Photo Essay: She who has the most joy wins – and pictures prove it – for Clare Bronfman

Now, as a special treat for those who love to win by having the most joy, here are a series of pictures – of Clare – going into court – when she was the attacker – and leaving court after having been indicted and released on $100 million bail.

See if you can guess which pictures she has the least joy.

The first photos are courtesy of the Albany Times Union.

Here the vicious one is headed to court to destroy an enemy. The dark glasses perhaps disguise the thrill of joy she feels – but the slightly upturned, rather Mona Lisa smile – gives it away.

Here the smile is more pronounced and the joy is palpable. Clare is headed into court where she has a million times more money than her enemy – a nice advantage and one sure to induce joy in one such as Clare.


Again, the winsome lady fairly gambols into court with her attorney – the joyful William Savino – see the joy in every atom of her being.

As she gets closer to the courtroom, Clare Bronfman seems to be galloping like a thoroughbred horse competing for the joy of ruining the life of an innocent victim. What wonderful joy she was undoubtedly feeling at this precious moment.

Bonus picture: Here Clare – in another court – with other attorneys – salivates for the kill. Look at that joyful face.


Below, Clare today leaving court

Now, here is the proof of the law of Karma.

Clare Bronfman – on the other end of the court system. And, unlike all of her prior courtroom battles, she does not have more money than the US government.

Gone is the Mona Lisa smile – gone the light-stepping lassie – she walks as one doomed.

New York Times contributor Vanessa Grigoriadis wrote a highly supportive story about NXIVM, Clare and Keith Raniere.

She wrote, “When I asked Raniere about his relationship with Clare Bronfman, he said only that she’s ‘so supportive, so pure.’”

Reality is setting in for Clare Bronfman – it is not “he who has the most joy wins” – but rather “she who gives the most joy wins.”

Too smart too late.

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  • The weight loss is evident in the before and after (2018) pictures.

    In the third picture from the top she actually has a waistline and hips, a much fuller face and an ample chest.

    In yesterday’s court appearance she has lost most of her chest and her face is thin. Plus the protruding knobs on the medial ends of her clavicles are not prominent in the earlier photos. You cant see her hips in these photos but others show no curves at all. Now she as a boyish shape.

  • Some very petty comments here regarding her looks…her looks have nothing to do with her actions. If the stories about her are true, then she probably is a sociopath, and will hopefully be punished accordingly.
    But why dwell on her appearance? – it’s her ugly personality that’s important.

  • Yup. She’s definitely a Reptilian Alien

  • Clare:
    Now that the jig is up it’s time for you to fess up and cooperate with the FBI.

    There were 4 DOS women at Raniere’s Puerto Vallarta Villa.
    Allison Mack, Nicki Clyne Lauren Salzman and Loretta Garza.

    Four of Allison Mack’s “Bad Ass Warrior B—–s”
    What were those women doing there in Puerto Vallarta?
    Were they conspiring to lure Raniere’s enemies to Puerto Vallarta to be kidnapped and killed?

    You can choose to cooperate with the FBI and do easy time or be a tough guy and do hard time.
    The key to your future is in your pocket.

    For once in your life make the right choice.

  • She’s aged, look how thin she is. She’s still on Keith’s diet. The really sad thing is they weren’t even her enemies she went after.

  • That Clare is 38 still shocks me; I assumed when I first saw her pictures in the Times Union that she was easily over 50. The dumpy clothes, the horrible glasses, the blank, thousand yard stare all combine to make her look far older than she is; or maybe it’s just evil that prematurely ages someone. Either way, I hope this woman is in jail before the week is up and I hope she stays there until hell freezes over.

  • Her eyes look empty.

    She brought this on herself. It is tragic. What a waste . Seriously, she had all the advantages. But she took the wrong path. Destroyed people along the way. And now she is paying the price.
    I don’t feel sorry for her at all. Because she is the one who caused her own demise by joining and supporting NXVIM.

    • I agree. At some level, I feel sad for all these people. With freedom comes responsibility. To be responsible, one needs to discern good from bad. Too bad none of them figured that out…now it will cost them dearly. How much does freedom cost? It’s priceless.

  • Her step-father comes from British legal aristocracy, his dad defended Mick Jagger in the famous obscenity case, His grandad sentenced the last woman in Britain to be hanged, the first female Lord justice of appeal, Baroness Butler-schloss is his aunty – Oh how shameful this morning must be to her mum, although “Billionaire’s Shame” is not a headline you see often, just doesn’t sound plausible. She not only deserves but positively needs a spell in the big house.

    • Whoa. The Ruth Ellis case was so controversial — and had a lot to do with the abolishment of the noose in England. I had no idea that was his family’s legacy. I wonder how they felt about him going into acting, a definite departure (possibly a slap in the face) from such a distinguished line of barristers.

  • You trying to break my phone Frankie? Sear my retinas with images of horror??? Jk

    But still, the before and after shots are shocking! A picture is worth a thousand words indeed.

    Now, let’s get your indictment thrown out Frank!!!

    • Money can’t buy you class.

      Then again, just to be fair, even people who can actually dress tastefully aren’t usually sitting around in their best gear when the cops show up in the wee hours to arrest them. The feds like to get there early.

About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

Frank Parlato was the lead investigator and coordinating producer of Investigation Discovery's 2 hour blockbuster special 'The Lost Women of NXIVM.'

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