Larry Shea: Man who claims he attended NXIVM mixer with Stormy Daniels, Wiener, Schneiderman, Huma, Raniere and Allison Mack – is a liar

According to Ben Szemkus, Stormy Daniels came to a Nxivm party with her bodyguard, and slipped into one of the bedrooms with Keith Raniere and Allison Mack. Ben claims I was at the party along with Roger Stone, and Catherine and India Oxenberg.

No  Need for a Lie Detector Test: Ben Szemkus Is a Proven Liar   

By Larry Shea

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Benjamin Szemkus [above] has narrated a story about a NXVM mixer. His story is challenged by Larry Shea.
While a simple lie can be difficult to maintain, it is practically impossible to maintain a complex lie for very long. The absurd story that Benjamin Szemkus has been peddling around the internet has grown in length because he has continued to embellish it by adding new details and new people to it. What follows below is the proof that Benjamin Szemkus is not only a blatant liar but a sick joker, and a sleazy slanderer! Chief Joseph gave us a very simple formula for detecting a lie: “It does not take many words to speak the truth.”

  • It is well-known that Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin were not a dating couple until 2008. They started dating during Hillary Clinton’s first campaign for the office of the US presidency. They then became engaged in 2009 and were married in 2010. They had begun to get to know each other formally after GW Bush’s State of the Union Address in January 2007. During Bush’s address Anthony Weiner sat between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and Huma texted Weiner that she was grateful that he was watching out for her boss.
  • In April 2018, Kristin Kreuk stated that she left the NXIVM group in 2012. This means that she WAS a member in 2007. Importantly, it was Kreuk who recruited Allison Mack.
  • Ben Szemkus claims that the host of the NXIVM mixer was a blonde female Yale student who told him that the NXIVM crew had parties (plural) on Richard Branson’s island. According to the Frank Report there were only two parties on Necker island, one in 2007 and one in 2010. Ben’s meticulously remembered detail is parties.
  • Ben Szemkus (B.S.) can’t seem to keep his story straight about the length of the skirt that Allison Mack was wearing on that fairy-tale night in Hamden, CT. Was it a mini-skirt or a mid-length skirt? Ben declares each length at different times. Mr. Szemkus, who claims to be a connoisseur of women’s calves, can’t seem to keep this important detail straight even though he goes on and on and on about Allison Mack’s cankles and knee-high boots. He frequently mentions the amount of the time that he spent on the deck smoking and telling “dead baby jokes” to various individuals including Stormy Daniels. Ben has claimed that his made-up mixer took place a week before his birthday (February 16, 1979). According to the Weather Underground, the low temperature for February 09, 2007 (Saturday night) was 19 F degrees. Furthermore, Ben has not provided an exact date or location for his mythical mixer. I used Google Maps to find Popeye’s and Skiff St. in Hamden, CT. Did Ben?
  • In the fall of 2016, Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin became household names. Am I the only one who finds it rather odd that Ben’s memory “chunks” about his meeting with that former celebrity couple did not start falling into place immediately upon hearing the news about Anthony and Huma’s laptop scandal? How could Ben have not remembered, in 2016, that he had met these two famous celebrities in 2007, at a NXIVM mixer? This preposterous memory lapse strains Ben’s credibility beyond the breaking point.
  • In his original public statement, about his bogus NXIVM mixer, there is NO MENTION of James Alefantis, the Bronfman sisters, Nancy Salzman, nor of Nancy’s entourage of pretty, hired bartenders. These characters are added to Ben’s fraudulent story during an interview that he did with the “Tanster” on May 29, 2018 (Tanster Talks Featuring Ben Szemkus “On That NXIVM Mixer”: May 29, 2018). Interestingly this interview occurred a mere two weeks after Mr. Szemkus had his phony NXIVM epiphany (May 15, 2018). Coincidentally, on this date (05/15/18) an article entitled “The Horror of Pizzagate” appeared on So, was Ben Szemkus’ gratuitous infiltration of James Alefantis into his imaginary NXIVM mixer story added as “a bonus round” because he presumed that he could deceive the gullible interviewer? In a later interview, Ben situates Huma Abedin into Salzman’s entourage (q.v., Mingils & Johnson interview, June 24, 2018). These blatant embellishments of Ben’s are classic examples of a grifter who is on a roll. Ben has some people believing his lies. Now, like any overly eager con man, Ben feels confident enough to adorn his false NXIVM story with some decorative new details – to gin it up.
  • Unless you were a male in a brain-dead condition, you never would have forgotten meeting Stormy Daniels in person. But Benjamin N. Szemkus and his fraternal twin, Alfred E. Newman, are the only two males on the planet who have met Stormy Daniels and, then, have forgotten meeting her. Even after Ms. Daniels became a larger-than-life news story in March of this year, Ben, the scammer, could not recall meeting her until he watched those infamous first two episodes of Smallville. Perhaps flim-flam Benny was unwittingly hypnotized by Vanguard and/or Prefect so that he would not remember this phony NXIVM mixer unless he watched those first two episodes of Smallville. That evil mesmerizing NXIVM duo obviously hadn’t counted on whip-smart Benny binge-watching Smallville when they hypnotized him back in 2007. Amazingly, watching the first two episodes of Smallville were the trigger that unleashed Ben’s meticulous memory of his bullshit NXIVM mixer. Ben has stated that “As I started remembering flashes of the night like a spell was lifted an ‘OH SHIT’ moment occurred.” [sic]
  • In his YouTube video Ben Szemkus claims that he discussed teleology with Keith Raniere at this make-believe NXIVM mixer. The least that Mr. Szemkus could have done would have been to have looked up the Wikipedia article on Teleology first. Ben’s definition of teleology is as cockamamie as his ridiculous NXIVM story. Was Ben studying teleology at NXIUM University online? Teleology has the basic meaning “the study of ends or purposes.” This entertaining tidbit on teleology is in Ben Szemkus’ video on YouTube. He casually tosses off this obvious bluff as an example of his profound knowledge of philosophy and his exemplary pseudo-intellectualism.
  • According to Benamin Szemkus, there were as many as fifteen coeds and a boyfriend of one of them in this two-bedroom apartment (sixteen). Ben and his TWO female companions made (three). Stormy and her bodyguard (two). Keith and Allie accompanied by the “bald guy with the clipboard” (three). The Bronfman sisters and Prefect Salzman (three). James Alefantis and Eric Schneiderman both came alone (two). Huma and Anthony were a couple (two), but Huma had an entourage of three or four “randoms” [women] with her (three or four). That adds up to 34 or 35 people packed into a two-bedroom apartment with a kitchenette, and a living room with couch a chair and, at least one computer terminal (In some of the versions of his story there is also a dining room.). According to another version of Ben’s embellished account, Prefect Nancy was mixing drinks in the kitchen, and Nancy also had an entourage of pretty, young women “attending her” (possibly rent-a-chick bartenders). Ben, who claims that he was both “smoking weed” and trying to “sell weed’ throughout his entire alleged NXIVM mixer, goes on to maintain that there were no drugs at the party (The DEA still classifies marijuana as a Schedule I Drug.). One might think that with all the Bronfmans’ money floating around NXIVM that the group would have been able to rent the local VFW or Elks’ hall for the evening. Really Ben, all those important celebrities in a two-bedroom apartment in Hamden, CT., right up the hill from Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen? Uh-huh!
  • Ben would have us believe that Eric Schneiderman made a “Bline” [bee-line] straight for him to engage him in a conversation that Ben remembers with meticulous detail a mere eleven years later. Did Eric Schneiderman enthusiastically chat up, Ben (with so much gusto) because he mistook scamster-Ben for his fraternal twin, Alfred E. Newman?
  • Instead of focusing on the jailed leader of the cult, Keith Raniere, Mr. Szemkus would have us believe that focusing on Allison Mack was the best way to understand NXIVM. Ben stated: “In an Effort to understand NXIVM I focused on the arrested Co-leader of the Group, Allison Mack.” Are we supposed to believe that binge-watching all the episodes of Smallville was the best way of doing field research to understand the NXIVM cult? OMG/WTF! How could any rational person possibly conclude that watching every episode of Smallville, which would take days, would be a reasonable way of coming to an understanding of NXIUM? Was Ben perhaps expecting that he would receive some subliminal messages from these episodes? Nevertheless, B. S. (Ben Szemkus) came up with this cloud-cuckoo explanation as the means for having his memory of his mythical NXIVM mixer sparked. This qualifies as one of the most pathetic, lame and cheesy excuses that has ever been used by anyone. Nevertheless, Ben’s entire invented NXIVM account hinges solely on his single implausible rationale. WITHOUT BINGE-WATCHING SMALLVILLE THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN NO RECALL BY BEN OF HIS BOGUS NXIVM MIXER!
  • But a desperate deceiver, such as Ben, needed some sort of random trigger event that he could claim was the “spark” for his near-perfect recall of his fictive NXIVM mixer. Can you imagine how this meticulous narrative of Ben’s just “fell into place” over the course of only one day (05/15/18) and after watching only the first two episodes of Smallville? What would have happened if those unapproachable Yale coeds had been showing the final two episodes of Smallville on that fateful February night in Hamden, CT? I shudder to think of the devastating effect that days of binge-watching Allison Mack’s “cankles” and “chubby mechanic hands.” might have had on poor Ben’s fragile psyche?
  • Donna the Huntress, whoever that lying person may be, has added a new fantastic dimension to Ben’s ludicrous NXIVM narrative. Donna makes the totally false claim that she “was the only black chick there.” Yet, the whole raison d’etre for Ben’s presence at this fictional NXIVM mixer is because the African-American woman, “A,” who Ben claims was approached by three fashionably-dressed young blondes at the Yale Library, was asked by these blondes to come to the imaginary NXIVM mixer and to bring a female friend. This female turned out to be Ben’s “badass girlfriend.” By the way, Donna, Eliot Spitzer and Ashley Dupre did not have their first dalliance until February 2008 according to the affidavit filed in federal court. They were not at this nonsensical NXIUM mixer and neither were you nor anyone else, because it only occurred within Ben Szemkus’ inventive mind. However, Donna, I do agree with you that if anything does happen to Ben Szemkus, “it won’t be a suicide or an accident,” it will be an act of God for all the lies that he has spun and for all the damage that his lies have done!
  • In a comment that Ben made on the Frank Report (06/21/18) he asked Donna, “Now as far as I recall there was one black female at the Party and She came with Me. Does Your name start with a ‘N?’” Ben has assumed that Donna was the African-American woman that he and his girlfriend drove to the mixer. However, Donna clearly states that she stayed after Ben left this imaginary mixer, because remaining behind is her device for being able to make the false claim that she met Spitzer and Dupre after Ben left. Ben how you could forget that you and “badass” drove this African woman (“A”) to your BS mixer? Ben how could you forget that “A” was the only reason that you and “badass” went to the made-up mixer in the first place? Don’t you remember that you claimed that “badass,” you, and “A” all left together? Don’t you remember that the three of you joked about the imaginary mixer on the drive back to your dorm? When liars continuously add too many new details and too much embellishment to their lies, even the best liars have a difficult time keeping their lies straight. Amazingly, Ben’s recall of eleven years ago appears to be far better than that of a few weeks ago!
  • Ben claims that Keith spoke to these phantasmagorical Yale girls about becoming nannies and using “them to teach to children, uh, multiple sets of languages…” (Mingils & Johnson Interview, June 24, 2018). Let’s see if this asinine claim passes the truth test. At a little over $33,000 a year for the year 2006-2007 school year, I seriously doubt that any of those fictitious Yale’ ladies would have been interested in working as low-wage nannies for the Rainbow Cultural Garden after graduating from Yale. Nor would any of them have dropped out of Yale to take such ridiculously low-paying, low-status jobs. How deep do the bovine droppings have to get before Ben’s snookered supporters finally realize that they have been gulled by a not-too-clever deceiver?
  • Ben is a classic example of a con artist who uses meticulous detail and embellishment to bolster his unbelievable and fantastical claims. If you watch Ben’s YouTube video, which I have done multiple times, you cannot help but notice the annoying, disgusting and distracting sound that he makes with his tongue, saliva, and teeth while he is lying. Much like Vanguard, Ben also likes to wave his hands around when he is narrating his fictional NXIVM account. These diversionary tactics along with his idiotic Newmanesque-like facial expressions are the traits of a slippery swindler who is using distraction techniques to put over his lies. His so-called AMA (Ask Me Anything) ploy is a cheap trick that is designed to exploit some of those questions to further embellish his lying details.
  • Then there is Ben’s vicious and grotesque slander that this may have been the night that Stormy Daniels was branded with Keith Raniere’s initials. The branding of the Sex- Slaves of DOS did not begin until 2015. Does any sane and reasonable person believe that Stormy Daniels or any other woman would have volunteered to be a guinea pig and go through the excruciatingly painful experience of being branded with a cauterizing pen in a two-bedroom apartment with as many as 15 college-age women in attendance, and with some of them possibly watching the procedure? The horrific shrieks of Stormy Daniels would have pierced the night! Does anyone believe that those Yale coeds would have stood by passively and colluded with the horrendous torture of Stormy Daniels? Someone would have called 911! This deception stands out as a particularly egregious lie on the part of an individual with no conscience. Check out the Frank Report story for May 9, 2018 that is entitled, “Stormy Daniels NOT branded by NXIVM sex slave cult.”
  • It is rather interesting that Ben Szemkus did not come up with his tired little fairy tale until after Frank Parlato debunked the Stormy Daniels/NXIVM branding-story on May 09, 2018. The following day (May 10, 2018) an individual calling him or herself, “Empty Wood,” attempted to peddle the same worn-out Stormy Daniel’s branding-bunk to the Frank Report with the same old photoshopped pictures (Nothing new to see here!). After that, nary a word is ever heard from “Empty Wood!” Ben Szemkus has his Smallville-NXIVM epiphany on May 15, 2018. On May 29, 2018, Ben adds James Alefantis, Nancy Salzman, and the Bronfman sisters to the mix of his made-up mixer (Tanster Interview, May 29, 2018). Subsequently, Ben publishes his YouTube video (June 09, 2018). Five days later (June 14, 2018) it becomes the Ben-Szemkus-B.S.-Show on the Frank Report.
  • Looks like a photoshopped Raniere branding.

As has been correctly stated, “A true story is congruent. All the details align.” Mister Szemkus, FORGET THE LIE DETECTOR TEST, the only details that align in your fabricated story are the lying details. More than enough of your scurrilous lies have been exposed. Your entire narrative is ONE BIG FABRIC OF WOVEN LIES! Ben Szemkus, shame on you!

Ben, whether one approves or disapproves of the celebrities that you and Donna, your lying shill, have vilified with your nasty deceptions, these are real people that you and Donna are using as props for your mean, selfish and vicious ends. Ben Szemkus, you are apparently the type of jackass who enjoys exploiting and deceiving other people for your self-aggrandizement and for your own misguided and idealistic political purposes. You seem to get your sicko-kicks by telling sick, upsetting lies. Ben, you also seem to be cyber-stalking Stormy Daniels in your defamatory video on YouTube. The main target of your entire vicious whopper appears to be Stormy Daniels, whose name you utter so passionately and emphatically in your Youtube video. Ben, you wanker, it is rather obvious that you have a fixation on pretty, blonde women since they pop up constantly throughout your garbage fairy tale.

Seriously, Ben, how far did you think that your boorish grandiosity would carry you? You owe everyone a sincere apology. In former days, you would have been tied to a rail, tarred and feathered, and run out of town on that rail. Ultimately, Ben, your fraudulent claims are going to be destructive to you because your entire mendacious narrative has been definitively disproven by the facts that expose your lies, your discrepancies and your embellishments. Now, you are going to have to live with the ridicule and humiliation that will follow you, as the entire fabric of your false narrative completely falls apart. It will soon become widely-known that you are nothing more than a third-rate scam artist and a flagrant liar. Your entire story sounds like one big cannabis pipe dream! Mister Szemkus, you are a shameless con man who is about as sincere as the disgraced and despicable cult leader Keith Raniere!

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” – Sir Walter Scott, Marmion: Canto vi, Stanza xvii.

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Anthony Wiener and Huma Abedin were not together as a couple when the so-called NXIVM mixer of Ben Szemkus placed them there as ‘married,’.

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  • Look at the pictures of the women in Keith’s life.
    All of the women are thin, not just thin but skinny and underweight.
    Is stormy underweight or skinny?
    The women in Keith’s life range from plain Jane to cute to simple pretty wholesome girl next door looks. Some women are pretty but more approachable pretty not striking head turning.
    Is stormy cute? Is stormy plain? Is stormy simple?

    So is stormy Keith’s type?

    Too sophisticated and worldly for him.
    That alone make me disregard bens story.
    I don’t think he wants anyone to upstage him. Or he has a fascination with skinny women. Wasn’t his mom a dance instructor. Were the dancers in her class underweight. Was his mom skinny? I know dance is known for thin dancers. Wonder how much time he spent at dance studios watching his moms students. Seems like he likes dancers.

  • This party sounds as absurd as one of the clubs “Stefon” used to pitch on Saturday Night Live, with all the randomly assembled characters.

    “New Haven’s hottest club is Nxivm. Located in a trendy condo in Hamden’s most trendy neighborhood, this club has got it all. Stormy Daniels texting dick pics with Anthony Wiener, pretty actresses from moderately successful shows that nobody admits to watching, Dennis Rodman’s shin bone and the Air Force Polka Band. Oh, and they have human cattle chutes.”

    “What’s a human cattle chute, Stefon?”

    “It’s like where a midget straps a red-hot branding iron on his head and runs around branding the initials KR and AM on girls you-know-where regions.”

    I think Raniere should be in character as DJ Baby Bok Choi, “…a giant 300-pound Chinese baby who wears tinted aviator glasses and spins records with his little ravioli hands.”

    Of course, the punch line that lets you know it’s all nonsense is the biggest lie of all: “Hamden’s trendiest neighborhood.” I’ve been to Hamden. Far too often.

  • Larry, as you suggested, I found the “Tanster’s” YouTube interviews with Ben and Scott and watched them. Now I can see what you mean regarding this woman’s mental state, and that state was not so clearly apparent by just reading a few of her comments on her blog or elsewhere.

    Maybe I am over-reacting, but I find it odd that I was so scathingly insulted by Scott for my belief that this Szemkus story was fake, but yet in this interview Scott is polite and respectful to this woman whose beliefs are highly unusual (and many would say delusional. )

    I also notice a large number of recent posters who seem to be pretending to be extremely stupid. For example, when I made a sarcastic comment regarding Scientology covering up the rape investigation, a comment was made implying I support Scientology.
    Obviously no one can be this stupid. Lol.

    Curious what you think about these odd comments, Larry. Real stupidity, (seems almost impossible) or someone specifically trying to irritate?

    • Flowers, plain and simple, these are bullies who want anyone that is not in lock-step with any conspiracy theory, in which they are invested, to become discouraged, disheartened, and to stop posting. They are attacking you to make you disappear from the comment board. Think junior high school. These bums never left there emotionally.The neologism that I have coined for these pathetic human beings is ‘shit-storm troopers.’

      Please, don’t let them bother you with their childish antics, infantile insults and their juvenile name-calling. They are not very intelligent people, which is repeatedly demonstrated by their constant devolution into emotional arguments that do not rise above blatant ad hominem and ad hoc attacks. They are sincerely ignorant and the conscientiously stupid people, and nobody can reason with them. They are totally attached to their uninformed, partially-informed, disinformed, and ludicrous opinions. They are only as important as you care to make them. Frankly, I see them as good sporting fun – spot-on and tallyho!

  • I am adding some new information to that about which I have already written; it concerns Stormy Daniels use of bodyguards or security.
    This morning I learned that Ms. Daniels has alleged that her life was threatened in 2011 by an adult male when she was alone in a parking lot with her infant daughter, on her way to a fitness class . She claims that this individual warned her to keep quiet about her affair with Donald Trump, which occurred in 2006. Prior to this alleged threat on her life, Ms. Daniels would have had little or no need for the services of a bodyguard. After all, she was alone, in a parking lot, in Las Vegas, with her infant daughter when her life was allegedly threatened in 2011.

    In early 2007, Ms. Daniels was well known and widely admired within the adult movie industry, nevertheless; it is extremely unlikely that she would have required the services of a bodyguard in February 2007, or that she would have taken a male security guard to a NXIVM recruitment mixer that was designed to target a large group of college-aged Yale women for exciting, career-advancing, low-paying au-pair jobs. After all, it was supposed to be a mixer for women only.

    In fact, it is only since Ms. Daniels has gone public with her allegations about the affair that she had with Donald Trump (the self-admitted grabber of women’s genitalia – “You can do anything. Grab ’em by the pussy! You can do anything.”) that Ms. Daniels has required the services of a bodyguard or security. The resultant media attention has made her super-easy to recognize. Currently, she has a bodyguard who lives with her and her family.

    By the way, Benjamin N. Szemkus, if you are reading this, I would like you to know that I have alerted the office of Ms. Daniels’ lawyer to the fact that you have posted a defamatory video on YouTube concerning his client, Stormy Daniels,. Are you cyber-stalking Stormy Daniels, Ben?

    • Thanks for the article, Larry. Just read it after I posted.
      I agree that the videos made by Ben are defamatory to a number of people, and I wonder if someone knowingly supports Bens false story, could they also be sued for defamation of character? Or can pretending to be clueless be used as a legal excuse ?

      • Flowers, I think that that is up to Stomy Daniels’ lawyer to decide. I have also informed James Alefantis concerning Lyin’ Ben’s video. The ball is in their court. It is up to them to decide whether they want to pursue legal action and kick that ‘ball’ over to a court of law.

        Ben certainly has a number of misguided individuals invested in his fairy tale because they have their own various agenda to follow. They just wanna believe! I seriously doubt that Ben Szemkus is either working for or being backed anybody. Why would anyone hire such an unbelievable individual such as Ben to promote a phony celebrity story? No, I think that Ben is likely a joker and a cyber-stalker. He gets his sick-kicks by making-up baseless defaming stories about famous people that he hates. He really needs a new hobby! Don’t do you think so?

        • Obviously he does, if this is ,in fact, his hobby. Lol. I think you’re probably right about him doing this for his own weird, personal agenda.

          I understand that these “QANON” bullies are on the extreme side, and they start posting wherever they get a whiff of Pizzagate stuff, but I still have a feeling some of these bullies are the same ones that I’ve dealt with before on another forum….(On a topic unrelated to politics.) It’s especially odd because some of them have mentioned personal information about me that I didn’t share here.

  • It appears that Stomy”s security detail, when she recently went bar hopping after having acceptwd the keys to one city, was, yep, large black men. Has she always used the same security service? Surely the Prosecutor and members of the FBI wouldn’t know how to check that out.

  • Hey flower pot, in another thread someone suspected you of being Allie Wack’s mommy. No wonder you jump into every thread that has the mention of pedophiles.

    • Huh? Is Allison’s mom a pedophile? I wasn’t aware that she was, but if she really is reading this, maybe she will try to sue you for defamation of character.
      Also, isnt this thread about Bens fake story?

      And exactly why are you so interested in my comments? And my life? And my kids?.. . Perhaps you should seek treatment for OCD or whatever it is that makes you so obsessed with strangers.

  • I agree with Larry. This story is utter bollocks. It seems that lies come part and parcel with any association to NXIVM. The group itself teaches that it’s OK to lie or deceive – willfully or by omission – as long as the cause is “noble” whatever the fuck that means when you have the guy leading it forming a master-slave sex cult. They brainwash people in their intensives to rationalize anything away with its self-serving ideology. Do these people even know what choices and beliefs were actually made by themselves? Or are they just regurgitating what has subconsciously been programmed into them? Then you have people like Ben making up shit to join in the lie brigade that is the shit stain of this group for whatever dumb ass reason. Then there are those who have someone they care about who got pulled into it and in their repeated attempts to extricate them from it have their lives fucked up with the slop of its pig pen. It seems like everyone is negatively impacted by the poison of the group whether directly or through some tenuous connection. The farther you get away from it the better.

      • Dear Scott, it is even simpler than that. Ben has made up the entire story. He’s lying and enjoying the shit-storm that is swirling around him. Scott, you appear to have some good reasoning ability. Apply logic, reason, common sense, and lots of critical thinking to this story of Ben;s. How long did it take you to figure out that Amway was really just Scamway? Don’t be fooled by this sick joker, Ben. Here is a guy who claims that he was out on a deck in February in Connecticut with Stormy Daniels, where he was telling her “dead baby jokes” and “bumming her cigarettes.” What?

          • How long is it going to take to figure out that Ben Szemkus is lying about this NXIVM recruitment mixer in February 2007?

  • The fact is, most people really don’t write with this vile a voice. Someone has a point, some rational, some thoughts on something, they express it. This guy is writing like Ben is Hitler. Hitler engenders a big emotional reaction because he tortured and murdered so many people. Worst case scenario, Ben lied about going to a party so he could get some attention. That hardly would cause this kind of vitriol among most people. The only other person I’ve seen around here that speaks so rudely and heinously is Omar Rosales, the Former NXIVM. So is Larry Shea really Omar then? I mean Larry came out of nowhere a couple of months ago. There is no information about his as to why anyone should care what his opinion is on anything. Is that just yet another fake name Omar uses to avoid liability for his defamatory remarks? Larry’s essay does have some lawyer tricks in it. Shea is the biggest theatre in Buffalo, NY, Frank’s home.

    • Dear Is, I really admire the way that you use facts, logic, reason, and common sense to back-up your argument. The way that you refrain from using ad hominem castigations is truly awesome. But the thing that impresses me the most about the way that you argue is that you do not go all ad-hoc on me. Thank you! I really appreciate a debater who can stick to the points that I have laid out in my article. Thank you so much for addressing each and every one of my points in such minute detail. Most people would not take the time. But you, esteemed sir, are not most people – you are obviously one of nature’s true and noble gentlemen – a genuine role model!

    • Larry can actually write. Your poor effort tries to emulate ‘lawyer tricks’, ‘writer’s tricks’ even, but fails. Because your ulterior motive is to defend something that becomes more indefensible, the more lies you load onto it. Its clear you believe people are a lot more ‘stupid’ than they are.

  • I mean that’s kind of the only thing that makes sense in this case. The highly overreactive attack on some dude saying he was at a party taking a lie detector test makes no sense whatsoever, unless someone really important might be compromised. Larry Shea, whoever he is, has done articles claiming Trump and Clinton are immoral people, so they probably aren’t the ones being defended. Schneiderman and Weiner were exposed so they’re fair game. Raniere is the current scapegoat so say whatever you want. Huma is linked to Weiner so who really cares if her name gets mentioned. Stormy? She’s a professional sex worker. That almost makes her bullet proof from defamation. She’s bottom of the barrel. Alefantis? That’s the new one. That’s the one there is such a huge media push to defend. Why? Some schlub that owns a pizza shop? Who cares? Unless he’s someone really, really important. That’s kind of the only thing that would explain all these wild, over the top, preemptive attacks on Ben. Who cares if he takes a lie detector test? Clearly someone.

    • Wow! ” – “… some dude saying he was at a party taking a lie detector test.” That is breaking news to me, Mr. Rothschild. Can you, please, extrapolate on that detail for me. Do you have any usable intelligence on the name of this dude? Do you know who was administering the lie detector test? Do you know the exact location of this party and on what date it took place. Please, Mr. Rothschild this could be really important. I’ll start researching the story as soon as you provide me with the pertinent details. Awesome detective work, Mr. Rothschild! Actually if this proves to be true, it could exonerate Ben Szemkus from the Big Lie that he has been telling. Perhaps this “dude” was pretending to be our good friend, Ben. On the other hand it is entirely possible that you have no idea about that which you have written.

      Yep, it is official, the name of Comet Ping Pong Pizza was legally changed to Rothschild’s Ping Pong Pizza on July 01, 2018. In just a week their business has quadrupled. In fact, they are pulling most of the customers away from Trump’s Amazing Pizza. A source has told me that Ivanka is absolutely livid and that her skin has turned that emerald color of Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz. Golly, isn’t that James Alefantis just the savviest businessman on the freakin’ planet? First he plants the false Pizzagate Hoax on the web and gets huge notoriety, then he pays a gunman a hundred grand to come in and shoot the joint up, then he puts-out the phony Rothschild rumor, and finally, he changes the name of his pizzeria to Rothschild’s Ping Pong Pizza. What an amazing business genius! Perhaps he has even hired Ben Szemkus to gin-up even more business. Wow!

      • Larry, do you have the phone number for this pizza place? Do they deliver? I just got home from work and we need pizza ASAP.

          • And funny how the same person keeps writing the same illogical and bizarre comments while pretending to be multiple people. 😁
            (It’s OK Paul, we really don’t think you’re Anonymous or Figures or Superman. Really)

        • God, Anon’, if you will allow me to be so familiar with your name? Thank you so much for pointing out that flaw in my personality. I am definitely going to have to work on protesting too much. I apologize for not realizing that James Alefantis is a “world-class creep.”

          I can only imagine how excruciatingly painful it must have been for poor Alex Jones to have offered Mr. Alefantis a public apology for his promotion of the Pizzagate Hoax. Although Alex neither ate crow nor his expensive Stetson, he did deem it necessary to ask for the resignations of two of his employees who had sold this load Longhorn Pizzagate-crap to him.

          Ya’ see, Anon,’ in duh real woild dere can be actual consequences for calling someone that you don’t know a “world-class creep.” Anyways, thank you for the personality tip and keep on churning out such excellent research! You are in the front line of this battle of good against evil. Just don’t allow your hands get idle! You know what they say about the Devil.

    • The only “wild, over the top, pre-emptive attacks” are being launched by you, against entirely innocent posters to this site. Why would you put so much effort into doing this? To what end your destructive tendencies? Could it be that Frank’s site played a major part in bringing an evil cult to book? What could you find so contemptible about that? Lies discredit, any fool understands that, which is why most intelligent people won’t stand for them.

  • Those are some libelous statements you are making about Ben Szemkus. By libelous, I mean actionable. Just FYI. Take a cue from Omar when you say such over the top, hostile things about someone. Use a fake name.

    • Dear Liability, could you please explain how factual statements about a proven liar are libelous. The first three subpoenaed witnesses for my defense would be Stormy Daniels, James Alefantis, and Anthony Wiener, after he is released from the Federal Medical Center, Devens, which is located in Harvard, MA. Ben Szemkus would have a real problem producing a single corroborating witness to testify on his behalf, since he has made the entire story up in the first place. What is your real name, Liability, Ben?

  • You know A. Weiner is a pervert who sexts with underage girls, right? I mean that’s the scandal that brought his political career to a halt the second time. The guy is a major creep to women of all ages. “Carlos Danger” is his hot, sexy internet handle. It should be Mr. Degenerate. You don’t think he’s going to come up with some weirdo come-ons to a chick he first asked out six years earlier? So he referred to Huma as his wife six years after he first asked her on a date. How does that prove Ben is lying? Whoever wrote this article is a real hack.

    • Dear very Poorly Done, I appreciate your kind compliments. Thank you! I also see that you have applied logic, common sense, and reason to your argument. That is great! However, I am somewhat disappointed to see that you appear to have not advanced beyond my first point. I do not claim to be anything more than a hack when it comes to writing, however; in my own defense, I must say that I do the necessary research and, then I analyze the research that I have done. I attempt to back my findings with facts, testimonies, evidence, and documents.

      Believe me, Poorly Done, when I tell you that I know more about Mr. Weiner than you know or will ever know. I do not approve of his inappropriate behavior in the least. Anthony Weiner is hopefully getting some help at the Federal Medical Center, Devens, where he is currently serving his sentence. I am sure that he would love to hear from such an unbiased and unprejudiced gentleman as you. You can get his address from the federal BOP. Good Luck!

      One can only dream of fans like you. Thanks for all of your encouragement, man, it really means a lot to be validated by someone as astute, courteous, and well-informed as you are. I only wish that I knew as much as you, Poorly Done!

  • So first Alefantis & Crew hired unethical, sanctioned lawyer Omar Rosales to try and put the kibosh on the Ben story. Omar got his ass handed to him. Since Omar failed, they brought in some new shill to make some very weak arguments, trying to brainwash everyone by repeating a negative phrase about Ben, despite having failed to bring any proof. Lying is defined as an intent to deceive. Even if Ben got a fact wrong, there has been no intent to deceive shown. Therefore no one has proven Ben is a liar. The question is, why is Alefantis & Crew so afraid of Ben taking a lie detector test? Which question is it they are afraid he is going to answer?

    • Why do you imagine anyone would be “scared of Ben taking a lie detector test”? Take as many tests as you like lad, fill your boots.

  • Please, no more inflaming alt-right fanboy fiction- what a double face palm.

    We do have a real, genuine, authentic problem of Russian interference on social media exacerbated by the alt-right. To stand by and defend this story where there are sooo many glaring timeline issues and logic problems, and continue to bring this story up for air rather than just let it die seems to me to go against the spirit of Truth in Mr. Parlato’s journalism, which is what brought NXIVM into the light finally.

    I hope this is the LAST TIME this story, because that’s what it is, surfaces here.

    • “We do have a real, genuine, authentic problem of Russian interference on social media exacerbated by the alt-right”

      Care to offer some proof Skipper

      While you are at, who is funding the Alt Left ANTIFA movement?

        • You are aware this report was compiled under the O-Hole regime. Nothing but left wing skippy.

          The report is the child of outgoing Democratic President Obama and several of the outgoing President’s outgoing political appointees.

          Because “the paucity of the evidence” in the report fails to prove the report’s claims, there is every reason to conclude that the report’s claims are politically motivated and serve two politically-motivated aims: (1) To discredit the incoming Trump administration and (2) to make an improvement in US-Russia relations more difficult.

          Those who hatched these politically-motivated claims will soon be gone. But the mainstream media – those who accepted uncritically and promoted far-and-wide the unsubstantiated, politically-motivated claims — will, alas, remain with us: Proof that prostitution remains the oldest profession.

      • Liberal media, including this Report, tolerates you however ridiculous you are. Do you really believe you’d be able to bore us all half to death if it wasn’t for the Liberal values of your society and its intrinsically imperfect, media?

  • Scotty Johnson’s latest comment at the bottom of the post says it all… ‘There are plenty of facts damaging to NXIVM without Ben in the mix, assuming he’s lying.’

    That says it all. You knowingly promoted a false story to bring attention to yourself.

    Scott, no one here likes you. You are an unemployed parasite. You are a liar. And once caught, you spin more lies.

    Take your loser friends (which are probably the same person) and hit the road jack.

  • Some of these points are very thin. It’s one of those “throw everything at the wall and hope something sticks” approaches. Ben didn’t remember Stormy Daniels? She wasn’t “Stormy Daniels” in 2007. She was some bimbo doing porn. I never heard of her until she started telling anyone who would listen that Donald Trump paid her to not talk about the sex they may or may not have heard of. Not everyone is as much of a porn aficionado as you Larry Shea. Seriously, get a hobby. Jerking off this much will make you go blind.

    • Seems like Stormy has disappeared from the left wing news cycle. Apparently the bullshit wasn’t working

    • “In all the world nothing is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” All that one has to do is look at the “Awards” section on Ms. Daniel’s Wikipedia page to learn what a big deal she was by 2007. Donald Trump thought that Stormy Daniels was a big deal when he rode with her in the same golf cart in July 2006. He has not forgotten their meeting.

      Mr. Petty Weak, ask yourself, would you have honestly forgotten meeting such a gorgeous buxom blonde, who was being touted as the celebrity guest, who was there with her huge bodyguard, and who was bumming three cigarettes from you and smoking them with you on a deck in 19 degree F weather? If you cannot answer this question honestly, then, perhaps you are the fraternal triplet of Benjamin N.. Szemkus and Alfred E. Newman.

        • It took superb detective work on my part, Johnson! Ben has claimed that his fictive NXIVM mixer took place a week before his birthday and that Stormy Danilels had just returned from the Superbowl (02/04/07). According to Ben, his birthday is on February 16th. He was born 02/16/79. A week before his birthday would have been February 09, 2007, which fell on a Friday. So, I went to the weather Underground and looked at the weather for that fateful night in Hamden, CT. The daytime high was 30 degrees F and the low that night was 19 degrees F. I thought that this was the most logical way to proceed with my investigation of the temperature.

          As you may recall, Ben alleges that Stormy Daniels was the celebrity guest that memorable Friday night – not Anthony Weiner, who was a very powerful congressman (He had sat between Hillary and Barack during GW’s state-of the-union address in January 2007;0; not Eric Schneiderman, who was a powerful, upwardly mobile NY state senator, and not the Bronfman sisters who were the very wealthy daughters of the multi-billionaire Edgar Bronfman, who was a scion of the notorious Bronfman family of former bootleggers.

          No, Scott, it was a luscious buxom blonde who was an adult film star. Ben spent quite a bit of time with her out on the deck, in 19 degree F weather, telling her sick “dead baby jokes” and “bumming her three cigarettes.” Wow, I wonder if she regretted forgetting her pack of smokes that night? Sick “dead baby Jokes” and smokes – really? What an imagination Ben has! Scott, if you had spent that kind of time with such a beautiful adult film actress and so many other strange, powerful and interesting people, would it have taken watching Smallville to spark your memory of that event? I doubt it.

          • So it was in the 20s during the evening. People usually go outside to smoke, especially doobies. Have you never seen people go outside to smoke when it’s cold out? I don’t think Ben was saying Stormy was famous in 2008, but she became famous in 2018. I don’t consider politicians or rich people celebrities. The initial memory was watching Smallville, then the other details came back to him.

  • Wow, there is a real concerted effort to try and stop Ben from having a polygraph. Clearly someone out there in the world is pulling out all the stops to prevent this from happening. I wonder why? It’s part of Huma and Weiner’s story that he first asked her out in 2001. Did he refer to her as his wife at a party when he saw some guy hitting on her? Who knows. Some people say Ben is lying because he wouldn’t remember all those details 10 years later. Now you’re saying he’s lying because he may have remembered a couple of details wrong 10 years later. That’s really covering the basis. The curious thing to me is why there is such a virulent attack now that a polygraph is happening. The attacks are very emotional, very personal, bordering on defamation. Some of the details of Ben’s story have now been corroborated by outside sources. So which part of his story is getting someone so scared? The Bronfman sisters? Alefantis? Hillary? There is obviously something very big here, just judging by the crazy overreaction. I’m looking forward to seeing the results of the polygraph.

    • I had a similar reaction. First they had that disgraced lawyer Omar Rosales attack Ben. Rosales had so much anger towards Ben it was like he’d banged his sister or something. That reaction was really weird. Now this guy also seems incredibly personally invested in discrediting Ben. This isn’t 911 or anything. NXIVM and the case of characters Ben saw at their recruitment party are already mostly compromised. The reaction to Ben’s story is definitely fishy. Makes me think these people are on someone’s payroll. And did you see the writer say Yale girl’s can’t get a 33,000 job? 33? Isn’t that one of the Masonic/Illuminati numbers? Coincidence?

      • Yeah birdbrain, it’s all a big conspiracy with the illuminati and the Masons. Aliens from Roswell too.

        Go take your meds.

      • If you add 3+3 get 6, then multiply that by 3, get 9, subtract 3 and repeat the remaining digit 3 times you get: _ _ _ (Im not going to write it because its the sign of the devil.)

      • Geez, Fishy, now that you mention it, I did see that “33,000 job” quote. Here it is in its entirety:”At a little over $33,000 a year for the 2006-2007 school year, I seriously doubt that any of those fictitious Yale’ ladies would have been interested in working as low-wage nannies for the Rainbow Cultural Garden after graduating from Yale.”

        You know, Fishy, Yale is where the Skull & Bones Society is. Furthermore, according to Brian Desborough, who wrote “They Cast No Shadows,” the Skull & Bones Society “is under the direction of Britain’s very satanic Wessex Lodge, an Illuminati sub-group.” (q.v., page 315). It is really too bad that this fairy tale of Ben Szemkus is just like his initials, B.S. You know, Fishy, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but there nothing more dangerous in all the world than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

        But, hey, we all have to start somewhere. I did not start reading about the Illuminati until the 1980s, so I can’t say that I have more than thirty-five years of experience doing research into Adam Weishaupt and other the attendant secret societies and religious orders around him. As such a well-informed fellow, as yourself, probably knows Mesmerism is one of the most important keys for understanding what brought about the French Revolution.

    • Let’s consider what is being proposed here: an anonymous blog that pushes the Pizzagate narrative is trying to organize a non-biased lie detector test to determine whether some rando from the internet who can’t get one news outlet to pick up his story is lying or not.

      That’s really everything anyone with a rational mind needs to know.

    • Nobody is stopping the polygraph. These people are impotent. Most of them don’t even use their real name, or even a consistent fake name. They are too cowardly to even talk on the phone. They are one big joke, and not the funny kind. LOL

      • Why would anyone want to “stop the polygraph”? Why must people “talk to you on the phone”? You’re raging against imaginary things. Why don’t you put more effort into your own work Scott, your Amway blog, you claim its your raison d’être, yet all your time is spent here, trashing other’s contributions.

        • And notice how Scott doesn’t reply back with the usual, tired, “libtard snowflake” remark , One Woman army. My first comment criticizing this Szemkus story resulted in Scott calling me a drooling moron who is unable to type on my own….etc.
          Care to comment, Scott, on why my comments are more offensive to you than the comments of others who say the exact same thing?

        • I didn’t bring up stopping the polygraph, others did. Nobody “must” talk with me on the phone, it’s just a much better method of communicating than in a blog comments section. If you don’t want to communicate better or are too scared, don’t do it. The effort here is much more productive, you wouldn’t believe the increased number of visits I’m getting on my blog because I’m posting here. Frank’s numbers have exploded, he even did a post on it. From around 3,000/month to almost 1,000,000/month. I don’t trash anybody’s contributions, just the BS posts. LOL

          • You’re a liar, Scott…LOL!!
            (Tired of your LOL everywhere so I’m just gonna add them in all random-like for your enjoyment, LOL ) but here’s the thing Scottie, LOL, as I said before, other people said the exact same thing I said regarding Ben -that they think Ben’s a liar – and you didn’t fly off the handle when they said it. LOL…so don’t bother lying. Lol you rudely call me delusional and yet you interview the Tanster and seem to think she’s normal. Lol!

    • Only lay people believe that a lie detector (which is an oxymoron) detects lies. It does not! The actual experts who administer the test know this. This is the main reason that a lie detector test is not admissible in a court of law as evidence. You might want to do some research on “How to Beat a Lie Detector Test.”

    • I doubt if anyone is scared of Ben having a polygraph . Why should anyone care? Even if he passed it (which some liars can do) it would prove absolutely nothing.
      I’m more curious about the reasons WHY this Szemkus story was invented. I get the impression that the story was created specifically to be featured on this site. Of course, that’s just my intuition talking, but my intuition has often been accurate before.

      I also wonder why “Tanster” become involved in this? From reading her blog, etc., she’s seems to be an honest person who is trying to help others. I’m surprised she actually believed this Szemkus story was real.

      • Whoah, Flowers! did you not watch the interview with the woman on the “Tanster.?” Is she the “Tanster?” She wants to believe B.S. when he tells her that James Alefantis was also at the fictitious NXIVM mixer. If you take the trouble to read B.S.’s “original statement,” Neither James Alefantis, nor the Bronfman sisters, nor Nancy Salzman are mentioned.

        B.S.’s interview with the “Tanster” took place on May 29, 2018. On May 15, 2018 the Tanster had a story entitled “The Horror of Pizzagate.” This was the same day that Ben claims he had his alleged epiphany about the bogus NXIVM mixer, after watching only the first two episodes of “Smallville.” The “Tanster” did, or still does, believe in the Pizzagate Hoax. I think that this is why B.S. chose her platform to embellish his lies with some more juicy lies. My god, Alex Jones made a personal public apology to James Alefantis, on his website, for his promotion of the false Pizagate story. The only people who believe Ben’s story are those who are invested in it, have something to gain from it, want to simply believe it, or all three. Ben needs to get some serious attention!

        • Larry ,I didn’t watch those videos. I just don’t have the time to watch them right now…but are you saying that there are 2 different people using the name Tanster?

          When I get a chance, I will see if I can find the video’s you mentioned . Out of curiosity, do you have any opinion on why Ben invented this story? Purely for attention, or some other motive?

          • I am not sure if the woman who is interviewing Ben is the same person who goes by the name of the “Tanster.” She is probably is the “Tanster,” but she does not identify herself, and, therefore; I don’t want to assume.

            If you go to YouTube and enter Ben Szemkus. The “Tanster” interview is on the page that comes up. So is Scottie’s awesome interview with Lyin’ Ben, and, of course, Lyin’ Ben’s Lyin’ video is there, as well, if it has not been taken down. I informed the law office of Stormy Daniel’s lawyer about it earlier today. So, Attorney Avenatti may be be aware of ben’s Lyin’ video by now. Ben appears to be cyber-stalking Stormy Danilels, and I think that this is what is mainly motivating him. He does have a definite fixation on pretty blondes. They pop-up all over his fractured fairy tale.

            From what I can piece together, Ben Szemkus has been employed in culinary or kitchen work for over twenty years. That is according to him. He turned 39 on March 16, 2018. I cannot say for sure but he appears to be a long-term “stoner,” i.e., someone who has been addicted to cannabis for most of his life. He is definitely into baseless and outlandish conspiracy theories, involving the harvesting of Adrenochrome from babies, and so is the “Tanster.” She appears to have gone around the corner-of-no-return a while ago. I think that Ben is a kindred lost soul. These types of disturbed individuals think that it is OK to make-up shit about anyone that they have concluded is guilty within their warped and twisted minds,i.e., according to whatever garbage they have ingested from the internet. They are just losers looking for attention IMHO. It is very sad to see what some in this generation have become. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity are two of the most dangerous things in all the world. Ben does not need al lie detector test,; he needs

  • Scotty Johnson still refuses to post his job information. Smells likes he’s unemployed and living off government bennys while sponging off taxpayers.

    Keep up the lies Scott. You’re a professional at it.

    And if you were sued by Amway and had to settle like a wimp, obviously you were guilty of bad mouthing Amway. Just like you badmouth everyone else.

    I hope you get medical attention for your mental disorder.

    • Most people here refuse to use their real name, let alone their job status/details. LOL

      I’ve already fully explained why I settled with Amway, and it’s on my website. Go read it.

      It’s not against the law to bad-mouth Amway (or “everyone else,” whatever that means), as long as it’s factual. I continue to bad-mouth Amway because it’s a scam.

      I have no mental disorder, I have a desire to educate others about Amway and other MLM scams, such as NXIVM. LOL

  • Larry said and my questions:

    Larry: It is well-known that Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin were not a dating couple until 2008.

    Q: How is this well known? Do you have public statements from one/both of them? Weiner was pretty good at hiding information from others, and now he’s in prison for some of it leaking out, so how can you be so sure of yourself, Larry?

    Larry: …GW Bush’s State of the Union Address in January 2007. During Bush’s address Anthony Weiner sat between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and Huma texted Weiner that she was grateful that he was watching out for her boss.

    Q: How does this prove whether they had started dating or not? Where is the evidence Huma texted this, Larry?

    Larry: In April 2018, Kristin Kreuk stated that she left the NXIVM group in 2012. This means that she WAS a member in 2007. Importantly, it was Kreuk who recruited Allison Mack.

    Q: I think this is a valid point, but in some accounts Ben stated Kristin was unable to make it to the mixer. So he could be caught in a lie or perhaps didn’t recall the reason for her not being there, but it isn’t a material part of his story. It is interesting to note that this is the kind of thing that often gets people in trouble with law enforcement. They ask someone to go over the details repeatedly and then claim you committed perjury when the stories don’t match up 100%. Is this a valid reason for completely rejecting Ben’s story? If you were caught in this trap, how would you feel, Larry?

    Larry: Ben Szemkus claims that the host of the NXIVM mixer was a blonde female Yale student who told him that the NXIVM crew had parties (plural) on Richard Branson’s island. According to the Frank Report there were only two parties on Necker island, one in 2007 and one in 2010. Ben’s meticulously remembered detail is parties.

    Q: Perhaps she misstated parties for party. Perhaps he is lying or didn’t recall something from 11 years ago with 100% accuracy. In any event, it isn’t a material fact to his story. Does the Frank Report have infinite knowledge and get everything 100% right, 100% of the time, Larry?

    There is much more, but I’ll wait for Larry’s responses first.

  • I think Larry Shea just anniliated Ben. Two things. The Richard.Branson party occurred in sept 2007. None had occurred at the time of Ben’s story. And Huma and Anthony had only recently met. They were not a couple at the time of the story. Yet Ben describes them as married. Larry great job.

    • Actually, according to them, Huma met A. Weiner in 2001. That’s when he says he first asked her out. Check your facts before you formulate an opinion.

      • One date does not equal dating. They did not start dating until 2008. You can do the research for yourself.

          • Why don’t you ask Anthony Weiner himself. He is currently residing at the Federal Medical Center, Devens, which is located in Harvard, Massachusetts. Just think of what a scoop that a radio interview with Anthony Weiner would be for “Building Fortunes Radio.” It might propel you into the big time. But work fast, because Mr. Weiner is going to be released soon. I am sure that he would love to get a letter from you, man. At the very least, Mr. Weiner can probably direct you to that vaunted guest list that Lyin’ Ben Szemkus’ and his two female friends allegedly signed that fairy-tale night in February 2007. By the way, have you ever heard of common sense, reason, and logic. These are the tools that one usually uses when presenting a sound argument. Ignorance, stupidity, and hate never really won a debate!

            Scottie, will you please ask Ben if he still smokes cannabis these days, and, if so, how much does he smoke each day? Thanks, Scott and please keep up the great work – just somewhere else instead of here. But, hey, give us ell a big holler, right after your interview Anthony Weiner!

          • I figured Larry wouldn’t answer the question asked. I doubt Weiner will be on our radio show, he’s a known liar, as well known for being a liar as Larry is for not answering simple and direct questions. LOL

  • It’s not mutually exclusive that Ben’s story is completely false and NXIVM didn’t recruit at Yale: By the way, I’ll be talking to this guy soon, probably tomorrow, so if you have any questions you would like to ask him, let me know.

    Would you be more surprised that some or all of the people Ben mentioned were at a NXIVM recruitment event near Yale or more surprised they weren’t there, given what we now know about them?

  • Say it isn’t so, Ben!….
    That it’s all been a misunderstanding, because I know you would never lie. I know this because I’ve heard you’re such a nice guy. Really. ..someone DID tell me how nice you were.
    And it’s not nice to lie….this is what Frank and Mr. Amway is teaching us. We have to be nice.

  • So foolish to fall for this. Go onto more important things like Ramthas factoring in all this. That’s where the real story is. Far more out reaching than NXMVM was as Ramthites flocked to Rainere and were encouraged by JZs minions since NXVIM didn’t have a market on channelling.
    Imagine yourself running around like a rat in a maze that is ever changing. People up above constantly changing the course of the maze with the boards going down like guillotines.
    Imagine being stuck in this for hours with goading and chiding from the people above as you are trying to make your way through a maze for hours at a time,people above changing the course clip board in hand.
    Feverishly for hours trying to get out even after freaking out because so much time has passed.
    Finally within hours you make it out into a deep deep forest.
    Then as you find your way to the field and the open space being told you will be put in the Paradise Beach excercise for days on end outside in the weather in the fourties.
    Finally to that end leave Paradise Beach for a frenzied channeling session with Ramtha drinking wine, swearing and smoking as everyone else takes part too.
    Look into the Ramtha/Rainere connection. Mind control at its best.
    Doubt Frank will tho as Kathy won’t want to betray her costar who got her daughter into a brainwash and spill the beans to Frank about what’s going on behind the gates in Yelm.

  • “Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” – Sir Walter Scott, Marmion: Canto vi, Stanza xvii.

    Such a true quote.

  • I’ve been saying this since Day 1. Ben’s account is a total fabrication. Plus, he tried to sell his story to People, National Enquirier, The Globe, Fox News and no one believed him except for Scott ‘I was Sued by Amway’ Johnson.

    Ben took different bits and pieces and put them together. I first did an interview about my book and NXIVM on May 10. The interviewer asked me about Eric Schneiderman and NXIVM. I responded that I had never seen the AG at an event, but that the Bronfmans did donate money to both Democrats and Republicans in Albany.

    Ben then took that and incorporated that in his story. Then after Ben uploaded his late-June interview, he said that I corroborated his story in my interview.

    HOW CAN I CORROBORATE your story if my interview was posted first?

    Lastly, last time I checked, my law license was still in good standing.

    So Ben and Scott, why don’t you turkeys go pound sand???

    • Omar, I told Frank the day I spoke to him about Ben’s story that it could be true or a complete lie, but the story should be put out in the public, so it can be verified to be true or false. I still maintain that position.

      The link you provided comes up with an error message. Why has it taken you this long to push back on this issue, and what do you have to say about this, Omar?

      • Omar is respected by many people here.
        Quit trying to take digs at him just because you, Scott, are the pathetic one desperate to drum up a listener for your podcast.
        You are an embarrassment to Texans, who are usually much more common sense decent people.

      • Scott, you are participating and forwarding an elaborate ruse/hoax by Ben that has been debunked countless times. Thus far, you were the only person to jump on Ben’s bandwagon and assist him with his hoax. Now that you’ve been caught lying, you are backtracking…

        As far at the link you posted (are you Stalking me???) that case is on appeal, so nothing has been finalized.

        You can look up my law license, that is in PERFECT STANDING, at the State Bar website:

        And Scott, why don’t you post a link to your employment? You keep saying you are employed. By whom, and where?

        • When did I lie, Omar? Did you speak with Frank and confirm what I stated was a lie?

          Where is the case being appealed, Omar? What is the status of your suspension during the appeal process?

          No, I’m not “stalking” you, I’m using publicly available information to check out your character. You now have two judges deciding you deserve 3 years of suspension. It appears your chances of getting the decision overturned on another appeal are miniscule.

          My job is immaterial. I wasn’t suspended or fired from my job. You were. LOL

          Here’s the fine print that Omar didn’t mention: “The Online Membership Directory provides basic information about Attorneys licensed to practice in Texas. Attorney profile information is provided as a public service by the State Bar of Texas as outlined in Section 81.115 of the Texas Government Code. The information contained herein is provided “as is” with no warranty of any kind, express or implied. Neither the State Bar of Texas, nor its Board of Directors, nor any employee thereof may be held responsible for the accuracy of the data. Much of the information has been provided by the attorney and is required to be reviewed and updated by the attorney annually.”

          Nice try, Rosales. Unfortunately for you, I’ve had several direct and indirect experiences with your so-called profession. I can smell out a rat, and the Ratty Rosales is a rat. I know how lawyers try to trick others by leaving out important details, and it won’t work with me, RR. You give lawyers an even worse reputation, and that’s hard to do. LOL

  • I thought it was pretty obvious from the beginning, but thanks for bothering to lay it out for the gullible people.

  • Don’t know if I should thank you for all your hard work…or feel sorry for you wasting so much time picking thru bullshit.

    • The kind of garbage that Ben Szemkus is peddling can have serious consequences. Please, remember that the individual who fired shots with an assault weapon inside of James Alefantis’ Comet Ping Pong Pizza actually believed that disproved hoax and was there to liberate the children. The Tanster, one of Ben’s staunchest supporters, still believes in the Pizzagate Hoax and has recently published a page related to it. As well, the video that Ben Szemkus made, about his NXIVM-mixer fraud, has over 2,200 clicks: I do not think that these clicks are all his. I felt that I had a responsibility to expose him for the liar that he is. It is that simple. Call it community spirit.

      • Most of us on here knew Old Ben’s steaming pile of bullcrap was made up. Some of us are more concerned about why? Also Larry do you know what prison Edgar Maddison Welch is in?

        • Never mind Larry. He is currently in Elkton FCI. Lisbon OH. I am going to see if I can get an interview with him when if I can time from my NXIVM investigations. He is in an low security institute. Very interesting.

          • Actually, Anonymous, I think that your time be better spent by contacting Anthony Weiner. He is currently serving time at the Federal medical Center, Devens, which is located in the town of Harvard, Massachusetts. He will be getting out soon. Please, take a look at the center’s page on Wikipedia. I’ll bet you that Anthony Weiner could prove that he was not at Ben’s fairy-tale NXIVM mixer on or about February 09, 2007. I also bet he knows when he had his first date with Huma. Good Luck!

          • No Larry talking with members of the NYPD who have seen the Weiner laptop would be more efficacious for you. to do. Pizzagate might not then be so much of a hoax to you.

        • Thank you very much, onewomanarmy. I want to see our community get back to normal. Ben and his cohorts have been a chaotic diversion and distraction. Clare Bronfman could not have made this website look any more ridiculous than these turkeys have.

          • “a chaotic diversion and distraction” Yes, I think they’ve seen how effective a community it’s been with the arrests of Raniere and Mack. Perhaps by diminishing its credibility by making it look like a qanon site, it could be less effective in future arraignments. There were at least 4 other colleagues in my staff room logging in and maybe even commenting, but we’ve all been a bit put off. Thank God they didn’t appear BEFORE Raniere’s arrest.

    • Our community needs to get back to its main purpose, the complete takedown of the NXIVM-MLM-scam, of its sex & human trafficking, of its Rainbow cultural Garden, and of its forced labor. We need to work for the indictment, prosecution, and conviction of the entire culpable NXIVM crew. Lyin’ Ben Szemkus and his horde of vicious and obscene supporters have distracted this website away from its true purpose for long enough. All of these wing-nuts should pick up the marbles that they have lost and go back to their “quiet lives of desperation” and allow the rest of us get on with the real work at hand. Stinking shilling skunks be gone!

        • The federal prosecutor’s office and the FBI are still asking individuals to come forward with information about NXIVM, Mr. Johnny-come-lately-know-it-all. One of the best things that this website can do is to encourage people to do just that. What is your purpose for posting on this website, Scott? Private citizens are the reason that Raniere’s lazy ass s iin the slammer today. If Frank Parlato and several brave women had not persevered and come forward neither you nor I would have ever heard of this evil cult.

          You know that you do not have to be sincerely ignorant and conscientiously stupid; you can actually learn something from people who are more intelligent, far better educated, more informed, and more knowledgeable than you are. Sir, you need to demonstrate some humility and some better manners. Is it necessary, Scott, to always try to put people down who don’t agree with you? Is that any way to win an argument? Does it always have to be ad hominem and ad hoc attacks with you? You act like a petulant little child who always wants to get his own way. Grow up and act like a real man! You can do this; I see the potential in you, Scott.

          • Of course the DOJ/FBI is asking for public input, they often do this. Of course this website helps people do the right thing and come forward, even though we all know most of them won’t. Frank has helped, but the pivotal event was when Oxenburg, someone well-known, came forward and showed her scar to the NYT. If you think I’m so stupid, why don’t you come on my radio show this Saturday? Come on Larry, grow up and act like a real man! You can do this; I see the potential in you, Larry. LOL

        • The fact you “LOL” at your own comments is weird. Nevermind your comments are completely useless.
          Frank.. I’m begging for a third time – Please limit the comments.

          • The fact that I “LOL” at the end of my own comments is because I am literally laughing out loud at people like you. LOL

            My comments are excellent. LOL

            Don’t beg Frank, it’s not helping your reputation, Anon. LOL

  • Ben Szemkus’ initials (B. S.) tell us what Ben is full of.
    We should have always regarded Ben’s narrative as an amusing piece of fan fiction based on a cast of already bizarre characters and extrapolated out to a ridiculous extreme.
    Ben’s story was always an amusing piece of fantasy that should be taken with a grain of salt.

    Ben’s notion that the best way to understand NXIVM was by watching old episodes of “Smallville.”
    Smallville itself was make believe based on the Superman mythology as it was written out over many years in numerous cartoons, radio serials, movies and TV shows.
    Smallville was written by Hollywood scriptwriters who had nothing to do with NXIVM.
    And it should be obvious to all that Allison Mack is no Chloe Sullivan.

    It will be a long time until the NXIVM case goes to trial.
    New charges will be dropped on Raniere, Mack and the Bronfmans and Salzmans soon.
    Two years will be needed to wrap up a conspiracy case like NXIVM.

    It always takes time to investigate and wrap up complex conspiracy cases.

    Enjoy B. S.’s narrative as an amusing work of fan fiction. A way of passing the time until the real show begins in a real Federal court room.

    • So what if he is lying, everybody in the story guilty as shit ! More power to him for bringing more exposure to this far reaching historic scandal.

      • While Ben is bringing more attention to the NXIVM story, the truth is still more important. Even with Ben’s involvement, NXIVM still isn’t a front-page story. There are plenty of facts damaging to NXIVM without Ben in the mix, assuming he’s lying.

      • One definition of the truth is that it is not a lie. Lies can never serve the truth. Jesus told his disciples that he was the truth, the way, the way, and the life. His adversary was Satan, who was known as the Prince of Lies. Jesus went on to condemn Satan. The truth always matters – our rights and our freedoms depend upon the truth! “We hold these truths to be evident…” are the opening words of the Declaration of Independence. Only the truth can set you free!

          • Damned if I won’t try harder next time podner! Every gentleman needs a heavy wet load in their undies, now and then, to remind them that their still a man who does not need no stinking Viagra or Cialis By the way, you scored big twice with this comment – Ad hominem and ad hoc. I’m somewhat disappointed, however; that you did not bother to tell me which parts you liked the best. Nevertheless, way to slide those two ad’s in there, my man – good job! I really do wish that I were as brilliant as you.Thank you for your very kind and considerate encouragement: it really makes me feel so much better about the work that I am doing. Golly, you are just the best, Scott: Big hug, man.

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

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Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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