Ben Szemkus threatens Defamation Lawsuit

According to Ben Szemkus, Stormy Daniels came to a Nxivm party with her bodyguard, and slipped into one of the bedrooms with Keith Raniere and Allison Mack. Ben claims I was at the party along with Roger Stone, and Catherine and India Oxenberg.
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Ben Szemkus
Ben Szemkus – the man who said he went to a NXIVM mixer where Stormy Daniels, Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin, James Alefantis, Eric Schneiderman, Keith Raniere, Allison Mack, Nancy Salzman, Clare and Sara Bronfman, some Yale college girls and others back in 2007 – is evidently unhappy with an article Larry Shea wrote about him for Frank Report.
Larry gave his opinion that Ben is lying.
By the subject line in his email, Ben might be planning a lawsuit: “BEN SZEMKUS DEFAMATION SUIT”
Here is the body of his email:
This article You published is blantantly [sic] a defamation attack
(plus a few other things if You throw the word ‘Cyber’ in front of it).
Do We go forward with this?
I think I deserve an apology…

As for myself, I have not stated whether I think Ben’s story is true – but it seems there is little doubt that Larry Shea – who wrote the article – is of the opinion that Ben is not telling the truth about meeting the cast of controversial and disgraced characters he says he met all in an apartment in Connecticut one wintry evening.

But since I published it – I will have to stand a lawsuit if Ben chooses to file it.

And because I like freedom of expression and Larry made some excellent points – I would publish it again – despite the threat of a lawsuit.

And unless Ben could prove otherwise – that he really attended this NXIVM mixer – I don’t think I will apologize for publishing Larry’s article.  I do not know if Larry wants to apologize to Ben – although I rather doubt he will.


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    • Yes Scott. must be MY logic that’s flawed. Clearly I believe in fairytales such as those spun by Bullshit Bennie, because I don’t have the logic to understand that Ben’s tall tale could never have happened. You are the only logical person posting here. Thanks God you’re here to show us the truth…that we’re all LIBTARD snowflakes. And that anonymous BITCHES are impersonating you.
      Thanks for all your logic, Scottie.

  • I find it hysterical that Ben was able to bring out all these no-name posters trying to make him out to be a liar. Great work Ben! Ben will be on my radio show, Focus on the Facts, today at 5 pm EST on PRN.FM. I said from the start, that the NXIVM Sex Cult Scandal would bring down all the elite perverts and pedophiles and I was right. Just look at all the no-name posters out here now going up against a real truthteller on the NXIVM Sex Cult. Too funny!

      • Hi Scott – I post the taped version on my FB timeline today sometime. I also post it on GAB.

    • What’s so hysterical about a bunch of trolls writing goofy comments? or about people who doubt a preposterous story?

      • Because it is only a preposterous story for those people who refuse to do the research that proves that this sex cult involves all of the elite. Also this comment above comes from another no-name poster who I do not give any credability to. If a person can’t even state their own name why would anyone believe what they say?

        • Excuse me?Because I don’t post my real name it means I’m lying? That’s an illogical statement.
          I certainly won’t post my real name here. Ive suffered 4 years of criminal harassment by a cult that appears to have alt-right connections and who are apparently now trolling this blog. My children have even been harassed.
          Why would I make it even easier for the criminals to find information on me?

          No one is denying that NXIVM could have connections to political elite (Roger Stone was involved in NXIVM at one time, too) and I bet more connections will be exposed soon, but Szemkus has no credibility at all. It only damages your credibility to promote a person who is telling an obviously fake story.

        • Those of us who have been reading frank report for a long time have a hard time believing Bens story. It doesn’t seem to fit in the narrative of the background.

          • Actually, it does. This group like any cult, was searching for young and well-off hopefuls whom would be gullible and easy to manipulate into doing their bidding. They wouldn’t invite a poor homeless person…it wouldn’t benefit them at all. It’s the right age group to target and the chances of these girls becoming successful with the education they were receiving makes it perfect to use them as pawns in future business endeavors with prestigious companies.

  • HEY LIBTARDS. Too bad everyone knows that clicking on the real @ScottTexJohnson’s name will put a virus up your ass. Just like my wife put a syphilis virus up my ass. Thanks for the free publicity, LOSER! LOL

  • No retraction, nothing.

    Ben what’s his putz is full of shit.

    He is just threatening to sue like his mommy and daddy did when he was picked on in high school.

    Grow up.

    Unless I see physical evidence, I don’t believe a word that little twat says.

    Him or his buddy, Mr. Amway.

    • Yes, you’re not concerned. Because you’re an anonymous poster who isn’t potentially being sued. How “brave” of you. LOL

      The FBI may be looking into physical evidence as we type. They have LOTS of NXIVM records, and may be obtaining more from the various politicians Ben claimed were at the party.

      By the way, my name is Mr. ANTI-Amway. LOL

      • Lol
        Why would the FBI be looking into evidence? Do you honestly think the FBI care about Ben”s story?
        The FBI has been investigating all this for months- long before Ben decided to make up his BS story. The indictments that we are all waiting to hear about have nothing have nothing to do with Bullshit Bennie.
        Sue me , Bennie.
        Go for it, Mr. Bullshitter.

        • Because that is what the FBI does, they are the Federal Bureau of Investigations. A gas receipt from a NXIVM person when they got gas in Connecticut in February of 2007 would have been meaningless to an investigator a few months ago. Now that same receipt could be a major development.

          • I mean do you honestly think the FBI could ever think Bens story is credible and that they would make any attempt to investigate it?
            I can’t see that they would even consider it at this point.

  • Too bad everyone knows that clicking on the real @ScottTexJohnson’s name will put a virus up your ass. Just like my wife put a syphilis virus up my ass. Thanks for the free publicity, LOSER! LOL

  • 1. The party allegedly happened and all the people were there. As Ben recalls Which would mean Ben is telling truth. If that’s the case FOX, CNN. ABC, CBS, NBC, the blaze, drudge and huffington post, political and all major and minor sources would be all over the story because it’s huge.
    ( that woukd also give Ben cause to sue)

    2. This gathering alledgelly never happened. That this is disinformation or fake news.
    ( that would give all claimed to be there cause to sue)

    3. A gathering alledgely happened Ben was there but this allegedly was an exaggeration and alllegedlky not all the people but some attended.
    (Those not attending woukd have a case. )

    All of the above are possible scenarios.
    If what Ben said is true I am sure at least FOX news woukd headline with that. And others may follow. We shall see how it unfolds.

  • From veteran Jake Hughes, himself once a bullied student, on the alt-right meme that bullying is the cause of school shooters:

    “Firstly, it assumes that simply being nice would stop a crazy kid form being crazy. In many studies, it’s been shown that antisocial behavior is often the result of a broken home life. Speaking for myself, yeah, I was the weird kid, but I was never overly aggressive, especially from 10th to 12th grade. The reason I believe is because I had a mom and dad to teach me right from wrong, that violence isn’t the answer, but sometimes, even that is not enough. Eric Harris was a clinical psychopath, and Dylan Klebold was manic depressive. Yes, they were bullied, but Harris was known to bully others himself. The point is that sometimes, little can be done to stop a maniac using just words.

    Secondly, to me, it blames one thing for a problem with multiple factors. Bullying is terrible, take it from a kid who was bullied every year of middle and high school. And it can lead to students doing terrible things, like attempting or committing suicide. But to say that bullying is the sole or common cause of school shootings is silly. What second graders bullied the Sandy Hook shooter? By all accounts, the Virginia Tech killer was bothered by no one. This is not to say being severely bullied can’t be a factor of school shootings, but it’s not an all cross the board factor.

    For a third point, if I may, it puts the onus of stopping school shootings on the students, and that’s horrible. “Well, sorry all your friends are dead, Timmy. Guess you should have been nicer to Jerry, huh?” Again, using me as an example, I would have rebuked any attempts to befriend me back in my antisocial days. Even through the first few years of my military career, I just wanted to be left alone.”

    That was published on Connecting Vets, a national organization dedicated to military veterans and their families.

    Since May 23, 2014, when misogynist turned incel-hero Elliot Rodger killed 7 and injured 14 at a sorority, most of the school shooters have had explicit ties with the alt-right. Regarding the shooter/alt-right connection:

    “Like mass shooters, “alt-right” trolls are predominantly white men of various ages, but leaning young, fueled mainly by a belief in their own superiority and resentment that the rest of the world doesn’t seem to respect it.

    They are unapologetic in their sadism, relishing the pain and trauma they attempt to inflict on “libtards” and “snowflakes.” Mass shooters get competitive about their body counts, and online trolls treat harassment like a game, where they “win” by maximizing the amount of abuse they dish out. Like Osborn, online trolls often play manipulative games, using things like sock-puppet accounts or fake identities to sow chaos.

    Mass shooters should be understood, it seems, as the radical edge of a larger trend of celebratory sadism spiked with right-wing politics — a great boiling-over of rage from young and disaffected white men who believe they are victims and take great glee in trying to dominate, abuse and even assault others. This brings up extremely serious questions about the role the larger conservative movement is playing in allowing this toxicity to fester and grow.

    In 2014, researchers published a paper demonstrating that online trolls showed high rates of what psychologists call the “Dark Tetrad” of personality traits, which Chris Mooney described in Slate: “Machiavellianism (willingness to manipulate and deceive others), narcissism (egotism and self-obsession), psychopathy (the lack of remorse and empathy), and sadism (pleasure in the suffering of others).”

    Mass shooters and the “alt-right” intertwine directly in many other ways as well. A recent Southern Poverty Law Center report counted 43 murders at the hands of “alt-right”-aligned killers in the past four years. In many cases, the killers were also mass shooters, like Dylann Roof in South Carolina or Elliot Rodger in California.”

    • Thanks for that post on the alt-right connection to mass shootings and bullying.
      In my personal experience with harassment, I found the group responsible for criminally harassing me, do belong to an alt-right group. These groups are very cult-like, and this is why I’ve been interested in this story, and in the stories of people harassed by scientology.

      These groups all have a similar mentality, and enjoy hurting people. The Dark Tetrad (description of traits they display) is accurate.

    • The Southern Poverty Law Center is a joke. For two years they said that Omar Mateen, the shooter who killed dozens of gay club goers at the Pulse night club in Orlando, was a member of the alt-right. A guy who supported ISIS and mass murdered gays in the name of Islam was a far right wing American? Only to a propaganda organization like the SPLC.

      The also called a prominent British ex-Muslim who campaigned against Islamic extremism, a right wing demogage. They did this despite their sister organizations in Europe commending the same man as a resource for people who wish to leave Islamic extremists ideology. They only rescinded their false allegations after they lost a multimillion dollar defamation lawsuit.

      Anyone who uses the SPLC as a source simply does not know how to separate fact from fiction on the internet. The SPLC lost their credibility as an anti-hate organization well over a decade ago.

  • Have you ever seen the movie Airplane? It a comedy where one actor cannot shut up. He goes on and on about things people dont care about.

    One after one, those sitting next to this guy who just doesn’t get he needs to leave people out of his meaningless life, do things to themselves to get out of the conversation.

    One person pored gas on themselves and lights a fire. Another person hangs themselves. You get the drift, right?

    This is how I view Mr. Johnson on this blog.

    Good news is, I can just not read what he posts or respond in a manner that gives Mr. Johnson what he seeks by coming to FR.

    Good news 2, I get through the comments so much faster by only reading what people have to say. I also ignore the post of those who are buying into what Mr. Johnson needs, attention.

    Maybe Mr. Johnson needs to take some self esteem training, get a life coach and stop pretending he’s making a positive impact on anyone. Hes seems like a pissed off past middle aged man fighting windmills.

    • Your Airplane post is a day too late. I have permanent vision loss in my left eye from pouring gasoline into my sockets in an attempt to get away from some of these idiot posters- posers.

  • Ben’s even a vocal fan of Pizzagate. Two brainwashed losers looking for meaning in their lives.

    “To Understand Pizzagate, It Helps to Understand Cults:

    …People who end up joining cults are dealing with some sort of struggle or sense that they are missing a full-flung identity or purpose… for the people most susceptible to the appeals of cults, “there’s a real disconnect between the life they wanted to and possibly expected to lead compared to their current lives.”

    Pizzagate sits in a wider ecosystem of beliefs and conspiracies propagated by the alt-right. Key to all these beliefs and conspiracies is mistrust in the Establishment. The media are lying to you, politicians are lying you, and it takes brave truth-sayers — Alex Jones or Mike Cernovich or whoever — to tell it to you how it is. The media and political elites are just so corrupt you can’t believe anything they say.

    Imagine what it must be like to be a confused or frustrated or identity-lacking young person who stumbles upon the alt-right and its ideas about how the world works. Those ideas offer a lot of clarity. They offer, through social media, at least something of a sense of social identity, and no shortage of culprits — elites and feminists and minorities and globalists and (in some corners of the alt-right) Jews — to explain why you have been held down and prevented from leading a meaningful or successful life.

    It’s the alt-right concept of so-called red-pilling where this subculture appears more similar to “traditional” cults and extremist groups. Adapted from The Matrix, “taking the red pill” or “getting red-pilled” simply means seeing the world as it really is. In the online subcultures that gave rise to the alt-right, its most famous meaning is in reference to feminism: After you take the red pill, the scales fall from your eyes and you can see that feminism is really just an attempt to emasculate and bully men, to allow social-justice warriors to run rampant over masculine (and traditional) values and ideals in favor of a shrill and judgmental far-left radicalism.

    This is exactly the sort of transformative experience offered by cults and extremist movements: After this, things won’t ever be the same for you. After this, you will have a role to play in an important battle that will determine the fate of the world. Your life will take on an enhanced meaning.”

    • It’s sad but true, society makes frustrated people; some would do anything to exist, to have a feeling of power, of superiority… It’s dangerous…. see also the repeated shootings in schools…same madness, same loss of contact with reality pushed to the extreme

  • Eat shit and DIE Scott Johnson and Lying Ben.

    Scott Johnson, no one here likes you. GO BACK TO YOUR AMWAY WEBSITE. Get the fuck off our boards.

    You bring your retard Corky, aka Lying Ben, wanting to start shit. Saying he is going to sue Larry and Frank.


    You spend all day in front of a computer screen because you have no life. You were born a loser. You will die a loser. Not even your kids want to have anything to do with Daddy Psycho.

  • So let me get this right. Stormy Danials allegedly was at a NXVIM party. Again she looks nothing like Keith’s women. If she was brought there by someone else as a guest…. maybe.
    Anthony and Schneiderman and Huma and what’s Schneidermans girlfriend much more fit the looks of a vanguard type of looks. And we know that Schneiderman and Anthony got into a bit of trouble. The Yale girls. Yeah they come from money. So whether or not it happened stormy just I can’t picture her there at all. The others ….. who really know. They fit the alleged profile. But I can not picture stormy being allowed in the same room as Keith. Just doesn’t seem his type. Can’t picture them in same room. The others I could give or take by their looks.
    Still really not convinced. I read videos were taken from another source, if true to woujd think those would surface.

    Let me leave it at this. I can’t picture this happening. But if that is if it did let the evidence come out.

    • Also Ben did pass the lie detector test. Frank please post the results along with transcripts. I think that though he passed its worth watching the whole thing. It’s interesting. Better if you see for yourself how his test went.
      I still can’t picture this. But who knows so much of this is odd and disturbing. My knee jerk reaction is that I can’t bring myself to believe stormy was there. But who really knows anymore.
      Still skeptical

      • But then again the rich, famous and powerful all know each other. Whether or not they are condoning it is a whole other matter. Sooo I will be a sceptic and not to believe anything until I see evidence.
        Anything is possible.

    • Lyin Ben DID NOT PASS a lie detector test. LOL.

      The so-called exam was given by a PI, not a licensed polygraph examiner.

      Plus, the Judge threw out the PI work before because it conflicted with the Police Department’s Certified Polygraph Results.

  • I like to say that I was Trump before Trump was Trump. In other words, I’ve brought the jerkiness out of people long before Trump came down the escalator in 2015. LOL

    You should read more of my posts for comprehension, 10 of 10 have something worthwhile, you just have to be half-way intelligent to understand them and the humor that is in them. LOL

  • To the fake Scott Johnson, you are doing God’s work, thank you.

    To the real Scott Johnson, the 60 year old man completely drunk in his son’s wedding photo, while your wife supports you, what a waste of life you are. Larry didn’t change anyone’s opinion on Benny. He’s been a loser the whole time. Benny doesn’t have a case.

  • If I recall correctly, this guy told he went to the party hoping to sell drugs to the students he’d met at the party and admitted to use drugs there too…
    Is Connecticut one of the states that recently allow those use like Colorado and California…?
    If not, regardless of the basis for a defamation lawsuit, not sure it’s in his best interest to attract any more attention about this…

    • Fuck off Scott Johnson. And quit posting dick picks.

      What? Ur upset bc Daddy raped you? Is that why you have a penis fetish? Was your Dad a liberal too? Is that why you hate liberals so much?

      Get off our message board you loser!

    • hahahahahahaha *catching breath from laughing so hard* God you’re an idiot. The burden is on your lover to prove he was harmed. The world (which is to say the dozen or so people who are even aware he’s alive) thought he was a complete joke before and after, thus no harm done.


    That wasn’t very thoughtful of you, to drag your family name through the mud like you have. Now, any time someone searches your name online, they’re going to find this website, and all of the comments.

    How might this affect you, you ask?

    1. Employers doing pre-employment screenings may not want to hire you, because you’ve demonstrated dishonesty, and unsound judgement.

    2. If your character is ever called into question in a court setting, this article & commentary paints you in a questionable light.

    Records on the net last forever, and this attention-seeking nonsense could end up haunting you for years to come.

    Very seriously, if I was you:

    I would send a very nice letter to the Frank Report, apologizing for the storytelling & the threats, and very nicely ask Frank if he could delete this page, because you don’t want your professional reputation permanently ruined over a mostly-harmless prank you tried to play on people.

    It’s your life, do whatever you want, but I doubt your parents would be happy about it if they knew. Let’s face it, you’re almost 40, and that’s a little too old for these kinds of kid games.

    • You bring the jerkiness out in people, which is why you should just go away, or at least be quiet. For every 10 posts you write, maybe 1 has something worthwhile. I agree with “zzz”, the other guy’s better. You’re just annoying, and seem to need to have the last word.

    • Yes…CAN’T understand what Fake Scott is up to.. ..but it sure is strange.

      I know mace is not illegal in most places (though it is here) but it’s usually something that young women carry in their purse in case they are attacked.. so I wonder if Ben went there anticipating trouble.

  • Bens previous legal troubles were mentioned here before, and I remember remarking then that Ben seemed to be a troublemaker. I notice the articles says he sprayed people with mace. I wonder why Ben was carrying mace?

    The Scott impersonator is sure spending a lot of time writing posts. ..what’s the point, Fake Scott?

    I won’t say that you’re worse than the real Scott, but I still can understand your agenda.

    • The Truth is my Agenda snowflake. And never mind that Ben tried to mace the guys, then got his ass kicked.

      Get over it Libtard.

      Ben is 100% innocent and truthful.

      Here is the police report dummy. LOL

  • If you supplied Ben Szemkus story and Larry’s protest shouldn’t you put Bens Pollygraph test up ? If there is any truth at all I would be surprised if stormy was a woman involved. Then again the more you dig the weirder it gets. I would be surprised if Keith would show an interest in stormy unless she was there for someone else. Keith likes skinny women.
    Please put up Bens polygraph and transcripts so to complete that angle.

    • Larry has made numerous, similar claims about me. Then Larry said he wanted to “bury the hatchet” and still hasn’t answered my simple questions. LOL

      You better be afraid Larry. LOL. Ben and I hired this attorney. And we are ready to sue

    • @ Larry Shea & Frank Parlato:

      Just in case you want to give Boo-Hoo Benny a little spanking, here’s where your attorneys should send paperwork to:

      Benjamin N. Szemkus
      6730 Mary Ave NW #1
      Seattle, WA 98117

      Benny, you’re just not too bright; maybe you should find a better way to spend your time.

      • The surprising thing to me is what total douche bags people are being towards Ben. This is really a new low. He says he attended a party in 2007 and some famous people were there. The extreme reaction that people, or at least one person using multiple names, are having here really doesn’t make any sense. Believe him or don’t. At least one person is taking this very personally. Logically that means that person is somehow implicated by Ben’s story. A NXIVM insider or one of the politicians he mentioned. That’s the only thing that explains the level animosity and douche bag moves like an anonymous person posting Ben’s address.

    • From that article:

      “To this day, she said, the family does not know why the others kicked and punched the 15-year-old.”

      Maybe it’s because Benny’s Big Mouth goes around writing checks that his body can’t cash. He mouthed off to the wrong people, and got his ass handed to him, simple as that.

      Apparently, Benny doesn’t learn from his mistakes too well.

  • Szemkus inserts the word “defamation” into a poorly written e-mail and thinks Frank and everyone else will just roll over and beg to apologize? If he were at all serious, he would at least cut-and-paste one of the millions of cease-and-desist letters that movie stars’ lawyers send to the press all the time, if not spend $250 to get a real lawyer to send one on letterhead. But here he shows he’s just a pathetic loser, who not only doesn’t have a defamation case against anyone but who doesn’t remotely understand why that is so. If there were any doubt that Szemkus is a pathetic toad of a liar, this erases it.

  • I fully support Ben Szemkus story. That is a fact. And I will use my experience beating Amway to help Ben sue Larry.

    We’ve already retained this law firm for Ben.

    Want some too, Lyin Larry?

  • Larry didn’t craft his article as an opinion, he stated it as a fact. I’m not a lawyer, but I think that’s a BIG difference.

    Larry has made numerous, similar claims about me. Then Larry said he wanted to “bury the hatchet” and still hasn’t answered my simple questions. LOL

    Why do you think people often use the word “alleged” and similar terms when talking about somebody accused of a crime?



  • I am the real Scott Johnson. And sorry about the mix up. Here are the results from Ben Szemkus polygraph taken Wednesday

    I embrace Ben and stand behind all the details of his story. And if you don’t believe Ben then go to Hell you snowflake Libtards

  • Ben Szemkus should accept his 15 minutes of fame and pack it in.

    Go through all of Ben’s story and count how many people Ben has defamed.
    “Ben Szemkus Defamation Suit” could just as easily have Ben as the defendant and not the plaintiff.

    Ben’s amusing fan fiction is an entertaining story but it will not stand the light of day in a courtroom.
    Moreover, how has Ben suffered an injury if Larry Shea merely said that he does not believe Ben’s complicated, crowded story?

    Look how stupid Raniere and Clare Bronfman were in filing numerous frivolous lawsuits over the years just to harass people.

  • @ Ben Szemkus:

    The only people dumb enough to believe your story are Scott “Low IQ” Johnson, and some asswipe calling himself “The Tanster”.

    Stop playing with fire, before you get burnt to a crisp.

    Saying “I don’t believe this BS, and here’s why”, is not defamatory, and you don’t have a legal leg to stand on.

  • Ben Szemkus is full of shit. He’s a pathetic little nobody, trying to get attention. A defamation suit, Ben, really? You’re the jackass who concocted this BS story (that you can’t even prove happened) which has more holes in it than a cheese grater.

    Yes, a bunch of well-heeled NXIVM Libtards, used to living the high life on Clare Bronfman’s dime are really down to party in a cramped apartment, with a nobody like you. Let me guess, James Alefantis brought the pizzas, while Stormy Retard poledanced…

    They’ve got a successful businessman in hiding, fearing for his life (even though he’s got enough money to hire top-flight private security), but yeah:

    “Hey Vanguard?”…”What is it, Prefect?”.

    “Let’s go party in a shoebox apartment, with Ben Szemkus”.

    Whatever, man. You’re pathetic…flat-out pathetic.

  • That is the funniest thing I’ve read all day.

    So you think he’s aware polygraphs are inadmissible in court? And that polygraphs don’t measure truth or falseness of statement but rather physiological state? That sociopaths can pass with flying colors? That a lawyer, if he can even find one willing to take on his case, will require $ at the outset, typically $5K for small cases? That he can be counter-sued? That he has to prove harm, impossible for someone no one takes seriously? That courts don’t like frivolous lawsuits? I could go on and on why the idea is so silly, but I hope he proceeds, it will be so entertaining.

    If he does proceed, make sure your lawyer establishes that prevailing party is awarded all costs and fees from the loser. That’d be Ben.

  • I have already contacted James Alefantis’ business, Comet Ping Pong Pizza, to let Mr. Alefantis know about the lying video that Ben Szemkus uploaded on YouTube. I have also contacted the law office of Stormy Daniel;s lawyer concerning the defamation and slander by Ben Szemkus of his client, Stephanie Clifford, aka Stormy Daniels, in this same YouTube video. At the very least, I would get a sworn deposition, from both these individuals that would prove that they were not in Hamden, CT when Ben Szemkus falsely claims that they were.

    Anthony Weiner is very easy to reach these days at the Federal Medical Center, Devens, which is located in Harvard, Massachusetts. I would definitely be in contact with him. Mr. Weiner would most likely have records of where he was every day in February 2007, and his ex-wife, Huma Abedin would almost certainly have such records too. I am also confident that all of these, hardworking and very busy people would have eye witnesses who could place them anywhere except in Hamden, CT, between February 09 and February 16, 2007, or even throughout the entire month of February 2007. Ben Szemkus has falsely claimed in his defamatory, derogatory, and slanderous video that these three individuals and many others were at a NXIVM recruitment mixer that never took place, except in his own vivid imagination. I wonder what Ben Szemkus is smoking these days?

    Oh, and Ben, if you are reading this, I am sorry that I was not harder on you for lying, defaming, and slandering several innocent people. The law office of Stephanie Clifford’s lawyer has been informed, by me, about your slanderous and defamatory video, and a manager at Comet Ping Pong Pizza has also been informed, by me, about your slanderous and defamatory video. Ben, are you aware that the table can turn on you when you make asinine threats of frivolous lawsuits. It is you, Ben, who is on the hot seat for telling lies. Pack it in, Ben, and find a new hobby!

    • Sorry Larry Benny boy is full of shit, but the gang of scumbags you named are no better. Based on their track record I would not believe anything those people say.

  • Good luck with that lawsuit , Ben. I say go for it…hire a lawyer and see how much money he/she thinks you’ll get for having your feelings hurt.

  • Oh well, Ben is being a crybaby because nobody believes his story on him meeting Allison and Stormy Daniels at a party.

    Boo hoo, he can get over himself and take his lying ugly self elsewhere.

  • Like I said the first time I read Ben’s story – “This one time at band camp……”

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” In addition, he was credited in the Starz docuseries 'Seduced' for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premieres on May 22, 2022.

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