Guest View: Frank is Wrong About Keith’s Chances

Keith Raniere at trial

By A Reader

Frank has said that Keith stands a better chance than we might think —– due to being tried together with Allison.

Frank said that Allison can gain sympathy from the jury by crying at will and being a sweet looking actress. He said that Allison can be the “fall girl” by simply saying that everything was all her idea and that Keith had nothing to do with those decisions regarding blackmail collateral.

I call bullshit on Frank Parlato.

The prosecution has ALREADY shown emails written by Keith which admit that he told a senior slave that he would only agree to tell her more details (about the DOS slave group) once she recruited a slave who gave her a “collateralized life vow” (this is Keith directly instructing a slave to get “extortion collateral” to make another person a “life” slave).

Allison cannot make this email disappear nor can his attorneys prevent the jury from seeing it. That’s game over right there. That’s Keith’s own words.

It doesn’t matter if 50 other NXIVM women say otherwise, because Keith’s own words are instructing a slave to get a collateralized life vow (blackmail material to seal a lifelong slave relationship) before he would agree to tell her more secrets about how DOS operates.

That same email also has Keith admitting that he’s the “grandmaster” of all first line master slaves, and that they all report to him. That’s game over. That’s his own words saying that he is the head of the DOS sex slave group.

What else does that email say?

Keith also tells this same slave that although DOS wasn’t created for purely sexual purposes, he still has the power to make any slaves sexual in nature if he chooses (he also says that some slaves “may” be asked to do sexual duties for him).

This directly shows that he’s pulling the strings and that all slaves are subject to “his” choice on whether they become sexual with him or not. Again, this is another admission that he is the head of DOS. If he weren’t the head of DOS, he could not order slaves to perform sexually for him under any circumstances. It’s game over.

Allison’s testimony can’t change Keith’s admission no matter how hard she cries. Frank is a freakin’ moron for even suggesting that Keith has a chance at acquittal.

That same email also has the famous “fuck toy” request — where Keith is directly telling this same slave to recruit another slave to be his permanent fuck toy. How do you think the jury is going to view those words? Any women on the jury will be repulsed that he views women as worthless objects.

If his attorney tries to claim that’s just a boyfriend “fantasizing” with his girlfriend about how to rejuvenate their sex life (by using lofty words like “slave”) —– the prosecution will point out that Keith didn’t even trust this supposed “girlfriend” with any info about DOS until she recruited another *slave* and received a collateralized life vow from that person (a blackmail backed life vow).

How can this be his “girlfriend” if he’s refusing to trust her (with info about how DOS works) until she gets a collateralized life vow from somebody else? That’s the grandmaster telling a slave what to do. It’s game over.

What else?

Keith also personally accepted the collateral of Allison. That’s game over. The fact that he accepted and possessed Allison’s blackmail material shows that he participated in the collateral scheme. He can’t pretend it’s all fantasy either —– because Allison pledged her own real estate properties and also the lives of her future children to Keith — if she ever disobeyed him. If it were fantasy, such ownership transfers would not be required, nor accepted.

What Else?

Keith also told a senior slave that many women were wanting to get “his monogram” branded on them. In other words, Keith’s admitting that he’s aware that it’s his own personal monogram being branded on women (and not some secret sorority symbol). He can’t distance himself from those words no matter how many talk shows his attorney does.

Finally, let’s not forget that Allison will “never” be seen as sympathetic or sweet to the jury —- because her own emails show how depraved and sick she is.

The jury will see her sick and twisted pledges to Keith via email.

Normal and caring mothers don’t pledge the lives of their unborn babies to a sex slave master. Only depraved and sick people do that. The jury will see these emails and Allison’s crying cannot overcome her own sick and twisted words.

Let’s not forget about the dozens of prosecution witnesses who will testify how sick and depraved Allison behaved towards them.

Let’s not forget that the prosecution has only shown us like 1 or 2 emails so far, which means they probably have hundreds of other emails written by Keith and Allison showing how sick and twisted and guilty they are. The jury will see all of this.

Going on a talk show and claiming that you’re looking forward to cross examining witnesses can’t erase his own client’s email messages.

Frank is full of crap for saying that Keith has a chance if a “fall girl” decides to take the fall for him. Keith and Allison are doomed no matter what. Their own words have done them in. You can’t take back your actual words. They should have never used email.

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  • Everyone is always convicted by their own words.

    This situation is just an even more obvious example because of the e-mails and text messages permanently stored by providers.

    That is why humans have a right not to incriminate themselves.

    Many are not smart enough to keep their mouths shut.

    The bottom-line, though, is that if someone is smart (knows who they are and what they are doing), a trial would never, ever happen in the first place.

  • A lot can happen between now and when these (an others not yet arrested) get to trial.

    Personally I don’t think it will happen in the first couple of months of 2019. There are a lot more charges likely being worked on and some other arrest going to happen.

    This will set the trail date even further into 2019.

    It has been said in court that there is still a great deal of evidence that has to be gone through.

    Ally Mack can pretend she will carry the cross for her VanTurd but when push come to shove, most people look out for their best interest.

    Anything her Master/Lover once was able to hold over her head no longer is a foot. He no longer has power over her other than her own stupidity.

    Is she attempting to pull a con with the Judge; saying she wants to attempt to work/volunteer, go to church and or school? It this a master plan to get out of the house and contact those NXIVM members she is not supposed to?

    Mack has had time without contact of those handing out the kool-aid (unless she has a way to defy the court order). It would be that she is finally seeing what she has participated in. Getting sleep, eating some real food and having the down time she has been forced to have, could be helpful for her to finally detox from the consent mind-bending.

    One good question is why is she not spending time with her wife Nicki? Why is Nicki not in LA spending time with her wife Allison Mack? Nancy gets to spend time with her daughters and son in law. This is fishy and points to an arranged marriage so Nicki could get papers to stay in the United States.

    My guess is the Feds have all the information from emails/text that show this was all a con to keep Nicki in the US. To even ask for permission to talk with or see one another would be refused by the Judge as evidence would be introduced to expose the illegal marriage. Lying to get someone a green card is pretty serious offense.

    • My guess is that it is just another con job, just like her saying she was cutting a deal so she could get bail in the first place.

    • One good question is why is she not spending time with her wife Nicki? Why is Nicki not in LA spending time with her wife Allison Mack?

      Mack is still under orders to have no contact with other NXIVM members. That includes Nicki Clyne.

      If you examine and read Catherine Oxenberg’s book “Captive” you will see that Mack’s problems go beyond Raniere.
      Mack has the habit of waking up in the middle of the night screaming “murderously.”
      “When Allison lived with Bonnie and Mark, including during the time India and I were their houseguests, “she would flip out in the middle of the night, and I’d hear murderous screaming coming from her room. She would get up and walk around Clifton Park all night long.”

      Moreover Allison Mack is a fan of the Satanic performance artist Marina Abramovic, a woman who poses in pictures with live snakes and severed goat skulls.

  • Wish I still had the same faith in the U.S. Justice system as “Guest” that the collateral evidence 😆 would be more persuasive than the crockodile tears of a stooge actress. But there’s a good reason Raniere, Salzman and the Bronfman brats chose Mack as the fall girl from, at least, the trussed-up NYT interview setting her up as such last December.

    If I know Keith, however, Allison & the other slaves were probably set-up from before the time he ever met them. If none are sane or brave or honest enough to admit the truth to themselves and the judge and jury, Keith really could get off easy. (Easier than he has in many years if you believe the email evidence…and that it wasn’t planted on Keith’s computer by John Tighe or some other arch enemy.)

    Bring on those superseding indictments!

  • It’s so hard to predict what a jury will do. The Casey Anthony case comes to mind. The more evidence and first hand accounts the better.

  • Normally I would agree with the reader.
    But I remember that O.J. Simpson’s conviction for murder was a slam dunk.
    What happened there?
    And I remember that actor Robert Blake’s conviction for murdering his wife was also a sure thing.
    What happened there?
    And Casey Anthony was going to be convicted of murdering her 2 year old daughter.
    That case is still unsolved.
    And the singer R. Kelly was going to be convicted of statutory rape but somehow the jury found insignificant evidence.
    And Michael Jackson’s conviction for molesting boys was in the bag until Jackson was acquitted.

    Whenever juries are dealing with celebrities, even minor celebrities, the calculus goes way off.

    The trial is not over until the jury foreman sings.

    • Which is precisely why the feds are working a deal with your precious Allie. They don’t really want to try them together. From what I have heard is the problem is that your precious Allie has to do some prison time but the sticking point is how much and where.

      • Do you have a source? The nearest women’s Federal prison in California would be in Pleasanton, but the conditions are far better in the West Virginia, the facility that housed Martha Stewart. Many famous non-violent offenders have been sentenced to that facility. The other option, if the court permitted it, would be at some county or state jail with a pay to stay program. California has many such programs that have incarcerated celebrities.

        • Of course I do. However no one can predict with absolute certainty how it will all play out. And sentencing and prison location are a long way off.

      • To make a deal both sides must agree.
        Ms. Mack has no intent to make a deal against her Vanguard under any circumstances.
        Her lawyer has stated that no negotiations are in the works.
        She believes that her talents as an actress and as a communicator will convince the jury that everything was consensual.
        (And in today’s changing American society with values in flux she might pull it off.)

        “Allison Mack to refuse plea deal; wants to stand with Raniere; cult de-programmer unable to reach brainwashed star
        Mack is holding on to her rabid support of her slave master, Raniere, and is said to be prepared to go to trial to prove his innocence. She is a co-defendant with Raniere. Both are charged with sex trafficking, conspiracy to commit sex trafficking, and conspiracy to commit forced labor. They both face from 15 years to life in prison.
        To some observers, it appears Allison may have only feigned an interest in making a plea deal to get out of jail, thereby ensuring she did not get undue opposition from DOJ prosecutors during the critical days when her attorneys sought the judge’s approval of a bail package for her. ”

        And as the charges continue to pile up, Frank Parlato said there are at least two superseding waves of indictments on the way, it becomes increasingly difficult for Mack to cut a deal.

        Mack might face charges of income tax evasion and money laundering and there are questions of whether she was trying to groom children for the cult.

        On top of all that Mrs. Allison Mack, aka Nicki Clyne, might also be indicted for her participation in the sex trafficking.

        And lastly Allison Mack styles herself as a modern-day Joan of Arc and a “Bad Ass Warrior B—–.”
        Heroic people don’t cut deals.
        They become martyrs to the cause.

        The Feds don’t need her testimony anyhow.
        The Feds have her emails, her text messages, the numerous videos she filmed and her admission against interest in the New York Times.

        Although common sense says the odds are against Ms. Mack, it has been a long time since she has exercised common sense.

        • Oh shut the hell up. You watched too much Perry Mason as a kid. You don’t know shit from shinola about the case other than what you hear on the gossip sites. Guess there should be no trial since the all knowing shadow perv has it all figured out.

          • And you are in on all the negotiations?
            Let me clue you in.
            As long as Mack’s attorneys are paid for by the Bronfmans, there will be no deals.
            And Mack is the ultimate “True Believer.”

          • Again shadowperv, you do not no what the fuck you are talking about. Put a fortune teller shingle out on your mom’s section 8. You have no fucking idea what Mack’s attys are doing. Just shut the fuck up instead spewing your idiotic stool all over the place.

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