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Arizona Mafia is not a fiction – but a group of Democrats from Arizona in DC – and they are meddling in NXIVM case

The Arizona Capitol Times is a newspaper in Phoenix, Arizona. It is in print and online.   The entire focus of the Arizona Capitol Times is political reporting in Arizona.
Many consider it the “main” or “official”  publication that tracks Arizona politics.
The Arizona Capitol Times ran a story on July 19, 2013, about the existence of the “Arizona Mafia”. The author was reporter Jeremy Duda, email:
Here is a link to the July 19, 2013 AZ Capitol Times “Arizona Mafia” article:
Screenshot of the AZ Capitol Times article from July 19, 2013. “Napolitano’s years at Homeland Security pay dividends for ‘Arizona Mafia'”.
The article names members of the Arizona Mafia in a list, which is similar to the list I reported on a few days ago.
According to the Arizona Capitol Times, “At least 25 Arizonans, mostly from within her gubernatorial administration, followed [Janet] Napolitano to Washington D.C., and served within the massive U.S. Department of Homeland Security that she has overseen for the past four-and-a-half years. Many have moved on to bigger and better things.”
By “bigger and better things,” the author meant that many of the 25 individuals gained senior positions within agencies of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Usually, those positions were at or near the top of the agency organizational chart, such as “Chief of Staff” or “Chief Administrator” positions.
Individuals in such capacities had, and continue to have, unique access to information from “inside,” within the secure databases and computer systems of the United States Federal Government, such as systems that process and/or approve immigration visas, systems that monitor money laundering, and even top-secret reports that are exchanged between federal agencies about drug trafficking targets and investigations.
Each agency inside of DHS has a powerful reach into the depths of the federal government databases, and there are 22 federal agencies inside DHS. The biggest agency is Customs and Border Protection (CBP), with more than 60,000 employees. It is the nation’s largest federal law enforcement agency, larger than the FBI, which employs 35,000.
CBP is the agency where Marco Lopez became Chief of Staff under Napolitano for two years starting in March 2009 until 2011.
Starting in 2011, Lopez left for more lucrative pastures. He was hired by Carlos Slim, a Mexican billionaire closely aligned with Carlos Salinas, the former President of Mexico – and a man said to be closely associated – to even run – the drug cartels of Mexico.  Soon after beginning work with Slim, Lopez began working as an advisor to Carlos Salinas.
Lopez also was appointed as advisor to Enrique Peña Nieto, the outgoing President of Mexico, who has been widely accused in the Mexican media throughout his tenure of being a “Puppet President” of Salinas.
So – to make this clear – the top man at the Customs and Border Patrol [a charter member of the Arizona Mafia] suddenly left and became a top advisor to Carlos Salinas and Carlos Slim.
Here are some of the other Arizona Mafia members according to Arizona Capitol:

Noah Kroloff, a top staffer for Napolitano at the Arizona Governor’s Office who served as her chief of staff at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Along with Dennis Burke (one of Clare Bronfman’s lawyers). he formed a security consulting firm – Global Security and Intelligence Strategies. Burke also served briefly at Homeland Security before becoming U.S. attorney for Arizona.

Former U.S. Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan [who was retained by Raniere-Bronfman to supervise Raniere’s home arrest – an application which was denied even though Sullivan did appear in court for Raniere], former U.S. Customs and Border Protection Deputy Director David Aguilar, lobbyist John Kaites and Chicago sports magnate Jerry Reinsdorf are all part of the Global Security and Intelligence Strategies firm.

Dora Schriro, Napolitano’s Arizona Department of Corrections director, spent nearly four years heading the New York City Department of Corrections, a job she got after a brief stint at Homeland Security.

Tracy Wareing, who headed the Arizona Department of Economic Security under Napolitano before becoming an adviser to her at Homeland Security, now runs the American Public Human Services Association, a large Washington-based nonprofit.

And Marco Lopez, who served as Customs and Border Protection chief of staff, and now works for Slim, who has been ranked by Forbes magazine as the world’s richest person.

In DC, it’s standard practice for Cabinet secretaries to bring a few loyalists with them. The large number of Arizonans who followed Napolitano raised a lot of eyebrows during her tenure at the DHS.

Suzanne Barr, who served as chief of staff to the director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, was accused of lewd and sexually offensive behavior in a lawsuit filed by a federal immigration official. Barr denied the allegations, but resigned after they came to light.

Dennis Burke, viewed as a rising star when he left Homeland Security to become U.S. attorney, was forced out of his job over the cross-border gunrunning scandal known as Fast and Furious.

Other Arizonans who joined Napolitano at DHS or its subagencies incluide the following:

Roxana Bacon

Suzanne Barr

Paul Berumen

January Contreras

Chris Cummiskey

Brian de Vallance

Michael Frias

Andrew Gordon

Tracy Hannah

Grady Harn

DJ Harper

Lauren Kielsmeier

Leezie Kim

Jan Lesher

Art Macias

Kimberly O’Connor

Diane Saunders

Jannah Scott

Amy Shlossman

Jackie Wright

What this all means is that somehow members of the Arizona Mafia got involved in the defense of Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman. Two Arizona attorneys represent Lauren Salzman – despite the case being in New York and the lawyer not being admitted to practice there.
Then tie this in to Lopez’s work for Salinas and Slim – men who are closely aligned [some say Salinas is actually richer than Slim – but has his assets hidden – considering their illegal source]. And add this: for years NXIVM smuggled money from Mexico to the USA.  Everybody who was in the inner circle of NXIVM knew about this.
Then add this: Carlos Salinas’ son, Emiliano, and his daughter, Cecilia, are both High Rank in NXIVM. Then add this – when Keith, Lauren and Clare get into trouble – it is the [Democratic] Arizona Mafia that worked to assist/protect them behind the scenes.
Then add this: There is a schism between the EDNY and Main Justice [Democrats] over whether to indict a clearly guilty Emiliano Salinas for his large role in the Bronfman-Raniere crime organization. The superseding indictment just handed down is rather mild – it has few charges – compared to the oft-described massive investigation the FBI is said to be conducting into NXIVM and its ties to organized crime.
Clare was charged with three comparatively smallish crimes – using Pam Cafritz’s credit card for Keith, breaking into her late father’s computer, and bringing in a single illegal alien [We all know she brought in many more.]
Yes, the present superseding indictment was a placeholder – the DOJ EDNY had to act fast to both keep Raniere incarcerated and placate the judge’s concern for a speedy trial. A superseding indictment resets the speedy trial clock back to day one.
Now, when you add it all up, there is a clear connection between Arizona Mafia – NXIVM – Carlos Salinas.
There is also a fight over whether to charge Emi Salinas.  So, the monumental question is which prevails: Politics or Justice.  The EDNY [led by a Republican appointee] or Main Justice in DC?
If the EDNY prevails, we will see Emiliano indicted – along with a superseding indictment charging Clare and many others with a host of crimes that will dwarf what has been charged to date.
On the other hand, the Department of Justice is today more politics-driven than justice-driven. Innocent people are charged all the time – but when the former son of the Mexican president who is said to be in control of massive drug running in the USA – is guilty as hell, the chances of his not being charged are high indeed. This is the real meaning of why the Arizona Mafia has appeared stealthily on the scene.
Stay tuned…

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Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is the founder of the FrankReport, publisher and editor-in-chief of Artvoice, The Niagara Falls Reporter, Front Page and the South Buffalo News.


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  • “Did you know…
    NAFTA was rooted in open borders for ease of drug and human trafficking, both of which are primary funding mechanisms for the Deep State globalist agenda? CIA cocaine ops were referred to as ‘Clinton Coke Lines’ back when President George Bush Sr., his buddy Bill Clinton, and Mexico’s Vice President Salinas de Gortari colluded on NAFTA. Clinton Coke Lines spanned Haiti, the Caribbean, South America, Mexico, and the US. Numerous journalists were murdered in their determination to publicly expose it, including Danny Casolaro and Gary Webb.”

    “Heroin Overdose Deaths Nearly Quadruple in 13 Years”

    About the same time the US has been in Afghanistan.

    “Opium production up 87 percent in Afghanistan – Military Times”

    “Trump is right: Heroin is coming in through southern border”

    “List of Mexicans by net worth”

    Carlos Slim is ahead of the pack by 50 billion.

    “DEA: ‘Yes,’ Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim Is Linked to Drugs”–20151201-0019.html

    “Carlos Slim was born on Jan. 28, 1940, in Mexico City, Mexico. His parents, Julián Slim Haddad and Linda Helú Atta, were both Maronite Catholics of Lebanese descent. Carlos’ father, born Khalil Salim Haddad Aglamaz, was sent to Mexico in 1902 to avoid being drafted into the Ottoman Army. After arriving in Mexico, Carlos’ father changed his name to Julián Slim Haddad.”

    “Lebanon’s most closely guarded secrets: a multibillion dollar underground economy fueled by the production and trafficking of illegal drugs.”

    But if you listen to the criminals, they will tell you the borders are open to stop racism.

  • Frank Parlato only sees what he wants to see, only hears what he wants to hear, and only believes what he wants to believe. He appears to have no idea of the real Arizona Mafia. It is far broader and runs much deeper than this recent gang of Democrat stooges that he identifies. This group of corrupt politicians and criminals have been or are merely the useful idiots du jour.

    These criminal ghouls of Napolitano answer ultimately to the real Arizona Mafia – the former criminal bootleggers who found pushing narcotics for Wall Street’s OSS and its CIA to be far more profitable for the NWO. They all work in cahoots with the deep-state, money-laundering financial institutions that direct the NWO – theirs.

    Although Operation “Fast and Furious” had its antecedents during the last year of the corrupt and corrupting Clinton presidency, it continued under the presidency of GW Bush of the Bush Crime Family. Read Roger Stone’s book of the same name. That weird little mannequin Obama, who was raised up by the Pritzker and Crown crime families of Chicago, continued this arming-of-the-Sinaloa-cartel fraud until it was finally exposed – over60,000 drug-cartel murders later.

    Has Frank Parlato even heard of the name Kemper Marley Sr. or Jim and Eugene Hensely? Does Frank even know who Gus Greenbaum was or what Greenbaum’s connection was to Kemper Marley Sr. Does Frank know about Jim Hensely’s connection to Kemper Marley Sr.

    Is Frank aware that Jim Hensely’s daughter, Cindy, is married to that phony war hero, Senator John McCain, for whom Baron Victor Rothschild held a fundraiser in London for Senator Jackass John McCain when that demented NWO-stooge was strutting around and running for president in 2008.

    No an under-informed Frank Parlato wants to believe that only the Democrats are dirty. What a silly joke. Wakey-wakey, Frank!

    Fortunately, anyone who puts the name, Kemper Marley Sr. into the Google search engine and then clicks on “Deep Thought: Married to the Mob”, and then reads that stunning piece of journalism, will become immediately better-informed than Frank Parlato, who apparently sees only the Democrats as the baddies. BOTH PARTIES ARE CORRUPT AND HILLARY AND DONALD ARE BOTH CROOKS!

    There is and has been a real Arizona Mafia for decades and they buy the services of corrupt politicians from both parties. The Bronfman’s and Jacobs family of Buffalo, NY have been involved intermittently with this Mafia for decades – their friend and minion Meyer Lansky controlled it. The criminal Bronfman family enterprise is infinitely more far-reaching than simply Seagram’s Seven.

    • Interesting that you quote Roger Stone – who should be taken with a massive grain of salt (I think he’s great by the way!!!) – but then go on to say that Hillary and Donald are both crooks. Roger Stone has been encouraging Trump to run for President for decades. Why would Roger Stone be against the “NWO” but then spend decades recruiting someone who you are insinuating is part of the “NWO” to run for President?

      “NWO” is in quotes because it’s definition by those who use it is so vague. Usually, each person who rants and raves about the “NWO” has their own definition using nebulous superlatives, with each person defining it in a way that is much different than the last.

      Clintons = big-time crooks, McCains = big-time crooks, Bushes = big-time crooks, international corporations = big-time crooks, Trump = small-time crook. Party affiliation means close to nothing. People who think so simply do not know what is going on. It is insider vs. outsider. The collective group of the big-time crooks are trying to move heaven and earth to rid themselves of the small time crook. Why would they bother if they are all part of the same “NWO”?

      Stop reading false articles online or watching the network “news” and instead follow the money on sites like, read the millions of government documents that have been released through FOIA requests, read inspector general reports, public documents released by the FBI, State Department, congressional hearing transcripts, etc. Search for the Facebook and Instagram accounts of the people involved in the stories and see what they are saying. If you don’t have the time or the inclination, find forums or servers where people disseminate this stuff. Its a lot more boring and tedious, but you get a much more accurate picture of whats going on instead of being emotionally triggered by the latest network “news” lie/outrage or an unfounded but imaginative conspiracy site.

      Correlation does not equal causation. Frank recognizes that. In this post, he’s taking the past public behavior of the characters involved with the Arizona Mafia and making the reasonable logical leap that they are up to similar behind-the-scenes shenanigans in the Nexium case because so many of same people are publicly involved in the case, and they have a serious stake in the outcome of the situation. Despite having all of this corollary evidence, Frank is still looking for hard evidence before making a definitive conclusion.

      You, on the other hand, are taking tenuous and contradictory correlations and making definitive conclusions, which is intellectual laziness at best. The hard truth does not matter one whit in that type of argument, only emotional gratification. The fact that you insult Frank, a person who has taken a significant personal risk in pursuit of the truth, in your lazy ramblings, makes them all the more eye-rolling.

      • Pretty much this. Follow the money trail. It’s always about power and money and the symbiotic relationship between the two.

        We live in an age of Machiavellian materialism. The gap between rich and poor is increasing because the system is intrinsically set up that way, and thus it is the only way that it can go. It is not just a debt-based system with its foundations on money-lending and usury (just look at how the banks use your money) and manipulation of financial markets, currencies, and other monetary mechanisms of no actual intrinsic net worth, it is a debt-“driven” system. Apple became the first trillion dollar market cap company yesterday not just because of its products and business, but because the worth of monetary instruments keep decreasing because of this inflation/debt-driven system. The military gets a huge budget and the police get to abuse their authority because the only way to enforce a state where a small, secret, anonymous privileged minority can control a largely discontent minority is via force. Advertising/entertainment/fashion/glamour/celebrity etc., and the dumbing down of the majority of population is there to feed this consumerist social conditioning to keep such a system going. “Success” is almost always tied to financial wealth except in romantic notions of the past on display in entertainment used to distract people from the non-fulfilling spiritual emptiness of this type of life.

        The system is on its way towards a revolution and it will not be fucking pretty.

      • Yes…who could ever believe a word that comes out of crazy Roger Stone’s mouth? The man is obsessed with Richard Nixon, and THAT should tell you something. Stone has been a conspiracy theorist for many years (the kind of crazy BS he spews sells books and makes him $$$) and he keeps company with unethical creeps like Alex Jones. That’s a lot of strikes against Stone…..more than a few grains of salt are needed when listening to him!

        But I think “Boris” is right, lol.
        These turkeys are certainly flapping their wings, anyways.
        However, turkeys usually can’t fly .

        • Canadian health care is the best in the world.

          Oh wait, it’s sending the Canucks towards bankruptcy in the future. 🙂

          It’s free alright, but if you need to see a specialist you’re going to wait, and wait, and wait… It’s better than Cuba I guess, but not by much. If you have cancer symptoms and need an expensive MRI to diagnose you before you reach stage 4 and imminent death, good luck waiting for a specialist. And once you get diagnosed and qualify for chemo, good luck in getting that treatment before you lie down for the dirt nap.

          “The report showed that 29 percent of adult Canadians who fell ill and needed to see a specialist waited two months or longer, and 18 percent waited four months or longer, compared with 6 percent and 7 percent of Americans, respectively.”

          • Actually, that’s not usually true about Canadian Health care. I should know, as I live in Canada. Everyone I know who was diagnosed with cancer, or suspected cancer, we’re able to get surgery or chemo done very quickly. But there is usually a wait of a few months for surgeries such as knee replacement .

            Some of my American relatives have good health insurance because they are ex-military , and it’s pretty comparable to the Canadian system. The US military also provides their vets with other benefits, such as education scholarships for their children.

            But US citizens without health insurance can really get screwed. I have heard some horror stories.

        • Hey ding-a-ling. If you really are Canadian, may I suggest you worry about your own filthy swamp and flush your own putrid fecal matter down your own crapper.

          Cathy O’Brien said Pierre Trudeau (Justin’s father and former PM of Canada) raped her.

          Justin’s friend, Christopher Charles Ingvaldson, was just arrested in a pedophile bust.

          Self-professed sadist and pedophile, John Seely, supposedly used to give Pierre advice on how to raise his 3 boys. He would stay all weekend.

          Google Justin, Pierre, Margaret Trudeau, and MK Ultra.

          Goog about Justin’s “progressive” ideas on immigration, former ISIL defectors, pedophile protection…

          Goog Justin Trudeau, Fidel Castro, and the suicide of Fidel’s son.

          Goog Alexandre Trudeau’s (Justin’s brother) paper on Fidel Castro.

          Goog how much Justin Trudeau pledged the CBC (the Canadian radio station) if he won the 2015 election. ($675 million)

          I could go on and on. His family are covered in swamp water.

          • You fucktarded alt-right morons will believe anything except the truth. Check out what snopes has to say about the rumor that Fidel is Justin father. Lol.

            What’s the meaning of your comment about worrying about Canada?…what makes you think I’m worryng about the US? I never ever posts much about US politics here. Are you actually so naive that you think alt-right groups are only found in the US? They are present in Canada, too, dumbass.

      • Correlation-equals-causation is exactly how you began your rather uninformed critique of what I wrote. You use Roger Stone’s dubious reputation to disparage everything that I have put forth. That is an example of a dismissive appeal to emotion, but not to reason. Then you proceed to dismiss what I have written based on your own smug assumptions. Did it ever occur to you that I may be generally better informed and more knowledgeable than you?

        Did you bother to read the article, “Deep Thought: Married to the Mob,” that I cited in my comment, before you made your reply?

        Do you even have a clue as to the history of the real Mafia in Arizona? Do you know anything about the Bronfman family’s historical connection to the “Chicago Outfit” and, mid-level soldier, Al Capone’s connection to Arizona? Do you have a clue as to how the real Mafia corrupts politicians of both parties – FDR, Truman, JFK, Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Obama, Trump?

        By the way, AZ, I was neither writing a thesis nor a dissertation. I was merely making a comment on what Frank Parlato had written. Your off-hand dismissal of a NWO seems to demonstrate a lack of any historical understanding about the meaning of the New World Order. The NWO has meant many things throughout history. In order to understand what it has come to mean in our times, requires some serious research.

        Have you read “Tragedy and Hope,” by Bubba Clinton’s mentor at Georgetown, Carroll Qugley?

        Have you read “Prelude to Terror: the Rogue CIA, the Legacy of America’s Private Intelligence Network,” by joseph Trento?

        Have you read “Wall Street’s Think Tank: The Council on Foreign Relations and the Empire of Neoliberal Politics'” by Laurence N. Shoup?

        Have you read “The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade.” by Alfred W. McCoy?

        Have you read Barry and the Boys: The CIA, Mob and America’s Secret History,” by Daniel Hopsicker?

        Have you read “The China Mirage: The Hidden history of American Disaster in Asia,” by James Bradley?

        Have you read “The Mafia, CIA and George Bush,” by Peter Brewton?

        Have you read “The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geo-Strategic Imperative,” by the late Zbigniew Brzezinski?

        Have you read “The Shadows of Power: The Council on Foreign Relations and American Decline,” by James Perloff?

        Have read “Secret Affairs: Britain’s Collusion with Radical Islam,” by Mark Curtis?

        Have you read “Wall Street and the Russian Revolution: 1905-1925,” by Richard B. Spence?

        Have you read “The Blood Never Dried: A People’s History of the British Empire,” by John Newsinger?

        For a good perspective on ” Operation Fast and Furious” you might also want to read (on-line), “DEA Agent: American Government Backed Murderous Mexican Drug Cartel Between 2000 and 2012.” You can simply Google-search for it. This is a good primer on the global drug trade that every American should read.

        However, I strongly recommend that you also read the article that I cited above: “Deep Thought: Married to the Mob.”

        Your gravest error was to a priori assume that I get my information from fake stories on-line or from network news. As you can see from what I have listed above, I learn my knowledge by reading actual scholarship and serious investigative journalism. By the way, in my opinion it is always – “always about the money.” (That and the power that goes along with it!)

        When it comes to what I have learned through decades of research, I make one assumption, i.e., that there are people who know more than I do about how the world works. You, AZ, are obviously not on of them.

        Your conclusions about what I have written appear to be based upon what you know and on what you believe. Your conclusions do not seem to be based on a plethora of factual knowledge and information. You appear to be too enamored with your own limited knowledge and baseless assumptions.

        You appear to argue blindly from an a posteriore position that assumes that you know from what sources I am deriving my opinions. You mistakenly assume that I do not see a bigger picture.

        A group of blind men who have come across a dead elephant in their pathway may have a variety of opinions about what the obstacle in their pathway actually is – depending upon what part of the elephant’s anatomy they happen to probe. However, they cannot agree on what it is because they cannot see the bigger picture. I have offered you some clues that can enable you and others to see the bigger picture..

        I am attempting to present information and facts from an a fortiori and an a priori position. My information and facts are based upon the knowledge that I have accumulated not only from the books that I have so kindly listed above but also from the several hundreds of other books that I have read over several years. I try to use my intellect and to to think about what I have read.

        I listed a few important books and articles above for your edification and for the edification of other readers – especially the on-line articles, as they contain some actual clues that you and some others could use. Enjoy!

        • Thank you for the list of articles and books some of which I have read and being informed is the only real way to fight back. I urge everyone to at least check out these for themselves. Never just accept what someone writes in a blog as fact without doing your own research.

        • Given the above facts as you present them, then what is the answer? How can this all be brought to a conclusion? What can be done to stop this travesty???

    • Yes. He is so bad in getting info. But hey! Here you are reading Parlattos blog!! Lol so who is getting info on what place? Lol

    • As you seem to be very well informed on the matter than you must be aware that Frank has been clear that there was more to be revealed regarding the Arizona Mafia, nor did he ever say that his list of members was complete. It’s difficult for the average person to absorb too much info at a time without either becoming overwhelmed or to conclude that it’s another conspiracy theory. I believe Frank knows as much or more than he has let on and look forward to his reports. He’s given me time to look up those already mentioned from Napolitano on down so I can vet his information to date. Frank has also asked for those who have information to contact him, he’s not afraid to say he may not know all. Where there may be corruption on all sides of the political network do you doubt they are overwhelmingly democratic/liberals who seem determined to turn America into a third world country for a few votes today . At least Donald Trump is actually accomplishing what he was elected to do, while not perfect by any means he is Making America Great Again. You only have to watch one person kneel at the Pledge of allegience to realize people have lost their pride in America and I believe we have our past governments to blame for this travesty. We have not had a president who has accomplished in 8 years what Trump has accomplished in a year and a half with democrats fighting him every step of the way. Can anyone even imagine the amazing Country we could have if the dems would work with the republicans instead of the stance they have taken, proving they don’t care for these immigrant children they are using these children as a tool again to rile up uninformed voters. With a little research it’s obvious that even when Trump gives them what they say they want it’s never enough. The corruption was allowed to run so deep and far reaching thanks to the democrats and average people/voters are catching on and rather large than pushing back the Maxine Watters way they are respectfully turning the other cheek, this is not easy to do as the Fake News Outlets refuses to post anything possitive. I believe they will be shocked at the number of voters who have walked away after 2 years of liberal petty bullshit.. The world is a changing and the liberals are scared to death

  • Senior Democrat are evil people BECAUSE their followers are soft minded and gullible NOT despite this.

  • For stealth, take Blake:

    “The weak in courage is strong in cunning”

    “Always be ready to speak your mind, and a base man will avoid you.”

    “The tiger’s of wrath are wiser than the horses of instruction”

  • Frank, you are a modern day Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne/Robin Hood/etc. This will be your biggest story yet. It dwarfs exposing DOS and Nexium, believe it or not, and the fact that you are tackling it head on is incredible to me. Fearless, absolutely fearless. These are nasty and ruthless people.

    I’ve lived in Arizona since the late 90s and have had reason to spend a lot of time at the capitol during and after the Napolitano administration. During that time we had a strange dynamic going where our corrupt and attention seeking Sheriff Joe occupied all the headlines with his shenanigans, while the shrewd and ruthless Napolitano and her team were just as unscrupulous – but smartly so. They avoided making headlines.

    Napolitano did have the advantage of a clueless and ideologically supportive media, but she was also a stealthy political operator. Sheriff Joe was a Republican, so the press was motivated to expose him, but he was also an idiot whose power went to his head.

    When she resigned and went to DC, bringing all her cronies with her, everybody on the local scene knew that they would exploit their new found power for personal gain to the maximum amount possible. Unfortunately, the media in DC is even worse than in Phoenix, and because DHS is so massive, it would be almost impossible for an intrepid reporter to suss out corruption anyway. Never mind the fact that there are no intrepid reporters in DC anyway, or very few at least.

    I hope you can confirm your suspicions (which are probably true based on the past behavior of the cast of characters involved) and that this story receives national attention.

  • Frank, you are a modern day Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne/Robin Hood/etc. This will be your biggest story yet. It dwarfs exposing DOS and Nexium, believe it or not, and the fact that you are tackling it head on is incredible to me. Fearless, absolutely fearless. These are nasty and ruthless people.

    I’ve lived in Arizona since the late 90s and have had reason to spend a lot of time at the capitol during and after the Napolitano administration. During that time we had a strange dynamic going where our corrupt and attention seeking Sheriff Joe occupied all the headlines with his shenanigans, while the shrewd and ruthless Napolitano and her team were just as unscrupulous – but smartly so. They avoided making headlines.

    Napolitano did have the advantage of a clueless and ideologically supportive media, but she was also a stealthy political operator. Sheriff Joe was a Republican, so the press was motivated to expose him, but he was also an idiot whose power went to his head.

    When she resigned and went to DC, bringing all her cronies with her, everybody on the local scene knew that they would exploit their new found power for personal gain to the maximum amount possible. Unfortunately, the media in DC is even worse than in Phoenix, and because DHS is so massive, it would be almost impossible for an intrepid reporter to suss out corruption anyway. Never mind the fact that there are no intrepid reporters in DC anyway, or very few at least.

    I hope you can confirm your suspicions (which are probably true based on the past behavior of the cast of characters involved) and that this story receives national attention.

  • True justice will only happen after Emiliano and his corrupt father Carlos Salinas are both indicted and convicted.
    The entire Salinas gang must be rooted up and destroyed.
    And if the boys and girls at Harvard (Carlos’ alma mater) and the boys and girls at Foggy Bottom (the State Department) don’t like it they can all bark at the moon.

    • As for the Arizona Mafia really being headquartered in DC and not Arizona, back in the day Lyndon Johnson was head of the Texas Mafia which was also headquartered in Washington DC where Johnson ran the US Senate.
      Lyndon Johnson’s Texas Mafia included con artists like Bobby Baker and Billie Sol Estes.

      And in 1961 LBJ murdered his sister Josefa Johnson and had the body buried without an autopsy.

      • Josefa Johnson, the sister of Lyndon B. Johnson, was born in 1912.
        Josefa Johnson died of a cerebral hemorrhage on 25th December, 1961.Despite state law, no autopsy was conducted.
        Twenty-three years later the lawyer, Douglas Caddy, wrote to Stephen S. Trott at the U.S. Department of Justice. In the letter Caddy claimed that Billie Sol Estes and Lyndon B. Johnson had been involved in the murders of several people including Josefa Johnson

        (Supposedly Josefa Johnson was a bisexual who was the Madam of a House of Ill Repute and Lyndon Johnson felt her activities would hurt his political career. Her body was quickly embalmed. Embalming destroys body fluids that are needed in an autopsy. That’s how Mafias whether in Texas or Arizona operate.)



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