence is clear he defrauded her at every turn, Clare must deny it for her own self-preserving delusion.

Perhaps, when her sister, Sara Bronfman-Igtet gets indicted and either seeks asylum in France or elsewhere or is extradited and hauled into prison – separated from her babies – maybe Clare will wake up.  I would not count on it.

Since Basit Igtet, Sara’s husband, may also be arrested, the chance of a wake-up call may come soon.

Meantime, a shout out to Karen Unterreiner, James Del Negro, Alex Betancourt, Esther Chiappone, Dani Padilla, Monica Duran, Nicki Clyne, Loreta Garza, and a host of others – if you haven’t got an attorney who is not being paid by the Bronfmans – and started to cooperate – you may regret it sooner than you think.

As for Emiliano Salinas – he is the big question. He is clearly guilty of many crimes. More than most of the people named above.

But his father, Carlo Salinas,  looms large and casts a big shadow. Emiliano may be too big to jail. He is far bigger than Bronfmans who are just two gullible fools who have no protector or godfather.

Carlos Salinas is said – by the new president-elect of Mexico – to be the godfather of all organized crime in Mexico.

He is not likely to allow his son to be indicted by the DOJ without putting up a major fight.










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orangecountydreams - OCD
orangecountydreams - OCD
5 years ago

I can’t help but wonder – where is KR’s father in all this? (James.) He was semi-involved in CBI long ago. KR is an only child as far as I know. Dad’s silence is very curious. He IS in his 80’s though. Maybe he doesn’t have the stomach for all this.

5 years ago

I remember have read that keith’s father was sued… by his own son. For what reason, I don’t know. Someone have more informations about that?

Albany County defense Attorney With Big Ears
Albany County defense Attorney With Big Ears
5 years ago

Of course, the U.S. Attorney for the NDNY is not going to prosecute attorneys in his own office (BTW, the current US Attorney has only been in that position for the last year or so). But he could definitely investigate – and possibly prosecute – Albany County P. David Soares, who is a Democrat that has the financial support of the Working Families Party; Albany City Court Judge Holly Trexler; Albany County Court Judge Peter Lynch; former Saratoga County District Attorney and now Saratoga County Court Judge Jim Murphy; current Saratoga County District Attorney Karen Heggen; NYS Police Senior Investigator Rodger Kirsopp; etc. And he could do the same with all the proctors, coaches, etc. who participated in – or aided and abetted others in carrying out – a variety of other crimes.

My point is that it’s very unlikely that the top staff from the EDNY’s Organized Crime & Gangs Division is going to bother prosecuting a bunch of people who committed relatively low-level criminal acts in Albany County and Saratoga County. That’s why I think it’s possible those prosecutions will take place up here.

5 years ago

The US DOJ has an Inspector General’s office that can and will investigate misconduct by DOJ officials anywhere at any time.

Office of the Inspector General organization chart icon
U.S. Department of Justice
Office of the Inspector General
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.,
Suite 4706
Washington, D.C. 20530-0001 Phone: (202) 514-3435

Fax: (202) 514-4001
Office of the General Counsel
U.S. Department of Justice
Office of the Inspector General
Office of the General Counsel
950 Pennsylvania Ave., NW,
Room 4726
Washington, D.C. 20530

In Chicago an AUSA named William Hogan was investigated by the DOJ for giving special privileges to incarcerated El Rukin gangsters in return for the gangsters’ testimony in other case.

The Trials Of William Hogan
The Gang Prosecutor Now Works To Save His Name

IfJustice Department officials in the NDNY engaged in misconduct concerning NXIVM, they should be investigated.

tax evasion?
tax evasion?
5 years ago

Can any insider explain what tax evasion “tech” NXIVM taught their cultees?

Most people get income that is reported by employers to the the Govt, so unless they get tip income or other cash payments they would not easily avoid an audit.

Albany County Defense Attorney With Big Ears
Albany County Defense Attorney With Big Ears
5 years ago

Additional superseding indictments would seem to make sense – but I would not expect the EDNY prosecutors to add all that many new defendants to their pending action. Adding too many will make the case harder to present to a jury – and could even decrease the likelihood of convictions.

Instead – and I have absolutely no inside information to base this on – I think the EDNY team may let their counterparts in the Northern District handle the charges against the lower level members. That would help to clean-up the reputation of the NDNY – which basically turned a blind eye on all of NXIVM’s illegal activities for more than 15 years. And it would also keep the prosecution in the jurisdiction where most of the lower-level crimes occurred.

Should the NDNY be given a second chance to do something worthwhile, the question will be whether it’s willing to take on some of the local public officials and lawyers who aided and abetted the NXIVM crime syndicate over the years. Prosecuting a bunch of coaches and proctors is one thing – but taking on a sitting District Attorney, a couple of judges, a high-ranking member of the NYS Police, and a substantial law firm is something else.

Time will tell…

F.D.C. Willard
F.D.C. Willard
5 years ago

What reputation is the NDNY supposed to save? Do you actually believe they are interested in prosecuting their own attorneys and judges? Whenever you want something to come up with no results at all you should let an organization lead the investigation in it’s own case.
The last big one that comes to my mind is the FIFA, which solved it’s corruption problem by removing corruption out of their code of conduct. Something similar will happen here. The only way to go forward is to start new, which would mean to dissolve the NDNY and start with fresh people.

5 years ago

NXIVM survived and thrived because of corrupt local officials beholden to the Bronfmans.

They must bear their share of the blame for NXIVM’s reign of terror.

Who gives a damn about the reputation of the NDNY prosecutors?
Justice is not about helping corrupt prosecutors save face.

orangecountydreams - OCD
orangecountydreams - OCD
5 years ago

That makes sense to me. The only reason the EDNY got involved was because one or more of the victims resided in Brooklyn and some of the currently charges crimes occurred there. I would agree that many of the lower level crimse occurred in NDNY.

5 years ago

Mark Hildreth – Have the Feds asked him about tax evasion?

5 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous


Poster Friends
Poster Friends
5 years ago

Yeah, I was thinking the alleged FBI – DOJ leaks to the Frank Report bullshit was all the defense really had to stand on to “keep secret”
the identities of Raniere’s alleged bail poster friends — to protect them from the perils of Frank and their FBI – DOJ persecutors who adore Frank Parlato and hang on his every word. ..Clearly, NOT.

Good Frank cleared that up.

Just Sayin'
Just Sayin'
5 years ago

I would dearly love to see Igtet indicted along with Sara. Wouldn’t that invalidate his having signed for Clare’s bail ?
And just how many people can the former nanny sign for ?
The idea of the unloving former nanny taking over the raising of the grandchildren is fairly humorous.

5 years ago

“So this is what I know and confidently believe: The investigation is not over and there will be more charges and more defendants. People are still being interviewed – and more will likely be interviewed in the future. Now, here are my predictions: There will be another superseding indictment – maybe two. The next superseding indictment will come in late November or early December.”

AUSA Penza stated to the court that of the top 150 members of NXIVM half are potential criminal targets and half are potential witnesses.
And she has stated that there could be two waves of superseding indictments.

“What has been charged so far – in the RICO aspect of the case – is minor compared to what is going to be charged.”

The FBI has yet to even cover the Rainbow Cultural Gardens, the massive people smuggling from other countries or the years of massive money laundering.

I noticed in the first superseding indictment there were several typos and misspellings.
It was clearly a hurry up job to reset the clock.

“they judged he (Raniere) was a flight risk”

In fact with all of the international travel that the top echelon of NXIVM did, they are all potential flight risks.

“At any moment, the Venereal One was likely to up and brand someone – or scare a witness – or, in my opinion, get them to disappear.”

With what Raniere knows about the Salinas crime family, if he were released the Salinas gang would likely make Vanguard disappear.

“I doubt there will be any acquittals in the NXIVM trial.”

But surprisingly it is doubtful that many of Raniere’s loyal long-time followers will flip at any time.

“But, in the end, Lauren is branded with her master’s initials on her pubic region.”

My fearless prediction, no one with a brand on her pubic region will flip.
Even India only left the cult because of the grit and determination of her mother and India might not be reliable enough to testify for the prosecution.

As for Allison Mack she is too invested in Keith Raniere, the Bronfmans and NXIVM to flip.
In fact the Feds will concentrate their fire on the Unholy Trinity of Keith, Clare and Allison.
Allison will be painted as someone who sold her soul to the Devil.
Her career in Hollywood is over and Allison has nothing left to lose by sticking with Raniere.

“Clare Bronfman would have to dive deep inside herself and admit she knew it was wrong and that perhaps she enjoyed the sadism.”

None of the NXIVM leadership is very introspective and they all appear to enjoy sadism and hurting other people.
They all lack empathy for the people they’re hurting

Both Clare and Sara will have to admit that as businesswomen they suck.
They are gullible and don’t understand how business works.

“Meantime, a shout out to Karen Unterreiner, James Del Negro, Alex Betancourt, Esther Chiappone, Dani Padilla, Monica Duran, Nicki Clyne, Loreta Garza, and a host of others – if you haven’t got an attorney who is not being paid by the Bronfmans – and started to cooperate – you may regret it sooner than you think.”

From all appearances all of the defense team is working for the Bronfman sisters.
Are the Bronfman girls also getting help from their cousins and/or the Salinas crime family?
If so their legal firepower might be more inexhaustible than the government’s.
(Karen U. might already be cooperating.)

As for Emiliano Salinas while the Mexican people would not mind him being taken down, the Mexican power elite are behind Emi and his father Carlos all the way.
Carlos Salibas has always been powerful with the intellectuals at Harvard and America’s elite will also work behind the scenes to protect the Salinas family.
Both Carlos Salinas and Emiliano are graduates of Harvard University.

5 years ago

I enjoyed the commentary. To bad that the Salinas family will skate away on this one. It would be nice to see some of these elites see justice served.

5 years ago
Reply to  anon

I agree. The Salinas gangsters have enough money to rebuild NXIVM in another form somewhere else in North America.
To the Salinas family and the power elite of North America NXIVM is merely a speed bump.

orangecountydreams - OCD
orangecountydreams - OCD
5 years ago

Frank, thank you for clarifying the sources of your information – for everyone’s sake. It seems KR’s attorneys are shooting from the hip, with their wild claims of illegal leaks and so on. Maybe you’re right that KR is orchestrating from behind the scenes. He is too ignorant to know what he DOESN’T know about the practice of law – particularly criminal defense.

I love the fact that Omar is using an admission by KR’s own attorney on national television to support his charges of misrepresentation.

I love the fact that if Sara answers Omar’s lawsuit (to avoid a default judgment), she will be forced to produce documents and information that could help in the criminal cases. You can lie and conceal all day to the average person, but doing in Court will get you in a lot of hot water.

This is just going to get better and better.

I will close with the question I’ve been asking – where is Karen Unterreiner?

Where’s Karen?
Where’s Karen?
5 years ago

Good question, Orange. Where’s Karen? If anyone were “genius” enough to leave themselves a back door, it was she. And, somehow, she lived while the vast majority of older harem gals mysteriously vanished at a rather young age – for the non-harem female population.

Karen, get thee to a Federal agent with thine accountings and truth and head intact!

Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson)

Karen is far too deep into it and the FBI/DOJ has far too much information on her and all of the others to take a plea. They simply don’t need it. Lock her up!

Don't underestimate Karen
Don't underestimate Karen
5 years ago

She may be a big reason this is going down like dominoes. She also knows wear the (literal) bodies are burried. I hope that is where this ultimately ends up. It’s one thing to put a guy in prison or to kill a dog. It’s another level to kill people. I’m hoping Karen is helping to get this brought to light.

orangecountydreams - OCD
orangecountydreams - OCD
5 years ago

Speculation, but I think they do need her. No one knows more about the finances and corrupt IT, or about KR’s long, sorry history of scamming and abuse. It’s easy to say, “lock her up!” but what if her testimony and cooperation resulted in lifelong incarcerations of the biggest monsters – KR and Clare? Wouldn’t that be worth it? There are many guilty parties here – some more culpable than others, but we should be wary of scattershot-ing efforts and resources. We already know how the defense lawyers are going to attack the charges – “I didn’t know.” “It was so-and-so’s idea.” “It was all voluntary.” It might not be as slam dunk a conviction as we would like to think. So I say, focus on the ball. Prior to late last year, no one EVER thought KR would be arrested and charged, much less detained and denied bail.

Gin an juice
Gin an juice
5 years ago

Frank just printed my thoughts. The charges where the low hanging fruit to buy time. The Feds are playing a game of chess here. I believe Albany attorney with big ears said long ago, this will go down in three stages. I believe even more. I also noticed after the last indictments, it was sealed again-leading me to believe there were more to come. I am willing to wager, the next round of indictments will be right before trail, to reset that clock once again buying the Feds even more time an letting Keith rot where he belongs for a full year before any hopes of a trail. Hey Pea Onyu, remember I told you, you are in for a surprise as there will be no trail in January, and there would be more indictments. No celebrating for you-even tho you are a total fraud, as I keep pointing out.

Walter J. Nestor III
Walter J. Nestor III
5 years ago

OK, I have seen this here before and meant to ask. What’s a avatar baby? I searched for it and came up with images of a gargoyle like creature. Is this right?

5 years ago

Gargoyle babies with a bluish tint.
comment image

Walter J. Nestor III
Walter J. Nestor III
5 years ago
Reply to  Reporter

Thank you, this makes more sense than what I was finding. I have only heard about avatar baby here. Makes the question “is he a narcissist?” even easier to answer.

5 years ago

The “avatar baby” is a projected likeness of Vanguard. Not really an “integrated” person unto himself or (God-forbid) herself, as there is only one and only Vanguard, but one created in the image of HIM, to carry out Vanguard’s earthly mission. Many unworthy fetuses were disguared, aborted, before worthy Vanguard avatar vessels were refined to carry-out Vanguard’s earthly mission. But now the avatar babies born of worthy vessels dwell among us to protect the planet from the likes of Frank Parlato and his FBI -DOJ leaker pals.

5 years ago

Who are the people likely to actually be jailed? Are the FBI only concentrating on the bigger crimes? What about those who fronted shell companies? What about those who did not declare taxes?

Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson)
Reply to  anon

It generally takes longer to put together the facts of financial crimes. Lots of hoops to jump through, one bit of information leads to another, etc.

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