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Kristin Kreuk, Nicki Clyne and Allison Mack put on a show to promote Keith Raniere. Note the banner in the background.
Here’s some recent correspondence:


My name is Kris Lemon,
Been following all of this Nxivm stuff and been writing for an online media site in regards to this, plus enlightening people who
tune into a podcast on Thursday night.
There’s an Executive Order that President Trump signed in December 2017, “that serious human rights abuse and corruption around the world constitute  an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States,  and I hereby declare a national emergency to deal with that threat.”
Here’s the entire Executive Order.
No one is exempt from it; that includes Carlos Salinas.
It’s in Section 1 (A) (ii)
It was made very clear, no one would be getting deals. US Attorney General Jeff Sessions runs the show. 40 k plus indictments; you can bet there are some more of Nxivm, Arizona Mafia, and others. Trump has everything about everybody.
I am working to get this message out, letting people know about what you’ve been doing to expose Nxivm.
Keep up the work.


I reached out to you before, during my preliminary interest in this [NXIVM] story, since I have had a similar (albeit watered down) experience with a LGAT group based in Raleigh NC. At the time, it was called “The Legacy Center” – they have since changed their name, and now run under “World Legacy” or something along those lines. Anyway, my experience with the group based in Raleigh is what piqued my interest in this story.

That being said, in reference to the A Capella thing, and in the thread during 2008 (props to Deke Sharon, PS! He killed it and shut Keith down – and is super successful! Win!) … Keith Raniere (or one of the NXIVM peeps) mentioned something about Keith’s scientific evidence being published in some sort of journal which was authored by “Luis Todd.”

That being said, the person who runs the group in Raleigh, NC is “Lori Todd” – her brother (Michael Todd Koren on Facebook) apparently lives in New York (she has said she was from New York and that she attended a training there that changed her life).

Do you know if there is an affiliation? I may be thinking too much into this, but I can honestly say that the trainings that I participated in under Lori Todd’s dictation were detrimental to me, and have harmed me moving forward in my life.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m doing well. I’m self-supportive and have a roof over my head. I have a well-paying career. I’m not “debilitated” – but I struggle. Constantly.  Is it because of them?

I don’t know. I was young when I took the class. Was I better before taking the class? 100% yes.

Am I living up to my potential and finding joy?  No.

I just was wondering if you have any knowledge as to if the two could possibly be related. Hopefully, I’m wrong.

[Name redacted]

Good evening Frank
quick note/ noticed the name Burke keeps appearing, strangely enough. There’s one name I know a lot about having been a historical investigative researcher for 35 years.  Burke was one of the first names I ever researched. Burke is one of the most endemic Irish names to be found. The only thing I can say is their ancestors came from Ireland, as Burke can be traced back 800 years and are well-known to be involved in our form of the Irish Mafia. Welcome to the Burke clan of Ireland.
I might add in closing there are some very very decent Burkes, though I fear the ones you mentioned are more akin to the Irish Clan meaning as my header Burke by name and Burke by nature.
I shall say no more. Goodnight God bless, till we speak.
[name redacted]
Burke by name…Burke by nature ??
Good evening, Frank — a quick note. I noticed the name Burke keeps appearing. Strangely enough that’s one name I know a lot about, having been an historical investigative researcher for 35 years.
Burke was one of the first names I ever researched. Burke is one of the most endemic Irish names to be found. The only thing I can say their ancestors came from Ireland. The Burke name can be traced back 800 years and the family is  well-known to be involved in our form of the Irish Mafia. Welcome to the Burke clan of Ireland.
I might add that there are some very very decent Burkes, though I fear the ones you mentioned are more akin to the Irish Clan, meaning as my header Burke by name and Burke by nature.
Goodnight; God bless till we speak
[name redacted]/
Here is a present for you the video of Clare leaving court where they couldon’t find their car as the paparazzi surround her. Then she tries to go into the wrong vehicle – kind of painful to watch.
Toni Natalie
Dear Frank,
Something about Tana Lee Alves’ story [about the missing Ben Szemkus] has the whiff of three-day-old fish. It seems more than passing strange that this middle-aged woman, who apparently enjoyed chatting (with her younger male friend) about “the unusual supernatural experiences I’m having,” did not simply attempt to call Ben back by phone. Why didn’t the Tanster just call Ben Szemkus back? Why the big charade?
Ms. Alves goes on and on about all of the things that she stopped sending to Ben and about the different things that, according to her, Ben has stopped sending or doing. From this tentative precipice, the Tanster joyfully leaps to her irrational conclusion – “Ben is now missing and feared dead.”
The Tanster talks to Ben; Ben talks to Scott Johnson; Scott Johnson talks to the Tanster and Scott posts comments on the Tanster’s blog. There is an evidence trail of their inter-communications. Something appears rotten on Long Island. Take a look at the Tanster’s latest blog. Yipes!
When Ben Szemkus does return, I think that his great comeback will be heralded by a brand-new piece of fan-fiction. By the way, it was Ben who posted his own address on his Twitter account (q.v., the comment on your Tanster article by “God Save Us From the Stupid People,” which has Ben’s embedded tweet.)
It was very easy to discover where Tana Lee Alves lives, and that she is the Tanster. Her partial address (the name of her street corner) was in a local newspaper to which she had given an interview about her artwork popping up all over the area. From there it was simple – Google Maps. Voila!
If you look at her YouTube channel, it is with loaded B.S.’s interviews and videos. Tonight, I shall be watching the movie, Idiocracy, in honor of such disturbed people as Scott Johnson, the Tanster, and Ben Szemkus. The three of them are a klatch of risible idiots at best.
I would not be surprised to learn, at some point, that Ben Szemkus is residing at 2 Farmstead Court, Water Mill, NY.
I hope that all is well and that you are enjoying this big moment. Congratulations, Frank. Thank You.
Larry Shea


Thanks for your courage and sacrifice in bringing to light the deeds and misdeeds of Keith Raniere and Nxivm.

In the end, it is a sad, tragic, human tale. I’d like to say the intent of Raniere and Nxivm was good however the results were often bad and sometimes, evil. I can imagine in Raniere’s mind he was acting to save the world. Certainly, his programs and approaches were messianic as he thought and acted on a grand scale. Unfortunately, he and his followers had little capacity to see how he was hurting them and the world.

Sexual abuse, exploitation, lying, threats, and intimidation are never good things. And unfortunately, the government let us down for such a long time by failing to act on claims that had been well publicized in the media.

As guilty as Raniere is, he is also not alone. Blaming Raniere is not the ultimate answer to our problems. Each of us needs to look inside ourselves and examine what part of us is like Raniere. What part of us lies, exploits and abuses? Who have we hurt and how have we hurt them? Each of us needs to be accountable for that part of ourselves and ask for healing and forgiveness for that part. That is a bigger and better solution.

Please do not misinterpret the last paragraph. I do not excuse any of Raniere’s misdeeds and crimes. I am merely self-reflecting and see this similar to an ancient Greek tragedy: a person sets out on the road to do good, does not know themselves well enough and causes great harm. Once again, thanks for your bravery in sticking with this to resolution! Tom


An interesting review of this new film — especially the opening parts.  What a small world we live in.
I think you should interview Mark Jackson, the guy who wrote this piece. Since he claims to have been a grade-school classmate of Vanguard, he might have some valuable information and/or insights into Raniere’s early years (Maybe he was even one of the kids that Vanguard used to practice judo or piano with!!).

Hi Mr. Parlato,

I’ve been reading your site for only a few months, but I’ve literally read every post in that time. I’m quite interested in the workings of the court and so I’ve read and am still reading any court documents I can freely get my hands on in which NXIVM (and/or its high rank) has been involved over the past couple decades.
I’m curious as to what happened with Michael Sutton. Did he ever leave NXIVM? Did he reconcile with his parents before their deaths? Seeing the change of status in the court documents from the Suttons to their estates during these incredibly long court actions made me sad, and I just wondered…
Thank you for any information you can provide

Even though the New York State Department of Health hasn’t done anything to stop Dr. Danielle Roberts from branding more women – or punishing her for the ones she did brand – it does a great job on shutting down kids’ lemonade stands. Unfuckingbelievable!


Hi Frank

There are quite a few high powered people who have gone through ESP and he wouldn’t be surprised if they’re helping as outsiders to get freedom for Nancy.  One of them being Shirley Jackson, president of RPI and highest paid university president.

Also, I wanted to add that I think a deal must have been made with the local news stations.  How is it possible that there is not ONE picture or video of the Salzmans and Kathy walking into or out the courthouse in Albany?  I find it interesting.  They’re usually all over stuff like this here.


I’m sure you’ll want to do something special for Allison’s upcoming 36th birthday:
This is the same office that was so unwilling to investigate the Bronfmans’ various foundations. And who was AG then? Oh yeah, Andrew Cuomo.
I think you need to either ban Scott Johnson or limit him to one comment per post. People are really getting turned off – and that’s not what you want with all the new stuff about to come out.
Just my opinion – but I think the guy has become a negative for the overall blog.

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  • > The Tanster talks to Ben; Ben talks to Scott Johnson; Scott Johnson talks to the Tanster and Scott posts comments on the Tanster’s blog. There is an evidence trail of their inter-communications. Something appears rotten on Long Island. Take a look at the Tanster’s latest blog. Yipes!<

    HAHHAA I had been wondering where Scott Johnson had come from.

  • Do you suppose the only customer for Allison Mack’s pimping service was Keith Raniere?
    Raniere had no money to pay Mack directly but one person does.
    Clare Bronfman.

    While we don’t know what Clare’s sexual orientation is, we do know from Laura Darby that Clare supposedly gave Mack a BMW.
    Was that a gift or a payment for services rendered by Mack’s slaves?

    And we do know that Clare has taken a vacation with Allison Mack’s slave, Nicki Clyne, to enjoy nature. All of nature.,

    Clare Bronfman with her employee, Nicki Clyne

    Don’t Clare and Nicki look happy together in that photo?
    Particularly with Clare resting her head on Nicki’s shoulder.

    • This is a private homepage. The owner can remove everything he does not like. Someone who is worried about his rights should actually know them in the first place.

    • You want to remove Frank’s freedom to edit his blog comments and ban disruptive visitors? And you’re using “freedom of speech” and anti-Constitution rhetoric to do that? Think about that, Scott.

    • Anyone who thinks I should be banned from eating fish heads has never met me in person. Anyone who has met me knows that I look like a fish and require a daily intake of 3 fish heads to maintain my looks. LOL! LOL!! LOL!!!

  • Burke by name, Burke by nature?

    – All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

    – Hypocrisy can afford to be magnificent in its promises; for never intending to go beyond promises; it costs nothing.

    – Men are qualified for civil liberty in exact proportion to their disposition to put moral chains upon their own appetites.

    Edmund Burke,(1729-1797) Irish philosopher, politician

    • Interesting about the Burkes. My paternal Grandmother is a Burke and her father is of Burke lineage. My dad was just told that the name is very common and the ancestry stems from France (around Normandy) via England and is actually a split off of De Burgh. Yes, we had some crazies on that side of the family but I am pretty sure it came from her mother who was a Bulger also another common Irish name which also stems from France. When I think of Bulger I think of Whitey Bulger.

        • Hey Laura, the name Burke is very common, in Ireland and the rest of the UK. We have one in our family too, so, Hi cuz! If the Ancestral line stems from France in the case of both Burke and Bulger, then the chances are your ancestors were Huguenot refugees? This is the case on my granda’s side, he himself was a Calvinist son of the Manse, of the ‘Elect’, though sadly, all his children were born ‘Damned’ because he married a catholic!

          so, on the subject of reincarnation:

          Do you have a strange yearning for linen? Would you grow corn rather than potatoes? – Do you believe no one has a right to mediate between you and the good Lord? If so, you need to come home Laura! Ireland is so beautiful this time of year!

          thanks for all you do!

  • There is Kristen Kreuk promoting Keith Raniere and the cult in that photograph. She traveled all the way to New York just for this cult many times. This was more than ten years ago and she stayed in it until 2013. So from 2006-2013 she only wants us to believe that she took self-help courses in her statement to help with her shyness. Really Kristen? You spent six years in the cult and you only “stayed with the program” because it helped with your shyness? What bullshit! Yes, you likely had nothing to do with the sex cult and didn’t do anything illegal, but you and your friends in the cult hung out for years together taking its courses, promoted them, recruited others into it, and bought into the program hook, line, and sinker. It wasn’t that you just took a program to help yourself.

    It looks like Kristin just doesn’t want to carry around the burden of the full truth of her time in the cult. Irony.

    • I think it is cowardice and hiding behind her agent because her agent likely told her she could be legally culpable for the people she recruited, especially after Raniere’s pedophile preferences were published publicly since she chose to remain beyond that time.
      Who knows how many women she recruited, and if any others (besides Allison Mack, of course) became DOS slaves.

      • No she can’t be held legally culpable for recruiting people for courses that were sold by a business which was the front for a cult. That will never hold up in a court of law.

        But, I do agree with much of what was said by “Burden of Truth” . Kristin was not just a minor participant in NXIVM and I think she did hold back in her statement and did so because in retrospect she’s just embarrassed that she was fooled into believing its mission and of what was taught, so much so that she became an active part of something that eventually led to the sex cult and other ramifications that we see today, even if there is no evidence of efficient causation or plausible causal linkage between her intentions/actions and those end results. And she likely believes what the cult taught – or thought reformed into – her about the ways of the media and how easily it can damage the public perception of a person and negatively affect his/her life and livelihood. After all, that is exactly what the cult as a corporate entity taught about itself to its participants. Even if it is a cult, there is truth in some of what it taught. That is how it kept people around for so long.

    • By god. If you hate her that much there is something you can personally do. Encourage people to watch every show on the CW but hers. If her ratings are bad compared to the others, her show will be dropped and her career will sooner or later end. She did not have a successful show in a decade. Ensure that this stays the way it is and you get what you want. A company will at some point stop hiring an actress that is unable to generate viewers.

      To be completely honest, I am neither watching her show nor any other on that network. All I do is own a TV. Is there anything worth watching?

    • Kristin Kreuk was named in Joe O’Hara’s February 2012 criminal lawsuit against NXIVM for assisting and/or profiting from criminal activity.

      The same month, John Tighe revealed Kristin Kreuk was on Nexker Island for a cult summit where the attendees, which included Kreuk discussed money laundering including hiding money in the Caribbean.

      Also the same month, the Times Union publishes an expose of NXIVM where the victims of Keith Raniere’s paedophilia came forward and revealed their experiences. A police report was even published. Kreuk was even named in that expose. Kreuk stayed in. She was in Albany four months later and was even coaching in LA.

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