Larry Shea rebuts Pea Onyu – how do you know your Vanguard is not a murderer

Keith Raniere

By Larry Shea

Dear Ms. Onyou,

With all due respect, how do you know that your statement, “No Mr. Shea; Keith did not murder anyone,” is true?

Stooping to disrespectful name-calling because I had the audacity to ask you if ‘”you actually support the following admission that was made by your Vanguard: ‘I’ve had people killed because of my beliefs, and because of their beliefs, and because of the things that I’ve said; and I’m mindful of that,”‘ is not the kind of civil response that I would have expected from the eternal wife of Vanguard.

Please, excuse me for assuming that you were more enlightened than such a response would indicate.

I asked you if you supported Keith Alan Raniere’s admission that he had people killed, i.e., murdered. I do not think that you answered my question. Rather you appear to have side-stepped it by comparing Keith Raniere to great teachers like Mahatma Gandhi and Jesus Christ and to their causes and to Keith’s noble cause.

Ms. Onyou, you resorted to two flawed arguments in your reply to me. First, Keith Alan Raniere boasted about having people murdered; that is as clear as clear can be. However, you put words into Keith Raniere’s mouth by making the unsubstantiated statement to me that “He did not mean he was killing anybody.”

Ms. Onyou, Keith Raniere was not using the present tense when he clearly stated, “I’ve had people killed…” How do you know that Keith Alan Raniere has not had people killed? He clearly states that he has had people killed. By his own admission, Keith Alan Raniere is a murderer!

How can you possibly interpret his clear admission of having “had people killed” as “He was saying people died for his noble cause?” Did you mean to say that Keith Alan Raniere was having people killed “for his noble cause?” Could you please clarify what you mean by “He was saying people died for his noble Cause?” We would all love to know who these people who died are! Could you please just give us their names?

Your second argument is flawed as well. You may personally believe that Keith Alan Raniere is a “world teacher.” I accept that it is your right to have such a high opinion of “your eternal husband.” However, comparing your hubby to Mahatma Gandhi and Jesus Christ has a ring of hollowness to it. The charges against these two unquestionably great teachers, Gandhi and Jesus, when they were brought in front of the authorities, did not include money laundering, sex-trafficking, forced labor, identity theft, obtaining property through fraud & extortion, and identity theft for smuggling illegal aliens into the USA. However, these are charges that the DOJ has entered against Keith Alan Raniere and other members of his “organized racketeering enterprise.”

Ms. Onyou, would you please be so kind and considerate as to simply answer my original question: “Do you actually support the following admission that was made by you Vanguard?” Please just answer it either yes or no. Thank you very much.

Ms. Onyou,I am not insensitive to the emotional loss that must be feeling regarding your separation from your eternal husband. Have you had a chance to visit Keith at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, NY? How is he faring? Would he be willing to give me an interview? I know that I am asking you a lot of question but I am really only looking for the facts madam. Thank you so very much.

Although Frank Report has no actual photograph of Pea Onyu – this is my rather crude attempt to portray what I think she might possibly look like.

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  • Obviously Frank is implying that the Pea posts are written by Lauren. He’s put her pic on the Pea costume, and used a pic of the same breed of cat that she owns.

    However, whoever is writing those posts (and I bet it’s multiple people ) has written obviously satirical comments, such as that the name Pea Onyu was a Hawaiian name .

    I still bet it’s a troll who is amused at all the speculation about her .

  • Is it just me or does the top pea in the accompanying anthropomorphic image of the four peas-in-a-pod remind anyone else of that exceptionally sweet-pea, Lauren Salzman?

  • Pea Pea

    If your beloved Vanguard asked you to take a long walk off a short pier with breeze blocks strapped to you, would you do it?

    • That’s essentially what Pea Onyou is going to do in Brooklyn.

      The plan is for Pea, Allison and Nicki to all claim that they are responsible and Vanguard is as pure as the driven snow.

      • Pee Onyou:

        No loving husband would order his wife to hurt herself.
        Nor would he neglect his wife by keeping a harem of 100 other women.
        Did the Vanguard tell you that you would bear his first avatar child?
        Vanguard broke that promise, didn’t he?

        And Pee Onyou, if Allison Mack truly loved you as a friend, she would never have involved you in torturing and branding other women.
        Allison exposed you to serious legal jeopardy.
        There is something deep and dark and evil about a friend like Allison.

        Pee Onyou, tell me why the Catherine Oxenberg book Captive claims that Allison would wake up in the middle of the night with ‘”murderous screaming.”

  • Pea Onyou:
    Since the Vanguard is your Eternal Husband, did he ever promise to have you bear his Avatar Child?
    How many other women did Vanguard promise would one day bear his Avatar Child?

    Pea Onyou:
    Are you and Allison and Nicki all in a pact to testify as to Vanguard’s innocence?
    Are you three ladies prepared to go to prison on the Vanguard’s behalf?

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