A few nice pictures to warm your NXIVM hearts

Nxivm is becoming a household word.

Now for a few pictures that should warm and delight you:

He may never succeed in getting out of prison for the rest of his life – but we can expect he will act just as nobly as he did before he was collared and placed in the cage he so rightly belongs in. His words are pure poetry – this noble and inspiring Vanguard – the destroyer of so many people’s lives.

The old executive board of Executive Success!

Clare and Lauren have been indicted – along with president Nancy – so three out of six of the executive board isn’t bad. But I still think we can do better….
Gone are the days when NXIVM proudly boasted of their wondrous founder.
Now all you see when you visit NXIVM.com is this handsome image and the following: IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO OUR MEMBERS
It is with deep sadness that we inform you we are suspending all NXIVM/ESP enrollment, curriculum and events until further notice.   
We will be in touch with more information for anyone currently enrolled in upcoming events/programs. 
While we are disappointed by the interruption of our operations, we believe it is warranted by the extraordinary circumstances facing the company at this time.  We continue to believe in the value and importance of our work and look forward to resuming our efforts when these allegations are resolved.


Now, this is a very interesting thing: Clare Bronfman’s lawyers said there was no such things as “members” of NXIVM – yet here we have their own website proclaiming that they have an important message for their “members”.


Clare’s lawyer writes, [bottom of page 2] “On Tuesday, the Court ordered Ms. Bronfman to have no contact with members of Nxivm until her bail package was finalized on July 27. Tr. 6/24, pp. 39–40. We ask that the Court not impose this condition going forward as there are no “members” of Nxivm. Rather, Nxivm was an organization which offered self-help courses to those who wanted it. It was not a membership based organization.”

Here is a screen shot of the NXIVM website today [in case they take it down tomorrow] showing NXIVM at least believes it has members – even if Clare and her lawyer do not.

Thank you Nicki Clyne. It was Nicki who, through her Instagram photos, gave it away that she [and hence Keith] was in Puerto Vallarta – a fact I reported on in the Frank Report. I identified Raniere’s location several times in Mexico and the Feds – obviously using my information – were able to find and collar the rascal [of course they also got some help from some folks at the top of Mexican power brokers – for that is why he was deported so fast]. Nicki’s Instagram pics were instrumental to handing us the clue that Raniere was in the beach resort town.  Good girl – Nicki. Later, when you are out of the cult – you will look at this as a Freudian slip and thank your stars for a blessed escape.
This artist sketch of Clare Bronfman in court seems to capture the winsome lady – so destructive to so many people. She fairly glows with evil.

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  • Speaking of Clare she has always seemed somewhat stiff and awkward.
    As if Clare is uncomfortable in her sexuality.

    She appears happiest around other women, particularly Lauren Salzman and Nicki Clyne.

    Could it be that Allison Mack was set up in a gorgeously decorated (NY Times words) Brooklyn apartment to not only recruit women to serve Keith Raniere but also to recruit women to serve Clare Bronfman?
    Brooklyn real estate is expensive because the borough is so trendy right now.
    And Clare does expect results for her money.

    In other words Allison Mack is a “full service pimp” who recruits companions for both male heterosexuals and gay women?

    • Allison Mack pimped out Clare Bear’s money. If that rat Mack had only stayed in Hollywood and did TV so I could enjoy my fantasy sessions with her, all would have been well in my small world. No wonder my dad is such a miserable perv. Dad, ya could have been a contenda.

    • It is also IRONIC because no one has ever seen Clare cry, until she was in court. Faced with the prospect of losing all her money (and her Mom losing money), that is when Scarecrow began the waterworks.

      It shows Clare’s true priority – money. Not people, not life, not animals, not pets, not imprisonment – but money.

  • The picture of Nicki was her overcoming her fear of heights. Nicki had a fear of heights.

    But through Keith’s brainwashing (aka integration), he has been able to program Nicki to lose her fear of heights.

    So, irony, the photo is a victory shot for Nicki that led to VanGrifter’s arrest.

    Also, if you can program someone to get rid of their biggest phobia, you can probably program them to hurt others (including by branding).

    • Of course fear of heights is a survival mechanism.
      Lose that fear and you end up like George Mallory, the mountain climber who died on Mount Everest in 1924 and was not found until 1999

      • Climbing Everest is not so much conquering a fear of heights as it is struggling up a steep slope with very little oxygen in frigid temperatures. The risk of death is not from falling and dashing yourself on rocks, but from consuming to much oxygen, passing out, and freezing to death on the slope.

  • Nicki Clyne’s Instagram account showing her cavorting in Puerto Vallarta – did they think they were untouchable or were they really that clueless? It took me all of 30 seconds to find that sculpture in a Google image search – just imagine what I could do with all the resources of the FBI behind me. In the end, Raniere’s sublime arrogance infected them all, and it will bring the whole house of cards down. Build upon lies and you finally end up buried by them.

    • She also recorded the video of Raniere’s arrest. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was secretly hoping for that result. A lot of her comments during these events make me think she’s if not a mole, then at least the next person to line up to spill her guts out of guilt.

  • I find it hilarious and sad that a billionaire heiress still wears Transition lenses and can’t consider splurging on some nice prescription shades.

  • So pathetic they were paying $ 40,000 per month while in hiding yet their top people had trouble coming up with 10% of some rather low bail packages, the utter overwhelming arrogance of these scum shows how depraved they are. Now I’m going to watch Catherine Oxenberg mother to a young woman named India who has been severely harmed by the Nxivm cult, not the least of which is having her bank account drained leaving her with her $15.00 an hour dream job working for Clare Bronfman in a vegan restaurant with ties to the cult. and Marc A , the Arizona Mafia lawyer give his spiel on Dateline-NBC.

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