Jeffrey Peterson [above] is suing Clare Bronfman's attorney, Dennis Burke.

Famed American Internet businessman Jeffrey Peterson, in hiding, says ‘Arizona Mafia,’ Carlos Salinas and NXIVM Mexico — out to kill him

This story is reminiscent of when Catherine Oxenberg called to tell me her daughter had been branded. I published it and it became worldwide news and led to the arrest of Keith Raniere.

A few days ago, someone who said his name was Jeffrey Peterson called and said his life was in danger – because of Carlos Salinas and NXIVM.

When Catherine Oxenberg first called – I did not know who she was and was unsure if the woman on the phone was telling the truth or perhaps posing as someone she was not.  NXIVM is known for tricks and deception.

But it turned out she was who she said she was – and the rest was history.

When Jeffrey Peterson called me – I did not know who he was. I later found out.  I cannot personally verify everything herein – but there is enough independent corroboration  from outside sources – to lead me to believe this is a true story  and it may be even bigger than the branding story – in the hierarchy of high crimes.

To cut to the chase – I now suspect the long rumored Mexican – American NXIVM activities – may have been to facilitate money laundering on a larger scale than I previously suspected.

This will be an unfolding story.

First about Peterson. Unless he is an impostor – which based on multiple interviews with him and independent verification I was able to make – is something I highly doubt. However, in the world of Salinas-Bronfman-Raniere, it is always a possibility. [I’ve only spoken to Peterson on the phone – for he says he is in hiding].

But, if he is who he says he is, then this is “THE” Jeffrey Peterson, the 45 year old tech and start up wizard, the former CEO and Chairman of Quepasa, {now MeetMe].

Peterson says he is being targeted on both sides of the US-Mexican border – after refusing to join the Mexican branch of NXIVM and is living in exile outside the USA and Mexico.

He calls a group of individuals in high places in the Arizona legal and government [deep state] community – including Clare Bronfman’s lawyer, Dennis Burke – the “Arizona Mafia” and says they are part of the organized conspiracy to destroy him.

He implies he was once a part of this group.  His story may help unravel what was really going on in Mexico – with Keith Raniere, Emiliano Salinas, Alex Betancourt [and their Prorsus Capital] and of course, Emiliano’s father, Carlos Salinas.

This might help explain why Emiliano Salinas is the special target of the FBI and DOJ in the Eastern District of New York in the NXIVM case.

Personally, I always felt that much more was going on in Mexico – with a shady cast of characters.  An added dimension is that Carlos Salinas may have had much more “use” for NXIVM.

And I am not referring to NXIVM teachings.

In any event, this story will take some time to unfold.  Peterson seems to know more than he is saying – so far.

Take it all – as usual – with a grain of salt. But let’s try to digest what we know:

First of all – Peterson is an American. He has a strong connection to Mexico and seems to know some of the highest ranked players there and Mexicans in America. He also seems to know many of the “Arizona Mafia” – that group of “Deep State” members of Arizona’s federal law enforcement who enrich themselves – some believe with gun running and drugs – the two principle export and import products along the Arizona border.

Peterson may have information on Fast and Furious – which seems to have been an illegal, corrupt operation of the US deep state officials in federal domestic law enforcement and intelligence communities – to raise money outside of congressional oversight – by selling guns to Mexican criminals [read Salinas’s people] and aid and abet the illegal infusion of drugs for sale in the USA.

No one went to jail for Fast and Furious crimes – for all the perpetrators seem to be above the law – but one member of the Arizona Mafia – Dennis Burke – now Clare Bronfman’s attorney –  took the fall – and had to resign his post as the highest ranking federal law enforcement officer in Arizona, the US Attorney for the Arizona District.

Getting back to Peterson. He was founder of Quepasa, the first publicly traded Hispanic internet community and social network in the United States. Quepasa’s partners and investors included SONY Corporation, football star John Elway, the Telemundo television network, and Gloria Estefan.

Jeffrey Peterson with prtner Gloria Estafan

Peterson’s history with Quepasa was controversial. He was the founder and CEO and, despite being the largest stockholder, he was fired as CEO but remained on the board of directors. This was in 1999, shortly before the company went public on the Nasdaq Stock Market.  The company – without his leadership  – floundered following the dot-com crash of 2002 – and Peterson took over Quepasa as CEO, led the company back to a period of growth, then sold Quepasa to an investment group led by a venture capitalist group Richard L. Scott Investments for about $200 million in March of 2006.  Scott is now Governor of Florida.

Peterson is considered the pioneer of Hispanic internet in the United States. And the company he founded, Quepasa, changed its corporate name in 2012, to MeetMe  and subsequently acquired the Skout, if (we), Tagged, and hi5 social networks and internet brands. As of mid 2018, the renamed parent company, the Meet Group, had a market value of about U.S. $300 million.

Peterson’s later venture – seems to have something to do with NXIVM

In April 2013, Peterson and partner, Michael Silberman, launched Mobile Corporation. The company was a start-up venture focused on developing a freelancing platform for Mobile technology.  The board members included Univision Online CEO Javier Saralegui; the son of  Atari Founder Nolan Bushnell – Brent Bushnell;  Senior Advisor to Mexican billionaire [and close Salinas’ ally] Carlos Slim – Marco A. López Jr.  and notably – for purposes of NXIVM and the case against it – former U.S. Attorney and now current attorney for Clare Bronfman — Dennis Burke.

Notable investors in Mobile Corporation included the venture fund of Silicon Valley’s Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati law firm, Salt Lake City businessman Phil Marriott, Texas land Commissioner George P. Bush, and notably, for purposes of NXIVM. and the case against it – Prorsus Capital – a company named and guided by Keith Raniere – and operated by Emiliano Salinas, and his lover, Alejandro Betancourt, and other NXIVM underlings.

I believe – and have evidence to support it – that Prorsus Capital is a front for a money laundering company for the Salinas family to launder drug and gun running profits – much of it through Luxembourg. {more on that in a later post].

Peterson’s Mobile Corp. established headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Shortly after, the company began developing branch offices at Plaza Carso in Mexico City, Nogales, Sonora Mexico, and in the Philippines.  On October 10, 2014, Mobile Corporation named former U.S. Presidential Candidate and Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean as its Global Advocate. Dean was the previous Governor of Vermont, and also joined the Advisory Board.

It was around that time that trouble struck for Peterson.  One of his financiers – Emiliano Salinas – asked, or rather demanded, that Peterson become a member of NXIVM – according to Peterson.

Take it with a grain of salt, if you will, but I can think of some reasons why Emiliano might have been ordered by Raniere or his father, Carlos, to insist that Peterson become a member. We’ll get into that later.

But a number of problems began to erupt between Peterson and board members.  Among the people Peterson was working with were David Lopez, father of Latina singer and actress Jennifer Lopez.  In 2017, an article in the Arizona Republic newspaper questioned numerous disagreements with members of Peterson’s board of directors and reported that there was a dispute between Peterson and David Lopez.

Political activities

Jeffrey Peterson with President Bill Clinton in 2010

To complete our little biographical picture of Peterson, he has been a huge donor to Democrats. His political affiliations have often been related to Hispanic interests. Peterson was a close associate of Hispanic marketing executive Lionel Sosa.

His big donations – and his business activities – directly or indirectly – helped him get important appointments.  In 2003, Peterson was appointed to the Arizona-Mexico Commission by former Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano. In 2005, he was appointed to the Executive Committee.  In 2005, Peterson was appointed to the cross-border transactions committee of the Arizona Department of Real Estate, which focused on international real estate transactions between residents of Arizona and Mexico. In the same year, he was appointed as chairman of the Technology Subcommittee of the 2006 Executive Bond Committee, by Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon.

Peterson was also active in Democrat agendas and financially supported the March 25, 2006, and April 10, 2006 marches organized by immigrants and was a co-host at a June 1, 2006 fundraiser for Arizona Senatorial candidate Jim Pederson, featuring former president, Bill Clinton. Peterson held a fundraiser at his home for Barack Obama featuring Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean and actress Scarlett Johansson in 2008.  Peterson was named as co-host at a October 2016 fundraising event for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton featuring Chelsea Clinton at a private residence in Phoenix.  In other words, he was – for a time – a darling, a stalwart of the Democratic Party. [Later, we will explore the connections between the Democratic Party- Salinas – and NXIVM].

His connections run deep. In 2013, Peterson was appointed to the Board of Directors of the U.S. Philippines Society, a Washington, D.C.-based private sector initiative chaired by U.S. Ambassador John Negroponte and former AIG Chairman Maurice “Hank” Greenberg.  According to Maricopa County’s property records, Peterson owned a residence in the same condominium complex as Arizona Senator John McCain.  In 2007, a scholarship fund was established at the University of Texas San Antonio in Peterson’s name – for Hispanic students pursuing technology related degrees.  He has reportedly partnered or invested with former MySpace CEO Richard Rosenblatt and Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel,  Mexican pop singer Pepe Aguilar, and was – at one time – and for many years – was known as one of Carlos Slim’s closest friends.

So this is a public figure.

He contacted Frank Report to tell me exclusively – that he now feels his life is in danger. This is what he told me:

Jeffrey Peterson says:

  • His life has been threatened and feels he is in grave danger.
  • In addition to threats on his life, his business partners and attorneys have been intimidated over the past several years.
  • He has been in communication with “more than one branch of government” regarding the matters described.
  • He currently fears for his life, and is living outside of the United States and Mexico.
  • The State Department, Homeland Security and the FBI know where he is.

Peterson says some of his former colleagues – in Arizona and Mexico – want to silence him – permanently – because of what he knows about them – and the ties seem to run deep to NXIVM – Salinas.

Peterson told me, “They have more or less ruined my life at this point, which is clearly what they intended to do, but apparently the entire group, and the personalities in the background, and not willing to stop with simply ruining your life, especially if you hold information about them. I tried to quietly settle things with these people for a long time. But they won’t stop attacking me. What am I supposed to do? I can’t be quiet and live in fear any longer. They can continue the scorched-earth fear tactics in court and with their other veiled and direct threats. It’s been a part of my life for a long time now.

“At this point it’s about more than just me. People who are much smarter than me have been telling me that I need to tell the true story for a long time now. The story brings with it more issues and facts than anyone would ever possibly imagine. It is blatantly obvious to the American public that what these groups {NXIVM] were doing in New York was wrong. But it wasn’t just New York, and I’m not the only one who knows there is tremendous amount more to the story. I am 100 percent sure that others have been intimidated into keeping their mouths shut. I can’t begin to tell you how many people have told me that I will be assassinated if I speak. It’s not a joke. I’m being very serious. And I’m seeing it myself. But it seems like given what’s at stake for everyone on both sides of the border, there is a responsibility to speak the truth, regardless of what happens to me. It’s surreal.

“I’m the last person in the world who would ever want to take on these corrupt groups, they are seriously terrifying people. For the longest time, I tried to get them to leave me alone, so I could continue working on my projects, but I don’t have a choice anymore. By the way, Frank, in case anything happens to me, let me say for the record, ‘I’m not suicidal. Life would otherwise be great, but for this horrible situation.’

“What they want, more than anything, is to silence me at any cost, in the courts or otherwise. But they can’t silence me anymore. I mean, I guess given the record of the Salinas regime, people tell me they can silence anyone, but I’m going to try to speak the truth before they can add me to that list.”


So what could the reason be that certain people want to silence Peterson? He claims it all began after he refused to join Executive Success Programs (ESP) – the Mexican branch of NXIVM – at the urging of former ESP leader Emiliano Salinas – in 2014.

Peterson may be “The Man Who Knew Too Much”

Peterson says he declined to join NXIVM in 2014 – about the time he was developing his new company and got financing from Prorsus. He says he has been targeted with “retaliation, threats, negative propaganda and legal action by the Arizona Corporation Commission,” a state agency described in published reports as the “most corrupt agency in Arizona.”

Peterson said there is a link between “corrupt influences” in Arizona and former colleagues, who he said are known and in fact describe themselves – among themselves – as the “Arizona Mafia,” – and the Salinas political family of Mexico.

Peterson says a story was “planted” in the Arizona Republic newspaper in December of 2017, orchestrated by Emiliano Salinas and Dennis Burke, and others known to have ties with former Arizona Governor and former United States Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano.

Presently, Burke is representing Canadian heiress Clare Bronfman in connection with possible federal criminal charges relating to the NXIVM cult.

Peterson told me about Burke – who he said was once his close friend – until he refused to cooperate with the NXIVM demand with its illegal Salinas implications:

“I’d guess that Burke is in there to horse-trade Clare Bronfman’s indictment, using her own inheritance money, to save the hide of Emiliano Salinas. Dennis Burke has been proven to be an underhanded liar who stabs people in the back – even if he first pretends to be their friend. That’s the kind of human being he was to me when he was pretending to be my friend for years; that’s who Dennis was in his Fast and Furious scandal, so it seems logical he might continue his Dennis Burke Arizona Mafia tactics.”

According to Peterson, the fundamental disagreements arose in 2014 over the relationship with the Salinas family, and “things went south and have only progressed downward.”

Peterson said, “I kept trying to work on the Mobile project but after the falling out with Salinas, things kept getting worse. Then they went from worse to awful, and from awful to a nightmare.”

Peterson claims that Emiliano Salinas and Burke influenced certain news reports about him – implying that money may have changed hands.

Peterson said, “The statements made in the Arizona Republic news article are materially inaccurate. It was a hit piece my lawyers feel was orchestrated by Emiliano Salinas and his friend, Dennis Burke….  The Arizona Republic article was a one-sided hit piece orchestrated by Dennis Burke, who apparently went out of his way to collect and coerce inaccurate statements from several of my former colleagues.”

Peterson added, the agenda is to shut him up about Emiliano Salinas –  “Dennis Burke keeps trying to stir up dissent in the Mobile project to create the appearance of impropriety in that project… so that no one will listen to me about Emiliano Salinas.”

Peterson added, “Burke…leaked documents to the Arizona Republic, and lied. Sound familiar? This guy has a history.”

Peterson said the campaign of retaliation against him by the “Arizona Mafia” has made it virtually impossible for him to continue working on the Mobile Corporation project.

“It seems like they don’t care if Mobile works or not. All they want is to discredit, smear and harm me, because I know so much about them and I’m no longer in their Mafia. And apparently a persistent smear campaign isn’t enough for them.”

Peterson said the civil case at the Arizona Corporation Commission was only part of a campaign to have him jailed “in any way possible” on fabricated charges in Arizona.

Creating fictitious criminal complaints is nothing new to NXIVM or Salinas. Several individuals who left NXIVM have been subjected to attempts of criminal prosecution by NXIVM.

Raniere went after his ex-girlfriend Toni Natalie, cult deprogrammer Rick Ross, blogger John Tighe, former NXIVM high rank member Kristin Keeffe, former girlfriend and MXIVM member Barbara Bouchey, and consultants Joe O’Hara and myself.

“It is not easy to walk away from these people…” said Peterson. “I’ve been through business disputes before, but this is the most horrible thing I’ve ever faced.”

Peterson repeatedly said he will soon reveal the depths of the ties between the “Arizona mafia” and the Salinas political family of Mexico.

“The concept of stylizing adversaries as  ‘criminals, then pressuring those adversaries with scorched earth tactics and any available element of the justice system they are able to influence, is from the second page of the Salinas family political playbook,” said Peterson. “It seems like – more or less – everyone in Mexico believes that actual murder, or at least the direct or veiled threat of assassination, is on page one of the Salinas book.”

During the Salinas presidency, many enemies were targeted with criminal charges and jailed amid accusations by the Salinas administration after Salinas assumed the Mexican presidency in 1988 under suspicion of electoral fraud.

Peterson said that only after he refused to join Executive Success Programs (ESP), the Mexican branch of NXIVM at the urging of ESP leader, Emiliano Salinas, that “some of the people I believed back then to be my closest friends were turned against me.”


Now, admittedly this article is light on the actual crimes of NXIVM and Salinas – and the Arizona Mafia. That is expected to follow.

The story – for the moment – is that Jeffrey Peterson – American millionaire and Hispanic-American internet pioneer – is in hiding – claims his life is in danger – because of Carlos and Emiliano Salinas – Dennis Burke – and others – and it started – he says – on the fateful day – he refused to join NXIVM.

According to Peterson – there is MORE TO FOLLOW

For more info on Peterson, see

About the author

Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is the founder of the FrankReport, publisher and editor-in-chief of Artvoice, The Niagara Falls Reporter, Front Page and the South Buffalo News.


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  • I’m sorry but.. something in the water ain’t clean. This guys retweet showed up on my feed. Being from AZ, I recognized his name. He is your average scammer found on American Greed. Promised investors money, spent it extravagantly and lost it all, then went on the run. I would caution everyone to not be taken in by every story you find online especially when it’s from a millionaire who bilked people out of millions.

  • Interesting but not really surprising involving this shady group ending in the arrest of Bronfman among others.

    What I would recommend however is to tape these conversation of admission since we know that too many victims in the past involving the Clintons and others from within that circle of democratic players all appear to die committing suicide. I guess shooting one self twice in the back of the head never aroused suspicions by detectives to look closer.

    If anything who can forget Michael Hasting the reporter from Rolling Stone trying to expose another one of the deep state that caused him his life. Using the backdoor access his brand new Mercedes was steered into a tree increasing the speed to 90mph that ended in a massive explosion/fireball. He did not stand a chance.

    Jeffrey Peterson should not have to hide and since he sought you out he is looking for help to stay alive. Produce a confession(s) tape(s) and give it to the DOJ prosecutors who adjudicate the NXIVM case.

  • Emi & Alex also have a “currency exchange” business. That is a great place to hide money laundering.

  • “I believe – and have evidence to support it – that Prorsus Capital is a front for a money-laundering for the Salinas family to launder drugs and gunrunning profits – much of it through Luxembourg.” If I were holding that kind of information, I would be extremely careful about the way I handled it. Luxembourg is very serious Illuminati territory – the real Illuminati. See the book “Nebula” that I mention below.

    Dennis Dayle, was the former chief of an elite DEA enforcement unit, Unit One. Dennis Dayle was also the subject of the gripping non-fiction tour de force, “Underground Empire: Where Crime and Governments Embrace.” This book was written by James Mills, one of America’s most respected journalists.

    The following is an accurate quote by Dennis Dayle:

    “In my 30 years in the Drug Enforcement Administration and related agencies, the major targets of my investigations almost invariably turned out to be working for the CIA.”

    If you Google, “Deep Events and the CIA’s Global Drug Connection,” and read this article you will get a strong sense of how the CIA’s worldwide global drug network operates. The author, Peter Dale Scott, has authored several important books. Peter Dale Scott is a former Canadian diplomat and professor emeritus at the University of California, Berkeley. He is, without a doubt, a leading political analyst of the deep state and of deep politics within some of the governmental agencies of the United States. One of Mr. Scott’s latest books is entitled, “the American War Machine: Deep Politics, the CIA Global Drug connection, and the Road to Afghanistan.”

    For a European perspective on this, I recommend “The Nebula: A Political Murder Traces Back to NWO’s Absolute Power.” This book was written by Walter J. Baeyens and it has a foreword by, the always well-informed, Wayne Madsen. Of course, “Narcoland: The Mexican Drug Lords and Their Godfathers,” by Anabel Hernandez, is a good primer, as is, “Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance between The Vatican, The CIA, and the Mafia.” However, if you really want to get up to speed on how the world really works, then read this shocker, “The CIA as Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World.” None of these books are light summer reading. However, Mr. Peterson, if you really want to know about that which you are up against, then I strongly recommend that you do some heavy duty research. I have given you a few tools with which to work. You might also want to take a look at the selection of books on All the best of great good fortune to you, sir!


    • Another great book about the CIA’s involvement with drug trafficking is “Barry and the Boys: the CIA, the Mob and America’s Secret History” by Daniel Hopsicker.

      It is the biography of the drug trafficker Barry Seal a pilot who flew in tons of cocaine over a 20 year career.
      One of the main airports Seal used was in Mena, Arkansas.
      When Seal was murdered by a hit team from Colombia in 1986, he was carrying the personal phone number of Vice President George H. W. Bush in his pocket.

      Because of threats of litigation Hopsicker had to remove one chapter from the book.

      • Yes indeed! I have read that excellent book, “Barry and the Boys,” twice, as well as Daniel Hopsicker’s other book, “Welcome to Terrorland.” This book is about Mohamed Atta and the boys practicing ‘touch and goes’ at the Venice Airport in Venice, FLA, before 911. This book is not to be missed; it is a real winner!

        Also, if you can get your hands on a paperback copy of “Compromised: Clinton, Bush, and the CIA:From Mena, Arkansas, to the Whitehouse: How the Presidency Was Co-opted by the CIA” This book is an excellent read, and it is truly mind-blowing. Mena, Arkansas and Gennifer Flowers is the reason that I wised-up to the Clintons’ bullshit act long before the primaries in 1992. I voted stricly for Pat Buchanan that year.

        • I supported Buchanan in the Republican primary but voted for Ross Perot in the general election.

          Perot summed up Bill Clinton the best when he asked, “Would you trust this candidate (Clinton) to babysit your child? Then why trust him with the nation?”

          • Ross Perot was talking about the same individual whose name appears on the flight logs of the “Lolita Express” 26 times. This airplane is owned by the registered sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein. I think that Ross Perot’s instincts about Bill Clinton’s lack of character and lack of moral fiber were excellent.

            By the way, I forgot to mention the book, “Partners in Power: The Clintons and Their America.” It was written by Roger Morris. I have read quite a few books about Slick Willy and his Lady Macbeth. In my estimation these two neo-liberal NWO degenerates are lower than whale the poop that settles at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. I thank God every day for the blessing of not having that Borgia clone as our president. We would also have had to suffer her abominable partner in power. Thank You God! Thank You!

  • Why are the Bronfman sisters so devoted to NXIVM?
    What is in it for Clare and Sara?

    For many years Clare and Sara were regarded as the Village Idiots of the Bronfman family.
    A Global Family that had access to the Halls of Power in the great Capitols of the World.
    And the best the Bronfman sisters can do is ride horses.

    Long before Edgar Senior died he had handed power over the Bronfman Empire to Edgar Junior, Clare and Sara’s half brother.
    And through a series of disasterous investments the Bronfman Family empire has shrunk by billions of dollars.

    Nothing sticks in the craw of the Bronfman sisters more.
    They are the dummies of their family but their half-brother frittered away the family fortune in disasterous investments in the faltering music industry.

    Some headlines about the Bronfmans:
    Charles Bronfman opens up about Seagram’s demise: ‘It is a disaster’ (from the Toronto Globe and Mail)

    Rejected Time Inc. Bidder Edgar Bronfman Jr. Brought Down His Family’s Business (from Forbes Magazine)
    Also from Forbes Magazine
    “Instead, Edgar Bronfman Jr. made what Fortune described as “a string of increasingly bizarre deals” and drove the share price down to a fraction of what it was when Vivendi acquired Seagram.”
    “In 2011, Bronfman was found guilty of insider trading during his time at Vivendi.”

    Indeed a book was written by Fred Goodman about Edgar, Jr. titled “Fortune’s Fool”.

    And Clare and Sara are considered the dummies of thee Bronfman family.

    But Clare and Sara hit upon the perfect way to rebuild their fortunes.
    And to make matters sweeter their Bronfman kin will come begging to them for money.

    Use the Executive Success program of NXIVM to conceal a huge money laundering scheme where the sisters could launder the money from Mexican billionaires desperate to hide their ill gotten profits.
    Where should these Mexican desperadoes hide their fortunes?
    With the ever accommodating Bronfman girls.

    All the money skimmed from Mexican businesses, all the money passed under the table to Mexican politicians, all the money earned by Mexican narcotrafficantes can pass through the claws of the Bronfman sisters to various hot money hideouts spread around the world.
    And the Bronfman sisters, after taking out a reasonable fee, will become international financiers to put their father and their grandfather to shame.
    Who are the dummies now?

    On top of that Sara will marry the future leader of Libya and have access to all that light sweet crude oil that made Qadaffi rich.
    The Bronfman sisters will show their half siblings who the real geniuses are in the Bronfman family.

    Viva NXIVM!
    Viva Executive Success!

    The Bronfman sisters are nothing if not ambitious.

  • Interested readers may want to read the article, “Mexico’s Biggest Criminal: The Salinas de Gortari Crime Family” that was published on the Frank Report, on May 22, 2018.

  • Speakibg of Prorsus- Lazard Freres and Revlon.

    “Lazard Freres not giddy at the arrival of Bill’s pal, Vernon Jordan”
    ( law firm, Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer and Feld)

  • For what it’s worth, there is a photo of Allison Mack with what looks like red hair and she is wearing what I believe is a white dress. With all the weight she lost, she looks like a child. Maybe there is another reason/objective for the the strict diet.

    Look up what a “breeder” is.

    • In a starvation diet the body goes into a default survival mode and shuts down non-essential functions.
      The reproductive function is non-essential when a person is undergoing the stress of induced starvation.

      And I believe that Frank Parlato has discussed that Allison Mack’s starvation diet, done to please her Master Vanguard, has led to the beginnings of premature menopause with symptoms like night sweats.
      A normal woman enters menopause around the age of 50 to 55.
      Allison Mack turns 36 later this month.
      She has the symptoms of menopause 15 years early.

      So much for Executive Success.

  • Check out Craig Sawyer’s youtube channel. (Contraland)

    (See also Operation Underground Railroad)

    • Whatever happened to the unaccompanied children that were released to human traffickers during the last administration?

      The money is in child trafficking. ($100,000 to $200,000 a child.)

      • Good question…the Leftards like Liz Warren who want to abolish ICE have no clue about the child trafficking world. Some research avenues on the subject, for interested readers, but be forewarned, it’ll make you sick:

        During the Yugoslavian war in the 90’s, a lot of kids were left orphaned. Many went missing (they were flown out, on planes owned by DynCorp), sold into slavery in the middle east (Saudi Arabia & Israel). This is only scratching the surface here:

        How about something closer to home? Kids being taken from orphanages, and taken for late-night sex parties with well-known politicians:

        Ever wonder why politicians talk a great game on the campaign trail, but do a 180° about-face, once they’re in? Many of them are controlled by people you didn’t vote for, and have probably never heard of.

        These people use honeypots. If a honeypot doesn’t work, they’ve also been known to slip Mickey’s into an uncooperative politician’s drink at a party. The politician is later awakened with a phone call instructing him to check his nightstand drawer. In it, he’ll find graphic photos of himself naked, with naked women (other than his spouse), naked men, or naked children…depending on which will be the most effective. He’ll be reminded that his cooperation is not really optional, and that his career would be over if those pictures found their way into the hands of the media, to say nothing of the impact it would have on his family and friends.

        The truest sentence you will ever hear about politics:

        This world is run by Evil people.

  • I was worried that Raniere might become a martyr in prison before trial, trapping his most deeply devoted followers into their beliefs of his divinity without the reality check of a firm conviction. I figured he might contract a case of “even prisoners don’t like child molesters”. Now I’m thinking that martyrdom might come from another direction if the Salinas crime family turns out to be as vindictive as the Raniere/Bronfman crime syndicate. I want to see a clean sweep – take down all of them: Bronfman, Salinas, every government and law enforcement official that aided and abetted this foulness. Stay safe, Frank, and thanks for the work you do shedding light on this cesspool.

    In the words of Raniere’s favorite musical… “There’s a hole in the world like a great black pit and the vermin of the world inhabit it and its [ethics] aren’t worth what a pig could spit and it goes by the name of [NXIVM].” (I made a few corrections to make it apropos.)

  • Frank is being played for a fool here. Peterson is playing him.

    It’s a common tactic for a person to sprinkle a little bit of truth and credibility into a lie in order to make that lie more plausible. The fact that this guy really has ties to Burke and Salinas is the “truth” which he’s using to make his “lie” (about Bronfman being traded for Emi) more plausible.

    Frank’s being manipulated by a guy looking to protect himself by publicly hitching his trailer onto the NXIVM investigation. The more *public* he can make himself (as part of this investigation) the harder it will be for others to harm him. I don’t doubt that this guy has previous business connections to Salinas and Burke. I also don’t doubt that he may be in danger because of those activities.

    But Frank is using this guy as the *only* source (of his previous article) for claiming that Burke is trying to negotiate Emi’s freedom by offering up a Bronfman trade — and that’s all a crock of bubbling bullshit served with creamed corn. It’s a figment of Peterson’s imagination.

    It makes no sense and it’s not even remotely legal.

    The EDNY and DOJ are most certainly *not* negotiating with Burke in relation to the grand jury which is currently meeting to consider evidence against NXIVM/Bronfman/Emi.

    This grand jury has already been meeting for months to consider evidence against everybody in NXIVM. They can’t un-ring that bell, which means that Burke has nothing to *negotiate* Emi’s fate with —- since Clare’s fate is already tied to whatever the grand jury has found and Emi’s fate has *nothing* to do with hers (if she’s been secretly indicted already then she’ll be arrested soon and if not then she’ll skate away free as a bird, but this has nothing to do with Emi’s fate).

    Emi’s fate is *not* in any way tied to Bronfman’s fate. They can *both* be indicted (or not indicted) and the EDNY doesn’t need one to trade off for the other. That’s stupid.

    This alleged discussion between Burke and the DOJ is pure fiction.

    How is it even possible for an attorney to offer up a client’s indictment (in return for somebody else) *without* the cooperation of the grand jury who’s already been hearing the case evidence for months?

    Is this Alice in Wonderland?

    Do they just come forward and make a motion to cancel/quash any indictments that are returned by the grand jury, without any rational explanation for letting such a high ranking person off the hook for no logical reason?

    Furthermore, even though he may have dual citizenship Emi will *never* be extradited by Mexico to the USA to stand trial in this case. He’s still a Mexican national residing in Mexico and they do not have to turn him over if they don’t want to. Frank is dreaming if he thinks Mexico will extradite Emi to the USA regardless of his dual citizenship. It would be too embarrassing for Mexico to let those skeletons out of the closet during a trial.

    The Swiss didn’t turn over Roman Polanski even though we had a valid treaty for his extradition, and the Swiss’ court system isn’t anywhere near as corrupt as Mexico’s badly corrupt system. Mexico’s court system is a pile of shit. It’s got corruption on top of corruption. Sending Keith back to the USA was easy because he holds no Mexican citizenship. Emi is like royalty there.

    Emi is perfectly safe in Mexico. This whole story reeks of shit.

  • Be very careful in dealing with the Arizona Mafia. Very careful!

    In 1976 a reporter for the Arizona Republic named Don Bolles was investigating organized crime in Arizona.
    Bolles was killed by a bomb planted in his car’s engine.

    At the time most organized crime in Arizona was run by a shady New York race track company called Emprise.

  • It would certainly connect some key people and actually makes sense of some aspects of this case that have puzzled me. My advice to Jeff would be make as many copies of documentation and spread them to every news outlet from here to China ( except CNN). I have wondered from day one at the Salinas connection, never believed it was a women’s empowerment group in Mexico. Stay Alive

  • . Holder is also the first Attorney General, to ever be held in Contempt of Congress.

    Holder refused to turn over to Congress, DOJ documents under subpoena, regarding the ATF Fast and Furious operation. The country was shocked by the insubordination Holder displayed.

    What is Fast and Furious?

    What is underlying theme?


    In 2009 Holder gave approval to track gun sales in the US, that were knowingly going to the Mexican Drug Cartels. Oddly the name of the Mexican Gang was called (translation) “The Knights Templar”.

    Unfortunately thousands of these high powered weapons were lost. Ultimately guns from the failed Fast and Furious operation, were used tragically in the murder of Border Agent Brian Terry and Customs Agent Jamie Zapata.

    Per Judicial Watch, over 60 other people have been killed so far, with direct links back to these Fast and Furious guns. Shameful incompetence by the ATF/DOJ continues to plague all aspects of this crazy program.

    Under Obama, Holder and the ATF ran Operation Fast and Furious in which weapons were sold to known drug traffickers and allowed to cross the border into Mexico. The difference was that no tracking devices were used, the Mexican government was not notified, and there was no effort to track the weapons.

    Some speculated that the goal of Fast and Furious was to eventually find weapons sold in America in the hands of drug traffickers, hopefully after a major shootout event. Under Obama, Border Patrol was only allowed to carry “non-lethal” weapons.

    So Obama actually set the stage for American Border Patrol agents to be massacred by drug gangs. Then Obama and the left would begin their push for more gun control. They would claim that it’s so easy to get guns in America that even the Mexican drug cartels can get them, and they even used them to kill Border Patrol agents, so we must enact new “common sense” gun laws.

    It turned out that a real honest to God investigative journalist had uncovered the operation. When Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and Customs Agent Jamie Zapata ended up being killed by drug traffickers with weapons sold in America the operation was exposed. Thankfully, Obama, Holder and the left never had a chance to push their gun control narrative

    Also… one of the F&F guns was used in the Paris attack a few years ago!



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