Rosa Laura Junco, Nicki Clyne removed from Knife Media home page – does it signal their imminent indictment?


The Knife Media [formerly The Knife of Aristotle] was led by CEO Rosa Laura Junco – who funded it – and Nicki Clyne – who was listed as its Producer.  Their photos and names appeared at the top of the homepage.

Now, they are gone. This suggests to me that they are readying to be indicted.

There were 25 members on The Knife team before Raniere’s arrest.

Now, there are 15 members.

Gone are Rosa Laura Junco, Nicki CLyne, [Name Redacted], Tina StausholmEverett HartGabrielle SaulsberyMaggie DouVasco Bilbao-BastidaShaun Bergeron, Daryen Ru, and Chelsea Brown.

The fact that [Name Redacted] – one of Keith Raniere’s prime harem members for a time; Maggie Dou – a reputed DOS slave; Chelsea Brown – Adrian Fluffy Fernandez’s girlfriend; and longtime member Shaun Bergeron are also absent – suggest defections left and right from Vanguard’s team now that he is in prison.
But the removal of the two top names – Clyne and Junco suggest more than mere defection. It suggests their arrests – coming soon.
The remaining Knife team members are:
Jens Erik Gould
Editor in Chief
Shane Mottishaw
Editor, Lead Analyst
Ivy Nevares
Editor, Lead Analyst
Julia Berry López
Editor, Lead Analyst, Writer
José Carlos Barranco
Lead Analyst, Writer
Leah L. Mottishaw
Lead Analyst, Writer
Lisa Reider
Data Analyst, Writer
Luis Diego Salas
Logic Analyst, Writer
Sylvie Lloyd
Logic Analyst, Spin Analyst
Ginger McIntosh
Logic Analyst, Slant Analyst
Sean Sweeney
Data Analyst, Logic Analyst
Sean Craney
Spin Analyst
Kerstin Ohlander
Slant Analyst
Isabel Cacho
Data Analyst
Llysel Arratia
Spin Analyst
The present Knife Team:
The old team below
What is The Knife News?

According to The Knife News, it is:

We are a subscription-based service that brings you the news without the spin – really. We source facts from over 50 different news outlets, providing a comprehensive overview of what’s happening in the world, and write critical analyses that expose the ways media outlets contaminate your news with spin, slant and invalid logic. In other words, we sort through the BS, so you don’t have to. And no, we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty.


Now that the old Knife of Aristotle Facebook is abandoned, who knows, maybe I’ll take a stab at using it – presenting Raniere-news with my own team of slant, spin and logic experts.  Of course, to do that, I’d have to add one more expert: a bullshit expert.


Here is a screen-shot of the Facebook page of The Knife Media. 

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  • Here’s the link to my radio show and podcast. You can also tune in to 87.9 FM at 5am. LOL

    I’ll be interviewing Nancy Salzman and discussing my alien abduction experience. LOL

    You can’t handle the TRUTH Snowflakes

  • Nicki Clyne’s name was removed back around the time she was photographed with India leaving PlantMade.

    The page was saved in right around that time when the change happened.

  • Would love to see the CVs of these media experts. Does a single one of them possess a journalism degree?
    Imagine the good the Bronfman girls could have done if even a portion of the money they wasted on “The Knife” f/k/a “The Knife of Aristotle” had been used to establish scholarships or internships for aspiring journalists?

  • Now where will I go to learn the difference between “real news and “fake news”?

    I hope Rosa Laura Junco’s absence is not caused by her importing teen age Mexican girls to service Master Vanguard.

    And I hope Nicki Clyne’s absence is not caused by helping her wife Allison Pimp Mack brand and enslave women.

    But I know better than to doubt that is precisely what happened.
    Rosa and Nicki:
    Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock!
    Time is running out for you “ladies” to make a deal with the prosecutors!

    • How do you know they didn’t already make deals? You seem to take far to much “joy” in acting like these people haven’t been completely mind raped into thinking they’re helping the women thy hurt.

      Them defecting would be just as good a reason for them to be removed from the site, and something the prosecuter’s would want to keep relatively quiet.

      • All the indications so far have been that Mack, Clyne and Oxenberg vowed to all take the fall in order to protect Raniere.
        And Rosa Laura Junco herself, as the daughter of Mexico’s Rupert Murdoch, would represent a very big fish for the government to fry.
        Ultimately when we see who is arrested and charged in the near future we will know if any of these fish have flipped against Raniere and NXIVM.

      • Absolutely zero excuse for keeping Mexican teenagers in your basement to provide slave labour to other members, and give Raniere access to them.

        What’s funny is that I strongly suspect her older children have not returned since they went to their father over the whole incident, yet she is still claiming on her website that her five children live with her.

        I think it is likely her soon to be ex-husband is keeping the younger ones.

        I don’t believe any of them live with her, at all.

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