Scotty’s Corner is working; regular posts are freed of Johnsonian comments

Johnsonian comments can now be found on Scotty's Corner - but not on regular posts.
Yesterday I instituted Scotty’s Corner – a place for angry and hateful comments that have nothing to do with the post at hand – but are by or against Scott Johnson.
I think it was a good solution to the pollution problem in the comments section created by a bunch of angry and distracting comments by Scott Johnson and his detractors.
It was not a Vanguard-like solution – I admit – for old Vanguard banned and shunned anyone who did not agree with him or was defiant.  I have not yet banned any commenters and am hoping never to do so.
Since I decided to remove irrelevant Johnsonian comments [both by Scott and his detractors] and move them to Scotty’s Corner, the last few posts have had a severe drop in Johnsonia [both real and fake Johnson comments].  The few that were posted, I simply removed and relocated to Scotty’s Corner.
This seems to be working out.  The last post — about Vanguard complaining about his prison cell being too cold and dark – has some 60 comments and all of them germane to the topic. Some are rough in language; some I don’t agree with – but they all relate to Vanguard, not Amway or Scott Johnson.
The Vanguard prison story would have had more comments  – but I removed at least 6 Johnsonians – mostly from fake Scott Johnsons. I will continue to remove them and move them to Scotty’s Corner. This way anyone offended by Johnsonian banter can easily avoid seeing it by not visiting Scotty’s Corner.
But those who like them don’t have to miss out. They can visit Scotty’s Corner and have a full dose.
It is possible that someone might post something Johnsonian before I get around to seeing it – so – readers beware – it is possible to get a Johnsonistic whiff  – before I can remove it, since I cannot be at the computer every hour.
But, be assured, once I see it – it will be relocated to Scotty’s Corner.
Meantime, Scotty’s Corner seems alive and well and replete with Johnsonesque comments, At last count there were 65 – most of them critical of Scott Johnson.
Since new posts go ahead of older ones – in a few days, Scotty’s Corner will be off the home page of Frank Report.  I recommend those who need a dose of Johnson to save the link.  However, I hope by the time Scotty’s Corner goes off the home page – most Johnsomania will have been cured or at least died down.
Regardless, the comments’ section on new posts are restored to relevancy.
A few people were unhappy that I continue to allow Scott Johnson to comment on new posts. He has made comments since the creation of Scotty’s Corner that I did not relocate to Scotty’s Corner for they were on the topic of the post.   He has the same right to comment as anyone else.  It is just that if his comment is on the topic of the post, it belongs on that post, if it is on Amway or an attack on some commenter- it belongs on Scotty’s Corner.
The same is true of his detractors.
By the way, I don’t have to agree with comments either for them to be posted.  I allow Pea Onyu and Monte Blu to say some of the most – in my opinion – absurd things ever written –  and if he wanted to – if he has not done so already – I would allow old Vanguard himself to post on Frank Report – preferably like Scott Johnson does – in his own name.

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  • Good effort, Frank. I only became aware of the case last spring. I ckeck your report every day, but mostly lurk because I have nothing to contribute. But I’ve been interested in cult psychology for decades—Manson, SLAlPattu Heast and others. Thanks Frank.

  • So nice to have Potty Scotty off the main blog. He isn’t doing much to keep up his corner.

    Only goes to show that Scooter just wanted attention and has nothing to say unless he’s getting the attention he so desperately needs to prove in his pea brain mind that some how he’s important in the exposure of NXIVM’S criminal enterprise.


    • Many believe it is either Scott Johnson, Shadowstate, Flowers or all 3 of them since they have no life and may well be the same goof.

      • Since my last few posts have disappeared , I’ll try posting with no address…

        Anonymous- why would I be write posts back and forth to myself, using various aliases? What type of logic is that?

        And you must be aware that Frank can verify Scotts identity (he’s been on his radio program, I believe) and that Frank can see our IP addresses when we post.

  • I have lost track with who is fighting with who. It got rather crazy. I wonder if posts could be moderated before they are published so some will never be seen apart from on Scotty’s Corner.

  • Yes “Shlomo” and Justy….I surely must be Scott. And you definitely have nothing to do with Scott at all. Or each other.
    Of course. .

    • Bite it flowers. You have too many alter egos to keep track of. And everyone new one is dumber than the last.

      • James, and you’re another of Scotts alter egos.
        Do you really think I believe random people are lurking around this blog, making baseless accusations against me, just as a form of entertainment?

        Considering that I posted here long before Scott showed up, and the arguing only started after Scott appeared, you don’t even have a reasonable argument that points to me being Scott.

        And, of course, Frank could verify that I’m not Scott, because I believe the posters IP addresses are visible to him.

        • You are an obvious shit stirrer with some of your inflammatory posts. t would be interesting to see how extensive your NXIVM involvement was up in Vancouver.

          • What kind of shit am I stirring up? If you can think up an answer to that question that doesn’t involve calling out Scott for his BS, insults and fake stories, I would be very surprised.

            The only shit I ever stirred up was the shit-head using the name Scott Johnson.

            If you don’t believe me, that only proves you’ve not been reading this blog very long.

            Also, I bet Frank could also verify I have no NXIVM involvement myself, as Frank has my real name and he knows the names of most of the people involved in NXIVM.

          • Jim…Big boy gunner

            What shit am I stirring up that doesn’t involve calling out Scott for his BS, insults and fake story?
            If you could answer that question without involving my answers to Scott, I would be very surprised.
            If you read my posts you’ll see the only shit I’ve disturbed is that shit-head named Scott Johnson. Other than that, I’ve only mentioned a couple of other posters who made racist or sexist remarks.
            Since Frank knows my real name, and he likely knows most of the NXIVM members, he could probably verify I had no involvement in NXIVM. I’m a bit confused as to why you would suggest I was involved in NXIVM, since I’ve never once said anything positive about them. Also, if you think I’m Scott (which I’m not) does this mean you think Scott was a NXIVM member?
            I may not like Scott, but I’m pretty sure he was not involved in NXIVM.
            You trolls have the most bizarre logic!

            I’ m using a different avatar , as it seems my posts keep disappearing.

  • Great way to show there IS a reasonable resolution for almost everything, Frank…including a walled off place for war for those who wish it!

  • He is still showing up on the main post pages. What a waste of time for a problem child. He needs a long long time out from the Frank report.
    How many posters / readers have you lost due to Scott Jonhson?
    I know of five who wont come to this blog because of him.

    Scott winning, the blog losing

    • Anonymous, do you have any idea how many people post here compared to those who only read and never comment? Frank had a recent post that shows almost a million people/month have been visiting this site lately. Believe me, you will be replaced by many, many other commenters named Anonymous and won’t be missed. At all. The other 5 won’t be missed, either.

      If I keep anyone off of this blog, it’s their problem, not mine. It’s quite easy to skip over my comments, as I use my own name and have never posted under a fake name.

  • Frank, why don’t you just get rid of the problem child, instead of adapting your site to accomodate his needs?

    It’s a pretty asinine situation to begin with, and I have yet to see anything from Scott Johnson that shows his indispensable value to this site, or the story it tells.

    • It’s Frank’s site and he can run it however he pleases, but I fully agree with this suggestion. The ‘fake Scotts’ are a big problem, but Scott has no problem engaging in snarky, obnoxious banter with both the ‘fake Scotts’ and plenty of other people here. I’ve been following the blog for the past year-plus and there are definitely a few regular posters that bug the shit out of me, but Scott literally makes me want to skip the comment section altogether. And I expect that he’ll imply that I’m somehow weak because I can’t simply scroll past his comments and ignore him.

      Free speech is important, yes. But this is Frank’s house. If someone comes into your house and constantly antagonizes people and tries to commandeer every conversation, and insults your guests, you can ask them to leave and that doesn’t make you a free speech hater.

    • I am with this. He has no directly knowledge or experience of anybody in the situation, and only comes to ask stupid questions and make stupid comments in the middle of the night when he appears to have been imbibing significantly. He also seems to particularly like to target women whenever possible.

      In the meantime, I tend to just post and bail, rather than come back and converse much because it’s not worth the nonsense. To me that is the real issue. He is intentionally shutting down discourse with his trolling. I am proud of every single one of us who ignore his questions, especially since we know how much it is irritating him. Keep up the good work, people.

      To whomever is trolling him back, unfortunately, you are only giving him exactly what he wants. Attention, so please stop. It is more likely he will go away sooner than later if everybody will just completely stop interacting with him.

      • Just saying
        I presume it’s Scott himself writing under various aliases and baiting me with accusations that I am him.
        I’m wondering about what is the purpose of those accusations. Just to keep me responding ? Why?
        I see no reason for it except that maybe “someone” is hoping that if other people really think I’m Scott, they will start trolling me.

        I think most other people are smart enough to see I am not Scott.

        • Then take the high road, and just don’t respond.

          You can do it.

          It’ll feel good.

          Just give it a try.

          Why give someone the control over you when they are obviously trying to goad you ?

  • Just wait a while until that post slips to the second, third,… page. It would needed to be pinned to the top of the first page…

  • Good job Frank. Already seeing the goof ball flowers in Scotty’s corner whining like a stuck pig. Simple solution for the little Princess, stay out of there.

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