Nicki Clyne may be placed on hot seat – after being on receiving end of hot iron branding

Clare Bronfman and Nicki Clyne: Some say Nicki is Pean Onyu while others think Clare is in reality Monte Blu.

How important is Nicki Clyne in the government’s view of criminality in the  NXIVM sex slaver cult? That’s hard to know at the moment. In the hierarchy of the cult, Clyne is under slave master Allison Mack and ruthless leader Clare “Legatus” Bronfman.

Clyne is a slave to Mack and is also cult leader Keith Raniere ‘s “grand-slave.”  This means in the pyramidal structure, she is “second line” slave.

Raniere stands alone at the top. Allison Mack, Seagram’s heiress Clare Bronfman, Mexican heiress Rosa Laura Junco, Lauren Salzman, Loreta Garza, and Dani Padilla are front line slaves.  .

India Oxenberg, like Clyne, is a second-line slave, Clyne is reportedly still trying to lead the remaining slaves, giving day-to-day instructions to the branded.

NXIVM leader Lauren Salzman went to Mexico recently trying to hold together the Mexican slaves and high net worth NXIVM members, while also trying to recruit new members.  With Mack on home detention, and forbidden by the court to make contact with any NXIVM members, including her own slaves – Clyne has assumed those duties.

Clyne is both a slave to Mack but married her in 2017 – an arrangement grandmaster Raniere ordered to keep Clyne in the USA. Clyne is Canadian.

Prior to Clyne’s marriage, Bronfman – who is Vice President of NXIVM in charge of operations – paid Clyne via laundered money through Canada for work Clyne was illegally paid to do in the USA for the cult.

In the mid-2000s, Clyne had a popular role in the TV series Battlestar Galactica. She quit acting to follow Raniere, and the producers had to “kill off” her character. She left Canada and moved to Albany to be near Raneire who enjoyed a sexual relationship with the actress. On or around 2009, Clyne temporarily rose to enjoy top harem woman status with Raniere. But she was soon demoted.

With her acting income gone, Raniere assigned her to work for $15 per hour for Clare Bronfman. Clyne became Bronfman’s  gofer and purportedly worked part time as a so-called “producer” for Raniere’s bogus media spin operation, The Knife of Aristotle, later renamed The Knife – which Raniere used to try to recruit slaves under the guise of hiring young writers.

After Clyne married Mack, she obtained a green card allowing her to work in the US. After Raniere’s arrest and being held in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, Bronfman, Mack, Oxenberg, Clyne and others moved to Brooklyn.

From successful actress to Raniere’s best gal in the harem, to a quick downgrade, to working for Clare Bronfman as a gofer, to taking illegal money laundered through Canada for payment, to marrying Allison Mack to stay in the country, to following Raniere to Mexico, and chasing the police car that arrested him, to a likely indictment for conspiracy and sex trafficking and maybe spending years in prison.

Viva Executive Success.

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  • Personally I love that video. Joked with both of them about a rematch before her involvement came out when I saw them at a con.

    And that image is from October, before the investigation started and the news even picked up the story.

  • How has Ramtha/JZ affected your ability to work as a psychic? Does JZ threaten legal action against former members if they attempt to work in that field?

  • Read the comments Frank. People want you to go after other cults, the Ramtha cult being the major one. Especially since there is a link between Ramtha and Rainere.
    Let’s hope Frank goes after those Ramtha scammers next!!
    They ruined my career in channeling

  • She wasn’t killed off the show because of the cult. She was written off, had another roll, moved to la for a time, presumably still trying to get rolls, before falling into the Albany trap. The episode aired in ’06, meaning it was probably shoot earlier that year. Isn’t that the year she joined? I’d like to know the nature of her orders, is she harsh? Lenient? Trying to serve the “cause” or just trying to make sure they don’t all implode? It would say something as to her character and ultimate culpability if any cruel acts stop or intensify when she’s the one giving orders

  • This whole thing is like a Really Bad 1970s Grindhouse Film.

    You have the Cult Leader, who is obsessed with Kung Fu. He claims to be the Smartest Man in the World, so everyone must bow down to him and call him GrandMaster. He also likes women with full bush, because the sweat smell turns him on. Although he hates it when his women eat garlic, he still loves to eat Pizza n Cheeseburgers.

    Then you have the Starlet, who quit her semi-successful 1970s SciFi show Battlestar Gallactica, in order to be with the GrandMaster. Her Visa expired, so she fake married one of her friends and claimed to be a lesbian to stay in New York. The friend-wife also desires to be the wife of the GrandMaster and carries out vagina branding rituals in suburban townhomes.

    You also have the dimwit heiresses, who have more money than common sense (and believe they are on a mission like Secret Agents). They constantly seek approval, because Daddy never gave it to them. So, the GrandMaster gives them all the approval they need as long as the $$$$$$ keep flowing.

    For healthcare, they have Dr. Mengele who conducts human fright experiments while test subjects are hooked up to an EKG.

    Lastly, you have a Business Manager who calls herself ‘Prefect’ and cooks the books, so no one pays income taxes. But she’s so dumb, she thinks hiding $500,000 in shoe boxes in her house is a good idea.

    Fuuuudddggggeeee. You cannot make this stuff up!!! Call it KUNG FU SATAN or The Devil’s Kung Fools.

  • Nicki Clyne always has big, full cheeks. I wonder if she was on Vanguard’s 500 calorie per day diet. I can’t believe she was. Cheeks too full and healthy. Like a chipmunk.

    I can see Allison’s slave girl diet in the old pictures. Same for Little India (before she started eating more recently). But I dunno if I could ever see the NXIVM effect on Nicki Clyne’s face.

    • For a bit towards the back quarter of 2017 her cheeks got pretty gaunt looking compared to her normally round cheeks. It would look normal on most people but old fans can tell that’s not her at a healthy weight. The seemed to go back again immediately preceding Ranierre’s arrest. The outward signs are a lot more inconsistent with her that with some of the others, is she being permitted more freedom for some reason? Is she silently rebelling? We can’t know until she either speaks out ofr is indited I guess.

    • From Canada’s Global TV News:

      Stephen Bronfman, Liberal fundraiser and Trudeau ally, linked to offshore trust: Paradise Papers

      The Liberal Party is downplaying the influence of its revenue chair Stephen Bronfman after the Montreal-born billionaire’s name was linked to an offshore trust in the tax havens of Cayman Islands.

      Bronfman’s name was among that of over 3,000 Canadian individuals and entities to pop up in a massive trove of leaked documents, dubbed the Paradise Papers, detailing the use of offshore tax havens by the wealthy and powerful.

      The documents, obtained by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), largely belonged to offshore law and corporate services firms.

      The records suggest Bronfman and his family’s investment company Claridge Inc. were linked to a Cayman Islands trust that may have used questionable means to avoid paying millions in taxes, according to the ICIJ.

      Bronfman’s revenue chair post effectively makes him the federal Liberals’ chief fundraiser, but the party sought to downplay the significance of his position in a statement provided shortly after the revelations.

      “The role of revenue chair is a non-voting position,” Liberal Party spokesperson Braeden Caley told Global News. “Mr. Bronfman’s role with the Liberal Party of Canada is as a volunteer, and has consisted strictly of assisting the board on matters related to building on the Liberal movement’s strong grassroots fundraising support, not policy decisions.”

      Asked whether the Liberals vetted Bronfman’s financial connections when he volunteered to head the party’s fundraising arm, Caley said the party “does not have any involvement in the personal financial affairs of any of its thousands of volunteers across Canada.”

      The son of billionaire industrialist Charles Bronfman, Stephen Bronfman was tapped by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in August 2013 to head up the federal Liberals’ fundraising efforts. A close friend of Trudeau’s, Bronfman was credited with helping raise $2 million during Trudeau’s leadership campaign.

      He was also one of the Canadian dignitaries invited to a White House state dinner in March 2016, during Trudeau’s official trip to Washington, D.C.

      Now you know why the Bronfmans like to use their private jets so much.

  • Since both Nicki and Allison are great thespians imagine the fun they’ll have in the Big House entertaining the other prisoners.
    Nicki and Allison can treat their mates to readings from Battlestar Galactica and Smallville.

    And to spice things up Nicki and Allison can mash up scripts mixing together lines from Battlestar Galactica and Smallville.

    Nicki: “Commander Adama, the shields are up and we are ready to attack the Cylons.”

    Allison: “But Lana, where is Clark? Where is Clark Kent when you need him? However will we beat the Cylons without Clark Kent?”

  • “On or around 2009, Clyne temporarily rose to enjoy top harem woman status with Raniere. But she was soon demoted.” I wonder what happened, why Clyne was demoted and made into Clare’s gofer–but I guess if she doesn’t have to have sex with Raniere anymore, is it actually a downgrade? :):).

        • Warner Brothers will flush Chloe down the Memory Hole.

          Of course Chloe Sullivan is not a character from the classic Superman mythology.
          If Allison had behaved herself, she probably could have been in an animated version of Smallville.

          • “If Allison had behaved herself…”

            But that’s the way it goes. You play, you pay. That’s the story of this cult. We’ll be getting’ more — way more — later this month when the Feds release their next wave of indictments. Maybe the Salzmans? Maybe a Bronfman (whoa)?

            I really, really wanna see that drama.

          • Response to Heinrich Joey.
            Movie and TV stars get way too much adoration.
            Allison Mack has Youtube videos titled “Ask Allison.”
            What would anyone ask Allison?
            What not to do!

      • Kristin Kreuk left NXIVM in mid-2013, NOT 2012.

        She said so herself and Sarah Edmondson said so. 2013, not 2012.

        The Times Union expose came out in February 2012.

        Kreuk left in 2013. The Times Union expose had nothing to do with it.

  • Clare Bronfman is Adam Schein. Adam Schein is Clare Bronfman. Reference Sirius XM radio and cbs sports

    • Big laugh at the owner, Matthew Kenney, pretending he hired India Oxenberg (who had zero previous experience) without ever having known anything about NXIVM or her involvement in it.

  • What is with all the Ramtha cult comments? Yes, there was a time when some people from the Ramtha cult came through NXIVM. That was so very long ago. True followers of Ramtha quit coming when JZ Knight put her foot down and said it’s me or the highway.

    Are people using this blog to start to expose other cults?

    It appears that Frank has his hands full now and taking on the role of “Cult Buster” most likely isn’t in his plans.

    Good luck to all those who want to expose the belly of many snakes. I’m just not sure the Frank Report is going to get you the exposure your looking for with Ramtha, Amway, etc.

  • Clyne could be in big trouble. How is it that she stayed in the US for so long without her FAKE marriage to Mack in the first place. Was she here illegally? Did NXSCUM hire her for a job they professed only she could do to get her a “working VISA” like they did for Loretta Garza?

    NXIVM posted a fake job that was “waiting in REALITY” for only Loretta Garza to fill. She was the only one “qualified” to fill the position so NXSCUM leaders; i.e., Nancy Salzman, Raniere and Clare Bear, lied to the US Government in order to get her an extension on what was really an illegal move in order to keep Garza in the US.

    There was a time when Loretta was “trapped in Mexico” and could not make her way back into the US as she had violated her than VISA. It took her months to get paperwork in order to return to the US.

    This is just two examples of how NXSCUM lied to the government in order to keep Raniere’s sex slaves in the US.

    Most likely it will be one of the things the authorities will be investigating for additional charges.

    Clyne personally told me that she asked to be “killed off” in her TV show so she could move to Albany. What a waste, she left what was a “good thing” for her and now she’s a criminal.

    • Nicki was a very active recruiter who dragged a lot of other people into NXIVM. I wonder how many of those she then also tricked into DOS to become slaves and get branded.

      • Both Nicki and her wife Allison got drunk on the NXIVM Kool-Aid.
        And no doubt they both forced a lot of NXIVM Kool-Aid down unsuspecting women’s throats.

        But now it’s Nicki’s and Allison’s turn in the barrel like the Rodeo Clowns they are.

    • If she quite her Vancouver filmed job to move to Albany when did she have time to live in LA? And why did the producers lie about it for her? “Personal reasons” is a lot better than the semi-elaborate story they all tell.

      Not saying she didn’t, it just seems inconsistent with some other information.

      As for her Visa, I don’t know how often the need to be renewed but She had a roll in a small film and promoted it between something lik 09-11, then had a job as a host for a syfy web show for a year or two, then personal space in 16. It seems weird if she maintained a visa with those one year gaps but needed a green card marriage less than a year after filming something.

      Not saying any of what you’re saying is definitely false. I’m just thinking something about this info has an odor to it(Other than standard NXIVM odor that is)..

  • Nikki could easily fall for the Ramtha cult, if she already hasn’t already.
    It’s a cult waiting to be exposed with direct ties to NXSCM

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