Woman from Ireland: Allison tried to recruit her underage daughter for DOS

Editor’s note: A woman who I have been in frequent contact from Ireland has told me a gripping and horrific story about how the NXIVM cult, led by Allison Mack and Sara Bronfman, abused and targeted her teen daughter – and almost succeeded. Later, we will tell the whole story – but for now, I will allow the mother to tell a snippet of the tale… I suspect Allison and Sara may have committed a crime in Ireland – we shall see.


By [Redacted] – an Irish Mother

On this side of the pond here in Ireland and United Kingdom …We Salute You.

You folks in America have taken some battering with regard to the Evil Cult that Frank Parlato has exposed.

Perhaps you don’t know, or even considered Mr. Keith and his gang had managed to reach these shores.

Admittedly, in comparison to what you have suffered, we on this side of the pond were only were affected by the ripples. In the next month, I would like to write an article with regard to the effect of how my family came to know about the existence of this cult here in Ireland.

Did anyone even consider Allison Mack was prowling ….around Ireland … looking for her next victim? The authorities on your side of the pond only have to take a look at her passport to see she was doing exactly that in the autumn of 2016.

I hope they have been asking her a few questions on the matter in the meantime.

This is a grateful thank you, Frank Parlato, for what you have done for everyone including the great news today about India.

My teenage daughter could well have been in the same position. [Allison tried to recruit her into the cult – and tried to get her to America as a DOS/slave/Rainbow nanny].

Next month, I shall tell you about the ripples on this side of the pond.

Goodnight and God bless each and every one of you for having faith in Frank Parlato


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    • Response to ionwhitepoetry

      If the prosecutors can prove that Allison was prowling after underage children, whether for herself or Raniere, they will go after Allison Hammer and Tongs.

  • I don’t think there is any humanity left in Allison Mack. Raniere took it all away from her and created a monster.

  • I’m still here.

    And people aren’t discussing an issue like Allison Mack’s attraction to children because it demonstrates how perverted she truly is.

    Allison Mack and Keith Raniere are perfect soul mates.
    Kindred spirits.

    Kevin Spacey will be selected to be a Scout Master before Allison Pimp Mack is cast in another movie or TV show.

    • Give a rest cub scout. You life long dream was to be soulmates with Allie Wack. You would have give your left man boob to be branded with her initials and would have loved to replace Nicki on the receiving end of her strap on.

  • Comment to all them Witchepedias.

    “I saw you commented expertly on Judith Exner, but would not be surprised if you had never heard of her until she was mentioned on The Frank,”

    You comment is laughably ignorant.
    Judith Exner revealed way back in 1977 her relationships with both Sam Giancana and John F. Kennedy and how she served as a courier between the two men.
    Exner also revealed how she knew about the Giancana-Kennedy plot to assassinate or overthrow Castro.

    It happened to be big news at the time and the subject of Congressional hearings.

    Instead of being so smug and snarky you might actually try and read the newspaper and some books.
    Your comments are only notable for their staggering stupidity.

    • I’ve probably read as many books on the Kennedy presidency and his assassination as you have watched Smallville episodes over and over again.

      Staggering stupidity is obsessing over, being rejected by and eventually turning on an unattainable woman half your age.

      And while I think Allison Mack is a vacuous B minus actress whose ignorance made her easy prey for her Vanguard, she was still smart enough to see you for exactly what you are.

      • Are you sure Allison Mack is a B- actress?
        I would call her a histrionic D+ actress.

        Only a fool would associate with actresses.
        They are vain, vacuous, self-centered and egotistical.

        Any clever line they say has been scripted for them by underpaid scriptwriters who are ten times smarter.

        • I don’t think the hundreds of divorce cases I have been part of, had half the animosity that you have toward the woman that spurned your stalking

          • The world is fueled by hate.

            Today is August 9th.
            Happy Nagasaki Day!
            The Day that America vaporized 100,000 Japanese for what the Japanese Emperor did to America at Pearl Harbor and the Bataan Death March.

            America should hate more and love less.
            If America had hated Saudi Arabia enough for 9-11 both Mecca and Medina would now be radioactive rubble and the world would fear America instead of treating us as a punching bag.

  • Mom’s statement:

    “My teenage daughter could well have been in the same position. [Allison tried to recruit her into the cult – and tried to get her to America as a DOS/slave/Rainbow nanny].”

    Is absolutely believable. Remember Sara Bronfman headed up Rainbow UK and there was and maybe still has remnants in Ireland. Kim and Ryan Constable were advocates of Rainbow Cultural on the Emerald Isle.

    Allison is/was good friends with Sara and spent time in England theater going.

    Remember Sahajo Haertal-Kozak was lured into NXIVM as a Rainbow nanny and there were plenty of others over the years. Who worked as nannies. Most of the nannies who worked with directly Keith’s first-born were canned or shunned when his mom fled. From what I have gathered in speaking to those who know. Keith didnt trust any of them after the other KK fled.

  • Gee thanks Frank. An article about Allison and Shadow perv has one third of the coments. It is obvious you got rid of him under the Scott Johnson moniker, now please finish the job.

  • I think it is great that in the span of five or six months you have gone from the world’s oldest fan of Smallville, a show aimed at tweens and teens, to a self professed expert on NXIVM. You state your beliefs about “high ranking lesbian pedophiles” as if these are people you actually met or knew. I saw you commented expertly on Judith Exner, but would not be surprised if you had never heard of her until she was mentioned on The Frank, at which point you quickly ran to Wikipedia.

    Your Mom must be so disappointed that her son is battling an unhealthy obsession with women one third his age. Go upstairs and give Mom a hug.

  • Why discount this mother’s story? We haven’t even heard the details yet. Why doubt rather than wait for the facts? We all know Allison’s real life character is super shady and crossed the line to downright evil. Regardless of collateral that could have been used against her to do the things she has, she knowingly and willingly did a lot of damage against many women. The irony is she was all for women’s empowerment. Anyway, let’s see the full Ireland story.

  • How many readers and commenters have you lost because of Shadowstate1958, Frank? I’ve been away for a while and come back to Shadowstate-posted dreck from an insane Q-supporter: https://twitter.com/realjohn919

    I’ve wondered why is everyone else getting book and movie deals, but not you. Commenters like Pedogate Grandpa contribute to the public perception that your site resides in the crazy realm.

    With Alex Jones, a big pedogate supporter just like Shadowstate, permanently banned from Apple, Facebook, Youtube, Spotify, even Pinterest and Youporn, and more, and QAnon turning out to be a prank played on the crazies, there is presently a batshit crazy information vacuum. If you don’t get book and movie deals, and have no interest in legitimacy, you could create a post-QAnon “news” media empire.

    But, if you do want legitimacy, it’s time to get rid of commenters like Pedogate Grandpa.

  • The whole purpose of recruiting Allison Mack and other actresses as the public faces of NXIVM was to lure in young female fans.
    Smallville reached a Global TV audience eventually being on TV networks around the world.
    And everywhere Mack’s character of Chloe Sullivan was a particular fan favorite.

    And I’ll wager that Raniere was not the only beneficiary of this trolling for girls.
    I’ll wager that other people in the NXIVM elite also used the young girls who were enticed by the NXIVM actresses particularly Mack.

    Remember before Mack became the chief pimp the job was held by Pam Cafritz who was openly bisexual.
    NXIVM was not only a cult for the pedophile Raniere, it was a cult to benefit high ranking lesbian pedophiles in the organization.

  • This is fucked up liberal propaganda, there is no such thing as acceptable pedophilia, wether they chose it or not it can never be made acceptable. You need to stay in the closet in this one. The Fake News is in on this , this is sick and evil

  • She may have an attorney guiding what she can say if this case is being investigated by US LE. Does anyone doubt nxivm’s would cross any border that would let them in. Not realizing that rather than visiting their young female fans they were trolling for future sex toys. Check out their attempts to infiltrate wealthy college students involved with collegiate A Capella 10 years ago. Offering free festivals to a less than needy population. Keith’s mistake was telling lies that were easy for AC leaders to verify, proving they were smarter than the smartest man in the world which by the way he didn’t even try to prove when called out on it.

  • This story fits in with the man in Clifton Park who saw Allison Mack acting improperly with an 8 year old girl.
    Is it any wonder that part of Allison Mack’s collateral involved a letter to Children and Family Services involving alleged child molestation?

    Uh no it does not

  • It sounds plausible if a one sentence statement, but the whole entry raises far more questions. You can judge a story by context, syntax, and a name behind it. If the three don’t come together, then you might have a enough to be extremely alarmed by something (we already have that), but not enough to condemn. So we’ll have to see what this story says.

  • This story fits in with the man in Clifton Park who saw Allison Mack acting improperly with an 8 year old girl.
    Is it any wonder that part of Allison Mack’s collateral involved a letter to Children and Family Services involving alleged child molestation?

  • This is not obnoxious. It is the way everyone was taught to enroll everywhere at all times the focus was enroll enroll enroll into Nxium. It is the core of a pyramid organization, a tool Keith learned long ago from Amway and later used in Consumer Buyline and Nxium.

    Sorry, Keith is no genius – just a crook pedophile and evil to the core. He is the direct opposite of all that is good and positive in this universe.

  • Not obnoxious just the truth of how this group operated. From its inception, they wanted anyone that enrolled to enroll others wherever whenever enroll enroll enroll! That was the mantra. It is part of the pyramid system Keith had in place. The tools he had learned from Amway and later used for Consumers Buyline and Nxium.
    It was always the same pattern.

  • Are you kidding me?

    People do not anonymously “leak” tidbits about their own child’s abuse on a blog, with promises for more later.

    This is quite literally obnoxious.

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