Justin Elliot said to have defected from NXIVM; members now suspicious of each other

Front row: Vanessa Sahagun, Marc Elliot,  Michelle Hatchette, Allison Mack, Danielle Roberts, Siobhan Hotaling, Chelsea, Nicki Clyne, Camilia Fenrnandez, India Oxenberg, Michelle Salzman Back row: Jim Del Negro, Chris Pearson-Smith, Brian Elliot, Sehajo Haertel, Justin Elliot.

Laura Darby’s last report suggests that NXIVM members such as Nancy and Lauren Salzman, Karen UnterreinerEdgar Boone, etc. – the people who were so intently involved for so long in the high crimes of their leader, Keith Alan Raniere – are well aware that the end of their reign of terror has come.

It is now their turn to be terrified.

Meanwhile, more rank and file members are beginning to wake up and leave. I just received word that Justin Elliot has left NXIVM – and I’m awaiting word on whether the other two Elliot brothers are leaving or have left.

Adrian Fluffy Fernandez has left, along with Chelsea. DOS slave Jacqueline Ronay may have left the inglorious fold.

Some of those who are leaving are turning over evidence and are going to testify for the Feds.  The Elliot brothers all testified before the grand jury. I hope their testimony was truthful. Unlike the wealthy Clare Bronfman – who lied before the grand jury in the Western District of NY in my case and was not charged with perjury (She also perjured herself in several other cases — including, but lot limited to, civil lawsuits against Joe O’Hara, Toni Natalie, Jim Odato. The Times Union, Suzanne Andrews. Vanity Fair, Rick Ross, Yuri Plyam, and Barbara Bouchey and in criminal complaints against, Joe O’Hara, Toni Natalie, John Tighe and Sarah Edmondson).

In the Eastern District of New York, they may not tolerate lying – especially from people who are not wealthy.  Unlike the rich in America, poor people ought not to lie in the grand jury – for they will be prosecuted. And the Elliott brothers  – mainly because they were longtime members of Executive Success – are poor.

As for Jackie Ronay – not only was she a DOS slave, but she was the girlfriend of longtime member Michel “Cuckie” Chernitzy and the sometimes secret lover of Emiliano “Puto” Salinas – who, it has oft been said, would  be “every woman’s husband and every man’s wife”, if he could.

I will try to post the list of remaining members soon – that last of the once powerful crew who plan to go down with the ship – or those who are already sunk and they know it. Some of these are trying to cut deals with the Feds but are finding that they may have waited too late.

Yes, these are stark times for the Raniere crowd . And they are beginning to learn just what Vanguard really meant to them and how the NXIVM “tech” of Executive Success Programs really works.

As the list of defectors grow, I think it’s interesting that some of the remaining and staunch NXIVM members are seemingly unaware of who is defecting and unaware that some are acting as spies on them and other members.

This is ironic – for in Raniere’s day, some of the members felt the same way – about Keith and the other High Rank. That is to say that in Raniere’s Orwellian world of NXIVM, members spied on each other and reported to Raniere or Salzman. Many who thought of leaving were fearful about who to confide in.

Now, they are spying on each other, but it is the ones who want to stay in NXIVM who are fearful [not the ones who are leaving] – that some of their fellow members are spying on them and reporting [but not to Nancy or Keith but] to the feds.

No one is safe in NXIVM any longer.

Longtime members and old friends – slaves of Raniere and old guard harem members – are, or soon will be, “ratting” each other out.  Are you listening Kathy Russell?

Justin Elliot – one of the boy ‘fuck toys’ of NXIVM High Rank Alejandro Betancourt – is seen carrying a package from one of many PO boxes used by NXIVM and its numerous shell companies – where they received illegal and unreported payments.

Justin made trips back and forth to Mexico [Not unlike how Christine Collins-Morganstein made trips to Guatemala] and it is believed Justin did more than provide sexual slavery services for Betancourt in Mexico – along with young boys.

Justin may also have participated in NXIVM’s wide scale cash smuggling operations.  Now that he is out of NXIVM, Justin may become a prime witness in the case against the Bronfman-Raniere-Salinas international crime cartel.

Stay tuned. The defections will be of primary interest, along with the impending indictments. This is a show you will not want to miss.

As one other writer for this blog has noted on several times: Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock…

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  • Yes can the blog author identify these people and if they are still in?? Such vacant smiles on their faces. Like zombies. This group seems just terrifying.
    Also more on what was going on in these mega meets called Van Guard Week. Sounds like total emersion into brainwashment.
    The people in the group pic looks cult crazed to say the least.
    They should be making a mini series about this Amway type group. Once the branding started is when things really went whacko. It sounds so money sucking and soul sucking.
    Pyramid scheme, an expensive one at best.

    • Yes can the blog author identify these people and if they are still in?? Such vacant smiles on their faces.

      At your service.
      Front row: Vanessa Sahagun [?], Marc Elliot, Michelle Hatchette, Allison Mack, Dr. Danielle Roberts, Siobahn Hotaling, Michelle Salzman, Nicki Clyne, Cami Fernandez, India Oxenberg, and Lauren Salzman: Back row: Jim Del Negro, Chris Pearson-Smith, Brian Elliot, Sehajo Haetel, and Justin Elliot

      Of the 11 women 8 are known or suspected sex slaves of Master Vanguard.

  • NXIVM has too much to hold over Siobhan head for her to leave. She’s known to have planted evidence on an ex members computer and drugs so his wife got a good settlement in the divorce. This and other crimes she has committed, she should have gone to the FBI as soon as an arrest was made.

  • What about Siobhan Hotaling??? She is also in the pic. Any info on weather she has decided to jump ship yet?or Christine Collins???

  • What is happening with the Knife Media? Noticed they are still posting stories but no longer who’s on the TEAM. Any news on who’s jumped ship?

  • WOO HOO, the rats are deserting the ship! I hope they realize that they are better off away from Raniere’s toxic influence and they spill their guts to the authorities. The Bronfmans, the Salzmans and Dr. Roberts need to get arrested and face accountability for that they’ve done.

  • Wow you appear to be a glaring idiot. President Trump has done an amazing job since his election. The megalomaniac you follow is in Africa right now trying to find refuge on his home continent. His rats are starting to turn on him and his corrupt followers are stuck on stupid

  • Sorry sweetheart, the leaks in the Trump Whitehouse have pretty much been eliminated by General Kelly. Those rats have been outted also.

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    • Who cares? Justin has defected, that’s the point. What else did Frank get “wrong?” You only named one thing. Frankly (pun intended), it’s almost impossible to tell who/how many have defected, because NXIVM has cratered. Who is left to count who is still in or out? LOL

    • That photo of Justin is taken outside Apropos and is from Justin’s profile picture on his Facebook page. The nursery across the street just changed hands and is now location #2 of DiSiena nursery. Please tell me who it is if you know for sure because I have laid my own 2 eyes on him. He does look most like brother Marc but Marc does not live in Clifton Park.

      And you could be right. Frank could have been fed inaccurate info about Justin defecting. Remaining ” high rank” Espians could be trying to throw him under the proverbial bus by feeding underlings bad “data” who in turn are talking to people who have left. It has happened before. And yes, NXIVM has as many leaks as the Trump White house does.

      Justin doesn’t live in Knox Woods so he isn’t someone I saw regularly. I do know that he paid a visit home to visit his parents around the beginning of July and for all we know could still be there.

  • Too bad LOL I’m the real Scott; call me Scotty, the new Trumpy. LOL You’re all snowflakes. Too bad LOL

  • Who is the leggy chick in the shorts? Why is she the only person of color in the picture? They all look like they could use a good meal. They look like how the Moonies looked in the 70s. So brainwashed looking. I’m wondering how much money was spent collectively in that group picture that went straight into the coffers of the leaders of this organization.
    Never seen a group get it from so many different angles as in this blog. Quite a scary group of people. Sounds so money sucking and soul sucking.
    How many people in that group picture are still in???


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  • While we’re on the topic of impending indictments, where is “Pea Onyou”?
    She has not made a comment in a couple of weeks.

    Pea Onyou would always come on here telling us how she is the daughter of a Bavarian Count and a Hawaiian Princess.
    Who in NXIVM is related to a real Princess?

    Pea Onyou would also lecture us how Allison Mack is a “brave and heroic woman.”
    A veritable Joan of Arc.
    Pea Onyou must know Allison Mack to know so much about her.

    Has Pea Onyou been told that she is the possible target of a Federal indictment?
    Has her lawyer told her to stay off the internet and clam up?
    Could Pea Onyou be in legal jeopardy because of her relationship with Allison Mack?
    I hope not.

  • The main photo for this article has 11 women and 5 men with the ubiquitous smiling Allison Mack in the middle.

    Front row: Vanessa Sahagun [?], Marc Elliot, Michelle Hatchette, Allison Mack, Dr. Danielle Roberts, Siobahn Hotaling, Michelle Salzman, Nicki Clyne, Cami Fernandez, India Oxenberg, and Lauren Salzman: Back row: Jim Del Negro, Chris Pearson-Smith, Brian Elliot, Sehajo Haetel, and Justin Elliot

    Of the 11 women 8 are known or suspected sex slaves of Master Vanguard.

    How many of these Happy Folk will soon be joining Master Vanguard in the Graybar Hotel?

    And how many of these happy slave women were forced by Allison Mack to wear cow’s udders as punishment?

    “Some women have said that Mack had them doing menial chores while wearing cow udders over their breasts such as dusting, hand washing clothes and massaging Raniere’s feet to train them in the many jobs that a woman has to do to be considered valuable to a man and to remind them of their one purpose.”

  • Keith Raniere always liked to lecture his followers, particularly the Jewish women, about Adolf Hitler.

    Well it turns out that Raniere and Hitler had lots in common.
    Hitler liked to rule the Nazi party by setting his underlings at each other’s throats.
    Goering vs. Goebbels
    Himmler vs. Roehm
    And everyone against Rudolf Hess.

    By encouraging rivalries between his underlings Hitler was able to better manipulate his followers so none would defy him.

    Keith Raniere did the same with his underlings in NXIVM.

    Raniere encouraged his followers, particularly the females who ran NXIVM on a day to day basis, to feud with one another.
    It was part of a divide and conquer strategy.

    The only problem with divide and conquer is that when there is a crisis, like impending Federal indictments, the followers are quick to sell each other out.
    Divide and conquer might work in war against enemies but it’s a damned poor way to internally manage an organization.
    Divide and conquer creates a feuding wolf pack not a team dedicated to working together and winning.

    • Shadowstate, I always appreciate your perspective, even if I don’t always agree with it. That being said, you may not agree with me when I say that as I read this post, I found a glaring, current example missing from your analysis of a man in power encouraging squabbles and disputes between underlings. He’s a megalomaniac, like Hitler and Raniere, but is unlike them in that he hasn’t been as successful intimidating those who work for him. They’ve been bailing left and right from the get go on Pennsylvania Ave. And, he has admitted to these managerial strategies on record.

      • Wow you appear to be a glaring idiot. President Trump has done an amazing job since his election. The megalomaniac you follow is in Africa right now trying to find refuge on his home continent. His rats are starting to turn on him and his corrupt followers are stuck on stupid

      • I believe Trump would have been far better served by following a consistent, coherent Nationalist policy like that espoused by Steve Bannon.
        Trump has not been well served by having the likes of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump in the White House.
        The Executive branch can not and should not be run like a family business.
        And as a businessman I believe that Trump is too focused on making deals.
        I would not have met with Kim Jong Un.
        It gave that tin pot dictator too much legitimacy.
        America should follow a Nationalist, Protectionist foreign and economic policy.

  • Scientologists must be thrilled to have the negative press focused on a cult besides them. Then look at the Kingston Clan/Order in Salt Lake City another billionaire cult intermarrying sisters, cousins, nieces for several generations forcing the children to live in poverty while the 7 senior brothers keep getting richer. Warren Jeff’s cult is finally starting to fall apart, it took the government to take over their land trust and the families food stamp fraud (by family I mean Warren brothers mainly Lyle who has disappeared). The children starve and if it weren’t for the intervention of outsiders including the men kicked out over the years now getting their families land returned and choosing to help those who shunned them and the lost boys. The bottom line in most of course is sex and abuse of women and children. Ultimate power by the men in charge . Perpetrated with the help of Local authorities, gov. Officials ,bribery and more bribery. Liberals since you have nothing better to do than harrass conservatives, here is a project the dems could jump on and actually make a difference, because we aren’t listening to your anti Trump rhetoric any more, same b’s every days. I’m not kidding you need a platform because you have nothing of course you’ll blame Trump for this too. Rainere never could have gotten away with this for so long if we had some decent laws protecting women and children. When the real truth comes out about all of Nxvim related crimes know it could have been prevented. To hell with anyone who ever took a bribe from any of these or cults I have not mentioned. From Heather

  • “As one other writer for this blog has noted on several times: Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock…”

    It’s July 21st now. The July sun can be scorching hot, even in the American Northeast. Kind of like an Aztec Temple? As for me, I keeping a keen eye open for the next round of indictments. I am very interested in seeing if Clare & The Salzmans get called in. Don’t know if they are guilty or not, and will refrain from making judgments. I am just very curious about what the facts are…how the authorities view matters.


    • The weather forecast for July 21st 2018 – Halfmoon/Waterford NY is 85 degrees F party sunny but with a chance of superseding indictments in the next few days.

      I am on staycation as of 5 PM yesterday thru next Thursday for a major renovation in my condo. I hopefully will be able to get out on the ground if shit hits the fan.

        • It is right on schedule, from what the prosecutor said at the last hearing. It could be they are still looking for enough evidence to arrest them, they may be finding so many more people who need to be arrested that it’s taking longer. Many reasons are possible.

  • Come on guys. Don’t defect. Why aren’t you guys out there changing the world teaching others the ways of your great “ethical” swinging leader? “When the going gets tough the tough get going”. These tough times call for sticking together and being more narcissistic now than ever! You guys must continue to show us how much better you are than the rest of us in your ethics and how you treat people.

    Fight for VanFraud’s right to keep a sex cult and fuck teen girls.

    • “Fight for VanFraud’s right to keep a sex cult and fuck teen girls.”

      Make the world safe for pedophiles, huh?

  • I have not seen Justin out and about walking thru Knox Woods in ages. But one of this walking buddies (the Sean/Shaun married to Diana Goodman)/ Sean moved back to Minnesota, I heard the thru the Grapevine about the same time Ivy vacated 115 Grenadier and Dawn Morrison 203 Yorktown. Nancy his other walking partner, I have also not seen walking in ages.

    If the Elliot brothers (or even one has defected) that is good news better if its two to work on the other brother. I do hope they get the counseling that is needed. They are all young and have their whole lives ahead of them.

    • @ Larry Shea:

      Just in case you want to reach Ben Szemkus, your attorneys can send all correspondence to:

      Benjamin N Szemkus
      6730 Mary Ave NW, #1
      Seattle, WA 98117

      Michael Avenatti (Stephanie Clifford’s attorney) might find this information useful as well.

      Also, @ Scott Peterson:

      There is nothing illegal about posting this information, nor is it legally actionable on Ben’s part. For it to be legally actionable, Ben would have to have a reasonable expectation of privacy, which he does not have since he is the one who provided this information, and did so of his own volition, free of coercion. (He put the information out in the public domain, I just knew where to find it).

      For Ben to have a defamation case, he would have to demonstrate that his reputation has been damaged by Larry Shea; that’s pretty hard to do, when Ben is the one who approached the internet with his story…and the only reason his reputation is damaged at all, is due to his own actions.

      Hypothetical: If I slip & fall and break my leg in a grocery store because of a puddle on the floor, it’s the store’s fault for not cleaning the spill, and placing signage warning me about the danger. Is it still the store’s liability, if I deliberately spilled the liquid, and then fell in it? No, it’s my fault for being careless.

        • “Scott Peterson” was a convicted killer who was heavily covered by the press in a high profile criminal trial, years ago. It is also the name used by members of the Napolitano “Arizona Mafia” social group to disparage the internet entrepreneur Jeffrey Scott Peterson, who defected from their group and has now become a witness against them. By referring to Jeff Peterson by his middle name, their hope is to confuse the media into reporting that he is somehow connected to Scott Peterson the guy who was on trial for murder. It is another of their deceptive tactics. Any time you notice someone referring to Jeffrey Scott Peterson as “Scott Peterson,” it is a clue that the individual may have ties to the Napolitano “Arizona Mafia” social group.

          • I think the media is aware Scott Peterson has been in prison for years and probably isn’t getting out any time soon, and Jeffrey Peterson is not in prison. Not very confusing to me. I think they are only confusing themselves. LOL

          • The California man in prison for murdering his wife is named Scott Lee Peterson
            and was born October 24, 1972 in San Diego California.
            He has been convicted in 2004 and is now on Death Row in San Quentin prison.

            The man in the recent Frank Parlato article is Jeffrey Scott Peterson who was born on October 11, 1972 in Santa Barbara California and as far as we know was never convicted of anything.

            The air distance between San Diego and Santa Barbara is 188 miles.

            I doubt if the California authorities mixed up the two men.

        • Sorry, I was working on 2 things at once, and got you mixed up with another Scott (& that was addressed to you).

          For Ben to have a defamation case (for Libel, on Larry Shea’s part), Ben would need to prove several things:

          1. The damage to his reputation has caused him real-world harm, e.g. “Ben got fired from his job because his boss acted on information obtained from Larry’s post on this site”.

          2. Larry’s verbiage regarding Ben Szemkus would have to be stated as factual account(s), not his own opinions. As opinion, I can legally say anything I want, about anyone; it only crosses into Slander (spoken defamation), or Libel (written/printed defamation), when I state provably-false claims as facts.

          3. Ben would have to deliver the burden of proof, with respect to his alleged “NXIVM mixer”. This would involve getting depositions and testimony from the people he placed as having been at the party.

          He’d be lucky if he could find a lawyer willing to take the case on contingecy, and in the end, I believe he’d be proved to be a liar. Most likely, (if anyone even wanted to take the case), they’d bill him hourly, which would get very expensive when he loses. Ben would likely find himself on the receiving end of several counterclaims (for cost recovery, at a minimum), so in my experienced opinion, he’s better-off letting things go.

          As Larry Shea correctly pointed out, some of the names mentioned most-likely have a day by day accounting of their activities at that time, so Ben would have a nearly-mpossible time proving it did happen, with high-odds of named parties being able to prove it didn’t.

          @ Arizona Trolls:

          Did it ever occur to you, that there may be more than one person with that name? I can assure you that I’m not from Arizona, and that the guy who’s going to be doing some work on my house is not a convicted murderer.

          • If it was indeed confusion, it would be easy to confuse, because members of the “Arizona Mafia” have increased the tendency to call Jeff Peterson “Scott Peterson.” since a few years ago when Jeff defected from their social group they have become more desperate to silence him. first they wanted to jail him on (pardon the term) Trumped up fake accusations through the most corrupt state agency in Arizona. now as the wheels are coming off the cart they may have moved on to murder , jail or murder or both is what they want for him and Scott is the codename AZ Mafia members use for Jeff within their secret circles of politically connected members

        • The only things that are BIG are the space between your ears and how much your kids hate you.

          Funny how you seem to avoid the topics of 1) how much your kids hate you and 2) how your wife is the only person at the Johnson home with a job.

          • Yes, and that BIG space between my ears is filled with a VERY smart brain. In fact, I have to tie half of it behind my back when I’m posting here, just to make it fair (thanks, Rush!) LOL

            Funny how your accusations are lies with ZERO evidence. LOL

        • Scott
          I’m not sure what type of big trouble you think Larry and “others” could be in, but I know for sure that the police won’t be concerned in the least about anyone posting their opinion on Bens story.

          If Ben wants to hire a lawyer and start a defamation of character suit, nothing is stopping him. Anyone can try to sue anyone for anything, but it certainly doesn’t mean they will win, as you know.

          If Ben can make the case that Larry Shea made false statements about him and those statements damaged his reputation and resulted in some type of financial loss to him, then he has a possibility of winning a settlement.. However, Larry made no false statements about Ben,, but I do see Ben made false statements about others, including me (Ben thinks I’m working for NXIVM)
          If Ben can find some way to actually prove his story is real (the polygraph results don’t prove that ) then he would have a better chance of winning a defamation of character suit against Larry.
          Maybe Ben can get Stormy, Keith, Alison or Weiner to collaborate his story. Their testimony would certainly help his case. Lol.

          • I believe you mean “corroborate”, Flowers. Ben’s story is pretty easy to disprove in a court setting, and I think he was a complete fool to make idle threats to Frank Parlato. If the kid had a brain in his head, he’d be pretty aware of the fact that Frank obviously isn’t a guy who backs down from a fight.

            He’s one of the main parties who’s destroyed NXIVM.

            Stop and think about the weight of that statement:

            At a minimum, NXIVM is a sex cult, with access to hundreds of millions of dollars, a membership of educated, mostly professional people (even if they are dumb), high priced attorneys on permanent retainer, a legal system in its pocket (in its jurisdiction at least), international connections to people connected to drug running (which implies ‘access to professional killers’).

            At worst, NXIVM is a sex trafficking ring, smuggling women and children to clients, and laundering the proceeds, while operating under the cover of being a self-improvement organization.

            If they are both (which seems to be the case), they have undoubtedly murdered people (anyone who bore witness to the crimes would bea threat).

            Frank (& others) beat these guys…proving that superheroes don’t always wear capes.

            Ben Szemkus is smoking the greatest “whacky tobaccy” ever grown, if he thinks making idle threats to a guy like Frank is a good idea.

          • You’re correct …corraborate! 😀
            Many typos on my phone. Sorry.

            I wasn’t aware Ben was also threatening Frank., I thought the threat was to Larry Shea and perhaps to others (myself included )who said his story sounded fake.
            As far as I know, Frank has never published anything where he says he thinks Ben is lying, so I wish Ben good luck on winning a lawsuit against Frank.

            Scott- that would only come into play if the party story could be proved (so far it hasnt) and if a judge decides that the opinion that Ben is lying is actually a false statement (given that Ben publicly posted his far-fetched story for Internet critique).
            Go ahead and sue me too, Ben. Frank has my real name, and you can be sure I don’t work for NXIVM , which you comically assumed.

          • No worries, Flowers! 🙂

            I have to admit, your admission of “Ben slandered me too, by assuming that I worked for NXIVM” has piqued my curiosity about who you are, but I know better than to ask, especially in a place like this.

            I will ask this, though:

            If I’m correct in assuming that you were at least, an insider at some point in time, what is your viewpoint on the severity of this situation?

            As an outsider, who’s been piecing things together, and following the story, I get the impression that NXIVM is/was a front for something a lot more serious than most of us even realize, e.g. international pedophilia/sex trafficking ring (similar to what was busted in the EU a few years back).

          • You lose, Benny
            I was never involved in NXIVM or any other cult. I was criminally harassed by some type of cult (I assume them to be an alt-right type group from what I know now)and this is how I became aware of this blog . .I was searching for information and found this.

            I don’t think I would win a libel case against Ben for his accusation I worked for NXIVM, I was just pointing that out to him as an example that many false assumptions are made here everyday and they don’t turn into lawsuits.

            As far as I know , you have a better chance of winning a libel suit if there is malicious intent, but not if the other party made an honest mistake.

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Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” In addition, he was credited in the Starz docuseries 'Seduced' for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

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