Field Notes by Laura Darby

Dawn Morrison keeps pn trying for Keith Raniere.

Knox Woods was, once again, home to several visits by various media outlets the last couple of days. I missed catching up with one team I previously worked with but did catch up with two very special visitors today!!  Many of my neighbors gave interviews, some on camera, some off.

While I was catching up with the two special guests in front of one of their former homes, all eyes were upon us. I didn’t notice the gathering of women just down the grassy median that separates Washington Lane from Independence Boulevard.


As I headed back to my home, one of my pair of eyes called out to me by my real name from the group. As I  headed over to this group of  women, I was greeted by  “So, are you Laura Darby?” Because I knew she was one of us!”
Notes were shared and what we put together was there has been a change of housing for many of the remaining Espians here in Knox Woods. Musical Houses as Espians appear to be consolidating their properties.
At one time, there may have been almost 22 units owned by or rented to Espians. That number could be higher. Note Knox Woods consists of about 500 townhouses and condominiums. There were also clusters over on Stage Run and also over in the Cooks Court town home area over by Fred the Butcher. Samantha Le Baron lived in Barbara Jeske’s unit over there and Justin Elliot is also in a unit over there.
One of the media crews had advised me that Green Sash – Dawn Morrison was no longer living at 203 Yorktowne. My neighbors advised me that she has relocated over to either Wilton or Raleigh Court.
Ivy Nevares’ Unit at 115 Grenadier had white paper in the windows. That has been replaced by black paper  (very goth or macabre). My dog-walking neighbors indicated a pod was outside of there and it appears Ivy has moved on from or been put out to pasture.
It appears that a UHAUL was also in the driveway of 3 Flintlock? Could Karen U be on the move?
One of my neighbors mentioned a young lady named Adrienne who lived on Wilton. Thinking they meant Fluffy, I was corrected and advised that Adrienne was a she with a last initial of S and she and her boyfriend or husband sold their unit on 7 Wilton Court and returned to Rochester. It also appears that the film maker of My Tourette’s”,  Alessandro Molatore, may have also called this unit home at one time.
There has been a rotating cast of up to 4 different cars at Nancy Salzman’s home on 3 Oregon Trail at any one time.  One included a big Dodge Ram truck which I saw.  An Audi  was in and out of 21 Oregon Trail and 7 Oregon Trail driven by a female. A friend of mine who was out gathering footage and intel received good old Stink eye  from the female driver. Clare Bronfman has been known to drive an Audi SUV but it did not appear to be her. We agreed she has bigger things on her plate like a pending an indictment.
Lots of questions remain:
Where is Nancy Salzman staying? A neighbor spotted her car coming and going from Wilton Court and it was speculation that she was staying there. However, the more likely scenario she was visiting Dawn Morrison.
What is going to happen with Danielle Roberts DOBrandon Porter is all we have heard about regarding his medical license,  but the consensus is  Danielle Roberts should not get a pass on the branding of women just because she is a woman.
As was mentioned by a neighbor in Frank’s post regarding Minuteman Court and Monica Duran, most of the NXIVM homes had an open door policy. People moved in and out  of different houses. Same can be said for cars. If you moved up in the NXIVM ranks, you were driving a better car (probably on Clare Bronfman’s dime)..
It appears that 18 Silo Drive is still an active listing (home of Ludwika Paleta, the wife of Emiliano Salinas)Alex Betancourt’s ultra modern home at 318 Moe Road is also an active listing of almost 30 days although no longer thru Espian  Franca DiCrescenzo’s real estate agency. It appears to now be listed via Berkshire Hathaway per the sign   –
And not an Espian was stirring down at the New Karner Road Complex per a friend who drove by on their way out of town and back to NYC.
From a former Knox Woods resident who lived next door to 1-3 Flintlock. Keith used to have his various harem members out in the middle of the street doing timed road races.


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  • Oh Scottie
    Surely you’re not that dumb. Yes, of course the person who thought I was in the cult is REAL. It’s not any of you liars who are posting under a different name. Of course not.
    I think he’s just as real as Georgie is. What didnt you like about George anyways? His name, perhaps? Lol.

    • I’m not as dumb as you, Flowery. You have zero credibility if you criticize others who don’t use their own name when you don’t use your real name as well. I like George, just as I like all idiots. I must be in love with you! LOL

      • I didn’t criticize anyone for not using their real name. I was pointing out how illogical you are, but I guess it went over your head.

  • That child would need a different father than Raniere as well. I doubt his story about being a fast runner is true. He simply doesn’t look like a sprinter, but I’m sure he will use whatever speed he has to escape his cellmate “Bubba” when he wants a little anal action in their small prison cell.

  • Ben….come with me and help me shear some more sheep. Bring The Tankster, and the rest of the gang. It’ll be fun!
    Those baaaaad tranny sheep need a good shearing.

  • I want to know why you are all talking about all this nonsense!. We need to find the important stuff, OK? Like the results of the lie detector test, and if any more Nxivm members were discovered to be trannys! It could be all of them, and it might really be a cult based on being a tranny. Im pretty sure Keith is a tranny too, because he’s so short, and sometimes he does wear lipstick. Which is weird for a real man.
    Maybe that Dr. guy was doing those experiments because he was studying trannys.

  • Why is Olivia Cheng not being called out for her involvement with NXIXM? Not a word from her. She was the front of One Asian, a NXIXM shell company.

    • Maybe nobody has spoon-fed Frank any info on her or she gave him info in exchange for keeping her name off of his site.

      • If nobody has revealed information about Olivia Cheng, they should. Anyone and everyone who had a role to play in NXIVM must be exposed. One Asian was a shell company for NXIVM. Olivia Cheng fronted it. Women came forward on February 2012 and spoke about Keith Raniere raping them when they were children. Tax evasion, money laundering, lawsuit terrorism, harassment and so much more was spoken about. The police reports were published. Yet now, in 2017/18, women in their thirties and above branding each other like cattle, that is where they draw the line? Olivia Cheng is pursuing an acting career as of now. She is probably getting a lot of money. She, Kristin Kreuk and all these other NXIVM insiders and enabalers should at least be ostracised from the entertainment industry, especially in this #metoo time. There is no way with all the information out there as well as knowing all the top people in the NXIVM cult that they knew nothing. Kristin Kreuk, Mark Hildreth and Allison Mack discussed money laundering and tax evasion on Necker Island in spring 2010, including hiding money in the Caribbean, according to John Tigue of Saratoga in Decline, the man who published the Necker Island pictures, of which he claimed he had 300. Siobhan Hotaling was going to Canada to teach NXIVM bullshit at the Vancouver centre founded by Sarah Edmondson on a tourist visa which is illegal. She brought the money across the border where Mark Vicente’s mother, Juliana Vicente was hiding the money in boxes. Mark Vicente was Executive of Recruitment and he worked with Kristin Kreuk, Mark Hildreth and Allison Mack to expand NXIVM in Vancouver. These people should not be allowed to trade information with getting away with what they did. They are NOT victims. They chose to go along with everything they did, took part in things they should not of or as a minimum, ignored what they should not of ignored. What if the press went after NXIVM and their scum members in 2012 like they did with DOS in 2017/18? Surely all those d-list celebrities would of never been allowed in front of the camera again. Kristin Kreuk did not leave NXIVM when all the paedophile stuff came out in February 2012. The same month she was named in a criminal lawsuit filled by Joe O’Hara for assisting and/or profiting from NXIVM criminal activity. She left in mid-2013 over a year later after breaking up with Mark Hildreth and moving permanently to Toronto. It had nothing to do with morals and ethics. Sarah Edmondson did not give a shit either. She only left after she was personally affected. Mark Hildreth is a fucking coward. So is Olivia Cheng.

        • You have cob job’d several of John’s statements into one blanket statement and combined that with the TIMES UNION 2012 expose. Fortunately, I have the link via the wayback machine where John made those claims in a post title NXIVM CULT SUMMIT on Necker ISLAND, Atlas may have shrugged but Raniere hid:

          John Tighe never said that Juliana Vicente was hiding money in boxes. He did say that she emptied PO Boxes of envelopes that may have contained money that was being funneled back to the Capital district.

          Here is John’s old SID post where this is referenced –

          Mark and Sarah are both doing there best to make amends. Frank can correct me but I believe he posted that they had both turned over whatever records they had concerning the operations of their centers to law enforcement


          • Apologize for the sentence out of order. I edited my first paragraph and moved the link so that statement here is John’s old SID post is out of order.

        • That’s quite a lot of allegations without any proof. It sounds like you have a vendetta against the Vancouver NXIVM members. Perhaps you attempted to be part of their crew and were rejected for some reason.

          Also, I remember reading practically every post on John Tighe’s blog and I never read any post with anything remotely comparable “Kristin Kreuk, Mark Hildreth and Allison Mack discussed money laundering and tax evasion on Necker Island in spring 2010, including hiding money in the Caribbean, according to John Tigue of Saratoga in Decline, the man who published the Necker Island pictures, of which he claimed he had 300.

        • Correction: the boxes emptied by Juliana Vicente were related to the Mexican operation, not the Vancouver operation. Thank you to Laura for the reminder. Typed from memory.

  • Dawn Morrison knows where all NXIVM video tapes are kept. She has worked for both Keith and Nancy over the years.

  • Cults have their own crazy beliefs, look at a young girl who recently escaped from Warren Jeff’s polygamous cult in Colorado city. Those of us on the outside know that WJ is in jail for life +. When she was asked shortly after her escape she had a confused look and said oh he will be back any day everyone knows that, even when his sentence was explained to her she was convinced, he had been locked up for 8 years and she had been raised with no education. A year later she has a new lease on life . These cults have no connection yet the bottom line seems to all ways be sex. We owe the young women a better life, the la Barrons from Mexico have also been born into a polygamous cult yet even they couldn’t tolerate the sickness pervading Nxvim. Those involved in promising them a better life need to pay

    • “These cults have no connection yet the bottom line seems to all ways be sex.”

      In Germaine Greer’s book The Whole Woman, she says the following:

      “When the Female Eunuch was written our daughters were not cutting or starving themselves. On every side speechless women endure endless hardship, grief and pain, in a world system that creates billions of losers for every handful of winners.”

      And she goes on to imply that when the gender revolution happened the sexual liberation that came along with it has in most cases harmed women more than men because “the sexuality that has been freed is male sexuality.” Sex without commitment mostly benefits men.

      Promiscuity harms women more than men since they primarily have to bear the significant consequences of pregnancy. Also, sexual liberation has resulted in more infidelity and a rise in divorce and single parents, of which women typically bear the most burden.

      Then there are the ramifications of the porn industry.

      But I think I’ve said enough.

      • Wow
        That’s a pretty convoluted and twisted conclusion.

        Men are irresponsible jerks and that’s just the way they are? We shouldn’t hold them to a higher standard? They are incapable of making ethical decisions or having loving relationships?

        It may seem that way when reading the comments posted here by certain….uh….men… but I think there are many decent men in this world.
        They are out working, taking care of their families , and not posting bullshit and hurtful lies 24-7.

        I need not elaborate.

        • None of those conclusions can be drawn from what was said.

          It didn’t make any general claims about the goodness or badness of men, their volition, or whether they can be ethical or responsible or not. It said men have benefited more from sexual liberation than women, and women are burdened with the ramifications more.

          Learn how to read.

          • Talk about red herrings! You continue to pretend you never used abusive language towards me and attacked my character, which you did all because I disagreed with the OPINIONS stated. Yes, they really are opinions. , which I know you are smart enough to realize, so quit confusing the issues here.

            Then you make assumptions about what I think….that I believe sexual liberation means feminism. I never said that they are the same, but I don’t believe it’s “baldetdash” to say there is a link between the two.

            Van Douche, you know perfectly well that these issues have many grey areas and can’t be discussed at length here. My initial post was made because I found the tone of those OPINIONS you stated to be offensive to both men and women. I know they were not necessarily your opinions, and you were quoting someone else, but the FACT that you personally attcaked me because I disagreed with those OPINIONS is rather alarming.

            Your true character is revealed in your last posts, Douche-boy, and I can’t say I’m all that surprised.

            You will probably continue to argue on and on, making less sense with each post , and ignoring the main issue – which is that you’re a liar who can’t admit to what you really did.

      • I’ve been reading for nearly 50 years and I think I can do it propetly. …especially between the lines .
        I’ve been wondering what your interest in this site is, Van Douche.. Now I see the truth, which I suspected for a while.

        Interesting that asshole criminals such as Stefan Molyneux (another cult leader) follow this same belief system…believing that feminism hurts women and hasnt benefited them at all. I’ve also heard Stef advocate for committing rape (remind you of anyone?)because he thinks women want to be raped.
        Sexual liberation has increased the divorce rate? Does Sexual liberation mean it’s OK to cheat? And BTW men still cheat much more often than women do, and most men seem to condone or excuse cheating for men, but not so much for women…the old double standards still exist.
        The ramifications of the porn industry? Who is watching the porn and producing the porn? Not women.

        • And who are starring in it?

          Grow up, get lost and take your misandrist ways with you.


          A Real Woman.

          • I bet you’re a “real” woman…lol
            What makes you a real woman?
            The repulsive one is you – a man pretending to be a “real” woman. A man so weak and cowardly he can’t even debate an issue without hiding behind a fake identity.
            Too funny.

        • “criminals such as Stefan Molyneux”

          Molyneux is one of the greatest minds in contemporary Libertarianism.

          And he speaks the truth by blaming Merkel and Teresa May for the current Muslim invasion of Europe.
          Merkel and May are traitors to Western Civilization.

          If you hate “Patriarchy” then just wait until Islam takes over Europe and America.
          Just Google FGM to see what real Patriarchy is.

          • Of course you would defend a racist, lying , misogynistic narcissistist.

            This is a man who is actually so abusive to his wife that he convinced her to stop all contact her own parents for years (you do know this is a common tactic of narcissistic abusers, right?) They use it as a way to isolate their spouse.
            This guy then convinced his wife to allow him to listen in to her therapy sessions with patients , which Stefan publicly revealed he had done, and his wife nearly lost her licence . Nice guy. Very ethical.
            He’s also been known to post comments to himself under fake names and answer his own comments.
            In short – he’s a total moron.

          • Response to Flowers concerning Stefan Molyneux.

            No doubt you also hate great Canadians like Professor Jordan Peterson of the University of Toronto and Ezra Levant of the Rebel Media.

            No doubt you regard the self-proclaimed feminist Justin Trudeau as a great man.

          • Shadow
            You know perfectly well I can’t stand Ezra. He’s an abusive coward , a permanent failure , and an illogical, hypocritical liar. Peterson is not as bad as Ezra, but i think he just hides his true self a little better.

            Molyneux really should be locked up in a mental hospital for the duration of his life. I’m serious about that . The man has serious mental health problems, and he is not considered a cult leader without good reason. He’s a dangerous person.

            And if they are reading this blog…good! Stefan probably is reading it…. he might be trying to get some creepy cult leader tips! 😀

            Why don’t you like Justin?

        • LOL. You’re clueless Flowers. Germaine Greer is a well known feminist.

          What was stated was either a quote by her, or her suggestion that the sexual liberation that came along with the gender revolution has harmed women more than men. Sexual liberation was never a core part of the feminist movement. There is no single interpretation of what feminism fully entails. The only things all of them have in common is equal rights, equal opportunity, and equal pay for equal work. That is all.

          And really, are you this stupid about porn? Men make and produce porn, and the primary audience is men, but the primary actors are women. There wouldn’t even be a product if women refused to make it. But this is besides the point, which is that porn which clearly objectifies women has been normalized due to sexual liberation for the primary benefit of men at the expense of women.

          Your “reading between the lines” is a mere fantasy.

          Like I said, learn how to read.

          Also, LOL at your “wonder” at what my purpose in posting here is as if it’s some hidden secret. I think it is very obvious for the years that I’ve posted here which I’ve done for longer than you. Nothing I posted was ever as loony as the paranoid weirdness that you started with.

          • And there we go.
            I already knew who you probably were , and I was right.
            So, Van Douche is another ABUSIVE misogynist who just called me paranoid, delusional , clueless, stupid , loony (and I bet you posted the repulsive comment, too).LOL.

            Re-read my comments to you, and you will see that I didn’t call you any names at all.
            Of course, being a lady, that’s to be expected of me. Right?

          • You know nothing about who I am.

            Wow, you’re off your rocker. In your first response, you think I generalized all men as bad, unethical, and irresponsible, and when I respond to your inability to read by emphatically stating and explaining that I said no such thing, that I only pointed out the opinion of a well known feminist, you then respond by calling me a misogynist. First I’m a misandrist and then I’m misogynist. LOL.

            I see you still have problems reading. I guess those fifty years of it didn’t do you much good.

            I called what you first posted loony and paranoid and it was. I didn’t call you paranoid and loony. Anyone can go back and read them.

            But it appears now that you actually are those things.

          • It appears you’re the one who has trouble reading, since you can’t read your own comments to me, where you did ,in fact , call me all the names I previously listed.
            I called you misogynistic AFTER you called me all those names, not before.

            Also, I did NOT generalize all men as anything in my first comment. Reread what I wrote. The placement of the question marks on the end of each statement I made should have made it clear to you that I was saying those anti-feminist statements implied that men were being characterized that way, but that i thought that was untrue. I then go on to say that most men are not that way (but the misogynistic bunch who post here 24-7 are definitely an exception.)

          • Van Douche
            I understood you were quoting someone else. What I said was that I found her remarks offensive because in effect what she is saying is that sexual liberation for women is a bad idea because too many men are irresponsible. That’s the main theme there. You then go on to mention the ramifications of the porn industry, as though you think feminism is somehow responsible for that.

            The fact is these are all complex issues and shouldn’t simplified.

            My initial response was because I didn’t like the tone of your comment – the suggestions that sexual liberation and feminism are negative,,and my comment was directed at those ideas. You, however, chose to personally attack me.You then go on to state I’m paranoid and loony , and then you later claim you didn’t say that.

          • Yeah, sure Flowers, “Ms. I Can Read Between the Lines” and “I’ve been wondering what your interest in this site is” here.

            But you only called me misogynistic *after* I said those things. Methinks you don’t know what misogynistic means.

            – In your first response, you think I generalized all men as bad, unethical, and irresponsible, and when I respond to your

            No you fool. I said what was stated couldn’t warrant drawing your conclusion about men after you “read between the lines” . You’re the one who implied that *what was stated* generalized men as irresponsible, unethical, etc., but it was nothing more than statements of fact about the ramifications of the sexual liberation that came along with the gender revolution, i.e., that women have suffered the most as a result, which ironically, is antithetical to the goals of the feminist movement.

            You created your own straw-man by “reading between the lines”. LOL.

            – I was saying those anti-feminist statements

            You keep conflating sexual liberation with the agenda of feminism. Sexual liberation isn’t unique to one gender.

          • Statements of fact? Those are not facts at all, they are strictly opinion, as you are well aware.You are now rambling on trying to disguise the fact (and this is a REAL fact, Van DOUCHE) that you called all those names, AND that you called me them before I called you misogynistic.

            Now, it appears , you are trying to.cover up.what you did with a bunch of word salad. But anyone can read back and see the earlier comments. I didn’t agree with the opinions stated (those were opinions you stated, not facts) and I said why I found those opinions illogical. You then personally attacked me, and then you lied about attacking me.

            Now those are FACTS.

            I stand by my assessment that you are as misogynistic as the others posting here This forum is not a place to debate or discuss these issues in depth, and I only brought it up because I have heard these same anti-feminist ideas discussed by other abusive misogynists , Molyneux comes to mind.

            When you look at Keiths actions, it’s evident he is strongly misogynistic, and I think it’s an underlying theme that is part of this cult.

            It’s so amusing how I’m severely attacked just because I disagreed with a man. Lol! And its sure weird how idiotic people just appear out of nowhere to defend the person I disagreed with. 😂😅😁

          • – Statements of fact?

            Yes, they are statements of fact, backed by statistical evidence that wasn’t outlined in a brief comment. I’m not going to post an entire book or large segments for you in the limited comment space provided on this website.

            – You are now rambling on trying to disguise the fact (and this is a REAL fact, Van DOUCHE) that you called all those names, AND that you called me them before I called you misogynistic.

            Oh shut up. You’ve been throwing in red herrings from the beginning that are irrelevant to the initial point made. That is a *real fact* that can be seen from the timeline of the posts. I told you exactly what the point of the post was and that you need to learn how to read (which entails knowing the words and comprehending what was said) and then you responded with your silly comment about “reading between the lines” and questioning my motives as if there was any doubt to what they have been for the years that I’ve posted, which has been for longer than you. It was you who first engaged in an impotent attempt at linking my purpose with misogyny, all because you digressed into non-existent assumptions and think sexual liberation is essentially linked with feminism, which is balderdash. Sexual liberation is not unique to on sex and it has nothing to do with equal rights, opportunity, and equal pay for equal work. It has to do with sexual mores independent of such concepts. Everyone who is anti-NXIVM and anti-VanDouche and thus, isn’t a brainwashed NXIVM member/follower is at least partly so because of VanDouche’s misogynistic treatment of women, and my position is obvious from my chosen alias. Attempting to link me to such a perspective is an inept attempt at trying to poison the well about any of my comments.

            You keep bringing up the idea of these things are “complex issues”, yet you continue to digress into all sorts of tangents and can’t distinguish the gradations of what was initially posted yourself.

            Get a clue.

        • Aw little flower puss, always want the last word. Your insecurities are a hoot. No wonder you were easy pickings for Keith. The two of you are so much alike. I bet you wear your branding proudly. And by the way, stay away from children.

          • You’re a true idiot, cult boy .
            Especially when you know I’ve never been in your idiotic cult.

          • Well Flowers, it looks like you fooled a lot of people who thought you were such an idiot that you had to be in NXIVM, but you did it all by yourself. Congratulations. LOL I’m expecting “George” to defend your idocy again, the knight in shining armor that he is. LOL

  • Looking at the listings of Ludwika Paleta’s and Alex Betancourt’s former homes on Zillow…

    Both homes boast a pair of cribs lol

    • Ludwika and Emi have twins allegedly born by surrogate right when DOS was exposed which Emiliano mentions in his phone converstations with Toni Zarratini. Alex adopted twins. I do not think anything has ever been written about the origination of his twins such as a foreign adoption etc. I do like Alex’s home has a very mid-century modern vibe. Some of the angles in the photos of rooms are at a weird angle making them look askew.

      • Oh I didn’t catch that A. Bet had adopted. Thanks for the reply. I do really like the aesthetics of the home…Looking forward to your next insight!

  • I think you mean Stage Run Plantation, where Oregon Trail is located. Stage Run is an older, smaller development closer to a Town Hall.

    • You are correct, I left the Plantation off (neighbors here often do) forgetting about the original Stage Run on the other side of Knox Woods, which to my knowledge has no known Espians living over there.

  • At what point does it dawn on these folks that VanGuard is not coming back and all Clare’s money ain’t gonna free him?

  • Always good to hear your news, looking forward to hearing about the ‘very special visitors’ – thanks Laura.

  • – Keith used to have his various harem members out in the middle of the street doing timed road races.

    Lolwut? What the hell for?

    Did any witness see if he still had some of his state championship speed on display?

    • If he intended to have a child who becomes the 100m champion during the Olympics he needs to find the harem member with the best genes. Imagine he would have a child with a female champion. This child would become the future Usain Bolt.

  • Slowly but surely you’re getting your neighborhood back.

    No more Knox Woods soap operas.
    For that kind of entertainment,, you’ll need to watch old episodes of “Desperate Housewives.”

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