Reader: In Response to Pea Onyu – Your ‘Eyes are Wide Shut’ on NXIVM indicted

Clare [l] and Sara [r] Bronfman

Our old friend Pea Onyu – after a period of quiet – has emerged again with a comment on her friends at NXIVM who have been charged with various felonies.

Pea wrote, “They are innocent until proven guilty and which one of you would fail to hire the best lawyer you could afford or if Sara Bronfman is willing to pay – your liberty is at sake. Lastly no one likes a rat.”

One of our readers had this to say in reply to Pea Onyu:

By Eyes Wide Shut

Dear Pea Onyu,

Sorry, your name still gets a belly laugh from me.

It’s more like Clare is paying legal fees. Sara, if she is smarter than the average Clare Bear, will get as far away as she can from NXIVM members’ current legal issues. Why drag herself in any more than she already is from her years before she bolted out of daily NXIVM dealings, got married and has two young children to take care of.

One has to think long and hard before wanting to go to prison when a person has young children to consider. Clare’ on the other hand’ just has her farm animals. Five, ten, fifteen up to 30 years is a long time to give up with your children.

If those in the inner circle are so innocent, why did all those from Mexico who were living in the US scatter like rats back to Mexico? Why are they selling their homes if they think their leaders are going to be found innocent and start back up with recruitment of NXIVM?

It appears that you do not fully understand what has gone on behind the curtain of cover-up and cannot or will not take in “all the data” of what this organization has been doing.

You are not considering all of those who have been tortured legally by Raniere and backed by Clare Bronfman in a court of law, were found innocent (not guilty) of the things NXIVM said they did but were left broke and had to restart their lives.

Telling the truth is not a crime but Raniere and his band of merry followers think it is. They have gone to great lengths to shut up their ex-members who have left and have been telling the truth about all the illegal things that are finally coming to light.

Pea Onyu, be a good girl and do what NXIVM teaching says. Get as much information to make a good decision. Read the criminal complaints against those you are standing up for. There is so much information out there that BARKS – they are guilty.

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  • From Catherine Oxenberg’s new book “Captive.”

    The brutalities inflicted on the slaves in Allison Mack’s sex cult.

    ‘Smallville’ Star Allison Mack’s Sadistic Sex Cult Rules Revealed

    A tell-all book has unveiled the sadistic rules that Smallville‘s Allison Mack imposed on members of NXIVM’s alleged sex slave ring.

    As revealed by gossip site Radar Online, Allison Mack and other high ranking members of the perceived pyramid scheme “success” group are currently part of a highly publicized trial involving the underbelly of the group. Catherine Oxen, the mother of a former member of NXIVM’s sex cult, is releasing a tell-all involving anecdotes as revealed by her daughter. Among these are how seriously Mack took her role as the pimp of the group, responding only to “Madam Mack”, “Pimp Mack”, and “the Madam”. She would then set up appointments for the members to have sexual intercourse with leader Keith Raniere, even going as far as “granting” the victims permission to enjoy it.

    The tell-all continues by revealing that Allison Mack herself was very territorial of Raniere herself, and would often be very punitive and sadistic with her punishments due to her own jealousy. Furthermore, Mack was allegedly “obsessed with penance and weight” and would keep the victims on “starvation diets”.

    To make matters worse, Allison Mack would host “readiness drills” where the victims had to respond to texts from their “master”, Raniere, at any given night. Mack would then instruct the victims to allow Raniere to take a photograph of them in the nude as proof that they have “completed” their task.

    All this, and more, is set to be revealed in Catherine Oxenberg’s book, Captive: A Mother’s Crusade to Save Her Daughter from a Terrifying Cult out August 7th.

  • I can’t imagine the levels of denial that must go on in poor Pea’s head to justify her support of KR. I feel sorry that she has wasted so much of her life and continues to do so on a man who is a liar, charlatan and all around creep.
    On another notes, it seems India and Nicki have slipped under the radar of late. Any news? Might they still possibly be indicted?

    • I believe that out of deference to Catherine Oxenburg, who is desperately trying to save her daughter, the DOJ is reluctant to indict India.
      Of course in an earlier filing India is assumed to be named as “co-conspirator #2.”

      As for Nicki Clyne I assume she is deliberately lying low.
      The brandings occurred in a townhouse Clyne shared with her wife Mack.

      It is also possible that Clyne has already fled to her native Canada but Canada does have an extradition treaty with the United States and usually honors that treaty although Canada can be slow in the extradition process.

  • If you google my sister’s unique name, you’ll probably find zero social media results.

    The only results you’ll find are from FrankReport and other blogs that publish or copy Frank’s articles. What are the chances that such a unique name is only listed on these types of blog sites, with no social media accounts?

    Hey sis, please respond to this post.

    If not, I’m phoning Bavaria to tell our father what you’re up to.

  • Pea Onyou is a troll account. Satire. The name is PEA ONYOU, ffs.

    I’m surprised anyone even responds to it.

  • I assume that Pea Onyou is a young woman who does not have much experience in life.
    I also assume that because Pea Onyou has referred to Allison Mack as a “brave” and “heroic” woman that Pea Onyou personally knows and worships Allison.

    I must tell Pea that the Feds, like all law enforcement agencies will focus more of their fire on the NXIVM crimes involving force and violence.
    Crimes like sex trafficking, enforced servitude and extortion as opposed to more complex financial crimes.
    Those are precisely the crimes that Keith Raniere, Allison Mack and Mack’s slaves engaged in.

    For all of Allison Mack’s “bravery” and “heroism” she has been engaging in a very dangerous game with very dangerous people for a long time.
    Allison is way out of her league.
    In fact Allison Mack and Keith Raniere are the designated fall guys and anyone who is closely associated with them is in danger of being prosecuted.

    Pea Onyou, it is likely you are too late to save Allison.
    Ultimately only Allison can save Allison and she appears unwilling to do so.
    Even if she does testify she will get serious prison time.

    The issue Pea is how you are going to save yourself.
    If you have committed crimes with Allison you must start to think about your own self-preservation.

    Pea Onyou, you ended your comment yesterday with these words, “Lastly no one likes a rat.”
    Pea, you are now near the point where the only option to save yourself is to be a rat.

    Pea Onyou, please consider that if Allison Mack were truly your friend, she would have never involved you in serious crimes like sex trafficking, enforced servitude and extortion.

    Pea Onyou, think of how your mother and grandmother would react if you did serious hard time because Allison Mack lured you into a criminal scheme.

    There is no shame in telling the truth.

  • That’s a rather unflattering picture of Clare. I like her current look. Find an old geezer with a pitchfork and …voila…American Gothic?

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